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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ACurtis

    Version: 1.1c | Updated: 07/07/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Xenosaga "Mini-Walkthrough/Secrets Faq" ver. 1.1c
    For Japanese PS2
    by Ashley Curtis
    (Date 7/7/02)
    This document Copyright 2002 Ashley Curtis.  Do not reference, alter, or use 
    (this include webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without my express 
    written permission.  
    1.1 Intro
    1.2 Thanks and Email info
    1.3 Updates
    1.4 Mini-Walkthrough
    1.5 Secrets Q&A
    1.1 -------------Intro------------
    I've been working with Jetfuel, in the making the ultimate faq for Xenosaga for 
    sometime now.  I wanted to create a simple walkthrough that could keep someone 
    who doesn't know Japanese playing the game smoothly.  This is not designed to be 
    the best, most comprehensive walkthrough it's just a "Mini-Walkthrough".  
    Because I don't have the time or desire to write such a faq right now.
    1.2 ----------Email and Thanks-----------
    Please feel free to offer tweaks and clarifications about this walkthrough.  I 
    can be contacted at asyurei@adelphia.net.
    I want to thank most of all "Game Masters of XenoSaga" a great site for info on 
    the game in Japanese (http://www.netdene.com/~kusari/xenosaga/).  I used their 
    walkthrough to help refresh my memory.
    I would like to thank "The Ethos Headquarters" for providing a great forum for 
    me to post my work (http://www.the-ethos.org/). 
    Also the many people on the Gamefaqs Xenosaga board who helped fill in some 
    serious holes in this faq, specifically FuBeeO.
    1.3 -------------Updates----------
    04/2/02 The first one Version 1.0
    04/3/02 1.0a, Corrections and minor Updates.
    04/6/02 1.1, Minor correction to the location of decoder 5.
    04/14/02 1.1a, Minor addition to Erdekaiser info, and info about the contents of 
    decoder 10. 
    04/22/02/ 1.1b, Minor clarification about decoder 9 and the slidedock key.
    07/7/02 1.1c, Email update
    1.4 -------------Mini-Walkthrough--------
    Encephalon エンセフェロン 
    You will start inside KOS-MOS's simulator training area.  Advance to trough the 
    big doors to inside.  Inside on the first floor is a door that is blocked.  Use 
    the ladder, upstairs there is a room you can't enter.  The mission key is in 
    this room.  Proceed to the left go down and around you will fight a AGWS and you 
    can save here.  Than you can enter the room that is blocked from the other side.  
    After getting the key blast the door and enter the locked door.  Now you will 
    have a boss fight.
    Note, after this you can speak to the man working on the VR machine to enter the 
    training area again.  If you return a second time you will find the "Battle 
    Passport" where the boss was last time.
    Woglinde ヴォークリンデ
    Now you need to give the research data to the captain.  Head towards the bridge, 
    there are maps to look at on the wall along the way if you get lost.  On your 
    way you will find that the easy way to get there is blocked because of repairs.  
    So instead go to Shion's room which is right across from the last map you passed.  
    You can save here.  Now pass through the Realien Control Room.  Along the way 
    thru you can talk to a man who will give you the "Drill Passport".  After that 
    you can play a little racing game.  When you reach the elevator to the bridge 
    take it to the bridge.  After going to the bridge and talking to the Captain now 
    you need to go and talk with the people in the AGWS hanger.  Then return to 
    Shion's room and go to sleep.
    Woglinde ヴォークリンデ (as the gnosis attack)
    Now you need to get your weapon from the AGWS hanger.  You can't survive a fight 
    with any of the Gnosis right now.  You have to avoid all contact with them.  
    After you get your weapon you will still need to avoid contact because now you 
    can't see the Gnosis clearly to hit them, or avoid receiving massive damage from 
    them.  Head for the escape pod which in the main hanger.  On your way talk to a 
    soldier and receive the "Decoder for Segment 7".  You can use this key right 
    away and get the "Right Robot Arm".  You will get a key from a dead crew member 
    which will allow you to enter their rooms in there you can save again.  Keep 
    moving towards the Main hanger.  A huge event will occur and eventually you will 
    fight a boss.
