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    Heihachi by D4rkwind

    Version: 1.b | Updated: 08/30/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    [ ]::[AUTHOR'S NOTES]::[ ]
      This FAQ was originally written for www.tekkenzaibatsu.com but I've decided to
    attempt to get it posted on GameFaqs.com aswell ;)
      Since no one has posted ANYTHING to do with Heihachi... and I can't seem to get
    myself into the forums... I have decided to compose my OWN strategy guide. This
    is BY NO MEANS an Heihachi Bible or anything meant to resemble one. So DON'T
    BLAME me if you have any disagreements with any of the content. Remember, this
    is my first FAQ, it's here because none of YOU have made any effort to author
    one, and quite frankly, I don't care.
    [ ]::[DISCLAIMER]::[ ]
      All the usual crap belongs here...
    This document is free and may be distributed or reproduced in any way, shape
    or form, digital or not, providing the content contained herein is not altered in
    any way. This document should not be used for profitable purposes and may not be
    posted in any site without my permisson. This FAQ was created and is owned by
    D4RKWIND. All other unspecifically mentioned copyrights in this FAQ are
    acknowledged. All Tekken4, Tekken series and all its characters are copyright (c)
    2001 Namco limited. All rights reserved. If you have any questions or comments
    please e-mail me (d4rkwind13@hotmail.com).  I DO believe that credit should be
    given where credit is due.
    ::Disclaimer best put by Dark Man X::
    ** adopted from 'Return of the Jaguar' FAQ, adapted from Kao Magura **
    This FAQ and everything included in it is protected by International Copyright
    Law. Failure to comply to any of the laws above will result in violation of the
    laws mentioned BELOW, and consequently, may be the cause of legal action against
    all perpetrators. ANY breach of copyright(not to mention plagiarism) is a CRIME.
    If you disagree with ANY part of this disclaimer, get rid of this FAQ IMMEDIATELY.
    This FAQ and everything included within this file CANNOT be reproduced in any way,
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    myself. It has been known to many FAQ writers and FAQ readers that the following
    publishers/publications/companies have ripped from many Tekken authors in the
    past, namely: the Ziff-Davis Video Game Group (publishers of EGM, Expert Gamer,
    etc.), and Game Cave.  If you like reading free FAQs, and want to continue to keep
    it that way, I URGE you NOT to read any of their damn magazines and to refrain
    yourself from buying anything at Game Slave, oh my bad, I meant Cave. This applies
    to every FAQ swindling company:
    :: if you find a copy of HMNSUSG @ any other websites or being distributed
       illegaly PLEASE E-MAIL ME!  Send me the address and the link as NO OTHER SITES
       should have a copy!
    [o]::[TABLE OF CONTENTS]::[o]
      i.    version history
      ii.   why is this here?
      iii.  HEIHACHI MISHIMA PROFILE (tekkenzaibatsu)
            * history
      iv.   control layout (tekkenzaibatsu)
      v.    HEIHACHI MISHIMA MOVE LIST (tekeknzaibatsu)
      vi.   TIPS and TACTICS
             * time attack
             * vs humans
               > breakdown
               > useful moves
               > vs bulldogs
               > vs turtles
      vii.  last words
      viii. credits and thanks
    [i]::[VERSION HISTORY]::[i]
      What history??? This is the first one... and don't count on me coming out with
    a series... I barely have any time to play this friggin game, let alone write a
    series of FAQs just for you lazy buggers.
    [ii]::[WHY IS THIS HERE?]::[ii]
      As mentioned above... no one has taken the time to compose a decent HEIHACHI
    MISHIMA STRAT GUIDE.  Even when I took the time to check out the TEKKEN ZAIBATSU
    FORUMS I was a little... no, a lot... disconcerted with the amount of HEIHACHI
    bashing that was going on. To tell you the truth I almost fell for half the crap
    that was being posted... comments regarding his old moves modified (hell sweep)
    no more tile splitter<deathfist blah blah blah.  So what?  Cry me a river. Any
    decent Tekken-er knows not to rely on only a coupla moves... Sure we all have
    our favorites, but hey, we have to make due with what's available to us... right?
    Yeah... that's right... life ISN'T fair!
    [iii]::[HEIHACHI MISHIMA PROFILE (Tekken Zaibatsu)]::[iii]
    Country of origin  : Japan (although the Japanese government denies it)
    Fighting Style     : Mishima Ryu Ken
    Age                : 75?
    :: history (T4)::
    Two years ago, HEIHACHI failed to capture Ogre. He made his researchers collect
    blood and tissue left behind by Ogre and attempted to create a new life form by
    combining its genetic material with his own. The experiment failed, however, and
    HEIHACHI learned that he lacked the Devil Gene necessary to integrate Ogre's
    ginome into his.
