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Reviewed: 09/29/02 | Updated: 09/29/02

It's not often I bust my thumb playing a video game but this is an exception.

Fifteen months ago I was scanning Gamespot just looking around when something caught my eye. Tekken 4. Tekken Tag Tournament please me a lot and after reading about Tekken 4 I was very very excited. I would spend days and days looking around for more information and pictures. It grabbed me. A few months later it hit my arcade,getting to know the new feel just blew me away.I was pumped. But Tekken 4 didn't come out in March for the United States. It was for Japan. I was extremely upset but six months later my wish came true. Tekken 4 came to the U.S.! It was well worth the wait and here is my review.

These graphics are beautiful. They are amazingly smooth and detailed. It is a major improvement over Tekken Tag Tournament. It's wonderful how everyone's clothing flies around. From Steve's tropical shirt to Ling's skirt.(Yes Ling's skirt flies around). The new levels are awesome! They look great. And now they're filled with 3-D Pedestrians.Big Plus.

Now the Tekken series has had a tradition for having great that tradition still going on? To me...yes.To others? Not one bit. Now the music in this isn't something to start getting down to, but it's still pretty nice to hear. Some of the music in this game is pretty soothing! But hey...big surprise on one of the levels...but I won't say it here. You still have your basic sounds of other things too. Such as punches, kicks, and grunts. Now we even have talking! The voice acting is great! Even the people who speak Japanese do speak Japanese! Adds to the realism. And now such things as hearing footsteps is in. That adds even more realism. Nice stuff to hear while you jam someone's head into the ground.

Just like all the other Tekken games the controls are very simple and easy. You should be able to get used to them between ten to 30 minutes. You have your directional buttons and your action buttons. Square for left punch, Triangle for right punch, Circle for right kick, and X for left kick. No sweat. Perform different combinations and you do different moves. This isn't rocket science.

This is what video games are all about. The gameplay. And the gameplay in this game is amazing! It has a whole new feel to it. Now we don't have limited areas. It's full and free roaming. And with the addition of walls people can really get dangerous. You don't want to get stuck against a wall or else you're in trouble. Now, we don't have two throw buttons. We have one. The other one is now a change position button. It's good when you've got your back up against a wall.And sidestepping is much easier now. At the start of the fight you can start sidestepping around. It makes it easier to avoid attacks. But beware...hitting up may not make you jump. At first I was disappointed that there was only nineteen characters but now I understand. Namco wanted all original characters with their own moves, not any clones. All the characters are great and even one is completely changed! If you've got some friends invite them over and have some fun. Tekken Force is back and is better than ever.Harder too. It's bigger and takes more skill. The whole game takes more skill. Great job Namco.

Fighting games are mostly about multiplayer but it's still lots of fun playing against the computer. Try it on Ultra Hard. If you're trying to master all the characters you may never leave the house. And Tekken Force may keep you pretty busy. This game has so much! Check out story mode as well. I'm almost tempted to play through this game again.

Well I hope I helped you out. This is my all time favorite fighting game. It was well worth the wait. Thanks Namco for amazing me once again. Now some are very upset with this game but that's just them...I am extremely satisfied! Fifteen months of anticipating this game was crazy. But I finally have it and I'm happy!

I spent fifteen months waiting for this game. Now you'll be spending fifteen months trying to find a way to beat me at this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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