    Asteroid, U-tic Head-Quarters 小惑星プレロマ
    First watch the movement of the enemies, they can all be easily avoided if you 
    want to.  You can avoid the AGWS by using the crane.  Find Momo, she is in one 
    of the prison cells.  You will need to find the "Master Key" which should be in 
    the monitoring room, you will have to defeat a boss to reach it.  Now you can 
    free Momo.  There is also a save point available near here.  The AGWS that you 
    avoided earlier if you defeat it you can get the "Decoder 4".  Now you can 
    immediately unlock the Segment Red door in the passage on the 2nd floor, of the 
    2nd map between the saintly hall on the stairway it contains the "Thief's 
    Gauntlet".  Now return to the monitoring room and use the control panel.  Now 
    you can move on and you will eventually reach the next boss.  
    ELSA エルザ
    You need to take the curry to Andrew.  First go to the bridge and talk to 
    everyone, you will get a key.  Now take the elevator to the B2F.  Then go to B3F, 
    and back up to the other side to KOS-MOS's room.  Now return to the bridge for 
    an event.  If memory serves me right now you will be asked to go to the catapult 
    hanger.  This is located of B2F floor to the far left.  Once there go to the end 
    of the room and press the button.  Then return to the Bridge for an event.
    The ELSA エルザ  (During Attack)
    With Shion and the others go to B2F.  When you get to B2F your party will change 
    to Ziggy, as Ziggy and Momo head toward the Bridge soon you will meet up 
    together.  Feel free to go back and save near where you passed Andrew.  Now go 
    to the AGWS hanger which is on B23, the room south of here contains the next 
    U-TIC Battleship U-TIC 艦隊
    As Jr. enter the ship.  Destroy the machines power the laser rays to get past.  
    You will need to unlock the door to area 4.  And later the door to area 3.  
    Eventually you will reach the bridge and fight the boss.
    The ELSA エルザ
    Now you must find Andrew.  He is in the room where you saved before the last 
    boss fight on the Elsa.  After finding him return to the bridge and Event will 
    The Gnosis Hive グノーシス内
    This is not difficult it is a one way area.  Keeping moving forward.  You will 
    go thru a mall, offices, and small warehouse.  Soon you will reach a research 
    tower and this will start a small event.  Then be prepared for a boss fight.
    The Durandul デュランダル
    Find Momo, she is in the park area.  Then go to bed in the Residence area.  Now 
    you will go to the Foundation, there will be an event at the beach.  Feel free 
    to look around, when you are finished go to sleep in the hotel.  Note: there is 
    a woman in the bar who broke up with her boyfriend and threw her ring in the 
    lake.  If you go to the laundry mat you will find the Fish detection machine on 
    the 2nd floor.  The woman will give you the 8th Decoder.
    The Durandul デュランダル
    Now you need to go find KOS-MOS she is in the Elsa.  Use the maintenance door to 
    the south in the dock area to reach the Elsa.  KOS-MOS is in her room, this will 
    take you to the next event.
    Encephalon エンセフィロン 
    Now your party will be separated into 2 teams.  Just keeping moving forward with 
    both teams.  Eventually both teams will meet in the forest.  Then you can cross 
    the bridge and enter the church.  Save here and then go in the back room of the 
    church for a boss battle.
    The Durandul デュランダル
    Find Allen, he is at the Bar in the Foundation, this will cause an event.  Now 
    you need to rescue the 13 people.  After saving them there a boss will appear as 
    you try to leave.
    Song of Nephelem ネピリムの歌声  
    Find Momo, you can't miss her.  Then proceed thru the towers 1, 2, 3 
    respectively.  For the first tower, to determine which floor you go to destroy 
    the boxes.  For the 2nd fl, destroy 3 cubes, for the 3rd fl 6 cubes (it goes up 
    by 3's also note that most box's contain more then one cube, there is a 2 cube 
    box, 3 cube box, and a 4 cube box also).  Once you've pressed the button outside 
    of the 3rd floor.  You can leave via the 6th floor or get extra stuff.  Next you 
    can go to the 2nd tower.  The only save point for the Song of Nephilem is here.  
    There are various items to get here.  One of the floors allows you to go outside 
    and hit the button which makes it possible to go to the third tower.  However 
    you might need to make your way to the bottom and you will fight a boss first.  
    Now move to the 3rd tower.  Here find the way outside and hit the button.  Now 
    you can go to the center of the towers.  I totally suggest goes back to the 2nd 
    tower first and saving.  Because this is one of the toughest Boss fights in the 
    game.  If one boss fight wasn't enough there is another one.  Again you can go 
    back to the 2nd tower and save again if you want.  