    In order to obtain the Devil Gene, HEIHACHI searched for Jin, who transformed
    into a devil during the last Tournament. During the search, HEIHACHI learned that
    the body of his son, Kazuya - whom he killed 20 years ago - was stored at a
    cutting-edge biotech firm called G Corporation.
    HEIHACHI ordered his Tekken Force to raid G Corporation in an attempt to obtain
    Kazuya's remains. They obliterated G Corporation's laboratory, and the mission
    appeared to be successful. ...That was until Kazuya, revived by G Corporation,
    retaliated and coused the mission to fail.
    HEIHACHI needed Kazuya or Jin's nody to create the new life form. After much
    deliberation, an evil smile crept onto HEIHACHI's lips.
    The next day, an announcement was made for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4,
    with the Mishima Zaibatsu as the prize.
    [iv]::[CONTROL LAYOUT]::[iv]
    1 -left punch     2 -right punch
    3 -left kick      4 -right kick
    f -tap forward    F -hold forward
    d -tap down       D -hold down
    b -tap back       B -hold back
    u -tap up         U -hold up
    d/f -tap down forward    D/F -hold down forward
    d/b -tap down back       D/B -hold down back
    u/f -tap up forward      U/F -hold up forward
    u/b -tap up back         U/B -hold up back
    qcf -quarter circle forward
    qcb -quarter circle back
    hcf -half circle forward
    hcb -half circle back
    :: Notations ::
    FC  -full crouch animation   WS  -while standing up
    N   -joystick in neutral     WR  -while running
    SS  -side step either way    SSL -side step to left
    SSR -side step to right      [ ] -optional command
    , -followed by            ~ -immediately after
    + -at the same time       _ -or
    < -delayed input          = -next in sequence
    * -push and hold button   : -requires just frame input
    :: Grounded Positions ::
    PLD -play dead position face up & feet away
    KND -knockdown position face up & feet towards
    SLD -slide position face down & feet away
    FCD -face down position face down & feet towards
    :: Moves Properties ::
    BT  -your back turned to the opponent
    OB  -forces opponent's back to face you
    OS  -forces opponent's side to face you
    OSB -forces opponent's side to face you when blocked
    JG  -juggle starter
    BN  -bounce juggle starter
    RC  -recover crouching after a move
    RCj -joystick modifier, need to hold D during the move to RC
    CH  -requires a counter hit
    DS  -double over stun
    FS  -fall back stun
    LS  -lift stun
    GS  -gut stun
    KS  -kneel stun
    HS  -hunch over stun
    TS  -trip stun
    CS  -crumple stun
    CFS -crumple fall stun
    CF  -crumple fall
    BS  -low block stagger (to attacking character)
    SH  -stagger hit
    GB  -guard break (usually one or two hands go up in the air)
    GC  -guard crouch, opponent recovers in crouching guard
    #   -see corresponding footnote
    c   -CH modifier (eg. JGc is a juggle starter on counter hit)
    co  -crouching opponent modifier (eg. KSco)
    cco -CH on crouching opponent modifier (eg. FScco)
    :: Hit Ranges ::
    l   -hits low (block d/b)
    m   -hits mid (block b)
    h   -hits high (block b or duck)
    L   -hits low and grounded opponents (block d/b)
    M   -hits mid and grounded opponents (block b)
    H   -hits high and grounded opponents (block b or duck)
    Sm  -hits special mid (block d/b or b)
    !   -unblockable hit
    <!> -unblockable hit which can be ducked
    {!} -unblockable hits grounded opponents
    *!* -unblockable hits big grounded opponents
    "   -indicates block point in string hits
    :: Extra Combo Conventions ::
    cc   -crouch cancel tap up while crouching
    wgf  -wind godfist f,N,d,d/f+2
    ewgf -electric wind godfist f,N,d~d/f+2
    tgf  -thunder godfist f,N,d,d/f+1
    big  -big character combo only works on big characters
    (  ) -missing hit is required for the next hit
    :: Character Specific (ignored in my FAQ) ::
    BDS bad stomach Dr. Bosconovitch
    FB fall back Dr. Bosconovitch
    EFB electric fall back Dr. Bosconovitch
    EFF electric fall fake Dr. Bosconovitch
    HSP handstand position Eddy Gordo
    RLX relaxed position Eddy Gordo
    AOP art of phoenix Ling Xiaoyu
    RDS rain dance stance Ling Xiaoyu
    LFF left foot forward Hwoarang
    RFF right foot forward Hwoarang
    LFS left flamingo stance Hwoarang
    RFS right flamingo stance Hwoarang
    VTS vale tudo stance Craig Marduk
    DSS dragon sign stance Marshall Law
    DFS dragon fake step Marshall Law
    HMS hit man stance Lee Chaolan - Violet
    CRA art of crane Lei Wulong
    SNA art of snake Lei Wulong
    TGR art of tiger Lei Wulong
    DGN art of dragon Lei Wulong
    PAN art of panther Lei Wulong
    DRU drunken master Lei Wulong
    Command       | Place | Name                     | Damage | Escape | Properties
                  |       |                          |        |        |
    2+4           | front | Neck Breaker             | 30     | 1      |
    F+2+4         | front | Power Bomb               | 30     | 2      |
    f,f+1+2       | front | Stone Head               | 33     | 1+2    | #1
    f,f+1+4       | front | Head Butt Carnival       | 33     | 1+2    | #2 #3
    1+3+(u_d_b_f) | any   | Position Change          | --     | 1      |
    (F+2+4_2+4)   | left  | Tile Splitter Guillotine | 40     | 1      |
    (F+2+4_2+4)   | right | Free Fall                | 46     | 2      |
    (F+2+4_2+4)   | back  | Atomic Drop              | 45     | --     |
    :: GRAPPLING ARTS footnotes ::
    #1 Opponent can tech roll after the throw.
