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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ORCA782

    Version: 12.0 | Updated: 08/27/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By: Orca782 (email: orca782@hotmail.com)
    For: Gamefaqs.com
    Version 12.0
    Copyright 2002
    5. TRICKS 
    5.1 SPECIALS
    7. SECRETS
    8. CODES
    9. MEDIA
    1. FOOTNOTE:  
    Okay, this FAQ is designed to help you beat the game and get 95% of all the 
    secrets in Mat Hoffman's new game.  I hope you enjoy it and it makes it 
    easier for you.  I have gotten a few notes that my descriptions for locations 
    of items were hard to understand, but right now I don't feel like changing 
    them.  Bear with me.  Thanks.
    2. LEGAL MATTER:  Sorry to have to bother you all, but there are despicable 
    people out there who will take your work and call it their own.  Do not take 
    this guide and post it on any other site besides gamefaqs.com; I have grown 
    wary of all other sites.  Do not take this guide and call it your own, it is 
    my (Orca782)'s work and it always will be.  It is protected by International 
    Copyright laws, and taking it is a violation.
    3. CONTROLS:
    Like every good video game, this one needs controls, and you need to know 
    them.  Here they are.
    TRIANGLE: Cancel.  Grinds if used while moving parallel to a rail, plants if 
    moving perpendicular to a halfpipe edge or rail, and allows you to 'Wallride' 
    if moving near parallel to a wall, and a 'Foot Plant' if moving perpendicular 
    to a wall.  
    CIRCLE: Used in grab tricks, in some specials, and in some manual additions.  
    Hold it or just tap it for aerial tricks, do it in quick succession with 
    other buttons while in a manual.
    X: Confirm.  Traditional to Activision games, hold this down to ride at 
    cruising speed, and let go of it to bunny-hop.  Press Up Up X to 'Bronco 
    SQUARE: Used in quick tricks, some specials, and some manual additions.  In 
    quick tricks either tap or hold it, in manuals use it in quick succession 
    with the directional buttons.
    D-PAD: Moves your rider, as well as balancing while in manuals, stalls and 
    grinds.  Also used to do moves.  Tap it to do moves.  Hold down to brake, and 
    up to go faster.
    R1: Used to rotate right quickly in the air, or to powerslide.  To rotate, 
    hold it down.  To powerslide, hold it down and hold down while on the ground.
    L1: Same as R1, except you rotate left, or powerslide left.
    R2: Used to 'Tweak' tricks.  Hold it and tap the directional buttons during 
    any trick for a tweak.
    L2: Primarily used in manuals.  Hold it down while on the ground, and it will 
    cancel any jumps, so you can let go of X and not jump.  It will allow you to 
    start a manual by pressing this and then up down, etc.  You can switch manual 
    types while holding this, (ex: hold L2, press up down, go into manual, then 
    press down up and you'll switch to a nose manual without jumping).
    Select: Nothing (yet).
    Start: Confirm/Menu.  
    Here I will note each character, their bike, and their default clothes.
    Mat Hoffman
    HB 'Condor'
    Rise Above
    Joe 'Butcher' Kowalski
    FBM 'Angel of Death'
    East Coast
    Rick Thorne
    FREE AGENT 'RT Signature Pro'
    Biker in Black
    Mike Escamilla
    VOLUME 'The Mexican'
    Simon Tabron
    Green T
    Kevin Robinson
    HB 'Condor'
    Cory Nastazio
    HUFFY 'Nasty M-80'
    Ruben Alcantra
    MANEIL 'The Ruben'
    Seth Kimbrough
    HB 'Instrument'
    Nate Wessel
    TERRIBLE One '21 inch Barcode'
    5. TRICKS
    (note: These are the tricks that are the same for all riders.  The specials 
    will be at the end. The tricks will have a point value, which is their base 
    value without multipliers or holds, and the tricks that can be held for more 
    points will have a + sign next to their points.  There are a few rare tricks 
    that cannot be modified (using R2) and those will be noted as such.  Some 
    tricks cannot be modified for legs, such as the 'Barhop', and others for 
    hands, but they can be modified for the other, in this case, hands.  I will 
    not note these.)
    Indian Air: Down and Circle
    Points: 350+
    Candy Bar: Right and Circle
    Points: 250+
    Rocket Air: Up and Circle
    Points: 300+
    Nothing: Left and Circle
    Points: 400+
    (note: cannot be tweaked).
    Backflip: Down Right and Circle
    Points: 800
    Tailwhip: Down Left and Circle
    Points: 600
    Tomahawk: Up Left and Circle
    Points: 700+
    Superman: Up Right and Circle
    Rocket Queen: Up-Up Circle
    Points: 1000+
    Candybar 1 Handed: Right-Right Circle
    Points: 1100+
    Superman Indian Air: Down-Down Circle
    Points: 1200+
    Superman Seatgrab: Left-Left Circle
    Points: 1300+
    X-Up: Up and Square
    Points: 300+
    Lookdown: Down and Square
    Points: 400+
    Barspin: Left and Square
    Points: 250
    (note: fastest trick in the game--good for multipliers)
    Tabletop: Right and Square
    Points: 350+
    No Handed 1 Footer: Up Left Square
    Points: 600+
    Front Peg Grab: Up Right Square
    Points: 500+
    No Footed CanCan: Down Right Square
    Points: 800+
    CanCan: Down Left Square
    Points: 700+
    X-Up 1 Hander: Up-Up Square
    Points: 1000+
    Tabletop X-Up: Right-Right Square
    Points: 1200+
    Flip Flop: Left-Left Square
    Points: 1100
    Front Flip: Down-Down Square
    Points: 1700
    (note: most points for base trick in game)
    (note: grinds start at 0 and go up in points, hence no base point value.   
    The only difference is that some go up faster than others.  To do a grind, 
    you have to be fairly parallel to a rail and jump and hold the command.  Then 
    just hold triangle, and balance with left and right).
    Toothpick: Up and Triangle
    Icepick: Down and Triangle
    Smith: Left and Triangle
    Feeble: Right and Triangle
    Double Peg: Up Right and Triangle
    (note: this is the default grind, simply pressing triangle at a rail will do 
    Rodeo: Up Left and Triangle
    Magic Carpet: Down Right and Triangle
    Sprocket: Down Left and Triangle
    (note: to perform a stall ride up a half pipe at a fairly perpendicular path, 
    and hold the correct arrow and triangle.  Balance with up and down.  These 
    tricks may have a base value, but they start to increase the instant you 
    start the trick, so I believe these too start at 0, but go up much faster 
    than grinds)
    X-Up Toothpick: Down and Triangle
    Smith: Left and Triangle
    Cliffhanger: Right and Triangle
    Fufanu: Up and Triangle
    Rock'n'Roll: Up Left and Triangle
    Barspin Icepick: Up Right and Triangle
    (note: this is the default stall, simply pressing triangle with no direction 
    will do this trick).
    Split Decade: Down Right and Triangle
    Tailwhip Canadian Icepick: Down Left and Triangle
    (note: manuals are done with a combination of up and down before you hit the 
    ground after a jump.  They can be done from the ground by holding L2.  You 
    can also input different manual commands while holding L2 to change manuals 
    without jumping.  Balance with up and down).
    Manual: Up Down
    Points: 100+
    Nose Manual: Down Up
    Points: 100+
    Rear Peg Stand: Down Down Up
    Points: 250+
    Front Peg Stand: Up Up Down
    Points: 250+
    Bridge: Up Up Up
    Points: 500+
    (note: you can only do a bridge while you have a special bar.  You can hold 
    it past when you lose your special bar, but not start a new one).
