where can i find the key to Elizabeth's door?

  1. i can't find the key to reach Elizabeth on the library,where is she

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    tipet666 - 8 years ago

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  1. From David Robbins (Fable12) excellent walkthrough. After the ball, when Jen has her vambrace back,

    "Run out of Raum's Laboratory and down the stairs past a head that tells you about the Blood Machine and maze. Continue down the stairs to the floor. Some Wraith soldiers will attack. Fight the Wraith Guard at the doorway and head into a hall with a greenish floor. Follow the stairs down to the Ballroom. Head right; you'll come to a door that leads to the lobby. Now you can take on all of the Wraith Soldiers and Guards here. Run down the stairs to fight them. With all of the Wraiths taken care of, look at the corpses. One of the soldiers will have dropped a white key (this is the key to Elizabeth's room). Pick it up."

    The energy shine on the corpses will obscure the shine of the key. When this happens it's easiest to find keys when playing as Scree. When Scree walks near it, the game will prompt with "X - drain energy, [Square] - next action." That means the key is there.

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  1. Basically the guard with the red armour should have the key, take care on your way out of Elizabeth's room, alot of guards show up, anyhow the guard in the red armour outside the Ballroom door will have the key, oh and take care when you get to the maze, use scree to possess that skull ontop of the gate in order to help guide Jen through the maze, It is a complicated maze, you must pull two levers in order to reach the blood machine, and these levers take some time to reach if you aren't using scree to guide jen, anyhow head towards the ballroom doors (the big double-doors) to find the key to Elizabeth's room.

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