    #2 Only against Jin, Heihachi, Lei, Kazuya, Bryan and Paul.
    #3 Throw can be reverse with 1 or 2. Heihachi can reverse again with 1+2.
       Can be repeated infinitely.
    :: SPECIAL ARTS ::
    Command                  | Name                    | Damage  | Range | Properties
                             |                         |         |       |
    b+1                      | Alter Splitter          | 22      | m     | KSc KSco GB
    1<2                      | Double Punch            | 5,8     | hh    |
     = 4                     | = Roundhouse            | 15      | h     |
    1,1<2                    | Shining Fists           | 5,8,18  | hhm   |
    1<2,2                    | Demon Slayer            | 5,8,18  | hhh   |
     = ~1+2                  | = Demon Executioner     | 22      | m     | #3
       = (u_d)               | = Side Step Cancel      | --      | --    |
         = 1+2               | = Demon Executioner     | 22      | m     |
    f+1<b+2,1                | Demon Massacre          | 6,21,25 | hmm   |
    f+1<b+2,4                | Demon Lair              | 6,21,30 | hmm   | GB
    d+1                      | Tile Splitter           | 15      | m     | SLDc RCj
    d/f+1,2                  | Twin Pistons            | 8,21    | mm    | JG
    f,N,d,d/f+1              | Thunder Godfist         | 27      | m     |
    f,N,d,D/F,1              | Delay Thunder Godfist   | 27      | m     | #9 JG
     = :d,U+3,4              | = Diamond Hell Axe      | 20,12   | mh    |
    f,N,d~D/F+1              | Diamond Thunder Godfist | 35      | m     | GB #7
    f,N,d/f+1                | Omen Thunder Godfist    | 35      | m     | GB
    b+1+2                    | Shattering Palm         | 20      | m     |
    b+1+2*                   | Shattering Palm         | 36      | m     |
    1+2                      | Demon Breath            | 22      | m     | CF KNDc
    b+2                      | Demon Boar              | 25      | m     | HS CFSc
    2,2                      | Demon Backhand Spin     | 12,21   | hh    |
    f+2                      | Demon Backhand          | 21      | h     |
     = ~1+2                  | = Demon Breath          | 25      | m     | #3
    f,f+2                    | Demon Godfist           | 30      | m     | JG
    f,N,d,d/f+2              | Wind Godfist            | 25      | h     | JGc
    f~N~d~d/f+2              | Electric Wind Godfist   | 25      | h     | JGc GB
    f,N,d,D/F+2*             | Lighting Wind Godfist   | 21      | h     | JG GB
    qcf+2                    | Diamond Lance           | 30      | m     |
    WS+2                     | Dark Thrust             | 24      | m     | HS CSc
    f,f+3                    | Split Axe Kick          | 24      | m     | GB BNc
    (WR_f,f,f)+3             | Leaping Slash Kick      | 30      | m     | GB
    f,N,d,d/f+3              | Demon Gut Kick          | 35      | m     | GB
    f,N,d,D/F+3              | Demon Slice Kick        | 21      | L     |
    f,N,d,d/f,f,u/f+3        | Hop Delayed Demon Gut Kick| 35    | m     | GB
    f,N,d,d/f,f,u/f,d+3      | Hop - Delayed Demon Slice Kick| 21| L     |
    f+3                      | Viscera Smash           | 24      | m     | HS KNDc
    u/f+3,4                  | Hell Axe                | 17,22   | mh    | GB #2
    4                        | Roundhouse              | 30      | h     | CSc
    u+4                      | Hop Kick                | 15      | m     | JG
    u/f+4,4                  | Rising Sun              | 25,15   | hL    |
    (qcf_f,N,d,d/f,f_WS)+4<4 | Delay Tsunami Kick      | 12,18   | mm    |
    f,N,d,D/F+4              | Hell Sweep              | 15      | L     | JGc BS #6
     = N+4                   | = Rising Kick           | 14      | m     |
     = N+4,4                 | = Tsunami Kick          | 14,21   | mm    |
     = N+1                   | = Thunder Godfist       | 37      | m     |
     = 4                     | = Hell Sweep            | 13      | L     | BS
       = N+4                 | = Rising Kick           | 14      | m     |
       = N+4,4               | = Tsunami Kick          | 14,21   | mm    |
       = N+1                 | = Thunder Godfist       | 21      | m     |