    (note: these tricks can be done while in the correct manual, by pressing the 
    correct directions then square or circle.  Since the points only add to the 
    manual, I can only assume that each will add points more quickly, and add a 1 
    to multipliers, and a .5 each subsequent time in the same combo).
    X-Up Manual: Left and Square
    No Footer Manual: Right and Square
    Eggbeater: Left and Circle
    Barflip: Right and Circle
    Peg Manual to Backside Undertaker: Left Left Circle
    No Footed Hang 5 Whiplash to Decade: Right Right Circle
    Rope-a-Roni to Stubbleduck: Left Left Square
    Lungspin: Right Right Square
    Kiss of Death: Left and Circle
    Nose Whiplash: Right and Circle
    Bridge Switch Up: Left and Square
    Undertaker: Right and Square
    Hang Ten: Left Left Square
    Wheelchair to Boomerang: Right Right Square
    Wheelchair to Boomerang: Right Right Square
    Elephant Pinky Squeak to Cliffhanger: Left Left Circle
    Rolling Lung Spin to Stick B: Right Right Circle
    Whiplash: Left and Circle
    Cliffhanger: Right and Circle
    Whiplash to Barflip: Left and Square
    Hang 10 Peg Hop: Right and Square
    Carl Cruiser Barflip: Left Left Square
    Whiplash Halfhiker Barflip: Right Right Square
    Whiplash to Hitchhiker: Left Left Circle
    Whiplash to Carl Cruiser: Right Right Circle
    Switchfooted Backwards Peg Wheelie: Right and Square
    Rolling Lung Spin: Left and Square
    Perverted Decade: Right and Circle
    Backwards Bridge: Left and Circle
    Peg Wheelie to Gliding Stick B: Right Right Square
    Switchfooted Mega Spin: Left Left Square
    Halfflash to Backpacker to Barflip Varial: Right Right Circle
    Rolling Cross Footed Undertaker: Left Left Circle
    Surfer: Right and Square
    Gripride: Left and Square
    Cliffhanger to Carl Cruiser: Right and Circle
    Switchfooted Carl Cruiser: Left and Circle
    Superman Decade Tiregrab: Right Right Square
    Steamroller to Backwards Hitchhiker: Left Left Square
    Boomerang to Steamroller to Barflip: Right Right Circle
    Barhop to Undertaker to Decade: Left Left Circle
    (note: there's only one.  Do it as you are jumping to add a 1 multiplier and 
    a few points).
    Bronco Hop: Up Up X
    Points: 50
    (note: tweaks can be done to most any trick, except those like 1 handed no 
    footer candybar.  Those are already tweaked.  To perform these, during an 
    aerial trick, hold the trick button, example circle, and while holding 
    circle, hit R2 and your selected direction.  For fast air tricks like a flip, 
    that can't be held, just do the trick, then quickly hit R2 and your 
    direction.  For Manuals, Stalls and Grinds, just hit R2 while balancing the 
    trick and you'll tweak the selected move in).
    1 footer: Down and R2
    No footer: Right and R2
    1 hander: Up and R2
    No hander: Left and R2
    Half'n'Half: Left Down R2, or Left Up R2, or Right Up R2, or Right Down R2
    5.1 SPECIALS 
    (note: each character has 3 specials.  Some are unique, most are not.  These 
    are multi button commands (left right circle; ex) so it takes a bit of time 
    to do them.  However, they will give you tons of points, so do them as often 
    as possible with a special bar.  Most can be tweaked, some cannot.  I found 
    these all out on my own, which took a hella long time.  Oh well, hope you're 
    Barhop: Right-Left Circle
    Points: 1500+
    Peacock: Left-Up Circle
    Points: 5000+
    (note: easily one of the best specials, it's fast and you can hold it for a 
    lot of points, and it is unique).
    Backflip Tailwhip: Right-Down Square
    Points: 2500
    No Footed Candybar 1 Hander: Right-Left Square
    Points: 2500+
    (note: no tweaking this one).
    Superman One Hander: Left-Right Circle
    Points: 2500+
    Half Barspin Tailwhip: Up-Right Circle
    Points: 5000
    1 Handed Swing Leg: Right-Left Circle
    Points: 2500
    Half Barspin Tailwhip: Left-Right Square
    Points: 5000
    Body Flip: Down-Right Circle
    Points: 5000
    (note: this is unique and un-tweakable).
    Backflip no Footer: Left-Right Circle
    Points: 2500
    Decade Air: Right-Left Square
    Points: 1500
    Body Varial: Right-Up Square
    Points: 2500
    Swing Leg: Left-Right Circle
    Points: 2500+
    Double Front Peg Grab: Right-Left Square
    Points: 1500+
    (note: unique)
    900: Left-Down Square
    Points: 5000
    Rocket 1 Footer Candybar: Right-Left Circle
    Points: 2500+
    Pendulum: Left-Right Square
    Points: 2500
    No Handed Backflip: Down-Right Square
    Points: 5000
    Backflip Tailwhip: Right-Left Circle
    Points: 2500
    Halfbarspin Tailwhip: Left-Right Square 
    Points: 5000
    Backflip Tabletop Xdown: Up-Left Square
    Points: 5000
    Decade Air: Left-Right Circle
    Points: 1500
    Superman One Hander: Right-Left Square
    Points: 2500+
    Double Tailwhip: Down-Left Circle
    Points: 5000
    Barhop: Left-Right Square
    Points: 1500+
    Swing Leg: Right-Left Circle
    Points: 2500+
    Superman Seatgrab Truckdriver: Right-Down Square
    Points: 2500+
    Backflip No Footer: Right-Left Circle
    Points: 5000
    Pendulum: Left-Right Square
    Points: 2500
    Superman Double Seatgrab: Down-Left Circle
    Points: 5000+
    Backflip 1 Footer: Left-Right Square
    Points: 2500
    Pendulum: Left Down-Square
    Points: 2500
    Decade Air: Right Left-Circle
    Points: 1500
    Swing Leg: Right-Left Square
    Points: 2500+
    Barhop: Up Left-Square
    Points: 1500+
    Rocket 1 Footer Candybar: Left-Right Circle
    Points: 2500+
    Backflip No Footer: Right-Left Circle
    Points: 2500
    Superman One Hander: Left-Right Square
    Points: 2500+
    Decade Air: Left-Up Circle
    Points: 1500
    Backflip No Footer: Left-Right Square
    Points: 2500
    1 Handed Swing Leg: Down-Right Square
    Points: 2500
    Rocket 1 Footer Candybar: Right-Left Circle
    Points: 2500+
    I will now outline to the best of my ability how to complete every goal for 
    each level.  Given some time I will try to list all the gaps and where they 
    are also.  I will also note where each level's CD is, and where any other 
    secrets are.  I will not finish this on this version however, so wait for 
    version 1.0 of this FAQ to come out.  Each level has 3 sets of goals, 
    Amateur, Semi-Pro and Pro.  They will give you 50, 100 and 150 points 
    respectively, which is 300 total.  Each set of goals has a trick point 
    requirement, and I will only list hints to do this on this last set, the Pro 
    Goals.  This way if you can complete the pro challenge, of course you can get 
    the first two amounts easily.  I cannot however tell you exactly how to get 
    the points, I'll just tip you off.
    Points needed to Unlock: 0
    Secrets: 5
    Gaps: 22
    Unlock the Warehouse: 
    In front of your starting location is a quarter pipe slightly to the right.  
