• Cheat Codes

    Enter Following Buttons In "Press Start" Screen

    Down, Triangle (x2), X (x2), R1 (x2)All Riders Have Fiery Hands and Feet
    Down, Triangle, Circle, X, SquareDisable HUD
    Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, UpInvisible Bikes
    Down, Up, Circle, Down, Up, Circle, Down, Up, CirclePerfect Balance
    Down, X (x3), R1 (x3)Special Meter Always Full
    R1, Square, Circle (x2), Square (x3), R1Unlock All Cory Nastazio's Videos
    R1, Up, X, Triangle, Down, R1Unlock All Joe Kowalski's Videos
    R1, X, Triangle, Down, Up, R1Unlock All Kevin Robinson's Videos
    Square, Right (x2), Triangle, Down, SquareUnlock All Locations For Session, Free Ride and Multiplayer
    R1, Left, Circle, Left, Circle, Left, R1Unlock All Mat Hoffman's Videos
    R1, Circle, X (x2), Circle, X (x2), R1Unlock All Mike Escamilla's Videos
    L1, Left (x2), Right (x3), X (x2)Unlock All Music
    R1, Down, Triangle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Circle, R1Unlock All Nate Wessel's Videos
    R1, L1, Right, R1, Left, R1Unlock All Rick Thorne's Videos
    R1, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, R1Unlock All Ruben Alcantara's Videos
    R1, Up (x2), Circle (x3), R1Unlock All Seth Kimbrough's Videos
    R1, L1 (x2), R1, L1 (x2), R1Unlock All Simon Tabron's Videos
    R1, Up, Down, Left, X (x3), R1Unlock Big Ramp Video
    Triangle, Right, Up, Right, Up, SquareUnlock Bigfoot
    Square, Up, Down (x2), Up, SquareUnlock Boston For Road Trip
    Square, Up, Triangle, Up, Triangle, SquareUnlock Chicage For Road Trip
    R1, Circle, Left (x2), Square, Right (x2), R1Unlock Day Flatland Video
    Triangle, Up, Down, Up, Down, SquareUnlock Day Smith
    Circle, Triangle, Left, Right, Left, CircleUnlock Gear Costume
    Square, R1, Left, L1, Right, SquareUnlock Las Vegas For Road Trip
    Square, Left, Triangle (x2), Left, SquareUnlock Los Angeles For Road Trip
    Triangle, Left, Right, Left, Right, LeftUnlock Mime
    Square, Down, Right, Up, Left, SquareUnlock New Orleans For Road Trip
    Square, X (x2), Triangle (x2), SquareUnlock Portland For Road Trip
    X, Left (x2), L1, R1, LeftUnlock Street Bike
    L1(x2), Down, R1, X, L1Unlock Tiki Battle Mode
    Triangle, Down, Left (x2), Down, SquareUnlock Vanessa
    Circle, L1 (x2), Up (x2)Unlock Vega Costume
    Triangle, Up (x2), X, Up (x2), XUnlock Volcano


  • Unlockable Modes

    These Is Only One Unlockable Modes In Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Tiki BattleComplete Road Trip Mode, Then Complete Tiki Battle

    Contributed By: RaumeRVZ.

  • Unlockable Music

    Find Music Disc On Specified Locations In Road Trip To Unlock Following Music

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bad Ronald - All A DreamBoston
    Bomfunk - FreestylerOklahoma City
    Gang of Four - Damaged GoodsChicago
    Ice T & Chris Glove Taylor - RecklessPortland
    Jazzhole - Forward MotionLas Vegas
    MC Cool Rock - Boot The BootyLos Angeles
    Nerd - RockstarNew Orleans

    Contributed By: RaumeRVZ.

  • Unlockable Riders

    Complete Specified Tasks To Unlock Following Riders

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BigfootIn Portland, Across River and Perform Special Trick Between Two Kicers At Bottom of Hill
    Day SmithIn Oklahoma City, Grind On Black Box, Then Using Ramp To Grind Into Bullhorns and Jump Into Small Room
    MimePerform Every Gap In Road Trip
    VanessaIn Los Angeles, Use Special Trick in Front of Vanessa That Equals 20,000 or More Points. Manual Trick Is Allowed Between Tricks
    VolcanoComplete Road Trip Mode, Then Complete Tiki Battle

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