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Reviewed: 10/07/02 | Updated: 10/07/02

Tekken 4 another great installment but same old game.

I purchased Tekken 4 to add, yet another great fighter to my library of games. After booting the game up and playing it for about two weeks now, I have came to a few conclusions. My first would be that although this game is amazing and transitioned very well from its Arcade version; it disappointed in a few ways.


The look and feel of this game is just as I remembered it at the arcade. The fighters are smooth, backgrounds have a nice touch of realism to them, and the game play as with the rest of the Tekken series is incredible. This is a pretty balanced game in my opinion and a game where those who learn moves and become skilled rule over those who just push buttons(Button Mashers). The game is very technical which adds to it to the it’s level of skill in playing it. Characters have different fighting styles and they have eliminated most of the fighters who looked different, yet had the same moves as others.

The Character list is not to shabby as well featuring a total of 20 fighters(that's including hidden ones). It has enough fighters to make the majority of fighters. This installment features fighters from throughout the series as well as some new faces. Fighters have a varied difficulty in playing them too. Some are made for beginners because you can press buttons and pull off a few moves and others require multiple button combinations, precise button presses, and a knowledge of linking these moves in order to do other moves. The game features some of the common modes of play like: Arcade, VS Battle, Survival, Team Battle, Time Attack, and Practice. Namco also brought back their Tekken Force mode and a Training mode which is a time attack of putting in 20 commands in the fastest time.

Tekken 4 also added an eight way directional style of movement so add a more 3d realism to the game. Another added feature would be that the stages can be used strategically by juggling someone against a wall or knocking them through and object. You can also send your opponent through certain objects for added damage.


The game has had some minor changes in it’s style of play and some damage modifiers to add balance, but overall the game has not really changed that much over the years. If you played any of the newer Tekken games then you can pick up this game rather quickly. Although they added the eight way directional which can help with side stepping I feel that Namco could have used the movement for more than such.

The interactive stages are nice, but also not new if you have played some other games in the fighting genre you know what I am talking about. Tekken 4 has some good modes but they could have added some of their other fun game modes as well and maybe some new goodies. That would have helped add to the replay value, but does not really hinder this game one bit. One major thing that my friends and I have all said was horrible for this game was that they used a character slot for random select which I feel was a dumb idea since you can just wiggle the controller around and close your eyes for the same effect.


I can definitely say that this game has some of the best graphics I have seen in a while. Especially in the FMV’s. If you take the time to just sit back and look at this game you will be amazed at some of the detail in this game and how much time must have been put into it. Namco did a very great job taking out the Jaggies in this game too. Characters look very smooth and detailed. Overall simply amazing showing why Namco is on top.

SOUND 9/10
I feel that the sound in this game is also very top-notch. The score(music) for the game goes well with the different levels and scenarios. You can hear every punch landing, footsteps from moving or dodging, along with the sounds you hear when a character is thrown to the ground, getting a limb broken, or going though one of the breakable objects in the game. Characters speak Japanese and English both before and after matches which gives the game more realism and a better feel.

this is where I was just not satisfied. Although nothing against the way it plays because the gameplay has always been excellent, but that is where the problem would be. The style of play has not changed over the course of the series which is pretty bad consider what Namco is capable of doing. I mean even games like Virtual Fighter have changed a lot over their course and the fighting game that has the biggest change would be Namco’s other Fighter Soul Calibur, which is a little underrated in the fighting genre. If you take a look at how much Soul Blade differs from Soul Calibur, you would realize exactly how much of a change Namco could do to Tekken if they decided to wake up and get back to the creativity board.


If you have some friends then like most fighters you will be playing this one for a long time and will have maybe a few small tournaments just for fun. If you are less social with people then I do not see this game lasting you more than a couple months by yourself.

Great game overall and one that I am happy to say I own. I just feel that lack of more extra modes along with the fact that this game is still running basically the same gameplay system is has always had hinders it from a perfect score. I think that this game will get a major make over by the time Tekken 5 comes out just because soon the engine will be out of date compared to newer generation fighters.

*NOTE: These are my views and are expressed as such. I would highly recommend that you at least rent this game to get your own opinion since opinions vary between people.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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