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    Side Quest Guide by Zyre

    Version: 0.87 | Updated: 01/06/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         \                __/_\__                /
                          \              | / | \ |              /
                           \             |/  |  \|             /
                            \            |   |   |            /
                             \          /   / \   \          /
                              \        |  --|-|--  |        /
                               \      / \ _ |V| _ / \      /
                                \    /   |  \ /  |   \    /
                                 \  /    |   |   |    \  /
        XXX    XXX                \/     |   |   |     \/
         XXX  XXX                 /      |   |   |      \
          XX XXX      eee     nn /n     ooooo|   sssss   \aaaaa    gggggg    aaaaa
           XXXX     eeeeeee   nnnnnnn  ooo ooo  sss sss  aaa aaa  ggg ggg   aaa aaa
           XXX     eeee eeee  nnn nnn  ooo ooo  sss          aaa  ggg ggg       aaa
          XXXXX    eeeeeeeee  nnn nnn  ooo ooo  sssssss  aaaaaaa  ggg ggg   aaaaaaa
         XX  XXX   eeee      /nnn nnn  ooo ooo   |  sss  aaa aaa  ggg ggg   aaa aaa
        XX    XXX   eee eee / nnn nnn  ooo ooo  sss sss  aaa aaa   gggggg   aaa aaa
       XX      XXX    eee  /  nnn nnn   ooooo|   sssss    aaa aa      ggg    aaa aa
                          /              |   |   |              \ ggg ggg
                         /                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \ ggggg 
                        /                                         \
                       /                 EPISODE I                 \
                           D e r   W i l l e   z u r   M a c h t
                               ***  -Side Quest Guide-   ***
                                      - Version 0.9 -
                                 by Andrew Nawroth (Zyre)
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    ****** Table of Contents *****
      **    I. Introduction
      **   II. Version History
      **  III. Optional Bosses
      **   IV. Segment Addresses
      **    V. Mini Games
            -   A. Drillgame
            -   B. Xeno Card (COMING SOON!)
            -   C. Network Casino
            -   D. A.G.W.S. Battle
      **   VI. Other
            -   A. Invincible Robot: Erde Kaiser
            -   B. Fish Detector
            -   C. Silent Patient - Luty
      **  VII. Emails
      ** VIII. Various Info
      **   IX. FAQs
      **    X. Credits
      **   XI. Contact Me
    ******** I: Introduction *****
         Xenosaga Episode I - Der Wille zur Macht is definately one of the
      best RPGs out there for the PlayStation 2. Personally, it's my
      favorite PS2 game out there. Episode I has a great storyline, as well
      as gameplay. Most of the game itself is pretty fun, though
      frustrating at times. Really, the only thing that could make this
      game truly great is a nice set of side quests the player can partake
      in throughout the game. Though it really lacks a true optional boss
      (for example, Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy VIII and Ozma in Final
      Fantasy IX). But the other side quests definately make up for that
      absense. Here, I have provided a guide to aid you in the side quests.
      Or, it will assure that you haven't missed any. I truly hope this
      guide helps you in those ways, which will ultimately make the
      Xenosaga experience truly worthwhile. :)
    **** II: Version History *****
      ** Version 0.5: 03/06/03 - 03/07/03
            The guide is first created. Parts 1-4, 7-9 are
            completed. The guide is first posted at GameFAQS
            (http://www.gamefaqs.com). Work on version 0.7
      ** Version 0.7: 03/07/03 - 03/11/03
            Part 6 is completed. I begin to work on the
            sections of Part 5. Section 5A is completed. I
            also added some more optional bosses, which
            should complete that part. In addition, I
            changed the Table of Contents design along with
            the Part label designs (the arrows labeling
            each part of the guide). I also added in the
            new Emails section onto the Table of Contents.
            I plan on working on it for the next version.
            Finally, I have added some more information to
            Part VIII.
      ** Version 0.8: 3/11/03 - 3/13/03
            Section 5D has been added. I also added a new
            FAQ part, which I also completed for this
            version. I will begin on section 5C as well as
            part VII for the next version.
      ** Version 0.85: 3/13/03 - 3/17/03
            I changed the overall format of the guide.
            Actually, this was the version that first was
            posted, but I forgot to change the version
            number at the top.  I fixed some more typos
            and changed some stuff a little bit. Nothing
            major added. I'm getting a lot of work done on
            section 5C though.
      ** Version 0.9: 3/16/03 - 3/XX/03
    *** III. Optional Bosses *****
         Xenosaga Episode I has its fair share of optional enemies you may
      wish to encounter at some time in the game. Most of them are at a fairly
      high level of difficulty depending on the strength of your characters.
      Though in most games, the optional bosses are usually more difficult
      than the normal bosses. But in this particular game, that is not the
                                    - Ace Pilot -
         Before considering to hunt down Ace Pilot, keep in mind that it's not
      really Ace Pilot you're going to fight. Though you techically fight him,
      the real battle begins after his HP reaches zero. In this case, one of
      two things can occur depending on how far you are in the game. When you
      first gain access to the U-TIC Battleship via EVS, you can fight Ace
      Pilot and he will pilot his first A.G.W.S., Meld Gareth. Once you have
      beaten the Song of Nephilim, you can return to the U-TIC Battleship to
      fight Ace Pilot, only this time he will pilot his other A.G.W.S., Din
         Of course, you can still fight Meld Gareth if you please. Just make
      sure you have at least two of your party members are in an A.G.W.S. when
      Ace Pilot's HP reaches zero. Then he will pilot Meld Gareth instead of
      Din Gareth.
         The best part about these guys is that you can fight them as many
      times as you want. Personally, I don't consider them "optional bosses",
      but they fit more in this part of the guide than any other part. This is
      a great way to gain levels as well as various points to upgrade your
      tech attacks, skills, and ethers.
         To get to Ace Pilot, use the EVS to get to the U-TIC Battleship. Note
      that this enemy only appears in the EVS. Earlier in the game, you
      visited this place with Jr. along with Mary and a nameless soldier in
      your battle party. When you were here earlier in the game, there was a
      room where you fought a Zolfo A.G.W.S. This room was called the Sodier
      Room, and Ace Pilot is inside here. To get to this room, make your way
      from the starting point to the first laser barrier. When you wer here
      with Jr., you had to disable these red laser barriers to progress
      further into the battleship. Of course, they're disabled already in the
      EVS version of this place. Moving along, walk across the southernmost
      barrier and continue going straight until you reach a door. There are
      two red objects you can destroy on each side of the door. Enter the door
      and walk to the right for a while (you'll have to go down a few steps to
      keep going right). You'll walk past some destroyable plants in pots.
      Keep walking to the right and you'll pass a red door. Walk past it and
      you will come across another red door (it's the last one). Enter it and
      you will see a man dressed in a black spacesuit-like outfit. Unlike all
      other enemies in the game, he is not aggressive and thus, will not
      persue you. You yourself must initiate this battle.
        Battle Information
       - HP: 360                   There really isn't any required strategy
       - Weakness: Fire         for this battle. Simply fight him as you would
       - Item: Skl. Upgrade A   with any other normal enemy. Keep in mind that
       - Rarity: Ethr Upgrd A   if you want the items he provides, you are
       - STR:  50               going to have to steal them. You will not
       - VIT:  15               receive the item after battle because this guy
       - EATK: 30               enters one of his A.G.W.S. units when his HP
       - EDEF: 20               reaches zero or below.
       - DEX:  30
       - EVA:  20
       - AGL:  8
       - EXP:  30
       - G:    500
       - T.Pts: 10
       - E.Pts: 4
       - S.Pts: 16
        Battle Information - Meld Gareth
       - HP: 5500                  Meld Gareth has two different attacks. The
       - Weakness: None         first one is called 'Dragon Scale', which is
       - Item: Frame Repair Z   an attack that damages only one character.
       - Rarity: B-MAX Circuit  His more dangerous attack is his '68-Series
       - STR:  110              Missle' which is not only more powerful than
       - VIT:  80               'Dragon Scale', but attacks the entire party
       - EATK: 50               as well. It's best to transfer your characters
       - EDEF: 10               into A.G.W.S. units if they can. If you're
       - DEX:  30               using KOS-MOS, it's very nice to have the
       - EVA:  10               'Double Buster' accessory equiped. It lets you
       - AGL:  6                perform two Tech Attacks if you have enough
       - EXP:  4000             AP. Refer to the Part IV: Segment Addresses to
       - G:    1000             learn how to get the Double Buster item if you
       - T.Pts: 60              do not already have it.