    Vehicle of heaven 天の車
    Just keep moving forward, this is a pretty simple map.  There are only 2 saves 
    available.  You will reach floors 43 thru 45 and you will go up one side and 
    down the other.  You can save on the 44 floor.  Also the button to lower the 
    gate is on the other side of the 44th floor I believe.  Before going up to the 
    45th floor and thru the lowered gate, save your game.  After going thru the gate 
    you will come out to a very open area.  You can jump down on to a satellite dish.  
    Here you will fight another very tough boss.  Now keep preceding forward.  
    Eventually you will reach another save point.  Save here and go down the big 
    elevator.  Soon you will have another boss fight, and than another boss fight 
    with no break in between so be ready.
    To be continued...
    1.5 -----------Secrets--Q&A---------------
    Where are all the Red Doors and Decoders?
    Segments (Red Doors) 
    1: At the Foundation, on the roof of the inn to the right (accessible after 
    attack). Contains "Robot Head Part"
    2: At the Dry dock colony, the basement of the "Talk to me" AGWS store. Contains 
    "Robot Body Part"
    3: At the Foundation, in the laundry store on the 1st floor the area surrounded 
    by clothes (accessible after attack). Contains "Robot Right Leg Part".
    4: At U-TIC headquarters, the wall of the passage on the 2nd floor and the 2nd 
    map between the saintly hall on the stairway. Contains "Thief's Gauntlet" 
    5: At the Encephalon Area, in the park, before the statues area. Contains 
    "Double Buster"
    6: In Heaven's Vehicle, in the astronomic observation room. Contains "Eluding 
    7: On the Woglinde, beside the sergeant who gave you the key. "Robot Right Arm 
    8: In the Elsa, the passage of B2F. Contains "Robot Left Leg Part"
    9: In the Gnosis Hive, at the research building 3rd floor. Contains "Robot Left 
    10: At the KOS-MOS simulation site, in the 1st floor of a deserted house. 
    Contains "Thunder Coat"
    11: In the U-TIC Battleship, the room of the soldier. Contains "Ice Coat"
    12: At the Song of Nephelim, the 3rd floor of the 2nd tower. Contains "W Hammer 
    13: In the Gnosis Hive, at the first floor of the warehouse inside the 
    department store. Contains "Samurai's Heart" 
    14: In the Elsa, at the catapult deck. Contains "speed shoes" 
    15: At the Encephalon Area, near the subway ticket window. Contains "Angel Ring"
    16: On the Woglinde, the passage before the Andrews office and lab. Contains 
    "Supreme Warrior's Mask" 
    17: In Heaven's Vehicle, at the research building 43rd floor. Contains "BLOOD9"
    18: On the Woglinde, the passage near Shion's room. Contains "Thunder Coat"
    Decoder Locations (Keys)
    1 At the Foundation, in the 1st floor of the warehouse, destroy the crates and 
    ask the Pink thing for some hints (please make sure you talk to the pink thing 
    about every hint that it gives), then it can be found on the Durandal inside the 
    park to your first right (the very first little section that breaks off from the 
    main park area (still inside the park)).  The key will be sparkling on the 
    southern bit of the walkway to that small area.  Please make sure you talk to 
    the pink thing about every hint that it gives.  
    2 At the Song of Nephelim, the 2nd tower, destroying one of the boxes the enemy 
    that comes out carries it. 
    3 At the Encephalon Area, the bunny's house. Use carrot juice on the log to 
    trick him and beat him back to his house. 
    4 At U-TIC headquarters, destroy the AGWS that you avoided earlier using the 
    5 At the Durandal, in the Waiting area in the locked room. Get the key from one 
    of the closets in the Residential area.
    6 In Heaven's Vehicle, defeat the boss on the satellite dish. 
    7 On the Woglinde, the master sergeant gives it to you to remember him by.
    8 At the Foundation, in the bar is a woman who dumped her engagement ring and 
    her boyfriend. After getting the fishing rod from the upstairs of the laundry 
    mat go fishing until you find the ring. Than give the ring to the woman in the 
    bar. She will give you the key for her ring.
    9 In the Gnosis Hive, in the department store a Gnosis protects the box that 
    contains the key.
