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"Beauty is only skin deep"

After all this time playing Tekken Tag Tournament, I was waiting for the next chapter in the story and lets just say the wait was in vain. Its a shame that Tekken was my first entry into the fighting game world and now it pains me to play more than 15 minutes at a time of it.

The graphics are obviously only going to get better and the graphics here are superb. Easily a beautiful looking game and the characters are very fluid. The only graphical problem I came across was when Ling was fighting Murdock and she seemed to land through his shoulders instead of on top like she does with everyone else.

The gameplay is what fighting games is all about and when it comes to Tekken 4, all I could think was ''same thing in a prettier package''. Although, fighters like Steve and Murdock added little (not much) variety, all the other characters were pretty much the same. I was extremely happy with the new Jin, however, and this proves what the Tekken series needs more of: same character, different fighting style.

Certain characters are starting to get extremely repetitive. Example: How many times can Yoshimitsu try and get control of the Zaibatsu? How many people can Nina get sent to assassinate and fail? With some minor disappointments, the Tekken story line is still a very well told story, but it too is starting to show some age. Besides, there's only so much ''get revenge on your dad/grandfather'' I can take. The other side-story lines are starting to become so vague and repetitive that its making me lose interest.

Random Stuff

Voice Acting...Worst. Acting. Ever. Its just plain bad. While I can't judge the Japanese voices, since I don't speak Japanese, so I wouldn't know if they were bad or not, but I can judge the English ones and its just horrible.

The ending movies were all so short and unsatisfying. I didn't just toil away kicking some computer butt to see a little 25 second ending that more often than not does not solve anything. It just sets it up for another Tekken game.

The music in this game is laughable. While I don't really pay much attention to fighting games' music, this soundtrack was so awful that it caught my attention. In other games I can just drown it out but in this one, it was too painful to ignore. Do not play this game without a CD playing, the radio, or if all else fails, get a 3 year old blowing a whistle over and over. Anything is better than this.

This game just did not meet my expectations when it came to this kind of thing. Some can argue that with fighting games, its better to play against human characters. Well this is true, but like its stated, this game is pretty much the same thing as its previous predecessors so therefor, just load up a copy of TTT or Tekken 3 and have a similar gaming experience.

Who are you really missing out on? Christie? She might as well be another palette swap of Eddy, just in a skimpier package.

The downfall of this game is that they aren't concentrating enough on what made the game special to begin with. They've fallen into a pattern that their competitors have managed to stay away from and as a result become a better game than Tekken 4 is.

With all this talk about repetition, I'm starting to get repetitive. If you want Tekken, play an older version. This one is all beauty and no brains.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/29/02, Updated 09/29/02

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