       = 4                   | = Hell Sweep            | 13      | L     |BS
         = N+4               | = Rising Kick           | 14      | m     |
         = N+4,4             | = Tsunami Kick          | 14,21   | mm    |
         = N+1               | = Thunder Godfist       | 21      | m     |
    f+4                      | Demon Axe Kick          | 27      | m     | GC KSc SLDc
    (u/f+4~3_4~3)            | Demon Scissors          | 25      | M     |
    d+4                      | Geta Stomp              | 25      | L     | #1
    b,b,N+3+4                | Shadow Step             | --      | --    |
    b+2+4                    | Diamond Wall Glowing Fists| --    | --    | #4
    b+2+4                    | Diamond Wall Reversal   | 18      | --    | #5
    2+3+4                    | Auger Taunt             | --      | --    |
    :: SPECIAL ARTS footnotes ::
    #1 Move can only be done when the opponent is knocked of his feet.
    #2 On neutral block the 2nd hit will connect.
    #3 Demon Executioner cancels the previous hit.
    #4 During Glowing Fists you cannot block, but your first attack will be a Counter Hit
    #5 Heihachi takes 45 points of damage.
    #6 You can still block the next Hell Sweep. Causing Heihachi to Block Stun.
    Command | Name                | Damage | Range | Properties
            |                     |        |       |
    d+1+4   | Demon Tile Splitter | 70     |       | !
    Command                 | Hits | Damage                 | Range
                            |      |                        |
    d/f+3,2,2,4,4,1,4,1,2,4 | 10   | 17,5,6,8,8,5,10,5,6,35 | mh"hLL"mhh"mm
    d/f+3,2,2,4,4,1,4,1,2,1 | 10   | 17,5,6,8,8,5,10,5,6,30 | mh"hLL"mhh"mm
    d/f+3,2,2,4,4,1,2,1,2,1 | 10   | 17,5,6,8,8,5,5,8,21,25 | mh"hLL"mhmmm
    f,F,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1 | 10   | 7,8,6,7,6,11,5,5,8,30  | hh"hh"mm"lhmm
    [vi]::[TIPS AND TACTICS]::[vi]
    Where to start... ??  Hmmmm... ok... general.  The machine I play on is located
    in Downtown Vancouver's Lion's Lair Arcade.  I used to think I was good... heh
    until I started playing against some Japanese, King user!  He's unreal!  Oh well
    that doesn't matter.  Like I said earlier (if I didn't I'm mentioning it now...)
    I'm not the greatest player in the world, but I DO consider myself above
    average.  As of so far no one has challenged any of my TIMEATTACK scores... some
    people think that TIMEATTACK is boring and takes no skill.  Not true, TIMEATTACK
    can be quite challenging and with certain characters pretty fun =).  At the
    arcade I play at I have all the TIME ATTACK SCORES except for Christie which is
    owned by my buddy... 3:14:63 JNX.  Not surprisingly, my HEIHACHI is number 1 at
    2:28:96 KAE.  you can check out my website for the rest of the scores...
    http://d4rkwind.tripod.com  anyone is welcome to send in their TIMEATTACK result
    provided you include the arcade name, your name, your time, and proof of your
    score... eg: digital photo.  I know... there's no proof of my scores, but I know
    they're real, and when I get a digicam I'll post the proof too ~_^.
    HEIHACHI is generally better for bulldogging (to me, anyway).  Unfortunately, as
    of yet, I haven't had the chance to play against any opponents worth playing
    against.  Most of the time I'll beat them under 15 - 20 seconds.  Yeah, I know...
    doesn't prove anything **sigh** but it's not my fault there aren't any good
    players around here.  Oh, except for 2... we'll call them 'Lemon face' and uhhh
    'Nathan'... yeah. o_o  Since I don't have anything to write... I'll move on to
    tell you all how to TRY to beat my time =).  Here we go.
    **  ok... I have had a chance to play against some KICK A$$ opponents... woah...
    I need work on my game play... but... yeah, I do have a life... sorry guys ^_^ **
    :: TIME ATTACK ::
    There are two ways to begin each round, but before I get into those there is
    something even more important : positioning!!!  If you read any other T4 FAQs
    you'll have discovered that positioning BEFORE the round begins may well
    determine the outcome of the battle.  PAY ATTENTION to what BACKGROUND you're in!