    10 In the Elsa, use the slide deck key to move the sliding deck.  The slide deck 
    key is in the 2nd cabin on a seat in the center of the room on the main floor 
    (note: you can't see the key on the seat), yes the rooms between the bridge and 
    the restaurant. 
    11 At U-TIC headquarters, the passage to right side or the central image which 
    the soldier goes around. 
    12 At the Encephalon Area, a treasure box in the sewer 
    13 At the Foundation, the bakery roof get there from the left side of the Inn's 
    14 At the Song of Nephelim, 1st tower, 5th floor
    15 In the Gnosis Hive, department stores 2nd floor protected by a flower gnosis 
    16 In the U-TIC Battleship, using the guards key to enter his room. It's in his 
    17 At the Song of Nephelim, the 3rd tower center, go above the closed room on 
    the left side and fall thru the hole.
    18 On the Woglinde, Break the glass to Andrews office, which in a small lab or 
    operating room.
    Where are the 13 people that I have to save at the Kookai Foundation?
    Thanks again to FuBeeO for this info.
    1. Enter Iron Man, and save the man in the Iron 3 Display.
    2. Enter Our Treasure, and save the little girl from the safe. The code is 1-0-
    3. Climb upstairs and use the button to raise the gate back in Iron Man. Make 
    sure to pick up the bathing suit here.  Go back to Iron Man, and destroy the 
    crates behind the counter, to save the old man within.
    4. Go back to Our Treasure, and climb the stairs, and then the ladder to go to 
    the very top. If you head right from the roof, you can enter door #1 (assuming 
    you got the key from the park). If you head left, you can slide down into the 
    garbage area and destroy the dumpster to rescue Oscar the Grouch. Also, if you 
    slide left even further than the garbage area, you can go to the western section 
    and pick up Key #13 from the roof.
    Head over to the western block (from the ground level).
    5. Defeat the Gnosis and destroy the statue to save the old man. 
    6. Continue east, until you can enter the laundry room. Head into the front-most 
    room to save the woman just standing there.
    7. Go back to the room you just came from (don't climb the ladder in the room 
    with the lady you just saved) and head up the stairs, and out the door. You will 
    see a flaming pile between 2 doors. Enter the only door you can, destroy the 
    bookshelf, enter the next room, and exit on the other side of the flaming pile. 
    Then enter the hallway, and continue around the bread shop. Exit on the other 
    side of the lopsided bridge, and walk down it. Push the button to raise the 
    bridge, and backtrack by climbing the ladder. Enter the now-accessible bread 
    shop to rescue the man.
    8. Don't slide down the bread shop chute. Exit and continue east over to 
    upstairs of East 6 Shop. Talk to King to rescue him.
    9+10. Exit East 6 Shop upstairs, and go down and re-enter on the lower level. 
    Defeat the Gnosis, and destroy the crate in front of Pink Bug to rescue Mina and 
    11. Go back to upper level East 6 Shop. Remember the button on the wall, but 
    ignore it for a minute. Head out to your left, and go through a hallway. 
    Continue down until you re-enter the back room of the laundry area to rescue the 
    young woman you could not get to before. 
    12. Go back to upper level East 6 Shop, and push the button guarded by those 
    annoying hurt-by-healing gnosis (make sure to kill the first forms on the BOOST 
    round, so they actually die on the POINT UP round!) and enter the door created 
    by the sliding bookcase. Walk through the back passage and talk to the kitty to 
    rescue it. 
    13. Right past the kitty, destroy the wall to walk out onto a ledge. Head east 
    on this ledge and destroy the wall at the end to rescue a little boy.
    What is the ultimate boss strategy?
    In one word Erdekaiser.  Second to that this is it.  
    It is necessary to use Jr. or Ziggy, and the "Boost One" ability from Shion.  
    The other 2 members don't matter as long as they booth have the "Boost One" 
    ability.  My preferred characters were Jr., Shion, KOS-MOS.  A necessary item is 
    the "Braveheart" which is won from the casino games. The "Braveheart" allows for 
    insane strength when a characters HP is low.  Once again, you could use almost 
    any three characters as long as two characters have "Boost One" and the other 
    character has the "Braveheart" equipped. Note for the character that has 
    "Braveheart" equipped should not have full HP, he should have about half his 
    normal amount. Also if you decide to use JR. put one of the girls in the back 
    row preferably in this case Shion and you can use Jr.'s ether skill "Dandyism" 
    for a safe return if he is ko'd.  Another nice thing to have is the Battler Ring.  