       - E.Pts: 20                 If you do choose to keep any character out
       - S.Pts: 60              of an A.G.W.S., you will obviously be doing a
                                lot of healing.
         While you are fighting this enemy, it's best to guard first to gain
      AP. Then use W-ACT, which is necessary to deal a lot of damage. 'Guard
      Recovery' equipped to any of your A.G.W.S.' is a valuable tool, since
      you will be guarding almost half of the time if you wish. This way, you
      heal some damage while guarding.
         Equip any heavy-damage piercing guns to every A.G.W.S. you plan on
      using during this fight. A flamethrower or gatling gun are also weapons
      you should consider equiping to your A.G.W.S. units. These can play a
      large roll in defeating Meld Gareth.
         If you're not planning on using any A.G.W.S. units at all, make sure
      at least two of your characters have Medica All set on them. Medica Rest
      can also be very helpful if Meld Gareth likes to focus on one character
      with his 'Dragon Scale' attack for a couple turns. Make sure you have
      good equipment on your characters, and their levels are at least around
      37. Keeping your party's HP high thoughout the battle is the key to
      coming out as the victor. If possible, try to steal his B-MAX Circuit
      item if you get the chance. Don't take the chance if you need to heal
      first, though. You can always fight Meld Gareth again.
        Battle Information - Din Gareth
       - HP: 8500                  Like Meld Garenth, Din Gareth has two
       - Weakness: None         attacks as well. Luckily, both can only attack
       - Item: Frame Repair Z   one party member at a time. His first attack
       - Rarity: Fst Crcuit 25  is '20mm Blaster', which does around 250+
       - STR:  150              damage depending on how much you have worksd
       - VIT:  80               on your characters/A.G.W.S.'s. His other
       - EATK: 50               attack is called '71-Series Railcannon'. This
       - EDEF: 30               attack is very painful as it roughly 600 HP
       - DEX:  50               worth of damage. What's even more deadly is
       - EVA:  10               its critical hit, which can do over 1000
       - AGL:  6                damage! That'll take down most of your
       - EXP:  8000             characters if they aren't a high enough level
       - G:    1000             or you didn't upgrade their HP enough with
       - T.Pts: 80              Tech Points. That is, if it hit a character
       - E.Pts: 20              not in an A.G.W.S.
       - S.Pts: 80                 As far as strategy, it's basically the same
                                as the one with Meld Gareth. The only change
       you'll need to keep in mind is that you can only have one character
       enter their A.G.W.S. before you defeat Ace Pilot. Otherwise, you'll
       end up fighting Meld Gareth instead.
          Just keep an eye on your HP and watch out for his '71-Series
       Railcannon'. With all this in mind, you should have a very good chance
       at victory.
                                 - Athra 26 Series -
         Enter the Song of Nephilim and head into Tower One. You need to get
      to the sixth floor to get into Tower Two. Destroy fifteen blocks, then
      activate the elevator. After entering the tower, walk to the left. The
      first exit you see is the one you want to enter. Do so and head to Tower
      Two. Once there, you sould save. the Athra 26 Series may a difficut
      fight, depending on you level, equipment, and other statistics. Whether
      you decide to save or not, enter the doorway directly across the doorway
      you just came out of. Somehow make it past the enemy and make use of the
      ladder. When you make it down the ladder, make your way to furthest
      ladder on this section. Go down that ladder and make your way to the
      last ladder in this section as well. Climb up that ladder and make your
      way to a set of boxes you can destroy. The second one contains a
      'Defibrilator Vest' while the third box contains a 'Neo Armor Beta'. The
      next box houses the Athra 26 Series.
        Battle Information
       - HP: 3000                  There are some precautions that need to be
       - Weakness: None         taken into consideration before attempting to
       - Item: Revive DX        fight this guy. Firstoff, attacking him with a
       - Rarity: N/A            Beam, Fire, or Ether attribute weapons will
       - STR:  90               only cause him to become invulnerable to that
       - VIT:  15               type of attack for the remainer of the battle.
       - EATK: 90               Also, he will try to cast Engine Stop on any
       - EDEF: 26               A.G.W.S. units in the party, so make sure you
       - DEX:  50               have Engine Shields equipped to any mechs you
       - EVA:  45               plan on using. If you do not plan on using any
       - AGL:  11               mechs, or plan on having some characters out
       - EXP:  2400             of them, then make sure they make use of their
       - G:    0                first fire, ice, lighting, spirit or beam
       - T.Pts: 120             attacks. After that, only physical attacks and
       - E.Pts: 24              techs classified as a 'Hit' type of damage
       - S.Pts: 100             will hurt him. Also, keep into consideration
                                that this guy can boost a lot, so you'll need
       a good healer in your group to spend most of his/her time healing. With
       all of this kept in mind, your chances of victory greaten. Successfully
       defeating this boss gains you Decoder 2!
                                   - Great Joe -
         Before you go looking for Great Joe, you need to make sure Jr. is in
      your party, and he is the one walking around on the field. That is the
      only way Great Joe is visible. After you have those things set, head to
      the Residential Area of the Durandal. Search for the room with the green
      carpet and a silver monolith which acts as an item shop (the silver
      object that looks identicle to save point, but silver). Once you are in
      that room, head to the closet doors and destroy the right one. Then,
      Great Joe himself will challenge you to combat.
        Battle Information
       - HP: 9999                  There are some things you should keep in
       - Weakness: None         mind before taking on this guy. Most of his
       - Item: Swimsuit         attacks are physical attacks, which means he
       - Rarity: N/A            usually doesn't hurt those in back row. It is
       - STR:  100              a good idea to keep your healer behind Jr.,
       - VIT:  30               especially if you don't normally use Jr. in
       - EATK: 68               your party. This way, your healer receives
       - EDEF: 20               minimal damage and can focus on healing the
       - DEX:  40               other two members of the party.
       - EVA:  40                  Joe's 'Heart Shot Punch' is a status attack
       - AGL:  11               he doesn't use too often. But when he does,
       - EXP:  18000            the character struck will be infected with the
       - G:    200              Curse status effect, as well as receive
       - T.Pts: 200             damage. If you ever see the message 'Planning
       - E.Pts: 180             Combination Attack', this means he's charging
       - S.Pts: 200             his attack and it will do some major damage.
                                Note that after you receive this message and
       before his next turn, you can attack him which may cancel this
       terrifying attack. If Joe decides to cast an Ether called 'Celebration' 
       upon himself, this will increase his Ether attacks. This is usually
       followed by a very strong Ether attack that damages your entire party.
       If he casts 'Celebration' on himself, immediately heal everyone as much
       as possible. If you have chaos in your party and he has his 'Best Ally'
       Ether plus 50 EP to use it, this would be a good time to use this
       Ether. 'Best Ally' will effect everyone in your party and if they get
       killed, they will automatically be revived and brought to full health.
          When Joe gets to around 4000 HP, he challenges Jr. to a duel. If you
       wish, use this change to use Jr. specifically while the other
       characters heal him. If you attack with another character, however, Joe
       responds with a counter attack.
          When Joe reaches 2000 HP, the duel is over and he casts an effect
       that has a 50% chance of reversing healing and damage on him. So
       attacks will heal him while healing items and spells will damage him.
       It's best to do a weak attack to see if his effect was successful or
          Coming out as the victor of this battle will earn you another
       Swimsuit and 200 G. You will also get the Magnum Joe Ether for Jr. as
       well as the Soul Rhapsody Tech Attack!
                           ** --- Xenogears Reference --- **
            In Xenogears, there is a man named Big Joe. Though Big Joe
         doesn't play any major roll in the game, he can provide some mild
         comic relief at times. He also allows you to indulge yourself in one
         of Xenogears' own mini games. But that's Xenogears.
                                    - Mintia -
         This optional boss first becomes available during the Gnosis attack
         upon the Kukai Foundation. However, chances are you characters aren't
      strong enough to defeat her. I highly suggest you wait until later in
      the game. Though, there are some people out there like myself who would
      at least like to try to fight her when she first becomes available. Let
      me tell you, it is very difficult if you do not know what you are doing.
      Also note that the Battle Information provided below are intended to aid
      those who wish to battle Mintia when she first becomes avaible.