    If you're in one of the enclosed BGs (LAB, PIT) it is possible to KO your
    opponent in 4-6 seconds!  Even if you aren't in a closed space you can average
    8-10 seconds yep... TRUE for most other characters too (some easier than others).
    Back to the 2 different STARTERS:
    CHOICE 1: Stay back about 1 bodylength away (you might have to back up, as many
    AI fighters tend to rush a la JIN).  When the match starts begin with DEMON BOAR
    (b+2) for some reason the computer next-to-never blocks this (???) i don't know
    why.  What's better?... Most of the time they'll try something to counter but
    will fall short resulting in CH.  If this is the case follow up with DIAMOND
    LANCE (qcf+2) or DEMON BREATH (1+2).  Generally DEMON BREATH is preffered for it
    is easier to execute, follow up with TILE SPLITTER (d+1) for an extra hit on the
    ground. If you don't get CH then follow up with DIAMOND LANCE which, I find, hits
    99% of the time.
    CHOICE 2: bulldog - stay close.  FIGHT! is
    announced begin with DEMON BREATH (1+2) this move is extraorinarily fast and is
    pretty much a 90% hit rate (against the computer off the start).  If it connects
    your opponent will either crumble onto your feet or be flung to the ground about
    1 body length away.  In either case you can follow up with TILE SPLITTER, in the
    latter you'll have to dash closer to connect.
    Now that you've knocked your opponent flat on their a$$es you, once again, have
    a series of choices...
    FIRST:  Get close enough to trick the computer into doing a recovery kick
    (kick while getting up)  you can tell when they are going to do this via a
    couple of giveaways:  if they roll sideways and back, if they roll back, or if
    they stay on the ground for a bit without doing anything it usually means they
    are waiting for you to come in close.  Learn to stay out of range and you can
    make them 'whiff' everytime!
    CHOICE 1: Follow up with DIAMOND LANCE, knocking them flat on their butts once
    CHOICE 2: Follow up with DEMON BOAR.  This hit will most DEFINITELY NOT be CH
    and should be followed up with one of 2 things: DEMON BREATH just to be safe but
    might be blocked... or DIAMOND LANCE 99% hit rate but harder to execute.
    CHOICE 3: Follow up with TGF (f,N,d,d/f+1) or DELAY TGF (f,N,d,D/F+1) into
    DIAMOND HELL AXE (= :d,U+3,4)... latter not recommended (too difficult to
    CHOICE 4: Follow up with HELL AXE (u/f+3,4).
    CHOICE 5: Follow up with DEMON GODFIST (f,f+2) or TWIN PISTONS (d/f+1,2) to
    launch opponent.  Next single jab (1) then DEMON TILE SPLITTER (d+1+4). DEMON
    TILE SPLITTER is to be executed BEFORE your opponent hits the ground.
    ** juggles cause the AI to 'fast recover' or roll out of falls, making it easier
    for you to connect UNBLOCKABLES if timed correctly **  HOWEVER... if opponent
    rolls away you will whiff... and if DEMON TILE SPLITTER is executed too early and
    opponent rolls left or right, you will whiff.  Also... if opponent performs
    rising kick (rare) you will be hit.  THIS CHOICE IS NOT RECOMMENDED UNLESS YOU
    ARE CLOSE TO OBSTACLE/WALL or have backed your opponent into a CORNER!
    CHOICE 1: Follow up with DIAMOND LANCE to smash your opponent into OBSTACLE/WALL.
    If they are close enough the impact will stun them opening up the perfect
    opportunity for a variety of follow ups.  My favorite is DEMON BREATH... just
    because it's fast, easy to execute and causes significant dmage.
    CHOICE 2: Follow up with DEMON TILE SPLITTER while keeping out of kick range.  As
    soon as they whiff the hammer will fall causing 70 points damage AND if you're
    lucky, a 6-8 second KO!!!
    CHOICE 3: Literally smash them into the ground... =D  using TILE SPLITTER over,
    and over, and over........ you get the picture =)  some people say it's cheap...
    little do they know... there ARE ways to get out of this!  But we won't get into
    that ;)  Let's keep them guessing!
    CHOICE 4: Follow up with TGF and smash them into the wall.  When you land you'll
    have just enough time to execute DEMON BREATH!  Follow up with TILE SPLITTER for
    a guaranteed extra hit!
    These are just a few of the possibilities available to you so BY NO MEANS should
    you restrict yourself to what's here!  Thanks to the dedication of NAMCO and
    staff we have a whole new world at our finger tips!  The preceding are just a
    list of the MOST USEFUL (to me ~_^) moves to achieve SUPERIOR TIMEATTACK scores
    ::VS HUMANS::
    Since I played those CRAZY players the other night I've been questioning my own
    skills... or lack thereof.  Hmmm.  Do I still have what it takes?  WHO CARES?!?
