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"The King of all the other Fists"

Namco has done it again! After first seeing this game, it was like WOW! (But that's always me). This game is worth every penny in your pocket. If you like realistic fighting games, Tekken 4 will surely satisfy your hunger. It delivers fun fun fun! Especially when you play with other people, like your friends or something. This is one game is a must-have and is good for parties. =) Get it Get it! Now to explain:

The Graphics

Who cannot appreciate the graphics of Tekken 4? Everything's almost perfect. The designs, the figure, the texture, the lighting effects, the animation, the backgrounds...etc. Look at all the details. Fog, water, splashy splashy! O_O' Heck this is what I'm talking about. And with the new background interaction feature, it makes it even better. You can play in the water, knock people in the back down, bounce off the wall, break statues, glasses...I can keep on goin and goin! Although, the graphics may not be perfect, it's certainly outstanding. If there are flaws, they're only minor. Like how everything might be a little bit too bright, or how clothings can go through the character's legs or hips when fighting (but flappy clothings add a nice touch).

The Sounds and Music

Although the sounds may be too sharp/metallic, they enhance the realism of the realistic enviroments well. The sounds include water splashing and running, breaking glass, bones, and statues, and audiences cheering. You can notice the details in sounds in some stages like how the audiences cheer when you do something amazing during a fight fighting or boo at your when the fight gets dull or repetitive. They also look down at a player when he/she's down on the ground. I may not like the blocking sounds (being so metallic; but that's tekken, and its minor), but all the rest is satisfying. The music fit each stage's atmosphere; my fav. is the Jungle. Oh yeah, characters talk in this game! =D

The Controls

Controls can be confusing at first, especially if you're a beginner. Slight changes were made in the controls: pressing up would make you character sidestep up and down is sidestep down. To jump you have hit an action button along with up or diagonal up together. To crouch, you must hold back and down together to block while crouching. With the new enviroments to play in and new concepts, you can do things that you couldn't in the other Tekken series. An example would be one of my favourites: jumping off the wall. Ooo, its so fun! But remember, each character had their own way of fighting, thus making each characters' controls slightly different to one another. *coughyoshimitsucough* Also remember that this is realistic fighting, so there are many many many variations in what you do and a LOT of moves/combos to learn and do. This is not Street Fighter!

The Storyline

One of the many awesome aspects of the Tekken series is its unique storyline and Tekken 4 continued it well. Now the characters can talk and the narrator can read the stories to us in the prologues of each character, you can understand the story a lot better. This game explains the story to us well and makes Japanese characters speak Japanese and other characters speak English, making you know more of each character...yeah. Umm...well the storyline is good, but as always, there are still plot holes and open endings...but that's good, right? We can expect more Tekkens to come! >=D Despite all that, this game will rid of all the confusion that had been around. Uhh, well if I keep on going...I'll have to spoil it.

The Gameplay

Finally, the gameplay; probably the most important of all aspects. As I said earlier, this game delivers fun fun fun for the whole family (if they're okay with these types of violence). The replay value is of course good since its a fighting game, but not that good if you don't have a real opponent to fight with. The Tekken Force mode is awesome and challenging, so you might want to try that when your friends leave after the party. There are quite many modes to try out but not a lot of unique modes. And Tekken wouldn't be Tekken with a whole bunch of characters to unlock. There's around 21 (or I think 21) characters in all. Not as many as in the previous games but each character has their own unique moves/fighting styles. You can spend days and days learning the combos and stuff for each character...yeah that's my Tekken! There's no Tag Team, or else TTT (Tekken Tag Tournament) wouldn't be as unique. In addition with the walls and obstacles in your way feature, it makes each stage less dull and lot to experiment with. There is definitely a theater mode to watch the movies you've earned and listen to the music.
Practice mode now offers a task for each character to complete in doing a bunch of moves while being timed. Experiment with new moves, redo your old favourite moves, and come up with your own.

The Overall Score

All in all, the game is worth buying. If you're still skeptical, you can wait till it comes out in US and rent it or something. Anyways, this game is different from other fighting games and has its own unique way of controls, thus making it original and thus it has its ups while other fighting games have their I won't compare! =P If you like realistic fighting, get get get getty get this! Why? It's a REALLY GOOD FIGHTING GAME! I recommend playing with a friend though. Me done!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/30/02, Updated 06/30/02

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