    Ride up it, and on the wall is a red button.  Ride over to it and the 
    warehouse opens.
    Get 5 Gas Cans for the Bus:
    There is 1 gas can right off the first jump in front of where you start.
    There is 1 gas can right in front of the start, on a half-pipe to the right.
    There is 1 gas can in the pool to the front left of where you start.
    There is 1 gas can in the Warehouse, straight in from the entrance on a 
    quarter pipe.
    There is 1 gas can on a quarter pipe near the back of the warehouse.
    Get the Bus Key:
    The jump in front of your starting position will put you on a light fixture 
    if you jump slightly right.  Grind this fixture to the key.
    Score 20,000 Points
    Knock over the Toolboxes:
    1 toolbox is at the far back left of where you start in the room.
    1 toolbox is behind you and to the right from where you start.
    1 toolbox is on a quarter pipe on the wall right as you enter the warehouse.
    1 toolbox is on the ground straight and right of the entrance to the 
    1 toolbox is at the far back left of the warehouse from its entrance.
    Manual to Eggbeater:
    Simply go into a manual (up down) and then press left circle while balancing.
    Manual the Crooked Bench:
    The Crooked Bench is behind and below your start position.  Go to it, line it 
    up, and jump on it and manual to the end.
    Score 40,000 Points
    Set off the Fire Alarms:
    1 alarm is reached by jumping on the light fixture the key was on (in front 
    of the start), grinding to the end, jumping to grind on the red rail, and 
    grinding to it.
    1 alarm is in the warehouse on the wall to the left of the entrance.  Get on 
    top of the quarter pipe, near the green machinery.  Go to the back of the 
    warehouse, turn around, get up some speed and jump off of the green machine's 
    small ramp.  Wall ride the wall, and jump.  Land and grind on the wall to the 
    1 alarm is above a half pipe at the rear of the warehouse, on the left of the 
    machine belt.
    1 alarm is reached by getting on top of the quarter pipe to the right of the 
    entrance to the warehouse, and going up the ramps to grind on the yellow 
    1 alarm is reached by going up the quarter pipe immediately to the right of 
    the entrance.  Once you've lowered the ramp (see secrets below) you can ride 
    up that to the final alarm.
    Land a Perfect 360 Nothing over Gap One:
    Gap one is shown to you in the intro (the goals) and it is the jump to the 
    right of where you start.  It is from on small ramp, over the grind rail, to 
    the opposite side.  It is parallel to where you start.  With the auto 
    rotation function in this game, this is a bit harder, but do the nothing 
    while holding L1 or R1, and try to balance it out for the landing.
    Get the Condor:
    The condor is directly behind you.  Go over to it, go to one side of the 
    room, still parallel to the wall it's on, ride up to it, and slightly before 
    it jump and wallride up to it.
    Score 80,000 Points:
    80,000 points is pretty trivial later in the game.  With the list of specials 
    I've given you, this should be cake.  I had to do it with no special, as with 
    the rest of the game.  Just get into a decent halfpipe (there are plenty) and 
    do a stall, tweak it and hold it for awhile, then go into a manual, do a few 
    quick tricks when you're in the air off the other side of the pipe, by now 
    you should have a special bar and manual and do a few specials and you should 
    be able to do a 1 shot combo for more than 80 grand.  If not, just do a few 
    specials linked to manuals, and keep doing that.
    Apparently there are 5 secrets here, I can't count them, but I'll list what I 
    think they are.
    Secret Area:  In the warehouse, on the wall to the left of the entrance is a 
    greenish machine with a yellow light on top.  Go over there and get on top of 
    the quarter pipe.  There is a red button on the wall.  Go over to it to lower 
    a ramp on the opposite side of the room to the secret area.
    Transformer: Once in the secret area, you will notice this thing that looks 
    like a Mac Truck, and some half pipes towards the back of the room.  Go to 
    the half pipes, get on one of the raised ones, and jump to the top of the 
    trailer.  From here, grind one of its sides and it will transform into a half 
    Day Smith: Once you get the secret area, go in there, get on the transformed 
    half pipe, and grind towards the bull.  Jump and grind the bull, and when you 
    are facing slightly into the raised area, jump in to get Day to join your 
    road trip.
    Gear Outfit: Also available from the transformed half pipe, your gear outfit 
    looks like a floating helmet on the right side of the half pipe.
    Song: Freestyler
    This is available from the grind you do on the light fixture at the very 
    beginning.  Jump, grind it, jump to the red rail, and grind.  Don't jump to 
    gain speed, as the red rail won't let you land on it again for some reason.  
    At the very end of the rail, you will be going slow, but jump at the last 
    second to the next portion of rail, and you get the CD.
    Points Needed to Unlock: 100
    Secrets: 2
    Gaps: 35
    Barspin over the Fire Hydrants:
    If you go counterclockwise around the one block that basically IS Chicago, 
    it's hard to miss the hydrants.  One is past the red statue on the left, one 
    is past the 2nd raised bridge, one is before an underpass and another is 
    right after it, and the last one is behind your yellow van.
    Rider Down, Free the Medi-Vac Chopper:
    From where you start, go left and follow the raised path to the chopper.  
    Then line yourself up and grind the cord holding it down.
    St. Patty's Day, Turn the River Green:
    Go to the river, which is behind you from where you start, and go to the 
    waters edge, lower than the street.  You will be able to grind the rail and 
    jump over the 3 barrels, causing the river to go green.
    Score 25,000 Points
    Catch the L-Train:
    From where you start, go to where the chopper was, and jump to the tracks.  
    Grind the middle rail going right and you will hit the 3 handles in order, 
    causing the L-Train to stop.
    Bridge Toll, Deposit 5 Tokens:
    This is a hard goal.  From where you start, go down the stairs and slightly 
    left to a curved wall.  Wallride it and get the first token.  Then go out to 
    the street.  At the red statue, line yourself up and grind to the top to get 
    your second token.  Then go away from the river on that street, and along the 
    right wall will be a small jump and a raised roof about 8 feet high.  Jump on 
    it, and grind it's edge to get the 3rd token.  From here, go to your van, and 
    near there, in the corner, is a place with tables and people eating.  There 
    will be a quarter pipe onto a halfpipe on top of a building.  Once on the 
    building, stay in the center, as it will launch you off, instead of up, like 
    a half pipe.  Get this 4th coin as you are launched.  The 5th coin is where 
    the buckets at the river were.  Go to the waters edge, and there will be 
    small garden patches.  At their edges are ramps.  Ramp up, and grind the 
    lowered rail to get the 5th coin.  Now ride over to the 2nd bridge and to its 
    right is the token deposit box.
    Collect 5 Chicago Red Hots:
    It's pretty hard to miss these too.  From where you start, go straight to see 
    the first hot dog stand.  Hit it and a hot dog comes out.  Get it, and go 
    onto the street.  Going counterclockwise you'll see one under an underpass, 
    one near the red statue, one near the 2nd bridge, and one near your van in 
    front of a building.
    Score 50,000 Points
    Get the Key to the City:
    This is an easy one.  Go to the helicopter pad, and on the other side of it 
    you should see a bit lower down a wooden ramp at a corner of the building.  
    Do a jump off this ramp to the next building.  Once here, go around the 
    outside rail (not grinding) until you see a rope.  Line yourself up, and 
    grind this rope.  It will take you to a building.  Keep grinding, and you get 
    the key.