    Like it says at the top... this is the NOT-SO-ULTIMATE GUIDE!
    HEIHACHI's moves have been compromised since his release in TEKKEN, TEKKEN2 and
    TEKKEN 3.  In TEKKEN 2 his WGF properties were awesome... it was one of, if not
    THE most useful move in his arsenal.  However... in TEKKEN 3 they changed the
    hit property from 'm' to 'Sm'.  This simple change altered his whole character
    gameplay... people no longer had to worry about being launched by WGF (which
    also causes significant damage in the process).  In TEKKEN 4 his gameplay has
    ONCE AGAIN been altered!!!  The TILE SPLITTER = DEATHFIST combination has been
    eliminated!  **in fact the DEATHFIST itself has been junked and replaced with
    DIAMOND LANCE**  The TILE SPLITTER = DEATHFIST combination was extremely useful
    as it had a couple of benefits: 1) to keep your opponent on their toes... if used
    properly, a useful tool for 'training' them to stay standing exposing them to
    L attacks.  2) The actual combination was a great tool for keeping opponents at
    bay.  If they blocked the DEATHFIST it would push them WAY back leaving you
    with lots of room to breathe and set up your next attack.
    There are too many variables and possibilities to make an accurate guide to
    'proper' use of HEIHACHI so I have decided to list MOVES I find MOST USEFUL and
    the most effective ways to use them... if I have left anything out please email
    me and I'll post the new information in an updated version of HMNSUSG.  (with
    credit to YOU too!  Of course ~_^ )
    b+1 - to crouching opponents - slap them on the forehead!
    1<2 - used to bulldog opponents (although slower than many other opponents)
    1<2=4 - useful when opponent misses move or after you've blocked move with a
            slow recovery time.
    1,1<2 - same as above.
    1<2,2 - same as above.
    1,2,2=~1+2 - confuses the hell out of your opponent!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN USED IN
                 CONJUNCTION WITH...
    1,2,2=~1+2=(u_d) - HEIHACHI circles around opponent a la KING / MARDUK =)
    1,2,2=~1+2=(u_d)=1+2 - change it up, use a THROW or DIAMOND LANCE to keep them
    f+1<b+2,4 - good for pushing your opponent away and keeping them off balance...
                also useful for juggling if timed correctly.
    d+1 - keep them on their toes... 'TRAIN' your opponent or smash them while
          they're ducking.  Great for playing the 'sleeping' game!  If they don't
          know how to escape it, you can keep your opponent on the ground and take
          his WHOLE life guage!!!  CHEAP???  No such thing... they should do their
    d/f+1,2 - good for launching and keeping your opponent wary of crouching.
              SHOULD NOT BE USED as an attack but as a COUNTER ATTACK (after
              blocking).  If you miss with this one you'll surely be PUNISHED!
    f,N,d,d/f+1 - good for bridging the gap, very powerful but dangerous if misused.
    f,N,d,D/F,1 - good for bridging LARGER gaps and throwing opponents timing off.
    b+1+2 - great for guessing game... pushes opponent away and can be delayed!
    1+2 - one of the MOST useful moves in his ARSENAL.  Great speed for counter
          attacks and POWERFUL to boot!  Bad recovery and range...
    b+2 - good for advancing and cornering... CH causes opponent to crumble leaving
          opportunity to PUNISH!!!
    2,2 - quick, reasonable damage.  Useful after blocked moves.
    f+2 - throw this in once in awhile... nice little advancing move, but BE CAREFUL
          poor recovery!  Use in conjunction with...
    f+2=~1+2 - change up, just when they thought they had us figured out!
    f,f+2 - VERY useful!  Starts juggles with decent damage, covers ground and if
            blocked gives you quite a bit of room.  BUT if your opponent has a long
            range move WATCH OUT!!! (ie: PAUL - DEATHFIST) POOR RECOVERY TIME!
            ** hits crouching opponents **
    f,N,d,d/f+2 - good for counter attacking (after blocked moves) juggles with CH!
                  throw in once in awhile hold 2 to delay and confuse opponent.
                  Does NOT hit crouching opponents!
    qcf+2 - ANOTHER EXTREMELY USEFUL MOVE!!!  Similar to Pauls DEATHFIST, covers
            lots of ground (use with crouching dash) causes significant damage,
            pushes opponent away when blocked!  Good for counter attacking whiffed
            moves and low recovery moves.