    Because with that you start the fight already boosted once.  Ok now you should 
    be ready.  
    When you first start a battle with a boss, the attacks he does are not very 
    strong. So do not attack the boss at all for about the first 4 or 5 turns.  This 
    is the case with most bosses.  However the boss found at the satellite dish in 
    the Vehicle of Heaven requires attack almost immediately.
    During these first 4 or 5 turns, Shion should boost Jr. to a max of 3 times and 
    KOS-MOS once, KOS-MOS should boost Shion 2 times and herself once. Meanwhile Jr. 
    should use Psycho Arm, Psycho pocket (heh while not steal something), and 
    "Dynamism" (this will automatically bring Jr. back in case something goes 
    terribly wrong. Now the boss should have been attacking you during all of this. 
    Now Shion should just make sure the KOS-MOS HP is always near MAX and the hers 
    is always above 400.  When you perfect the system you should only have to heal 
    very rarely.
    Now your ready to kick tail.
    Now when it's Jr.'s turn it is time to unleash the fury. Have Jr. attack, the 
    best thing against a single boss is Last Symphony, for multi-enemies use Storm 
    Waltz (note:  make sure to have these to Deathblows assigned the high speed 
    slots, because we don't have time to wait around). During Jr.'s turn boost KOS-
    MOS or Shion. During KOS-MOS or Shion's turn, boost herself. The idea is to have 
    Jr.'s turn land when the bottom reel is on high boost. So if its not quite right 
    have Shion boost instead of Jr. during KOS-MOS turn. Everyone should boost 
    themselves except to boost Jr. when he's down to only 1 boost level. You can 
    save Shion's boost for healing or for keeping up the attack.  You should be able 
    to kill any boss with the only interruption being when the boss boost's himself. 
    Once you get this figured out you will laugh in the face of every boss.  And 
    kill many enemies in one or two turns.  
    How do I figure out that music puzzle?
    Match the sounds of the song, you can hear the song in the room to the left.  If 
    you can't get it, here is the answer.
    red : 2 blocks left
    blue 3 blocks left
    Green : 5 blocks left
    How do I get Shion's Ether "Erdekaiser"?  
    You have to find all the robot parts (all are found in the red doors), and give 
    them to Hakase at Kookai Foundation's AGWS Garage, he is in the basement to the 
    far left.  Please note:  In your journey to create Erdekaiser you will also get 
    3 other ethers, they are Thrones Blade, Seraphim Bird, and Dominion Tank.  Now 
    once you have all the parts Hakase will try to create Erdekaiser and there will 
    be a small accident.  Now go to the Bar and find Scott.  Finally they will make 
    Erdekaiser together.
    I'm missing some Ether's and Deathblows for Momo, why?
    Well you need to use Momo as the lead character and inspect the glittering 
    "bookcase" in the Gnosis hive (up the stairs, in the area with the falling 
    bridge). Doing this you will get the Ether "Star Wind" and the DeathBlow "Rare 
    Also use Momo as the lead character and inspect the glittering "wall" (in the 
    Song of Nephelim, the second tower 6th floor).  Doing this you will get the 
    Ether "Star Light" and the DeathBlow "Lovely Ray".
    Again use Momo as the lead character and enter the upstairs open window of  
    Kookai Foundation bar and defeat Mintia,  (get there by going upstairs at the 
    hotel, outside and across the canopy).  Doing this you will get the Deathblow 
    "Dark Rod"
    I'm missing 2 Ether's for Jr., why?
    Use Jr. as your lead character, destroy one of the closet doors and defeat Great 
    Joe, (in  the Residence Area of the Durandal, the bedroom with the shiny silver 
    spinning thing that sells basic items).  Doing this you will get the summon 
    "Magnum Joe", after that you can buy the next summon "Buster Joe".
    Is it possible to do 2 Deathblows in the same turn?
    Yes it is, you'll need the item Double Buster = ダブルバスター, also note this is 
    a learnable skill.  With 6 Ap points you can do an additional Deathblow.  For 
    example, if you have R-Spaine on Square, and R-Drill on double Square, when you 
    have 6 SP, you can press Square, Circle, Circle and KOS MOS will do her normal 
    attack, R-Spaine, and then finish with R-Drill.  

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