    Stop the Mad Meter Maid:
    This is really annoying.  From your start point, turn 180 degrees and jump 
    off.  Go to the first bridge, and to the unlocked area of town.  You will see 
    a meter maid to the right.  Go to her, and use the car as a ramp to jump over 
    the meter.  If you miss this first meter, it's okay.  If you miss the second 
    meter, you're pushing it.  If you miss the 3rd, start over.  She will drive 
    in circles stopping at the meters.  You have to jump over all five, but as 
    she's slow you have to jump over them and get it to say 3/5 or whatever.  
    Once you've cleared all 5, she's done.
    Sprocket Grind the Bridge Underpass:
    Once again, head to the water's edge.  The bridges that have lowered have 
    rails at the bottom of them.  At the first bridge, there is a small opening 
    in the rail that stops you from the river.  Jump out from this and onto the 
    curved rail under the bridge.  Sprocket grind the first section, jump about 
    2/3 of the way across, because there is a small break.  Keep sprocket 
    grinding.  At about 1/2 back to the first side, jump again, as there's 
    another small gap.  Then you've done it.
    Score 100,000 Points:
    This level's a little harder, as there are fewer good half pipes.  There's 
    one I'd recommend near an underpass.  Get to a half pipe and do your stall to 
    manual to a few quick tricks for multipliers to specials.  This should do it.  
    But, if you prefer flatland, there are plenty of rails.  Just make sure to 
    tweak a lot of grinds and to add additions to all of your manuals.  Then use 
    the bridge when you have a special bar (bridge trick, not bridge in 
    actuality) to get insane points.
    Song: Damaged Goods
    At the red statue, grind to the top of that awning.  Then go right, on the 
    awning, until you see a rope.  Line yourself up as best you can and grind it.  
    Jump a lot to retain speed.  Once you finish this long grind, you will end up 
    at a higher awning.  At the end of this awning is the CD.
    Street Bike: This bike is meant for vert tricks, as it is all Air, Spin and 
    Landing stats.  It deters from your manual and grind balance.  Use it as 
    needed.  It is found Near your van, on the ground near one of the hot dog 
    stands, in front of a court house looking building.  I learned from outside 
    sources that it is unlocked by freeing the chopper.  (Nukem1456)
    Las Vegas, NV
    Points Needed to Unlock: 200
    Secrets: 2
    Gaps: 18
    Find the Wedding Rings:
    From where you start, as you saw in the intro goals, the rings are each above 
    a curved lit up sign thing.  Ones right in front of your start position.  
    Ride to it, wall ride and get the ring.  Then turn right across the pool and 
    there's the other ring.  After getting that, the chapel is the building to 
    the rear and right of where you start, it's blue and white and says 'The Ol' 
    Ball and Chain Chapel' on it, but that's masked by the ramps up to the 
    coaster in front of it.
    Clear out the Parked Limos:
    This is a pain, but it is easy to find the limos at least.  Vegas is just one 
    big circle, so go around it to find them all.  Once you find them, Bronco Hop 
    over them, the long way.  It is annoying and it only works half the time, but 
    it's all I've got.  A tip from Bergerboy is that you can also grind the limos 
    to the same effect, and it's much easier.
    Icepick Grind the Las Vegas Archway:
    It's easy to find, and easy to do.  Ride up the quarter pipe section and 
    Icepick this sucker.  It's as easy said as it is done.
    Score 35,000 Points
    Roll the Dice:
    The Snake Eyes building is primarily neon green, so you should be able to 
    pick it out.  Go to it, and towards the end of it is a quarter pipe almost 
    hidden in the wall.  Go up it, transfer onto the building, and brake to a 
    halt.  Now, see that green rail on the wall?  Grind it and jump the few gaps 
    till you are grinding around the rail with the dice.  
    Tailwhip the Dragon Statues:
    These two statues are at either side of one of the larger casino looking 
    buildings.  There's a quarter pipe in front of each.  Go to it and tail whip 
    right in front of the statue.  It'll breath fire, and you did it.
    Collect 5 Slot Tokens:
    Another fairly hard one, this.  Start off by turning left from where you 
    start.  There is a quarter pipe.  Jump it to get one token.  Then go up the 
    ramp to the coaster area, but instead of turning, at the top of the ramp jump 
    over the rail to grind on the side of the chapel (blue and white) building.  
    After this, grind on the red rimmed building and try to jump to the inside.  
    Once on this awning, go slowly to the end of it, and jump and grind the edge 
    of the next building to get the next token.  Now go to Ballah's casino and on 
    a quarter pipe at the right of the building is the third token.  Grind the 
    Vegas arch for the 4th token, and finally get up on Snake Eyes again and at 
    the end of its awning is the 5th token.
    Score 75,000 Points
    No Hander Toothpick Grind the Planters:
    There are 7 planters, and they come in groups of 2.  (cept for that last 
    one!).  From your start you can see 2.  After that, 1 is near the fountain, 2 
    are in front of the stone building along the wall of the level, and 2 are in 
    front of Snake Eyes.  To do the No Hander part, just hit left R2 while 
    Collect 5 Roller Coaster Tickets:
    This is a tough one.  From where you start, go up the ramp to the roller 
    coaster area, and turn right then left.  You should see the roof of a 
    building.  In the distance you'll see Snake Eyes, and to your left will be a 
    yellow gate.  Jump to the building roof and grind to stay on.  Then at the 
    edge you'll see the ticket, so drop off a bit to get it.  Next, in the big 
    pool in the center of the level, there's one ticket over a small transfer 
    near your starting point.  Now go to the front of Snake Eyes and there will 
    be a fallen Palm Tree because of your planter grinds.  Jump and grind up it 
    (jump repeatedly as it is very steep) to get the 3rd ticket.  The 4th ticket 
    is over the entrance of the stone building, over some stairs.  Use the 
    quarter pipes.  The 5th is the hardest.  Get onto the awning at Snake Eyes 
    again, and then grind back along the edge towards the quarter pipe you used 
    to get up.  You have to jump and grind the edge of the next building.  Once 
    there, jump onto the awning.  At the end of the awning is a quarter pipe.  
    Utilize this to jump and get the last ticket that is high in the air above 
    the street.
    Grind the Roller Coaster:
    Now that it's open, go up to the roller coaster boarding area, get up some 
    speed and try to grind the farthest inward rail.  When you are going up a 
    hill, jump if you need to to retain speed.  After about half the track you 
    get the goal, but I like to grind the entire thing just to show 'em.
    Score 150,000 Points:
    With the huge pool in the middle of this level, it's not too hard.  Use the 
    same strategy as before, a stall, a lot of manuals and quick tricks, and a 
    few specials for base points.  The fountain is also a good place to trick 
    Song: Boot the Booty
    This is a real pain in the rear.  Go to Ballah's casino, and parallel to the 
    walls of the building are some small ramps.  Use one of these, and jump up 
    and grind the inner rail of the awning of the building.  Then jump onto the 
    building and powerslide to a halt.  Now, face yourself across the small jump 
    in the awning, towards the quarter pipes on the other side.  Get up some 
    speed, jump the gap, go up the quarter pipe, land in the raised quarter pipe, 
    and grind to the top of the Rc sign to get the CD.
    Elvis: Okay, I'm sure 90% of you have seen that slot machine while riding 
    around this level.  The other 10%, keep looking.  I'm just kidding, it's next 
    to the building to the right of where you start, near the pool.  Go to it.  