         Moving along, you need to make sure you have MOMO in your party and
      have her the one walking around on the field. Otherwise, Mintai will
      never appear. Mintia is found on the hidden second floor of the 'Iron
      Man' bar at City Sector 26 & 27 in the Kukai Foundation. To get to her,
      you need to do a series of things. First off, get to the front of the
      'Iron Man' bar. Notice the three overhangs above the entrance. Also
      notice how the middle one is now lowered. To lower it, find the crank
      located on the left overhang and turn it. If a nearby girl warns you not
      to touch the crank, simply ignore her. She doesn't know what she's
      missing. Anyways, after turning the crank the center overhang islowered.
      Next, enter the 'Our Treasure' inn. Walk up the stairway at the
      northeastern section of the building. Once on the second floor, enter
      the room to the left. It has a pink carpet. Exit the room by entering
      the doorway to the south. This will lead you to a catwalk outside. On
      the catwalk, make your way to the right of the screen until you come
      across a set of plants that you can destroy. Destroy it and walk off the
      catwalk. You will land on the overhangs above the 'Iron Man' bar. Now
      that the center overhang is lowered, you can walk across the overhang
      and enter the window directly above the right overhang. MAKE SURE that
      as you walk across the overhang, you have the d-pad or analog stick on
      your controller pointing between UP and RIGHT. If you just go right,
      you'll fall off the overhang. And if you only walk up, you wont get
      anywhere. So do as instructed so you don't fall off, and you can enter
      the window. Now you are in a small section. You should notice to the
      left side of the screen the section of the 'Iron Man' bar you have
      visited before. Anyways, walk forward and MOMO will notice something odd
      and will stop to see what it is. Mintia appears and challenges MOMO to a
        Battle Information
       - HP: 7777                  If you haven't already, put MOMO behind one
       - Weakness: None         of the other two characters, since Mintia has
       - Item: Penguin Rod      a Dark Star attack that not only causes
       - Rarity: Craft Apron    damage, but pushes the victim into the back
       - STR:  20               row. Keep in mind that even though she may say
       - VIT:  20               "Dark Star",it does not necessarily mean she
       - EATK: 80               is doing this particular attack.
       - EDEF: 32                  Mintia has an attack called 'Dark Snake'.
       - DEX:  80               This attack can sometimes become very annoying
       - EVA:  50               as it deals damage as well causes the 'Attack
       - AGL:  12               Poison' status effect. Do not attempt to use
       - EXP:  22000            an antidote to cure this effect, as it will do
       - G:    12000            nothing. Instead, use a Cure-All item or a
       - T.Pts: 160             status-clearing Ether. She can also use her
       - E.Pts: 240             'Shadow Eye' attack, which lowers the
       - S.Pts: 200             dexterity of one character.
                                   Occasionally, Mintia will perform her
       'Special Chains' attack which disables the CIRCLE button for one
       character. Characters with this status effect will not be able to use
       tech attacks.
          Aside from the above attacks, Mintia can also summon her pet Bibo,
       who can do two different attacks. When Bibo appears, pay attention to
       the color of the symbols that glow from Bibo. If the symbols are pink,
       Bibo will perform an attack that deals damage to the entire party. As
       threatening as this sounds, this attack's damage will only decrease
       each party member's HP by a quarter of their current HP (not to be
       confused with their max HP). So really, it is impossible for your party
       to be taken down by this attack alone. As for the second attack, the
       symbols around Bibo will be blue. This attack will bring one
       character's HP to 1. In addition, Bibo will absorb the damage and use
       it to heal Mintia. If your characters have good equipment and stats, 
       try to keep their HP lower than usual, so this attack doesn't benefit
       Mintia significantly.
          Another thing to keep in mind is that Mintia does not like males. If
       a male character attacks her, she will almost always respond with a
       counter attack toward that specific character.
          Finally, like the battle with Great Joe you really can't cause
       significant damage to Mintia. Instead, you need to focus on keeping
       your characters alive long enough to defeat Mintia.
          With all of this said, you should be well prepared for this battle.
       Successfully defeating Mintia will gain you MOMO's final weapon, the
       'Penguin Rod'. You also receive the Tech attack for MOMO, 'Dark
       Scepter'. Finishing off a Gnosis with this Tech Attack will turn 
       Gnosis into an item. Some items can only be attained this way, such as
       chaos' final weapon. Refer to Part 7: Various Information to see a list
       of these rare items.
    ** IV: Segment Addresses *****
            Spread across the game, there are eighteen rooms behind unique red
         doors. These places are called Segment Addresses and are usually
         hidden in one fasion or another. You will also come across Decoders
         which allow you to enter their matching Segment Address. Behind these
         hidden doors lie special items.
            Early in the game within the Wonglinde, you will meet a man by the
         name of Sergant Swaine. After explaining what the Segment Addresses
         are, he presents to you the much-needed item 'Segment File'. With it,
         you will know which Segment Addresses you have visted and which
         Decoders you have obtained.
      #      Decoder Location        Address Location             Item Won
      1 .... In the right side      On the roof of the           Robot Head
             of the Park within     'Our Treasure' inn 
             the Durandal.          within the City
                                    Sector 26 & 27 in the
                                    Kukai Foundation.
      2 .... Song of Nephilim       The basement of the          Robot Body
             -fight the Athra       'Talk to Me' store at
             26 Series enemy in     the Dock Coloney.
             Tower Two. He is in    Destroy the rubble in
             one of the five red    the way to make a path.
             boxes set in a row.    It's near the back of
                                    the room, behind the
                                    wall the man is
                                    standing by.
      3 .... Inside the Bunnie's    Deep within the City         Robot Right
             home at the            Sector 26 & 27 of the            Leg
             Encephalon. You        Kukai Foundation. It 
             will need to get       can be found in the
             the S. Carrot Juice    Cleaners shop.
             and leave it on the
             stump in front of
             the Bunnie's house.
             When he goes to get
             it, you need to get
             to the Bunnie's house
             before the Bunnie to
             get in.
      4 .... In the Pleroma,        In the Pleroma, near          Thief Ring
             after defeating the    the center of the
             light green Mercurio   second room you need
             A.G.W.S. you had to    to sneak through. It
             distract with a crane  is filled with a few
             earlier in the game.   guards.
      5 .... At the Armory in the   In the Encephalon, go       Double Buster
             Hanger of the          to the part with the
             Durandal. To get the   two manholes (the holes
             To get the Armory      in the ground that look
             Key, go to the         like they'd go to a
             Residential Area of    sewer). Only one is
             the Durandal. Go       visible. The other one
             into the room your     has a crate above it.
             characters were        Destroy the crate and
             assigned earlier       go down the manhole.
             (red carpet) and       Walk down the stairs
             destroy the left       and continue your way
             closet to reveal the   down some more stairs
             Armory Key. If it's    and then to the left.
             for some reason not    You'll eventually come
             there, go back         to a turn in the path
             during or after the    that reveals the door.
             attack on the          If you can't find the
             Durandal.              area with the manholes,
                                    keep in mind that it is
                                    in the part of the
                                    Encephalon Shion and
                                    chaos were in (they
                                    started in the park
                                    area with the swingset).
      6 .... Won after defeating    Found in the control         Trauma Plate
             Proto Dora within      room on 44F of Proto
             Proto Merkabah.        Merkabah. It is
                                    required for you to
                                    have defeated Proto
      7 .... In the Woglinde, Sgt.     Across Sgt. Swaine          Robot Right Arm
             Swaine gives the key   within the Woglinde.
             to you during the
             Gnosis attack.
      8 .... Received at the 'Iron  Corridor B2F in the         Robot Left Leg
             Man' bar in the Kukai  Elsa, north of lower
             Foundation from the    save point.
             woman who lost her
             engagement ring.
             Refer to Part VI:
             Section B: Fish
             Detector of this
             guide to learn how
             to get the ring for
             this woman.
      9 .... Inside a chest after   On the third floor          Robot Left Arm
             exiting the mall       of the research lab.
             within the Cathedral   That is the building                         
             Ship.                  with the elevator you
                                    need to take downwards
                                    inside the Cathedral
      10 ... At the Elsa Catapult   Within the KOS-MOS          2 Booster Packs
             deck to the left area  simulator. You'll need
             you can only access    to find a way around
             using the Disarm Key.  the rubble. Use the
             The Disarm Key can be  ladder and go around
             found in the lower     the rubble from above
             cabin found in the     and find another ladder
             large room that        that leads downward.
             connects the bridge,
             the bar, and the
      11 ... In the Pleroma, go     At the U-TIC Battleship,        Coat*Ice
             to the second room     look for the Soldier
             with all the guards    Room. When you were
             walking around. Look   there as Jr., this was                      
             for a statue near      the room your allies
             the center that you    captured the weak guard.
             can destroy.           Later in the game, there
                                    is an enemy here who can
                                    enter his own A.G.W.S.
