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"Feel The Need?"

WARNING!!! This game is only for those who feel the need!Top Gun is back fully loaded and ready to turn your world upside down.

Gameplay 8/10: This is the perfect games who like shooting down their enemies and going over 2,000 MPH at times. Gameplay is simple. Destroy all your opponents within the given time and you'll be flying on to your next mission. Sounds easy? Well.... it's NOT! Even at the lowest level, it's sorta hard.
In this game you start of with your very own F-14 Tomcat. You can practice on 'Quickstart' or fly off to to fulfill you missions. You will first need to pass some tests and stuff. You will be ranked by being given stars: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Red. As you collect a certain amount of stars and types of stars, you will be given better Air Combat Fighters. I suggest starting wiht 'Quickstart' and get a feel of the terrain and how to chase down your enemies.

Sounds 4/10: Not much special sounds. Game has it's soundtrack which is OK. I gave this a '5' because of the engine sounds. Even when you use you after burners (boosters), the engine sound doesn't increase much, even though you would expect a jet to roar while speeding at over 2000 MPH. Only reason I'm giving it a 4 is because at least they tried.

Graphics 10/10: All I have to say is....WOW! While the sounds weren't that good, I really have to bow down in front of Titus Software Corporation for making the best graphics I have seen in PS2 so far. The jets are as detailed as they can get and can't get any more real. The terrains look like the most beautiful you will ever (the canyons) which are waiting for you to slam into them.
Where you are really gonna love the graphics are on the replays. First time I saw a replay after I crashed and burned, I thought I was seeing a NAVY advertisement of some kind. It doesn't get any more real than this! I won't give this an 11 because 10 is the limit. You will have the options of choosing up to four different views of your plane, one of them hopefully meeting your favorite.

Controls 9/10: Here you gotta use the analog. Like always, X is for primary weapon, square is for seconday L2 after burners, etc. The vibration is moderate, not too shaky (booo), yet not too mild. Just about perfect.

Replayability 8/10: You'll need to play some missions over if you truly wanna get a gold star, which I suggest you should. Gold stars will not cover for silver ones, so even if you get a gold star, you will need to replay the mission if you want a silver star.

Difficulty 1-10/10: You might be wondering ''Why the heck he put 1-10/10?''. This is because it can be either really hard or really easy or in the middle. This game has 5 different difficulty settings:very low, low, medium, hard, very hard. The difficulty increases because of the amount of enemies on the terrain. On really low, there aren't that many. In very hard, your radar is almost full of red arrows and circles. It gets harder because with so many enemies it'll be harder for you to complete the entire mission withing the limited time.

Buy or rent Rent, period.

Overall 8/10: Good gameplay. Poor sounds. Awesome graphics. Pretty good controls. Good replayability. Variable difficulty = 8/10. Enjoy the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/02/02, Updated 08/02/02

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