    After to tries, it will give you a bunch of cash that translates to 10,000 
    points.  I suppose that if you were manual-ing and got it, and kept it going 
    into a combo it could be useful, but I just see it as fun.  After quite 
    awhile of using the machine, you will get a lemon and two heads.  After that, 
    you will get 3 heads.  Then some sunglasses pop out, and you get the Elvis 
    New Orleans, LA
    Points Needed to Unlock: 200
    Secrets: 1 
    Gaps: 13
    Get 4 Beaded Necklaces:
    From where you start, head up the stairs and grind the rail along the edge of 
    the balcony.  From there, use the quarter pipes to transfer to the next 
    balcony and grind that one for the second necklace.  After that, again 
    transfer across and get the 3rd necklace.  Finally, jump over the quarter 
    pipe and then transfer across to grind that last rail for the last necklace.  
    Plus, you get 4 women's attention for getting their jewelry; BONUS!!
    Get the Skeleton Key to the Bayou:
    From the start, go right, and in that second area you should see the key up 
    in the air.  Use the kickers on either side of it to jump to it.
    Indian Air over the Statue:
    This one's easy.  Go right from the start into the second area.  At the end 
    of this area is a quarter pipe in the middle of the path.  Go up and over it.  
    Now that you are up with the statue, line yourself up and use the kickers to 
    jump over it and Indian air.
    Score 35,000 Points
    Superman Indian Air over the Statue:
    Once again, similar to above, go to the statue, line yourself up and Superman 
    Indian Air over it.
    Do a 10,000 Point Combo:
    If you've been following my tips, this should be easy.  You could do this by 
    doing a tweaked stall and then a few manual tricks.
    Collect the 5 Voodoo Dolls:
    Another annoying collection goal.  Start and turn left, to the quarter pipe 
    ingrained in the wall.  Use it to transfer onto one of the balcony quarter 
    pipes, then use that to transfer across the balcony to get the doll.  Then 
    come down to where the band is playing.  Use one of the ramps (NOT the 
    quarter pipes) to jump and get the suspended doll.  Then go to the second 
    area, the area with the statue, and use one of the transfers on either the 
    far right or left to get up to the balcony area.  Once here, use the large 
    transfer called Bar Hobbing that goes across the street into this area.  That 
    will get you your 3rd doll.  Now go up to the statue, and from here jump to 
    the awning of the building against the wall, and grind if need be to get the 
    4th doll.  Now leave this area entirely and go to the Bayou.  Once you enter 
    the Bayou, there is a stone path.  Jump off it to the right.  Follow the dirt 
    ramps and turn left at the quarter pipe and you should see a small raised 
    shack.  There's a jump in front of the shack to get the final doll.
    Score 75,000 Points
    Grind the Banyan Trees:
    I find this one to be pretty hard.  Go to the Bayou, and at the stone path 
    turn left, and follow the wall.  You will come to a wooden half pipe.  Get in 
    it, and face yourself towards the entrance/exit slot in the side.  Go up the 
    pipe and bronco hop in order to attain altitude.  Now grind on the tree limb.  
    If you are going at a considerable speed, the first jump is not necessary, 
    just hold down triangle and you'll fall onto the second tree branch.  
    However, if you are going slow you'll have to jump that first gap.  Once on 
    the second branch, you always have to jump.  At the end, jump for the center 
    of the v-shaped branch ahead of you.  Once there, grind to the end of that 
    branch and jump far right.  Grind this branch, and jump to the last one, 
    which is easy if you got this far.  Grind that and you're done.
    'Flip' out the Jazz Trio:
    Yeah, the band did have something to do with it after all.  Go to the quarter 
    pipe they are all facing (the one farthest from you) and use it do 3 separate 
    tricks.  As implied, you need the 3 flip tricks, the front flip, the back 
    flip, and the flip flop.  
    Adrenaline Trick over the Statue:
    That statue again!  Okay, go over and get up with it.  Now you'll need a 
    special bar, so get up onto one of the quarter pipes at the sides of the 
    awning, and do a tweaked plant.  Go into a manual and tweak that a few times.  
    That should do it.  Now, pick an easy special and do it over the statue.  He 
    will turn into a ghost and fly away.
    Score 150,000 Points:
    This level is a bit hard for points, as there aren't too many decent places.  
    You could stay in town and use all grinds and flatland, but I prefer the 
    special tricks.  So go to the half pipe you used for the Banyan trees, and do 
    your stall to manual to quick tricks to manual to special to manual to 
    special.  That should do it.
    Song: Forward Motion
    Only one secret?  Aww.  This CD will appear over the Jazz trio after you get 
    all the voodoo dolls.  So all you have to do is use the quarter pipes to jump 
    to it.  'Nuff said.
    Mime: (?)
    There is a rumor going around that if you get all the gaps, secrets, and 
    goals, you will get the Mime in this level as a character.  For all that 
    work, I don't know if I want a mime, I'd rather get Superman or Yoda or 
    something.  Oh well, it's unconfirmed.
    Points Needed to Unlock: 400
    Secrets: 2
    Gaps: 23
    Do an X-Up over Five Tree Stumps:
    Okay, 1 tree stump is directly behind where you start, another is on a small 
    cliff reached from the start by turning slightly right, another is along a 
    path leaving that cliff, and the other two are near the lodge.  One is 
    directly in front of the lodge, near the tree, and the other is in the half 
    pipe area, near the river beside the lodge.
    The Hikers Can't Find the Lodge!:
    You need to grind the 5 signs to get this one.  One sign is right in front of 
    where you start, the next is on a the path from that cliff with the stump on 
    it, another sign is on the side of the mountain, jump up onto the small path 
    then grind it.  Another sign is 3/4 of the way down the giant hill leading to 
    the lodge, and the last sign is in the somewhat open area with the hikers, on 
    the side of a hill.
    Sprocket Grind the Ski Lift:
    I'm not sure if all the work I do for this one is necessary, but here goes.  
    Go straight from where you start until you see the ski lift.  There is a 
    kicker up to it.  Now, line yourself up and jump up to one of the 2 wires and 
    sprocket grind.  Now feel free to grind all the way down, though I think it's 
    not necessary after it says you've achieved it.  You may be able to get on 
    the line much further down too, with more ease.
    Score 50,000 Points
    Bridge the River, Take Down the Old Tree:
    I'd recommend the stalactite goal first, but this one is the first one they 
    say to do.  From where you start, you will see a yellow rail on a rocky rail.  
    Get on the yellow rail and grind.  Just keep holding triangle and nothing 
    else.  You will fall off the rail, ride a little ways, fall onto a stone 
    ledge, grind, and then fall again onto another ledge.  Now jump onto the 
    ledge.  From here, carefully go on the ledge until you see the waterfall.  
    Jump across this gap, and grind if you need to to stay up.  Now there is a 
    grind into a cave, which you can just ride if you prefer.  Once in the cave, 
    you will see a raised ramp, go up the quarter pipe near its base and then 
    jump off the ramp into the hole in the wall.  Either ride or grind until you 
    exit the hole.  You are now on the opposite side of the river.  You should 
    see the tree to your right.  Use the quarter pipe and stall the tree.  It 
    will fall over after a bit.
    Tomahawk the Stalactites:
    Once in the cave listed above, instead of heading for the raised ramp, use 
    the bowl that's further in to jump up and tomahawk.  If you jump where a 
    stalactite is hanging, you'll get it to fall.  There are 3 in total, all near 
    each other.