      12 ... At the Encephalon,     Found in the third floor      W Hammer Rod
             it is at top of a      of Tower Two at the Song
             ladder in the          of Nephilim.
             sewers section.
      13 ... At City Sector 26 &    At the Mall 1F in the        Samurai Heart
             27 of the Kukai        Cathedral Ship.
             Foundation. Go onto
             the roof of the 'Our
             Treasure' inn. Once
             there, make your way
             to the left exit on
             the roof. Make sure
             you don't fall off.
             Simply holding left
             will not do. Direct
             the analog stick
             inbetween left and
             up. Then go through
             the exit and follow
             the simple path
             toward the treasure
      14 ... Found in the fifth     On the Catapult Deck of          Speed Shoes
             floor in Tower One     the Elsa. Simply destroy
             of the Song of         one of the panel-like
             Nephilim. To get to    objects near the middle
             the fifth floor,       of the deck.
             destroy twelve boxes
             to activate the
             elevator. Once on
             the fifth floor,
             search for a
             destructable box
             containing the
             Decoder Key.
      15 ... Inside the Cathedral   Near the subway ticket           Angel Ring
             Ship. You receive      booth in the Encephalon. 
             the key after          You'll need to make your
             defeating the Hydra    way around the rubble.
             in the mall's
             'Costmary' flower
             shop. If you
             haven't done so
             already, try to get
             the Ariadne Flower
             while you are there
             for another side
      16 ... Inside the U-TIC      Near the northeastern              Stim DX
             Battleship, search    part of the Woglinde. It
             for the door locked   is a little west of the
             by the U-TIC card.    Com Room with the
             You may have already  destructable glass in
             unlocked it when you  the back, stopping a
             were there as Jr.     Gnosis from getting
                                   to you.
      17 ... In the Song of        At Proto Merkabah. Go               BLOOD9
             Nephilim, in Tower    to 43F of the research
             Three. The small      lab.
             glass room's ladder
             is blocked by a
             destructable object.
             You'll need to work
             your way into the
             door on the left
             side of the room.
      18 ... In the Com Room       Inside the Woglinde,            Coat*Lighting
             within the            at the same hall near
             Woglinde. Break       Shion's room. It's at
             the large glass       the place with the set         
             window with the       of doors you can close
             small Gnosis past     pressing the red button
             it.                   in a nearby room.
    ********** V. Mini Games *****
                      +-+    A: Drillgame     +-+
         In order to play this game, you're going to need the Drill
      Passport. This can only be obtained by talking to Holgar aboard the
      Woglinde before the Gnosis attack. He is NOT in the EVS version of
      the Woglinde. If you miss this opportunity, you wont be able to
      play this mini game. Holgar can be found near the drill. You will
      also see a lot of rubble spread across the area. To get to the drill
      from the Vector section of the ship, exit that part and make your way
      to the area with the Realians. Exit through the other door and keep
      on going until you see the drill and rubble. Holgar is the man in
      orange suit. He stands right next to the drill. Speak with him and
      agree to help him with the drill. After destroying all the rubble,
      he will give you the Drill Passport.
         To play this game, open the main menu and choose the Item option.
      Tap R1 once to get to the second item menu. Look for the Drill
      Passport and select it. You will then open the Drillgame.
        - CONTROLS -
        Button            Function
        SQUARE               Holding this button down for the first time
                          will move the strut up to a position of your
                          choice. Letting go stops this. holding the
                          button again will move the drill along the
                          strut. Releasing the button brings a stop to
                          that and the drill automatically plunges below
                          to destroy anything directly below it. Note
                          that once you move the strut or drill, you
                          cannot referse it. The only way to start over
                          are to go through the above cycle once.
        X                    Pressing this button brings the current game
                          to an end. Once you quit, you may not return to
                          that point in the game. You will still receive
                          any prizes you already won in Free Mode.
        SELECT               This button allows you to pause and resume
                          the game.
        Left Stick           Moving the left analog stick to the right or
                          left changes the position of the camera to
                          provide a better view of the stage.
        R2                   Pressing this button allows you to toggle
                          between three default perspectives. These views
                          consist of the side, the front, and directly
        - FREE MODE -
         Unlike the four missions you can choose to play, Free Mode has no
      time limit. With no time limit, you can take your time to aim as well
      as you can. Although there is no time limit, there is a set amount of
      turns you get to aim. With these five chances, you can win up to five
      prizes for each round you play. Though the normal prizes found in the
      containers are sometimes fairly decent, the item you really want is
      the Drill Key. With the Drill Key, you can unlock one of the five
      prize doors located at the back of the room.
                                      /        - PRIZES -        \
           Need cash?         ____________________________________________
       ==================    | Container               Prize              |
         If you ever are     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
      running low on cash,   | Large Box (round     Med Kit, Ether Pack   |
      look for the old man   | or square)                                 |
      in purple with the     |                                            |
      small girl running     | Card Box (clover,    Antidote, Neuro Stim  |
      around him. He will    | diamond, etc.)                             |
      gladly buy any extra   |                                            |
      items you have.        | Balls                Escape Pack, Hemlock, |
       ==================    |                           Drill Key        |
                             |                                            |
        _________________    | Thin Boxes           Coins (50 or 100 G)   |
       / Drill Key Prizes \  |                                            |
      /____________________\ | Blue Cylinder        Ether Pack S, Ether   |
      | D  Thief Ring      | |                            Pack DX         |
      | R  Battle Mask     | |                                            |
      | I  Life Stone      | | Purple Cylinder      Coins (100 or 300 G)  |
      | L  Fast Circuit 25 | |                                            |
      | L  Guard Recovery  | | Red Cylinder         Med Kit S, Med Kit DX |
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |                                            |
         Five very nice      | Yellow Cylinder      Bio Sphere, Cure-All  |
      items lie behind their  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      own door. The chart              \========================/
      above shows what item
      you receive behind
      each door. You wont be
       - MISSIONS -
          Mission One
      - Requirement:     None.
      - Objective:       In this mission, your objective is to destroy all of the
                      boxes within 80 seconds. You need to make sure all the
                      boxes have been destroyed and the drill in its default
                      position before the counter reaches zero. Otherwise, the
                      mission is considered to be a failure.
      - Strategy:        If you think you are going to destroy all the boxes one
                      by one, you wont beat this mission. Believe me, I've tried
                      it many times and rarely got close. The catch is to destroy
                      two boxes at a time at least four times. Also, try not to
                      miss at all costs. The slightest waste of time can ruin
                      everything. Be patient and focus on your aim. Accuracy
                      is everything.
      - Reward:          Successfully completing this mission will gain you one
                      Speet Stim DX. You can also win five Card Pack #1's by
                      completing the mission additional times. The consolation
                      for failure is a Med Kit.
          Mission Two
      - Requirement:     None.
      - Objective:       For this mission, you must destroy a set of fairly small
                      containers within 120 seconds. You wont have to worry about
                      occasionally destroying two at a time like in the previous
                      mission. Having to aim for the small objects in this
                      mission can be hard enough.
      - Strategy:        Luckily, you have 40 additional seconds to complete this
                      mission. The best strategy would be to focus more on aiming
                      for the small objects, avoiding to rush. Also, try to take
                      advantage of the different views. Finding the best view
                      will definately reduce the time needed to aim.
      - Reward:          Victory will win you a Yamato Belt. Like the previous
                      mission, completing it additional times will win you five
                      Card Pack #1's. Similar as will, a Med Kit is your
                      consolation prize.
          Mission Three
      - Requirement:     To gain access to this mission, you had to have spoken
                      to Bunnie in the Encephalon in order for this mission to
                      appear on the Mission Menu. If you already did so, then
                      there is obviously no problem.
      - Objective:       The objective for this mission is to destroy the moving
                      targets within 90 seconds.
      - Strategy:        The targets are moving bunnies who walk back and forth
                      on fixed paths. Since they walk back and forth, it is easy
                      to anticipate the correct time to release the drill.
