Review by Jacky Bryant

"Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi what more could you want???"

This game simply put is incredible. The sheer amount of depth and graphical finesse is unrivalled by any other fighting game, trust me that its good. Us Tekken fans have been waiting a long time to see our beloved Tekken become at a stage where it can rival Soul Calibur now we can blissfully enjoy!

I will start by talking about the graphics; the graphics are brilliant by any standards. The sheer amount of detail is breathtaking from the wrinkled clothes that prance in the sunlight to the free flowing hair that dances to the beat of your moves. The character animation is amazing so its on par with the graphics, the fact that the animation is 60 fps so this makes the biggest leap for the Tekken series, this added piece of graphical finesse is extremely noticeable when compared to any other Tekken even TTT.

The graphics are gorgeous and could have been the best of all time, unfortunately though there are some major issues with lighting. In all of the stages the lighting reaches an ok standard but that is it, the game could have produced amazing lighting, I know this because I have seen this in other PS2 titles such as Gran Turismo 3. This is still a lovely looking title that has a slight flaw.


This game also has some good sound, for example the standard affair of “haya’s” and “swoop” effects are all there but the less than stellar music makes you ask “more please” This is as good as fighting game sound effects go so don’t go to this game for its sound because you will be disappointed. A point where the game does excel in sound is the acting, although English voices are slightly shoddy but they still give the characters depth and imagination, which go beyond many recent attempts.

SOUND 8.2/10

Now I am onto the gameplay, which is where this game really excels into a region of its own. The sheer amount of time that you will spend learning all the little nocks and crannies is astounding, the amount of time you will spend learning your surrounding will also give you long sleepless nights so keep that coffee handy! Each character plays completely different to the last so creates longevity. Once you know the moves its onto the 10 hit strings which do give you a feel for what your character can pull of but even once you know these you still can’t call yourself an experienced Tekken player because you still have the infinite juggles to learn and the grounds to use them in, so trust me this will take a good few months even if you’ve mastered the previous Tekken’s. The only downfall is the fact that its not really beginner friendly, but that’s good for non button mashers fan club!


Finally I am onto the long-term aspect of this Tekken game, which is on par with the gameplay meaning it is also brilliant. The depth of the gameplay boosts this aspect of the game up, The force mode of this game is good and extremely fun so you’ll be back time and time again, but what will keep you playing the most is the awesome survival mode, which although standard in fighting games is a memorable option Tekken 4. There are also many ending sequences to get from story mode although this can be done in an evening. This game will last forever because the versus mode is so competitive it will be great fun with friends trust me, I know!

Longevity 10/10

Overall 9.8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/30/02, Updated 03/30/02

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