    Land a Front Flip Over the River Gap:
    Once you're on the other side of the river (either use the above mountain 
    pass method, or grind the fallen tree that is now at the side of the river) 
    you can mess around and use the ramps.  You should see near the far end of 
    this area a kicker next to a quarter pipe leading across the river.  Line 
    yourself up, get some speed and use the kicker to front flip across the 
    Score 100,000 Points
    Toothpick Grind the Track Fence:
    The long yellow fence over by the ramps and such across the river is our goal 
    here.  Get across the river and toothpick the entire fence.  Not too hard.
    Adrenaline Trick Over the Track Sign:
    This is one of the harder goals here.  I'd use the mountain pass method to 
    get across the river, because the jump inside the cave leading to the grind 
    down that hole usually fills your special bar.  Now just go straight and 
    you'll see the track sign.  Use the quarter pipe on the right side and jump 
    over while performing an adrenaline trick.  If you fail, I'd restart the 
    entire level instead of trying again, as you need lots of speed only gotten 
    by going down that cave grind and riding really fast.
    Do a 540 No Handed Front Flip:
    Thank goodness it doesn't have to be 'Perfect'.  Okay, this one's not too 
    bad.  Right as you start, there's a path into the woods to your left, with a 
    sign post near it.  Go to that pass, and you'll come to a huge leap towards 
    the lodge.  This is our spot.  I'd recommend holding L1, because you'll need 
    your right index finger for R2.  Jump off the ramp, do the front flip while 
    holding L1, do the tweak with R2 (left+R2) and try to land it.  If you did a 
    540 or more, you get it.  
    Score 200,000 Points:
    Surprisingly, this level is easy to get this in.  I even glitched the game 
    somehow earlier and got over a million points for one trick with Butcher.  It 
    was only worth 100, 000, but it gave me a million.  Score.  Okay, with the 
    tons of gaps and grinds you can either do flatland or vert, or both.  I 
    prefer vert, so my method is to go to the half pipes near the lodge, and do 
    the stall to manual to quick tricks to special to special.  All done.
    Song: Rockstar
    From where you start, turn right until you see the second hill.  Beside it is 
    a rail.  Now, don't grind the rail, but jump over and grind the rock ledge 
    and keep grinding until you get to a small area flat area.  Keep grinding, 
    and jump for the CD.
    Big Foot:
    Even I didn't know about this one.  Thanks to Ryan and Great Koro for the 
    tip.  Once across the river, there is a hill that goes up, bordered by a 
    yellow fence.  At the bottom of that hill is a kicker gap to another kicker, 
    with a camera in between.  Get up a special bar, and do a special for this 
    kicker gap.  As long as you do the special for the camera, Big Foot breaks 
    through the foliage and joins your team.
    Points Needed to Unlock: 400
    Secrets: 4
    Gaps: 18
    Catch the Pelican:
    A bit tough for an amateur goal.  Go into the building behind where you 
    start, and go all the way to the top.  On an outside balcony is the Pelican.  
    Touch him and he flies to a slightly lower awning.  On the right of this 
    balcony is a rope, grind it to the awning it leads to, jump to the awning and 
    stop.  Now very slowly fall to the awning the pelican is on.  Now he will fly 
    to the second half pipe pier (those piers out in the water that are not 
    connected to the main one).  Jump to the large quarter pipe and transfer over 
    to the half pipe pier to get him.  Now fall in the water.  You will be back 
    on the main pier.  In the middle of the large quarter pipe is the pelican.  
    Get him, and he will fly to the first half pipe pier.  Jump to it from by the 
    stair where you start, and get him.  He will drop a key, which is for the 
    secret area.
    Feeble Grind the Pier Benches:
    Those 3 stone benches in front of where you start.  Grind the edge of each 
    one of them.  Feeble grind of course.  That's it.
    Knock the Lobster Traps into the Bay:
    Okay, just touch these traps.  The first is directly in front of where you 
    start, between the two quarter pipes at the end of the pier.  The next is 
    down the stairs from where you start, you can transfer using one of the 
    quarter pipes near the first trap.  The third is on top of the large quarter 
    pipe to the right of where you start, and the last trap is on top of a 
    smaller quarter pipe directly next to the large quarter pipe.
    Score 50,000 Points
    Save the Pier from The Giant Squid:
    What fun.  I really thought this was great.  Okay, get onto the big quarter 
    pipe, and from there jump to and grind the black crescent rail that goes out.  
    Once you get to it, grind the squids arm.  If you are really lucky, you can 
    jump somewhat left once you get to his face to also grind his other arm, but 
    I can only do this 1/10 times.  If you fall into the water after the first 
    arm, just from where you start go to that lowered pier near the water and 
    grind his other arm.  All set.  And what's that he's given you?....
    Collect 5 Life Preservers:
    Not too bad for a collection goal.  The first one is from going up to the 
    entrance of the one building, and going right so you stay outside.  Grind 
    that cement rail near the wall, and when you get to it jump for the first 
    preserver.  Now do go inside the building.  At a center area, there is a 
    small kind of hill part.  Go to it, grind the cement rail, jump, and 
    wallride.  Then jump to the top.  You can now wallride for the second 
    preserver.  Now use those little kickers to jump to the right side, and go up 
    over the quarter pipe.  Jump to get the 3rd preserver.  Now go all the way 
    down, and go up the normal path to the top of the building.  Once here, use a 
    rail on the side (right) to get the 4th life preserver.  Now go outside, and 
    use one of those ropes to grind over to where the pelican was that second 
    time.  Jump to that small inclusive half pipe, and wall ride to get the last 
    Do a 15,000 Point Combo:
    Easier done than said.  Do a stall and a few manual tricks.
    Score 100,000 Points
    Grind the Indoor Balcony:
    This one's pretty easy.  Go to the yellow rail that goes all the way around.  
    Jump and grind it.  Jump repeatedly at the hill parts, so as to get to the 
    top without sliding backwards.  Then grind the middle section, which is 
    shorter, and finally grind down the last section.  Easy.
    Cliffhanger Stall the Hanging Ropes:
    One is located at the mid sized quarter pipe outside, just go up it and 
    cliffhanger stall (right triangle).  Do it for awhile, and it will say you 
    got 1/3.  The next two are at either side of the indoor area, each has it's 
    own quarter pipe.  
    Perfect 360 Adrenaline Trick the Funbox:
    This one will usually take a few tries.  Get up a special bar, and go up to 
    the top of the funbox.  Use the kicker to jump, hold down R1 or L1 to rotate, 
    and do one of your specials.  Now just try to land straight, which is for a 
    Score 200,000 Points:
    Your best bet is to stay inside and use the quarter pipes and the extensive 
    rails for multipliers.  With enough multipliers anything adds up to a lot.
    I can't be sure of why there are 4, but I'll give it a shot.  I have all of 
    them, but I'm not sure what they are.
    Song: All a Dream
    When you start, you can see 2 quarter pipes in the distance.  Transfer 
    between them to get the CD.
    Secret Area:
    When you complete the Pelican goal, he gives you this key.  It opens a secret 
    area inside.  On the bottom level a door opens that leads to a small grind 
    and a kicker to the Clipper Ship.  
    The Plank:
    Once aboard the ship, jumping around a bit will knock down the plank.  This 
    is a mast that fell down and you can grind to the pier with.  
    Bling Bling Bike:
    This solid gold bike is placed exactly where you start, and it is gotten by 
    doing the Squid goal.  It has more balance than air, so use it wisely.
    Los Angelos, CA
    Points Needed to Unlock: 400
    Secrets: 3
    Gaps: 17
    Collect the Money Growing on Trees:
    One tree is to the right of where you start, on top of the fountain stairs.  