    WS+2 - strangely timed move causes HS and CS on a counter hit.  Follow up with
           TWIN PISTONS to start juggle.
    f,f+3 - useful for crouching opponents, bounce juggle starter on CH!
    f,N,d,d/f+3 - mix up with...
    f,N,d,D/F+3 - to keep them guessing.  Most people can't react in time to block
                  the hits.  HEIHACHI spins around too fast to tell if he's
                  attacking low or high.
    f,N,d,d/f,f,u/f+3 - same as above but covers LOTS of ground, mix up with...
    f,N,d,d/f,f,u/f,d+3 - be careful!  Easy to counter attack because HEIHACHI runs
                          before hopping and kicking.  Gives you good distance if
                          blocked, pushes opponent away and is GB.
    f+3 - good for setting up the 'sleeping' game =)  CH causes opponent to fall
          feet towards.  For some reason most people like to try and roll away...
          that's when we let the hammer fall with TILE SPLITTER!!!
    u/f+3,4 - great tool to back opponent into corners... execution is a little
              slow but it really pushes them back when blocked.  Good for
              counter attacking whiffed moves.
    4 - STRONG for a single button move!  CH causes opponent to crumple, leaving
        enough time to throw, DIAMOND LANCE or DEMON BREATH.
    (qcf_f,N,d,d/f,f_WS)+4<4 - very useful to follow grounded opponents or recover
                               from crouching position.
    f,N,d,D/F+4 - train your opponent!!!  and change up with...
    f,N,d,D/F+4=N,4,4 - to confuse them.  Leaves HEIHACHI open for attack if
    f,N,d,D/F+4=N+1 - if they start blocking your second HELL SWEEP punish them
                      with a nice TGF!!!
    f,N,d,D/F+4:4:4 - even MORE useful as HEIHACHI will not suffer GUARD STUN even
                      when sweeps are blocked!  (JUST FRAME VERSION - HIGH
    f,N,d,D/F+4:4:4=:N+1 - same properties as above HELL SWEEPS.
    f,N,d,D/F+4:4:4=:N+4,4 - same as above.
    f+4 - good for keeping opponent off balance.  Opponent ends up in CROUCHING
          GUARD POSITION, long enough for you to execute another attack.  Also
          leaves them face down feet away on CH.
    (u/f+4~3_4~3) - great for attacking downed opponents.  Dangerous if whiffed!
                    leaves you lying on your back.
    d+4 - punish opponents who roll to the right or just lie there.
    b,b,N+3+4 - give yourself some distance from your opponent!
    b+2+4 - prepare your next hit to be guaranteed CH!  ** HEIHACHI CANNOT BLOCK
            WHILE FISTS ARE GLOWING!!! **  Not recommended when close to opponent..
            If they're attacking resulting in DIAMOND WALL REVERSAL, HEIHACHI
            suffers 45 damage!
    2+3+4 - get cocky ~_^
    d+1+4 - not recommended unless you're playing a scrub or your opponent is
            backed into a corner!
    ** DON'T even bother with the string hits!  Most decent players will block all
       hits following second attack **
    And there you have it HEIHACHI's useful moves and when to use them... It's
    quite an extensive list but all great players will not limit themselves when
    they have countless options.  Remember, humans have the ability to adapt very
    quickly, and to pick up patterns... that's when you have to learn to 'train'
    your opponent.  If you limit yourself to only a few moves your gameplay will
    become PREDICTABLE and you'll end up standing around waiting for your turn
    again... change up your moves and KEEP MOVING!!!  This is a 3 DIMENSIONAL game
    so use all 3 Dimensions!  This is not a Capcom fighter!!!  Even Capcom fighters
    in 3D were still in 2 dimensions!  Remember SFEX series?  3D my a$$!  The
    characters were rendered in 3D but they limited us to a 2D plane of movement!
    Make use of what's at hand... SSing will help you get around bulldoggers!
    HEIHACHI's jabs are too slow to beat out most opponents so you'll have to learn
    to keep them at arms length or SS and COUNTER.
    Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, HEIHACHI's jabs tend to come out slower
    than most of his attackers.  SSing is VITAL in your game against BULLDOGGERS.
    It is, however, a feat easier said than done.  For some reason, everytime I play
    against King users I choke!!!  Frikkin' piss me off... as soon as they figure
    out my tactics I start freakin' out and I freeze up... I don't know what to do
    and I just stand there.  If you're fighting against someone like King you really
    have to keep your distance... or try to move in with DEMON SLAYER = EXECUTIONER
    = SIDESTEP CANCEL = THROW or EXECUTIONER.  You really have to change it up
    though... if they're ducking you have to do EXECUTIONER.. if they're standing
    then you have to THROW.  If you notice that your opponent is delaying between
    sets try to surprise them with DEMON BREATH in between.
    Another VERY useful move for HEIHACHI is the HOP - DELAYED DEMON GUT/SLICE KICK!
