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Reviewed: 06/19/02 | Updated: 06/19/02

Kazuya and Namco`s revenge!

Imagine a fighting game that delivers great graphics, sound, replay value, and is entertaining. You end up with Tekken 4, a game that takes the top seat in fighting games on not only the PS2, but all systems.

This game has kept me and two friends up for three days strait. Now if that`s not replay value then I don`t know what is. The amount of strategy that goes into a single match is unbeleivable. You have to keep one eye on your opponent and the other on the environment. Yes the environment, not because the sheer beauty of the battle sights, it`s the walls. Yes walls. They add a whole nother dimension to the game. They can decide who wll win in some cituations. And if you don`t like the walls there are levels that are lage enough so that you don`t even notice that walls are there. And now spectators don`t just stand there idle, they are able to be hit. The game is relativly easy to pick up for vets and newbies alike.

Graphics: 10/10

Can you say attention to detail? When you lay eyes upon levels such as the mall and jungle you will be stunned. The water doesn`t just sit there when you step in it. It splashes around. Characters look real, as well as their cloths. If a character takes a hit thei cloths move correspondingly. There is no fog or dark spots or fuzz in this game. It`s all crisp, clean, shiney, need I say more? And the caracter design has gone up while the polygon count has gone down! The character`s bodies aren`t all shiney like in TTT. There are some very minor problems with some of the smoke effects in a pirticular level, but nothing big enough to take away any points.

Sound: 9.5/10

Again Namco has chosen to go the techno route with the music. It isn`t all that bad this time as some of the tracks have a more rock feel to them. And in one level Tekken 2 tracks are playing! The characters mouths actualy move when the voices come in. And characters actualy talk this time around!. In the game endings the voices seem just blend with the characters. Most endings are in english even though it`s a Jap copy. Only Kazuya, Jin. Heihachi, and one other person speak Japanese in their endings. There are plenty of yells and Waaa! s in the mix so the sound is all pretty good. But Namco has gotta drop the techno for Tekken 5.

Control: 10/10

The controls are unchanged with the exception of the new 8 way movement system. Yup you can move all over the place. The sidestep hsa been drasticly improved from TTT to T4. And when you stuck in a corner or against a wall you can make use of the position change to get your self outta there. And as usual vets and newbies alike will pick it up easy as 1-2-3.

Fun Factor: 10/10

When I said this gam delivers I wasn`t kidding. And this is it`s high point. The new story mode adds even more depth to a game already thick with strategy. And the more the merrier. Trust me, if you can get an import copy do so and call all of your buddies over. This game is addictive. It`s so addictive Namco could end up like the ciggaret companies. Okay it`s not quite that addictive, but it`s as addictive as it can be willout being a hazard to your health. Just watching other people play is fun. It`s like watching a real fight. And spectators in levels can be knocked out if they get too close to you. And if you are the violent type then go into pracice mode in the Underground or Mall levels and ignore your opponent and pumel the inocent peeps.

Yes the game is worth the $50
Yes it is better than VF4
Yes it is better than DOA3
Yes I have played VF4 and DOA3
Yes you should import
Yes you should also get the US version
Yes it delivers on all levels
And yes it deserves a 10 out of 10. Hell it deserves better.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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