    The next is down the stairs to the right of that area.  The next is right 
    under where you start, under the curved white statue.  The 4th one is in the 
    clearing in front of the awning (brick building with quarter pipes in the 
    walls).  The fifth one is near the van, near a wall.  You can get to it from 
    the 4th one by using the small kicker between the buildings to the right.
    Smith Grind across the White House Rail: 
    Okay, go back to the awning area, and use one of the red brick quarter pipes 
    to transfer up over the left wall.  Now, go to the other side of this small 
    area and wallride up to a grind on the red cement ledge.  At the end of it, 
    jump and smith grind the white house rail.
    Rodeo Grind around the Fountain Steps:
    The fountain has a set of steps around it, so rodeo grind them.  (Left Up 
    Score 50,000 Points:
    Help Mrs. Van Doodles find her Poodles:
    This one is annoying, but that's mainly because I don't like poodles.  The 
    first one is on a quarter pipe to the right of the fountain.  The next is on 
    another pipe, this time a half pipe reached by transferring from the area 
    down the steps from the fountain.  The 3rd is in the pool to the left of 
    where you start, the 4th is in a half pipe next to the red and white building 
    that is towards the bottom of this level, and the last poodle is in that 
    raised balcony area reached by transferring on the red quarter pipes.  To get 
    it, slowly rid up over the lip of the quarter pipe where it is.
    Perfect AlleyOop CanCan over the Awning:
    This one may take a few tries.  (by a few I mean A LOT).  An alleyoop I found 
    out is jumping one way and spinning the other.  So do a 360 in the opposite 
    direction you are transferring.  The awning is between the two brick quarter 
    pipes near the top of the level.  You reach them by turning around from your 
    start point and riding a ways.  Then just try to do the jump and land perfect 
    (straight).  CanCan is Down Left Square remember.
    Do a Surfer from a Bridge Manual:
    An easy one.  Good.  Once you have a special bar, go into your bridge (up up 
    up) and then do right and square for the surfer.  Then land it.
    Score 100,000 Points
    Land a Perfect No Handed Backflip:
    Wow, a pitifully easy pro goal.  Don't get those too often.  From the start, 
    ride down the statue, do a backflip and hit left and R2 while you're 
    flipping.  Done.  It should be perfect.
    Collect the Cell Phones:
    These are somewhat annoying.  The first is in that area down the stairs from 
    the fountain, over the kicker gap.  The next is high above that transfer 
    using the quarter pipes on either side of the street towards the bottom of 
    the level, the next is across the transfer across the street using the yellow 
    quarter pipes near the van, one is reached by jumping and grinding the stop 
    light (jump from that small kicker beside the stairs to the left and behind 
    where you start).  The last one is inside the now opened house.  Go in, ride 
    up the curved ramp on the right, and at the top line yourself up to go along 
    that highest part and land on that small ledge in the wall.  In the middle of 
    the ledge is a hole in the wall.  Go in the hole and get the last phone.
    Do a Single 50,000 Point Combo:
    Still this should be pretty easy for you.  Do the stall, the manual, and a 
    few quick tricks.  Once you get to x10 multiplier, you should have 5,000 
    points, and you're set.
    Score 200,000 Points:
    I like the half pipe at the side of the unlocked building.  Just do your 
    stalls and specials linked by manuals.  Throw in a few quick tricks for 
    (Glitch: While looking for a way to unlock Vanessa I found this glitch.  It's 
    not beneficial or damaging in any way, but somewhat funny.  If you are 
    careful, you can do all of the amateur goals without scaring the poodles.  
    The hardest part is the fifth money tree, stay as far from them as possible.  
    Then for the semi pro goals you have to find the poodles, and you can ride by 
    and scare them away after you've found them all!  This won't make you redo 
    the goal either).
    Song: Reckless
    From the area with the brick quarter pipes and the awning, there is a little 
    slot in the wall with a kicker.  Use the kicker to jump to this CD.
    You can unlock the girl sitting in the raised brick section by doing some 
    hefty tricks in front of her.  I think it should include one special, and be 
    about 50 grand for points.  Then she'll get up and join you.
    Secret House:
    I think that completing the poodle goal is this secret, as it opens up that 
    house.  That's all.
    Points Needed to Unlock: 400 (???)
    Secrets: 0
    Gaps: 18
    (All the goals in this level are tricks, and the best place I find to do them 
    is the half pipe in the slide right in front of where you start.  I have info 
    from Sakan78 that makes these goals 100% easier, but I'm not sure if it's 
    legit yet.  He states that if you do a goal such as Superman Seatgrab-Barspin 
    that you don't have to do it all in one trick!  He says you can do the 
    superman seatgrab, land in a manual, and in your next jump do the barspin.  
    Like I say, I'm not sure if it works, but sounds good to me!)
    Perfect One Hander Indian Air:
    Go to the half pipe, get up some speed, and do this trick.  First do the Down 
    and circle for the Indian air, then while holding circle hit up and R2 for 
    the one hander.
    Perfect Superman Seatgrab-Barspin:
    This one takes a lot of air.  Get up some speed, and maybe a special bar, and 
    try for it.  Superman seatgrab is left left circle, barspin is left square, 
    so don't hold the grab, just do it quick then the spin.
    Perfect One Footer X-Up:
    An easy one as these go, do the X-Up first with up square, then while holding 
    square hit down R2 for the tweak.
    Score 100,000 Points
    Perfect Fakie RocketQueen-Lookdown:
    This one isn't too hard, and if you are still having problems go to options 
    and shut 'Auto-Rotate' off.  This will guarantee you the fakie.  Fakie means 
    land backwards.  So do the rocketqueen lookdown, and if you still have auto 
    rotate on, just spin yourself back to how you started, so you land backwards.
    Perfect XUp-Barspin-Lookdown-Table
    This is all 4 square tricks in quick succession.  So get some mad air and tap 
    them out, up square left square down square right square.
    Perfect 540 Superman Indian Air to CanCan:
    This one isn't too bad either.  Hold down L1 or R1 for the 540, do the 
    superman Indian (down down circle) and do the cancan (down left square).
    Score 250,000 Points
    Perfect Adrenaline to Flair:
    This is in my opinion the hardest goal in the game.  Now, the good news is 
    that I don't even think you have to rotate for this flair, simply turning 
    back to the ramp should do it.  The bad news is that unless your character 
    has a fast special, you're in trouble.  You need a special fast enough to do 
    it and a backflip while airborne.  The barhop is a good choice, or any grab 
    is good because if you don't hold it it's short.  Bad choices are modified 
    swing legs, any flip, any tailwhip, or really weird ones like the 900 or body 
    flip.  Just do the adrenaline as fast as you can, then bust out the backflip.  
    I have info from Macneilbiker23 that a much easier way to do this is to do a 
    bridge manual, then go off a ramp and do the flair.  The bridge is a 
    adrenaline, so it counts!  
    Perfect 360 Adrenaline through the Fire Rings:
    Okay, I lied, this one does have a little bit to do with the level.  Go to 
    the bottom of the slide you start on (with a special bar of course) and jump 
    the first jump, then do your adrenaline while holding L1 or R1.  Not too 
    Perfect One Footed X-Up Adrenaline:
    The easiest of the pro goals, the X-Up is fast allowing you to do it and then 
    your adrenaline trick with ease.
    Score 500,000 Points:
    Okay, this is going to be hard, but lets stick to our original plan.  Get 
    into a half pipe, and do a stall, manual, quick trick, manual, special, 
    special.  Do that around 20 times.  
