"New Elements, same gameplay, not much else"

7 is putting it lightly, this game is one of, if not, the most uninventive Tekken games NAMCO has EVER made. That is to say, it's not a bad thing, but NAMCO could've put a little more effort into making this game, if you've played the arcade version then the only reason to get this game would be to play Force mode and the Endings. Some characters have had moveset changes i.e. Jin, and some characters are clones of other characters i.e. Violet. My BIGGEST gripe with NAMCO is that they give a character a new look, one that's totally different, but then they give that character either their old or some other character's moveset!!! You're going to see a lot of that in here.

Graphics: 9
NAMCO put its best foot forward in trying to make this game look pretty, and it sure enough did. Also the addition of spectators and lighting sure have changed how this game somewhat looks.

Sound: 8
Sound's mighty fine in this game, from grunts, growls, moans, and groans its fine and sho 'nuff dandy. The musical score will remind you of some old Tekken games though...

Control: 10
Sharp and to the point. The controls feel dead on, and they will vary from combatant to combatant such as comparing Law to King, controlling Law will be like controlling butter, its super smooth, but King is muddled because of his wrestling style.

Story: 5
We've heard that whole Mishima Corp. Kazuya vs. his dad crap all before why do we have to hear it again? Some characters have different stories too, but their's all somehow intertwine with each other.

Gameplay: 7
Man! How much longer do we have to sit around and play the same characters over and over? Atleast the SF series brought in NEW characters that had different movesets and a brandspanking cool boss. This game offers characters that look NEW but their movesets are the SAME!!! I mean you'd think after like a few years they'd learn new moves!!!

Overall: 7
Why a 7? Because this game is pretty, but it has no substance, you feel dirty and used after you play it because chances are you've either played Tekken 3, TTT, or T4 at the arcades. I'm hoping NAMCO will atleast add a new character or moveset or more variety filled mini-games in the next installment.

And so, I only recommend this game for die-hard Tekken fans or people who have not played it before. If you are only casual to the Tekken series then don't bother getting this game unless you have nothing else better to do with 50 dollars.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/27/02, Updated 09/27/02

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