                      What also adds a bit more ease to this mission is the
                      fact that the bunnies can actually walk into the drill,
                      even if you clearly missed them.
      - Reward:          Completion of this mission will win you Hunter Goggles.
                      The consolation prize and the prize for additional 
                      completions are identicle to that of the previous missions.
           Mission Four
      - Requirement:     Again, speak to Bunnie in the Encephalon.
      - Objective:       This time, you have 50 seconds to hit one very quick
                      bunny that hops onto random spots, making its path
                      impossible to anticipate.
      - Strategy:        The best thing to do is to release the drill at the
                      center of the stage as many times as possible. This stage
                      is based more on luck and pace than skill. Within the 50
                      seconds given to you, you have a fairly decent change of
                      striking the bunny. Remember that, like in the previous
                      mission, it can also walk into the drill if it's down at
                      the right time.
      - Reward:          Being lucky enough to complete this stage will gain you
                      a Swimsuit. And, once again, the consolation prize and the
                      prize for completing the mission additional times is the
                               Now what?
         After you have completed all four missions, you are
      rewarded with a new drill bit to use if you please. It is
      larger and makes destroyign targets a lot easier. Although
      it is a very nice thing to have, there is a slight
      drawback. When you choose to use the larger drill bit,
      there is a chance that a smaller drill bit will accidently
      placed instead. The smaller drill bit is smaller than the
      original one, so it adds some significant challenge. But
      the risk of this happening is usually worth taking since
      the larger drill bit is incredibly helpful.
                      +-+    B: Xeno Card     +-+
      --  This section has yet to be created. This certain
      section will be added in during a later version.  --
                    +-+    C: Network Casino    +-+
      --  This section has yet to be created. This certain
      section will be added in during a later version.  --
                    +-+   D: A.G.W.S. Battle    +-+
         To gain access to this game, you are going to need the Battle
      Passport. It's very easy to get, actually. It lies within the KOS-MOS
      Simulator within the Encephalon Drive Unit (the black object KOS-MOS
      sleeps in). The first time you can go to attain this item is after
      you have completed the KOS-MOS Simluator for the first time. You can
      return to this simulator anytime while you are on the Woglinde,
      except during the Gnosis attack. You'll have to wait until you get to
      the first EVS plate for your next chance. Moving along, the passport
      lies at the end of the KOS-MOS Simulator where you fought Drone GX.
      Once you get the Battle Passport, you can play this mini game any
      time you want as long as you are at an EVS plate.
         To play this game, open the main menu and choose the Item option.
      Tap R1 once to get to the second item menu. Look for the Battle
      Passport and select it. You will then open the A.G.W.S. Battle game.
        - CONTROLS -
        Button                      Function
      - L1/L2                       Left Weapon
      - R1/R2                       Right Weapon
      - L1 & R1 or L2 & R2          Alternate Weapon
      - L1 & L2                     Remove Left Weapon
      - R1 & R2                     Remove Right Weapon
      - L1, L2, R1, & R2            Remove Alternate Weapon
      - Both Analog Sticks          Forward
      - Both Analog Sticks          Reverse
      - Both Analog Sticks          Left
      - Both Analog Sticks          Right
      - Tilt Both Analog            Brake
        Sticks Together
      - Tilt Both Analog            Jump
        Sticks Away From
        Each Other
      - L3 & R3                     Long Dash
      - L3/R3                       Short Dash
      - Left Analog Stick           Pivot Left
        Down and Right
        Analog Stick Up
      - Left Analog Stick           Pivot Right
        Up and Right Analog
        Stick Down
      - START                         Pause
        - WEAPONS -
        Weapon           Ammo     Description
       Unarmed           None     An attack with no weapons that does
                                  minimal damage.
       Aird              80       A long-range weapon that shoots out a
                                  burst of ten shots at once. Though each
                                  shot does a small amount of damage, the
                                  added damage is great.
       Axe               None     A weapon with short range but does a
                                  fairly decent amount of damage.
       Beam Arm          10-20    Though its rate of fire is fairly slow,
                                  its long-range damage can do a fairly
                                  decent amount of damage.
       Beam Launcher     15       This weapon's very long range and large
                                  amount of damage makes up for its slow
                                  preparation and firing rate.
       Beam Rifle        20       Its quick rate of fire is nice, but its
                                  small damage is only a tad helpful.
       Beam Sword        None     Pretty good damage and range for a
                                  close-combat weapon.
       Chaff Box         12       This item affects the systems of your
                                  opponent, causing them to malfunction.
       Drill Claw        None     Despite it's very short range, it deals
                                  a lot of damage. It's range is only a
                                  little bit longer than being unarmed.
       E.C.M. Pod        8-16     This weapon causes your opponent's
                                  vision to act abnormally for a small
                                  set of time. It deals no damage,
                                  though. As far as range goes, it can go
                                  straight or surrounds your A.G.W.S.
                                  depending on your chosen model.
       Flame Launcher    Special  This weapon is quite helpful. Its
                                  damage is pretty good while your
                                  opponent lies within the flame. Instead
                                  of using normal ammunition, it is
                                  counted as a percentage. When it
                                  reaches 0%, it becomes useless. What's
                                  helpful is it can reach around the
                                  edges of permanent obstacles. Keep in
                                  mind that each sheet of flame lasts for
                                  around three seconds.
       Gatling Gun       Special  This weapon's fire rate is very fast.
                                  Like the flame thrower, its ammo is
                                  measured by a percentage rather than a
                                  number. It's range is only of a medium
                                  level, though. For the AG-05 model
                                  A.G.W.S., this weapon has 145 rounds of
                                  ammo and only does a small bit of
       Grenade           6        A strong weapon with medium range and
             Launcher             slow fire rates.
       Hammer            None     Deals strong damage, but has a short
       Hand Gun          60-65    Though it does a small amount of damage
                                  per shot. Its decent range and fast
                                  rate of fire make up for this. Holding
                                  down the firing button(s) will cause it
                                  to do a continuous rate of fire.
       Hand              20-45    Its wide range and slight homing
          Missile Pod             ability makes up for this weapons
                                  moderate range and rate of fire.
       Lancer Arm        None     This weapon is slightly slowers than
                                  the sword, but has a longer range. Its
                                  damage is pretty good.
       Large             5        This weapon is basically all-around
          Missile Pod             better than the Hand Missle Pod. It
                                  deals more damage, has a great homing
                                  ability, and has a wide range. It's
                                  only drawback is its small amount of
                                  ammo, but its well worth it.
       Long Beam Rifle   20       Besides it being slower to use, this
                                  rifle is better than the Beam Rifle.
                                  Its longer fire-pulse results in
                                  dealing more damage.
       Long-range        5        This weapon does an incredibly large
               Cannon             amount of damage as well as having a
                                  long range. Despite this, it is a very
                                  slow weapon to use.
       Pile Driver       None     Despite it being very slow to use, it
                                  deals a significantly large amount of
                                  damage. It also has good range for a
                                  close-combat weapon.
       Rifle             6        While a long range and a good damage is
                                  its strong points, it is a slow weapon
                                  to use. Its limited ammo is another
       Shield            Special  This isn't really a weapon, however, it
                                  it does protect you from receiving
                                  damage. Since it isn't a real weapon,
                                  it doesn't have ammo. Instead, it is
                                  measured by percentages. When it
                                  reaches zero percent, the shield will
                                  no longer protect you. Keep in mind
                                  that you cannot move while you use the
       Shield            15       Basically, it is a combination of the
            Beam Rifle            two weapons that is dropped when the
                                  ammo for the beam rifle runs out.
       Stun Gun          None     It's a slow close-combat weapon that
                                  can do fairly good damage with its
                                  short-range burst of electricity.
       Submachine Gun    160-225  Though each hit only does a small bit
                                  of damage, its high rate of fire and
                                  moderate to long range quickly make
                                  this weapon worth using. Holding down
                                  the firing button(s) will cause it to
                                  continuously fire.
       Sword             None     A close-combat weapon that does a
                                  decent amount of damage with an okay
       Wide Beam Pod     50       Though it does not travel far, this
                                  beam weapon does a small amount of
                                  damage with a pretty good amount of
        - A.G.W.S. UNITS -
      * Model: VX-10000
      * Top Speed: Around 40 KmPH
      * Description: A fairly all-around average A.G.W.S. unit.
