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"Another great Tekken game in the Tekken series"

Tekken 4 was released for the Playstation 2 in the middle of September of 2002. Tekken 4 was developed by Namco who also made the Soul Calibur games.

There were a lot of gameplay modes. The first was story battle where each fighter had their own story but you only got to see the ending after you won the eight fights. This mode was easy depending on the difficulty and which fighter you picked.

There was the original arcade mode. The game started off easy but as you progressed, the fights got harder and it was the same as the story battle except there was no story at the beginning or end and the difficulty in the options did not affect this mode. Time Trial mode was also the same except what you were trying to accomplish was getting through the eight fights in the shortest time possible.

The Vs. mode was a two player mode where each player picked a fighter and two players fight it out. A win/loss record does get kept for each player so you can see who won the most fights at the end.

Team Battle can be played with either one or two players. Each player picks a certain amount of fighters then the battle goes on with one fighter from both teams at once and the battle continues until all fighters from one team has been defeated.

Survival is a one player mode where you fight fighter after fighter until you lose. The difficulty in the options does not affect this mode since the fights start off easy and gradually get harder.

Practice is where you can choose a fighter and improve your skills. You can decide if your practice partner is standing still or doing one of a few other stances.

Training is like practice and time trial put together into the same mode. In training you have to input the command displayed on the screen and compete for the fastest time by executing the twenty correct commands.

Tekken Force is the new addition to the Tekken Series. Tekken Force is where you pick a fighter and fight through waves of soldiers while trying to get more time put on your clock. The only problem with this mode was at Level 3, I had about twelve seconds left and the soldier kept running away and it's hard to chase them because you still move like you would in a fighting game.

Options are self explanatory and Theater is where you can view the videos of what happened before one of the fighters went through the story battle mode and what happened afterwards if you beat the story battle mode with that fighter.

The controls work for the most part, it is hard to pull off certain moves and some characters don't have as many moves as other characters do But there is training and practice if pulling off the controls are too hard.

The story mode is addressed in Story Battle but some stories between certain characters do link together so there is consistency with the stories.

The graphics are pretty good on the fighters and the arenas. A lot of the arenas are nice to look at and all the fighters do have a lot of detail to them. The sound is also done nicely whether it's the characters or narrators and no one sounds like they should have been voiced by someone else.

People who like fighting games can spend a lot of time playing this game. The replayability is also there because of all the stories to see how they turn out along with the Tekken Force Mode. Add that in with Team Battle and Vs. Mode and there is a lot of content to keep one or two players attention for a long time.

I give this game a 9 out of 10. My only really big problem was with the Tekken Force Mode because you could spend a lot of seconds off the clock chasing enemies and a fighting game does not have the best skills to be chasing someone down.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/20/10

Game Release: Tekken 4 (US, 09/23/02)

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