Review by Dninex

Reviewed: 04/07/05

What happened to all the unlockables???

I have always loved Tekken and started playing Tekken 1 since I was 5... Tekken was my motive for being a game junkie (and I'm proud of it! yea!) but only 2 Tokens disappointed me. Advance and 4. Here goes why it did.

Graphics (9/10)

Tekken far excelled in the graphics. It has overall improved from Tag in every aspect in graphics, and now seems smoother. Almost all the special effects on the gameplay seem realistic, and are near perfect. As I mentioned, it is NEAR perfect. In some of the endings, endings! What people view the most, they have scratchiness. For example, several parts of Hwoarang's endings, as his jacket, it seems like a solid vest. Jin's ending, where his shoulder has angles which should have been gotten rid of in the PS2 graphics system... anyways, the gameplay graphics are near perfect, and Tekken is improving here by the game.

Character Design (3/10)

A sheer disappointment. Most of the characters have less punk in them. Starting with Jin, whose fighting style has near totally changed, and turned generally slower than his Tag form. Next on, Hwoarang, WHAT did they trash his signature shirt/vest + hair + bandana for? He now has a normal TKD uniform only sleeveless. Next Paul. His signature hair is literally disappeared in one of his outfits, but his other one has it. It literally makes sense, since he is broke and has no $.$ for hair gel, but come on, develop the story another way Namco. Nina looks like she got back injury, and she stoops on her shoulder. Look, I can go on for hours, but let’s cut to the chase for now. Ill list the cons. The only better looking characters are Ling, Kuma Christie and other minor characters.

Sound (8/10)

The sounds are clear and crisp, enough said.

Controls (7/10)

I always liked the Tekken control system. Punches are on the top Kicks on the bottom, but this time, they decided to change the movement. Now you have to press D/F to crouch and not the simple old D. this is a mayor discomfort, and some goes for the jump. You can’t even jump back now. You must press U/F to jump and not the original U, U/B or the U/F. Less freedom now. Only the sidestepping is easier. You can’t retreat and crouch or retreat and jump. A major hump occurred here.

Gameplay (8/10)

Now the walls are added, and stages seem tighter. This may help you but also may be an annoyance. There are WHOLE new juggle possibilities due to the walls, and this seems more realistic. But they should have added a stage or two with no walls to give variation. This might be good for some people, and most button mashers but people like me, that have been used to the "no walls" technique get a major headache from button masher Christies that get lucky and pull slick moves. The Force Mode is now 3D, and is pretty hard, since high and low attacks come in at the same time, and seems more of a headache then fun.

Replay/UNLOCKABLES (2/10)

Apart from the traditional unlock character movies and endings; there are only 2 more stages to unlock. A whooping 2 stages. COME ON! How about new modes like gallery, ball or bowl? Even the Force is earned for you. They should make you earn more than Theater... Really, it doesn’t last long after you beat the headaching force mode to get a measly stage... Well, if you are a Namco junkie like me who has played their games from Pac Man and Galaga to Time Crisis: Crisis Zone and Soul Calibur 2 to Tekken 5 and Death by Degrees pretty much buy this. If you are a Tekken junkie (which I also am) buy this as well. But if you are new to Tekken, buy the cheaper and better Tag.

Tekken was known for its unlockables, and now only theater, characters, stages and endings are only unlockable, nothing, NOTHING new. This game lacks a certain tilt, as it receives a 6.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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