      * Weapons: See Chart Below
       Left Weapon         Right Weapon         Alternate Weapon
       Unarmed             Unarmed              Unarmed
       Sword/SWD21AG       Sword/SWD21AG        Shield/SHD02AG
       Beam Rifle/LG24VX   Beam Rifle/LG24LX    Shield/SHD12VX
       Hand Gun/HG45VX     Hand Gun/HG45VX      Chaff Box/CB85VX
       Rifle/LG10AG        Rifle/LG10AG         Wide Beam Cannon/BMP45VX
       Submachine Gun      Submachine Gun       Beam Launcher/BL24AG
                /SMG99AG            /SMG99AG
       Grenade Launcher    Grenade Launcher     Missile Pod/SMP53AG
                /GRD20AG            /GRD20AG
       Hand Missile Pod    Hand Missil Pod      -
                /HMP33AG            /HMP33AG
       Pile Driver         Pile Driver          -
                /PB55AG             /PB55AG
       Shield/SHD02AG      Long Beam Rifle      -
       Shield/SHD12VX      Sword/SWD34VX        -
       Sword/SWD34VX       Hammer/HMR55AG       -
       Hammer/HMR55AG      Chaff Box/CB85VX     -
       Hand Gun/HG75VX     Wide Beam Pod        -
       Gatling Gun         Hand Gun/HG75VX      -
       Flame Launcher      Gatling Gun/         -
                /FLM64AG            /GLG76AG
       Beam Sword          Flame Launcher       -
                /BSW13AG            /FLM64AG
       Axe/AXE11AG         Beam Sword           -
       Submachine Gun      Beam Launcher        -
                /SMG32VX            /BL24AG
       Lancer Arm/LM11VX   Axe/AXE11AG          -
       Beam Arm/BA15VX     Missle Pod/SMP53AG   -
       -                   Submaching Gun       -
       -                   Lancer Arm/LM11VX    -
       -                   Beam Arm/MA15VX      -
      * Model: VX-7000
      * Top Speed: Slightly over 60 KmPH
      * Description: Although it has weak armor, its high speeds,
                     manuverablilty and responsive controls make it a
                     very useful A.G.W.S. to choose.
      * Weapons: See Chart Below
       Left Weapon         Right Weapon         Alternate Weapon
       Unarmed             Unarmed              Unarmed
       Sword/SWD21AG       Sword/SWD21AG        Shield/SHD02AG
       Beam Rifle/LG24VX   Beam Rifle/LG24LX    Shield/SHD12VX
       Hand Gun/HG45VX     Hand Gun/HG45VX      Chaff Box/CB85VX
       Rifle/LG10AG        Rifle/LG10AG         Wide Beam Cannon/BMP45VX
       Submachine Gun      Submachine Gun       Beam Launcher/BL24AG
                /SMG99AG            /SMG99AG
       Grenade Launcher    Grenade Launcher     Missile Pod/SMP53AG
                /GRD20AG            /GRD20AG
       Hand Missile Pod    Hand Missil Pod      -
                /HMP33AG            /HMP33AG
       Pile Driver         Pile Driver          -
                /PB55AG             /PB55AG
       Shield/SHD02AG      Long Beam Rifle      -
       Shield/SHD12VX      Sword/SWD34VX        -
       Sword/SWD34VX       Hammer/HMR55AG       -
       Hammer/HMR55AG      Chaff Box/CB85VX     -
       Hand Gun/HG75VX     Wide Beam Pod        -
       Gatling Gun         Missile Pod/SMP53AG  -
       Flame Launcher      Hand Gun/HG75VX      -
       Beam Sword          Gatling Gun          -
                /BSW13AG            /GLG76AG
       Axe/AXE11AG         Flame Launcher       -
       Submachine Gun      Beam Sword           -
                /SMG32VX            /BSW13AG
       Lancer Arm/LM11VX   Beam Launcher        -
       Beam Arm/BA15VX     Axe/AXE11AG          -
       -                   Submaching Gun       -
       -                   Lancer Arm/LM11VX    -
       -                   Beam Arm/MA15VX      -
      * Model: VX-4000
      * Top Speed: Around 60 KmPH
      * Description: It is very fast and manuverable, but its firing
                     range and armor are a bit on the low side.
      * Weapons: See Chart Below
       Left Weapon         Right Weapon         Alternate Weapon
       Unarmed              Unarmed              Unarmed
       Sword/SWD21AG        Sword/SWD21AG        Chaff Box/CB85VX
       Hand Gun/HG45VX      Hand Gun/HG45VX      E.C.M. Pod/ECM1-VX
       Submachine Gun       Submachine Gun       Wide Beam Pod/BMP45VX
                /SMG99AG             /SMG99AG
       Sword/SWD34VX        Sword/SWD34VX        Missile Pod/SMP53AG
       Hammer/HMR55AG       Hammer/HMR55AG       E.C.M. Pod/ECM1-VX
       Stun Gun/ER-VX       Chaff Box/CB85VX     Cannot Equip/DEF-VX
       Hand Gun/HG75VX      Stun Gun/ER-VX       -
       Axe/AXE11AG          Wide Beam Pod
                                     /BMP45VX    -
       Submachine Gun       Hand Gun/HG75VX      -
       -                    Axe/AXE11AG          -
       -                    Missile Pod/SMP53AG  -
       -                    Submachine Gun       -
      * Model: AG-02
      * Top Speed: Slightly under 40 KmPH
      * Description: A fairly all-around average A.G.W.S. unit. Differs
                     only a little from the VX-10000 model.
      * Weapons: See Chart Below
       Left Weapon         Right Weapon         Alternate Weapon
       Unarmed             Unarmed              Unarmed
       Sword/SWD21AG       Sword/SWD21AG        Shield/SHDO2AG
       Beam Rifle/LG24VX   Beam Rifle/LG24VX    Shield/SHD12VX
       Hand Gun/HG45VX     Hand Gun/HG45VX      Chaff Box/CB85VX
       Rifle/LG10AG        Rifle/LG10AG         Wide Beam Pod/BMP45VX
       Submachine Gun      Submachine Gun       Shield & Beam Rifle
                /SMG99AG            /SMG99AG             /SHB67AG
       Grenade Launcher    Grenade Launcher     Beam Launcher/BL24AG
                /GRD20AG            /GRD20AG
       Hand Missile Pod    Hand Missile Pod     Missile Pod/SMP53AG
                /HMP33AG             /HMP33AG
       Pile Driver         Pile Driver          Aird/AIRD-AG2
                /PB55AG             /PB55AG
       Shield/SHD02AG      Long Beam Rifle      -
       Shield/SHD12VX      Sword/SWD34VX        -
       Sword/SWD34VX       Hammer/HMR55AG       -
       Hammer/HRM55AG      Chaff Box/CB85VX     -
       Hand Gun/HG75VX     Wide Beam Pod
                                    /BMP45VX    -
       Gatling Gun         Hand Gun/HG75XV      -
       Flame Launcher      Gatling Gun          -
                /FLM64AG            /GLG76AG
       Shield & Beam       Flame Launcher       -
           Rifle/SHB67AG            /FLM64AG
       Beam Sword          Beam Sword           -
                /BSW13AG            /BSW13AG
       Axe/AXE11AG         Beam Launcher        -
       Submachine Gun      Axe/AXE11AG          -
       -                   Missle Pod/SMP53AG   -
       -                   Submachine Gun       -
      * Model: AG-04
      * Top Speed: 70 KmPH
      * Description: Despite its small amount of weapon to use, it is
                     extremely fast and the armor is a bit on the low
      * Weapons: See Chart Below
       Left Weapon         Right Weapon         Alternate Weapon
       Unarmed             Unarmed              Unarmed
       Drill Claw          Chaff Box/CB85VX     Chaff Box/CB85VX
       Cannot Equip        Wide Beam Pot        Wide Beam Pot
               /WCT02AG4            /BMP45VX             /BMP45VX
       -                   Drill Claw
                                   /DLC02AG4    Missile Pod/SMP53AG
       -                   Missile Pod/SMP53AG  -
       -                   Cannot Equip
                                    /WCT02AG4   -
      * Model: AG-05
      * Top Speed: Under 30 KmPH
      * Description: Though this model is very slow, its armor is very
                     high and it can equip weapons only this model can
      * Weapons: See Chart Below
       Left Weapon         Right Weapon         Alternate Weapon
       Unarmed             Unarmed              Unarmed
       Sword/SWD21AG       Sword/SWD21AG        Chaff Box/CB85VX
       Beam Rifle/LG24VX   Beam Rifle/LG24LX    Wide Beam Pod/BMP45VX
       Hand Gun/HG45VX     Hand Gun/HG45VX      Missile Pod/SMP53AG
       Rifle/LG10AG        Rifle/LG10AG         Large-sized Missile Pod
       Submachine Gun      Submachine Gun       Long-range Cannon/LC-AG5
                /SMG99AG            /SMG99AG
       Sword/SWD34VX       Sword/SWD34VX        Cannot equip/BBC-AG5
       Hammer/HMR55AG      Hammer/HMR55AG       -
       Hand Gun/HG75V      Chaff Box/CB85VX     -
       Axe/AXE11AG         Wide Beam Pod
                                    /BMP45VX    -
       Submachine Gun
                /SMG32VX   Hand Gun/HG75VX      -
       Hand Missile Pod
                /HMP-AG5   Axe/AXE11AG          -
       Gatling Gun         Missile Pod/SMP53AG  -
       Cannot Equip        Submachine Gun       -
               /HMR-AG5            /SMG32VX
       -                   Large-sized Missile