    It is almost imparative that you use this!  The SLICE KICK will usually get them
    the first few times... then you have to change it up to a GUT KICK.  As soon as
    they see you running in and hopping they'll start to block down letting you kick
    them in the face... NICE!  If you feel like it and you're close enough you can
    do a CD and delay into HELL SWEEP, usually I don't like to let it go past the
    first sweep (unless you have the JUST FRAME HELL SWEEP perfected) because if the
    first seconed one is blocked it leaves you open for punishment!  Try to use HELL
    KICK feels safer because it allows you to keep your distance while TGF sets you
    right at your opponents feet.
    ::VS TURTLES::
    Turtlers are my favorite!!!  They leave you with as much room as you want!  Just
    the kind of person who lets you exploit ALL of HEIHACHI's moves =).  With these
    guys, half the time you can stand there and activate DIAMOND WALL allowing you
    the extra few attack points if you connect!  You don't have to worry about
    getting hit because they're too scared to come out of their shells!  This is the
    time to use DELAY HOP - SLICE KICK and start playing the 'sleeping game'! If you
    really wanna have some fun learn how to do the DEMON SLAYER = EXECUTIONER = SS
    CANCEL ~_^ it's fun to see how many different combinations you can hit them with.
    If you want to play around, hit them a couple of times and start SHADOW STEPPING!
    It's like a game of tag... most people don't appreciate it.. but it CAN be VERY
    useful even against the toughest opponents.  Why?  Because after you turn your
    tail they have to cover the distance between the two of you, and that's when
    HEIHACHI can be most lethal!
    [vii]::[LAST WORDS]::[vii]
    What?  You could have written this FAQ, you say?  Well then, WHY DIDN,T YOU?!?
    LIke I said at the beginning, I wrote this because nobody else out there took
    the time to write one out!  Since I started writing this FAQ I've had a couple
    of chances to play T4 and test some of my theories... lo and behold!  Most of
    them stand firm!  Even against the best players my tips DO work... the key is to
    be consistent!  Mix things up!  Keep them guessing by going up and down!  It's
    the only way... unfortunately I haven't had the chance to play a really good
    Paul user.  Only once... so I haven't had much practise and can't document /
    answer any questions VS PAUL.  Oh well... most people tend to stay away from him
    anyway ~_^. If you have anything else you think might come in handy or would be
    helpful in the development of HEIHACHI users e-mail me d4rkwind13@hotmail.com.
    [viii]::[CREDITS and THANKS]::[viii]
    Just want to give a shout out to K2R for introducing me to the TEKKEN series and
    'forcing' me to play when you didn't have anyone to play against ~_^.  Thanks
    bro!  Without you, this definitely wouldn't have been possible!  You whupped my
    a$$ so bad with HEIHACHI that I finally saw the potential and... here I am! ^_^
    JINX thanks for showing me where LION's LAIR ARCADE was!  and always going with
    me!  We've had lots of fun times there... and one day I'll beat your TIME ATTACK
    score with CHRISTIE!!! (JNX 3:12:78) (^_^;  You just wait!
    NATHAN, hmmm what to say?  You surely are a worthy opponent!  You'll figure out
    my HEIHACHI one day!  But till then... I'm just gonna have to give you a good
    run for your money!  Thanks for being a great challenger and teacher!  Yeah
    that's right, I've been secretly reading your mind and figuring out all your
    tactics!  You're one of the most well-rounded players I've ever come across!!!
    DARK MAN X, for that wonderful disclaimer and permission for me to cut and paste
    it into my FAQ! ^_^
    TEKKEN ZAIBATSU and staff!!! Thanks for building such an awesome TEKKEN TREASURY
    of FACTS, FORUMS and MORE! Without your FAQs, Movelists, Movies, frame data... I
    prolly wouldn't have spent so many countless hours in a state of zombification!
    (^^;)  You guys (and girl) are truly outstanding in your dedication to bringing
    information from TEKKEN 4 and the rest of the series to the rest of us!
    GAMEFAQs! What a great site... and community! Keep up the great work people! I
    can't believe the amount of information available, and the variety of platforms
    that they cover! 6(^o^)9 Cheers!
    NAMCO!  The greatest 3D fighter producers!  Yeah... it's safe to assume that!
    WOW!  What an accomplishment!  I can't wait to see the next game you all decide
    to slap on us!  Whether it be another of the TEKKEN series or something
    completely different!  Thanks to all of you, for without all your skill and
    effort none of the FORMER MENTIONED (including me and all the TEKKEN-ers around
    the world) would have anything to base our experiences on!!!  Keep up the great
    FINALLY, thanks to all of you who are reading this FAQ!  It's nice to know that
    all those countless hours spent on putting this thing together weren't for
    nothing! Good luck, and I hope some, if not all, the information in here was
    deemed useful to you! Thanks again!  And keep on gaming!

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