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"Another round of Tekken please"

Tekken has been around since Playstation fist came out. Tekken was great at its time then came Tekken 2 which shamed its predecessor and then Tekken 3 Literally Blew the past two out of the water and Now Namco Gives us Tekken 4.
Does it make Tekken 3 look outdated and old?

It all starts with a breath taking opening Cinema that Namco is famous for and this cinema then leads us to the game’s graphics. Well the graphics are great, each and every Single fighter has a good character model. Costumes are well done they don’t just cover the player they also move and react according to the situation. Hair and Facial features also are done quite well but a step down from Virtua Fighter 4. Backgrounds are well designed and Look great. The jaggies and Shimmering that plague most of the other fighters are barley noticeable in this game. Over all Tekken 4 looks great.

Tekken 4’s fighting formula is basically the same as the last game but what this game has that the last game didn’t have is walls and back ground Interaction. You can trap an opponent next to a wall and then punish him accordingly. Telephone booths can be smashed , people in the background can be knocked down and statues can break. All of these things can be done but not every where only in specific stages. Tekken 4’s background interactivity is not as liberal’s as dead or alive’s.
Now the fighters have all been given new moves and some a total set of New moves (JIN). The New fighter’s all are welcome additions to the series but there arent many of them.
Basically it’s fights like the last game but with walls and objects. This new feature does add more strategy and depth to fighting but overall the change is not that dramatic and by no time you’ll be adjusting quickly.

The music in this game is great, each stage has its own catchy tune that either make or break you in a match. Sound effects are well done from water splashing to wind blowing. Characters also speak in this game and the voice actors aren’t that annoying.

Replay Value
Ok Tekken games are well renowned for their replay value and this Tekken game is a bit of disappointment. Now all of the trusty modes are there (versus, survival and timeattack e.t.c)
And there is Tekken force mode, which I played and beat only once just to unlock a stage but never touched after that. Unlike the last ones there isn’t a Mini game (bowling or volleyball).
There are two Secret characters that are just body swaps that can be gotten just by beating story mode.
The endings are still real time but considerably better than Tekken tags but Still the famous Cinematic endings in Tekken 3, I feel were much better. Overall After completing Story mode with all or some of the characters and beating Tekken force to get the hidden stage, all you have left is versus and Survival to keep you busy. I don’t know maybe my hopes were too high or something but I was expecting more in this department.

Tekken 4 is a great game but not a Huge leap to the series. This game has something to offer and even though what its offerings is basically the same as before, Tekken fans can either reject it or accept it.
I can guarantee that you will be spending a lot of time with this game and as long as there is someone around to test your might this game wont be collecting dust.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/22/02, Updated 09/22/02

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