                                 Pod/BMP-AG5    -
       -                   Hand Missile Pod
                                    /HMP-AG5    -
       -                   Gatling Gun
                                    /HGG-AG5    -
       -                   Long-range Cannon
                                    /LC-AG5     -
       -                   Cannot Equip
                                    /HMR-AG5    -
       / Tips |
      |      There are some things you may want to know before you     \
      |   take on any of the four stages. It's a good idea to get used  |
      |   to the system before seriously taking on the stages.          |
      |                                                                 |
      |   * When an ammunition-based weapon   * Make sure the weapons   |
      |     runs ouf of ammo, drop it.          you equip are balanced. |
      |     You'll do more damage with your     Try to have a close-    |
      |     fists than a useless weapon!        combat weapon ready in  |
      |                                         case you run out of     |
      |   * Try out different weapon            ammo for any long-      |
      |     combinations. Just because a        distance weapons.       |
      |     weapon is powerful doesn't always                           |
      |     mean you're going to be good with it. Try to find good      |
      |    weapons that you know how to use well. Practice with a       |
      |     friend if possible.                                         |
                - STAGES -
          Stage One
         The layout for this stage is pretty basic. Large buildings act as
      permanent obstacles while smaller objects like trees are scattered
      inbetween. Because your opponent starts directly in front of you but
      to a far distance, a good long-distance weapon can give you a good
      start. The area is a street scene.
          Stage Two
         This warehouse stage is a bit darker than the first stage. As far
      as obstacles are concerned, temporary obstacles dominate this stage.
      Like the previous stage, your opponent begins directly in front of
      you, but to a significant distance. A couple temporary obstacles
      like between the two of you. Permanent obstacles can be found near
      the edges of the stage. Try not to lose sight of your opponent.
          Stage Three
          Unlike the previous two stages, your opponent begins much closer
       to you, so battle will begin almost as soon as you can move. Large
       purple pillars are placed through the stage in an "X" pattern.
       These can be helpful to block your opponent's long-distance
       attacks. Unfortunately, they can also block your opponent from you.
          Stage Four
          Like stage two, this stage is in a warehouse-like area. It is a
       bit foggy to hide your opponent from you a tad. Boxes are scattered
       throughout the stage. Unlike the previous three missions, you don't
       start in front of your opponent. Instead, you two lie at opposite
       ends of the stage. Your opponent can be found forward and to the
       left from where you begin.
                              Now what?
         Unfortunately, successfully completing all four stages
      does not gain you any prize. Basically, the fact that you
      won is your prize. This mini game is pretty fun and can be
      a real challenge at times if you're not prepared. Now that
      you've beaten all four stages, you're more prepared to take
      on a friend in the multi-player mode.
    ************** VI: Other *****
      +-+   Section A: Creating Invincible Robot: Erde Kaiser   +-+
           One of the most useful Ether spells attained in Xenosaga Episode I
        is the Erde Kaiser summon for Shion. Though it costs 60 EP to use in
        battle and is the only Ether Shion can have equipped when it is
        equipped, it does 9999 damage to anything, including the final boss.
        The side quest involved to attain this amazing Ether is actually
        very simple. In this section I will explain exactly what you need
        to do.
      * First you'll need to get the six robot parts. Yup, only six of them.
        Refer to Part 4: Segment Address and Decoder Locations. The robot
        parts are numbers 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, and 9. Though it isn't required
        for you to get them all at once, it'll make the quest flow  quickly
        and seem faster.
      * When you have all six parts, go to the A.G.W.S. Parts Shop &
        Foundation Robot Academy. It is the southernmost place within the
        Kukai Foundation. As soon as you are inside the building, walk to the
        left of the screen. Walk past the shop and keep on going until you
        see a sign with a thin orange arrow that goes straight and then
        downward. Go down the stairs and you will be inside the Robot
        Academy. Now the quest truly begins:
      * Chapter One: Genius Scientist Appears!!
           This chapter is basically the introduction to the quest. You meet
        the professor and he tells you about his dream to make an invincible
        robot. He then asks you to help him collect the robot parts. If you
        already have them, simply exit the room and re-enter it. If not,
        you should go get the Right and Left Arms (Segment Addresses 7 & 9).
      * Chapter Two: Foundation Robot Academy!
           When you enter the lab, the lab is all dirty. Talk to the
        professor and he will take the parts from you. Clean the lab for him
        by using the SQUARE button and destroying the junk. Messy professor!
        You get the 'Throni Blade' Ether for Shion. Like before, if you
        already have the parts, simply exit and re-enter to begin the next
        chapter. If not, get the Right and Left Legs (Segment Addresses 3 & 8).
     * Chapter Three: Hyper Assistant Scott Appears!!
           Upon entering, you will get to meet the professor's new
        assistant, Assistant Scott. Assistant Scott (Assistant Scott, no
        less) aids the Professor (not Profe or Pro) in assembling the next
        summon for Shion, 'Dominion Tank'. As usual, if you already have all
        the pieces, exit and re-enter. If not, go get the Robot Head
        (Segment Address 2).
      * Chapter Four: Crisis!! A Dark Shadow Befalls the Robot Lab?!
          Unfortunately, when you enter the lab it seems the Professor and
        Assistant Scott are in a bit of a conflict. The Professor decides
        he doesn't need Assistant Scott, and he gives Assistant Scott the
        boot. But under the circumstances, there is an 82.256% chance that
        the professor is at fault. After things settle down, he assembles
        'Seraphim Bird' alone. Once again, if you already have the final
        piece exit and re-enter. If not, go get the Robot Body (Segment
        Address 2).
      * Final Chapter - Part I: A Friendship in Crisis!
           Now that you have attained the final piece, the professor
        assembles the final piece. To your disappointment, you do not receive
        an Ether for this part, as it is simple the piece that links all the
        other pieces together. It's called the 'Kelbim Dragon'. But no
        worries; you're about to get the 'Erde Kaiser'! Or are you? It seems
        the professor needs Assistant Scott afterall! But where could
        Assistant Scott be?! Where else but the 'Iron Man' bar at City Sector
        26 & 27? Talk to him and he explains how the professor needs him.
        After that, he runs off in a hurry. You should, too!
      * Final Chapter - Part II: Friendships are Forever...
           When you return to the lab, it is now time to finally assemble all
        off the parts to create the 'Erde Kaiser'. Together, the professor
        and Assistant Scott successfully manage to assemble Shion's final
        Ether, and their dream to create an invincible robot becomes a
      * Special Notes
           Keep in mind that the 'Erde Kaiser' Ether costs 60 EP to use
        during battle. Good thing you upgraded Shion's EP...right? If not,
        use as many Tech Points as possible to upgrade Shion's EP. This would
        be a good time to use any Tech Upgrades you have left in your
        inventory. As a last resort, you can still equip Shion with the
        Silver Crown, which raises Max EP by 15%!
                       ** --- Xenogears Reference --- **
         In Xenogears, there are four women you have to fight during
      various points in the game. They are called the Elements. The names
      of the Elements seemed to have been used to name the four parts that
      make up Erde Kaiser, though the names were altered a bit.