    Are you getting tired of hearing that yet?  I know I am.  Well, my standard 
    trick theory, though good for any other level, will not work in this one, the 
    points are just too high.  Here's what we do.  At the start, go out of the 
    pool you start in, and you will see 3 ridges, that are paths to the 3 water 
    slides.  The first one is the Upper and Lower Lip Buster, which will give you 
    a few thousand points... if you manage to land in a grind after that first 
    launch.  The second one is a really steep fast one, that only gives us 6000.  
    No, we need the third one, the notorious 'Tail Whipper'.  It takes a good 
    long time to grind down, and you can tweak a lot of the way down, until it 
    starts getting REALLY hard to balance.  You will probably want the bling 
    bling bike for these slides.  At the end, you will get 10,000 points for the 
    slide.  Now, that's not it.  Do some quick tricks, land in the pool, do a few 
    more quick tricks, then do some manual to specials, and finally a stall.  
    That should give you anywhere between 200 and 300 thousand points.  For 
    amateur and semi pro that's fine, for pro just go up and do the same thing 
    again to double your points.  Voila, not so bad.  
    An alternate method is the circular slide at the opposite side of the level, 
    but that one is almost double as long as the 'Tail Whipper,' and you may well 
    fall.  It will however give you 20,000 points if you manage to grind it all.
    (They said no secrets.  They lied).
    Tiki Battle: 
    Tiki battle is not an official secret, but upon completing all of the goals, 
    the statue at the start of the level will come to life and attack you.  You 
    get to run around with your rocket launcher in your own little first person 
    shooter.  My only problem is that the @#$$ aim is inverted and they won't let 
    you change it.  I'll put controls and strategy in the secrets section.
    Volcano is your last unlockable character, you will get him for defeating the 
    statue.  He says something to you but I missed it the first time.
    7. SECRETS
    Okay, most secrets have already been outlined in the guide.  Each level 
    except the first and last have 2 general secrets, a CD and either an 
    unlockable character/outfit/bike.  Here they are, just go find them in the 
    above faq.
    Day Smith: Oklahoma City
    Gear Outfit: Oklahoma City
    Street Bike: Chicago
    Elvis Outfit: Las Vegas
    Bling Bling Bike: Boston
    Vanessa: Los Angelos
    Big Foot: Portland
    Volcano: Tiki Park
    There is one final personalized outfit for each skater, and it is achieved 
    from what is called an 'Adrenaline Shot'.  Due to outside sources, 
    (skaterpunk) I'm led to believe this is gotten by doing an adrenaline trick 
    through any camera in any level.  Thanks Punk.  (j/k).
    Tiki Battle:
    This is your own little FPS (first person shooter) in Mat Hoffman.  
    Thankfully the game is rated Teen so there's no blood.  Well, not while 
    you're in this mini game.  It's in Tiki Park, and you get to run around the 
    park as opposed to ride.  Here are the controls.
    R1: fire rocket
    R2: --
    L1: Jump
    L2: --
    L3: (left stick) Run/Strafe
    R3: Look/Turn
    X: --
    Triangle: --
    Circle: --
    Square: --
    There are med packs and ammo around the level, generally in pools and such.  
    You start out with 1000 health, and so does the statue.  Unfortunately he 
    does 250 damage a hit, and you do around 30-60.  Keep moving, and jump a lot.  
    I'd say to just get cover and jump out to shoot him then go back to cover.  
    Near the end he will teleport, so be wary.
    An unverified rumor is going around about being able to play as the mime from 
    New Orleans.  This may be, as there are no worthwhile things from New Orleans 
    as of yet (no rider/bike/outfit).  I'll look into it.  You are supposed to do 
    all grinds/secrets/goals to get him.
    8. CODES
    (Thanks to Matt Scott we now have codes.  Thanks man.  Also from Derek Mcghee 
    and the gamefaqs message boards).
    These codes must be done at the 'Hit Start' screen in the beginning.
    All music tracks: L1, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, X, X
    Unlock all levels: Square, Right, Right, Triangle, Down, Square
    All music tracks - L1, L, L, R, R, R, X, X 
    Cory's vids - R1, S, C, C, S, S, S, R1 
    Joe's vids - R1, U, X, T, D, R1 
    Kevin's vids - R1, X, T, D, U, R1 
    Mat's vids - R1, L, C, L, C, L, R1 
    Mike's vids - R1, C, X, X, C, X, X, R1 
    Nate's vids - R1, D, T, C, D, T, C, R1 
    Reuben's vids - R1, L, R, L, R, L, R, R1 
    Rick's vids - R1, L1, R, R1, L, R1 
    Seth's vids - R1, U, U, C, C, C, R1 
    Simon's vids - R1, L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1 
    Unlock all levels (but not in Road Trip) - S, R, R, T,
    D, S 
    Boston (in Road Trip) - S, U, D, D, U, S 
    Chicago (in Road Trip) - S, U, T, U, T, S 
    Vegas (in Road Trip) - S, R1, L, L1, R, S 
    LA (in Road Trip) - S, L, T, T, L, S 
    New Orleans (in Road Trip) - S, D, R, U, L, S 
    Portland (in Road Trip) - S, X, X, T, T, S 
    S= square 
    T- tringle 
    c = circle 
    x = x 
    u = up 
    d = down 
    r = right 
    l = left 
    9. MEDIA
    Band:					Song:
    Suicidal Tendencies			Institutionalized
    Spoon					Talk a Walk
    Iggy Pop				Passenger
    Bad Brains				I against I
    LL Cool J				Rock The Bells
    Dislocated Styles			Unified
    Eric B & Rakim			(Juice) Know the Ledge
    Dub Pistols				Official Chemical
    Digital Assassins			Return of the Living Bassheads
    Crazy Town				Toxic
    Swollen Members			Fuel Injected
    Bomfunk				Freestyler
    Gang of Four				Damaged Goods
    MC Cool Rock			Boot the Booty
    Jazzhole				Forward Motion
    Nerd					Rockstar
    Ice T & Chris Glove Taylor		Reckless
    Bad Ronald				All a Dream
    (coming soon list and summary of each movie).
    Movie Order: You will get a new movie for every level you unlock.  Here is 
    the order in the list of which is which.  So go to view videos, and say movie 
    three is 'Escamilla vs. Robinson' that is the one you'd get for unlocking 
    Movie 1: Oklahoma City
    Movie 2: Chicago
    Movie 3: Los Angelos (why?)
    Movie 4: Las Vegas
    Movie 5: New Orleans
    Movie 6: Portland
    Movie 7: Boston
    Movie 8: Tiki Park
    Movie 9: Game Clear
    I'm sorry to say that due to extensive play and wear and tear on my nerves, I 
    am now completely sick of this game.  I won't be adding anything to this faq 
    on my own, so if you really want something added, send me a note about it and 
    I might add it if it's relevant.  Thanks for all the contributions already.  
    I know I got a lot of emails about the bike in Chicago, but I only gave 
    credit to the first email I got, so thanks all you others too.  Besides that, 
    I won't be adding anymore sections, and with the new codes you can watch all 
    the videos for yourself anyway.  
    TheGreatKoro: For the 2nd secret in Portland, and double-checking my 
    Ryan2968: The 2nd secret in Portland.
    Bergerboy: Limo hint.
    SkaterPunk: 3rd costume info.
    Nukem1456: Street bike info.
    Sakan78: Tiki park goal info.
    Matt Scott: Codes.
    Derek Mcghee/Gamefaqs msg boards: codes.
    MacNeilBiker23: Adrenaline-Flair info.

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