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"An Anti-climatic Disappointment"

It's pretty simple, folks. Tekken Tag came out with the PS2, and it was the only fighter worth buying or having. Of course, there was little competition. Dead or Alive was (and is) rather pathetic. Ridiculous reversals and simple, mindless button-mashing tactics to win the day. I sneered and chuckled and worked on my Tag combos. I waited patiently for Tekken 4. Virtua Fighter came first and it is impressive, but the style is too difficult to absorb quickly. I gave it a passing tickle while waiting for Tekken 4 to arrive. And it did. And it sucks.

Sorry, but there it is. Because of the walls and constantly changing camera angles, combos and moves requiring the directional button come off sporadically. If you're lucky. There are far fewer fighters, and no Tag-Team option, which is surprising, considering how much popularity TT has accumulated. Some of the more popular characters were left out. The mini-games were left out all together. Granted bowling is rather a weenie game, it was fun to team some of the more exotic characters together. Now even this has been taken away. It's very sad.

You probably want to read something more positive. Okay. The graphics are state-of-the-art. Forgive me for being a tad jaded, but I EXPECTED NO LESS!! Crack open the vault and get out Tekken, for Pete's sake!! SEE???? Technology marches on. The game, ALL games, should only keep looking better and better. So I appreciate it, really, but good looks aren't everything. (Hey, I love Evil Zone, for crying out loud! Now if THAT would come to PS2...)

Game play? Well, the moves are generally the same, though there are some cool new moves. The two new fighting styles are fun to play with, but that's where the frustrating part comes in. Get an opponent up against a wall and button mash. You'll probably end it right there. The computer will do the same to you, believe me. Not much strategy or finesse, really. Reverse your opponent into the wall, then button mash some more. (Maybe some of Dead or Alive's programmers were working on this??) I would like to have tried these cool new moves in a TT environment, complete with cool tag combos. But it is not to be.

This game left me frustrated. I know, anyone who owns the previous Tekken games knows, what it COULD have been. What it SHOULD have been. Tekken Force should unlock a souped-up Dr. Boskonovich, or at least a new mini-game. Hey, Tekken Force should be different -- perhaps moving through it with two characters, or unlocking different characters at different stages... All that effort and frustration for simply a new stage. It's aggravating. Beating the game on the most difficult level should result in unlocking the Tag Team ability. Jun and Kunimitsu should be present. Devil CERTAINLY should be able to put in an appearance!! And what about Unknown? Aaarrrgghhh!!

So I gave it a six -- the moves are there, the colors and graphics, the new characters... the potential for greatness in its own right is hidden beneath its cool graphics and smooth button responses. Still, as far as I'm concerned, the only good thing about this game, really, is that it closely mimics a great game: Tekken Tag.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/07/02, Updated 10/07/02

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