         And if that isn't enough, the transformation of Erde Kaiser when
      you summon it is suspiciously similar to the transformation of the
      Elements' Gears into one giant robot in Xenogears. Interesting.
                    +-+ Section B: Fish Detector  +-+
           By completing this quest, you gain Decoder 8 which is necessary to
        complete the Segment Address Side Quest. In addition, the item behind
        Segment Door 8 is one of the required items to receive Shion's most
        powerful Ether, Erde Kaiser. So by completing this simple side quest,
        you are practically killing three Gnosis with one stone.
      *    First off, go to the Dock Colony and speak to the woman standing
        in front of the Clinic. She will mention how her husband lost his
        Fish Detector. She admits she made the mistake of putting it in his
        tuxedo pocket before sending it off to the cleaners. The only
        cleaners in the game lies at City Sector 26 & 27 of the Kukai
      *    Next, head to City Sector 26 & 27 of the Kukai Foundation. Go to
        the next screen on the left. Make your way to the upper floor of the
        cleaners and search for a tuxedo hanging on the wall. A set of stairs
        leading downward can be seen directly to the left of the tuxedo. When
        you locate the tuxedo, walk up to hit and press the CIRCLE button.
        You will then receive the Fish Detector.
      *    Now head to 'Iron Man' bar at City Sector 26 & 27. Go to the left
        part of the bar and look for a blonde-haired woman in a light purple
        outfit. She her lost the Engagement Ring and had recently received.
        It seems she dropped it and a fish got a hold of it.
      *    Now your Fish Detector comes in handy. Head to the Private Beach
        and walk up to the shore. Now you can use your Fish Detector. Walk
        into the water and try to catch the fish by using the CIRCLE button.
        You can attain three different items from the fish here. One fish has
        a Med Kit while another has a Speet Stim. You will also come across
        a fish that has the Engagement Ring the woman at the 'Iron Man' bar
        had lost.
      *    With the Engagement Ring now in your inventory, head back to the
        'Iron Man' bar and speak to the woman who lost the ring. She will
        be very greatful and present to you the Decoder 8. That is basically
        it for this small side quest. Keep in mind that you can't receive any
        rewards for returning the Fish Detector to the woman at the Dock
                 +-+ Section C: Silent Patient - Luty  +-+
            At the Dock Colony, there is a girl by the name of Luty whose
         home planet Ariadne mysteriously destroyed. Because of this, she no
         longer speaks because of the emense trauma. Before you consider
         completing this side quest, keep in mind that the prize is nothing
        more than a Tech Upgrade Z. That's 100 Tech Points for one character
        right there, but nothing extremely spectacular like very good
        equipment. If you're willing to do this for simply that item, or just
        so you can say you've done everything in the game, follow the steps
      *    Walk into the Clinic at the Dock Colony and look for a small girl
        standing by the blue flower pot. She has brunette hair and a black
        shirt. Speak to her to begin the quest. She wont say anything
      *    So make your way to the last room in the clinic all the way to the
        left. There are three blue chairs and two beds in this room. Between
        the chairs and the beds stands a nurse. Talk to her and she will tell
        you about Luty's home planet, Ariadne. Unfortunately there isn't
        anything the doctors can do to help Luty. But it seems there still
        may be some hope. Perhaps a Ariadne Flower may cheer Luty up. Alas,
        they can only be found on Ariadne. Or can they?
      *    Now you must make your way to the 'Costmary' flower shop on the
        Cathedral Ship. Once you get there, fight the Hydra to receive
        Decoder 15. Then go further into the shop and take the flower seeds
        on the table. Now get yourself out of the Cathedral Ship, unless you
        have the Decoders to Segment Addresses 9 and 13. You can also find 
        Decoders 9 and 15 in the Cathedral Ship as well.
      *    Return to the Clinic at the Dock Colony and speak to Luty again.
        Shion will give Luty the seeds so Luty can take care of them. You
        should first be able to do this after spending the night for the
        first time at the Kukai Foundation. You wont have to return here for
        a little bit, since it does take time for the flower to grow.
      *    A good time to return to Luty would be after completing the
        Encephalon. When you arrive, speak to Luty. Shion will notice that
        the flowers are blooming a little bit. They're making progress. You
        wont be able to continue the quest for a little bit.
      *    The first time you can continue this quest is during the Gnosis
        attack on the Kukai Foundation. When you arrive at the Clinic at the
        Dock Colony, it seems the flowers are finally blooming. This now
        makes Luty joyful enough to start speaking a little bit again. As
        your reward, you get a Tech Upgade Z.
    ************ VII: Emails *****
      --  This section has yet to be created. This certain
      section will be added in during a later version.  --
    ***** VIII: Various Info *****
                       Character Final Weapons
        Character    Weapon            Location
        Shion        N/A               N/A
        KOS-MOS      F-SCYTHE          Proto Merkabah
        Ziggy        MSP89SX           "Talk to Me" Item Shop
        MOMO         Penguin Rod       Defeat Mintia
        chaos        Holey Gloves      Proto Merkabah
        Jr.          BLOOD9            Proto Merkabah
                            List of Items Obtained by
            Finishing off Gnosis with MOMO'S Dark Sceptor Tech Attack
        Item Won            Gnosis
        Emerald              Unicorn, Wyrm
        Garnet               Drone G1, Drone G3, Goblin,
                             Kobold, Manticor
        Ruby                 Basilisk, Bugbear, Cerberus,
        Sapphire             Fairy, Hydra
        Diamond              Gigas
        Hemlock              Lizardman
        Frame Repair A       Ogre
        Frame Repair Z       Troll
        Skill Upgrade Z      Armaros
        Holey Gloves         Delphyne
                                 Enemy Locations
        Enemy                       Location                    Boss
        Ace Pilot          U-TIC Battleship (EVS only)         No
        Albedo             Proto Merkabah                      Yes
        Ambix              U-TIC Battleship                    Yes
        Armaros            Proto Merkabah                      No
        Athra 26 Series    Song of Nephilim                    Yes
        Attack Drone       KOS-MOS Simlulator                  No
        Azazel             Proto Merkabah                      No
        Baraqijal          roto Merkabah                       No
        Basilisk           Encephalon                          No
                           Kukai Foundation
        Bugear             Encephalon                          No
                           Kukai Foundation
        Byproduct 103      Song of Nephilim                    No
        Byproduct 145      Song of Nephilim                    No
        Byproduct 172      Song of Nephilim                    No
        Calx               Song of Nephilim                    No
        Capto Mortum       Song of Nephilim                    No
        Cerberus           Cathedral Ship                      No
        Cyber Crab         Pleroma                             No
                           U-TIC Battleship
        Cyclops            Woglinde (During attack)            Yes
        Delphyne           Proto Merkabah                      No
        Demon              Proto Merkabah                      No
        Din Gareth         U-TIC Battleship (EVS only)         No
        Dirlewanger        Encephalon                          No
        Domo Carrier       Elsa (During attack)               Yes
        Domo-A             Elsa (During attack)                No
        Domo-B             Elsa (During attack)                No
        Doppelwogel        Song of Nephilim                    Yes
        Drone F            KOS-MOS Simlulator                  No
        Drone G1           KOS-MOS Simlulator                  No
        Drone G2           KOS-MOS Simlulator                  No
        Drone G3           KOS-MOS Simlulator                  No
        Drone GX           KOS-MOS Simlulator                  Yes
        Drone M            KOS-MOS Simlulator                  No
        Drone SPX          KOS-MOS Simlulator                  No
        Ein Rugel          Song of Nephilim                    Yes
        Fairy              Cathedral Ship                      No
        Fed. Soldier A     Durandal (During attack)            No
        Fed. Soldier B     Durandal (During attack)            No
        Gardis F10         Pleroma                             Yes
        Gardis M1          Pleroma                             No
                           U-TIC Battleship
        Gargoyle           Cathedral Ship                      Yes
        Gel Fish           Kukai Foundation (During attack)    No
        Gertzog Fe         Durandal (During attack)            No
        Gertzog Ut         Durandal (During attack)            No
        Gigas              Kukai Foundation (During Attack)    Yes
        Goblin             Woglinde (During attack & EVS)      No
        Golem              Woglinde (During attack & EVS)      No
        Great Joe          Durandal                            Yes
        Gremlin            Wonglinde (During attack & EVS)     No
        Hydra              Cathedral Ship                      No
        Iosys              Proto Merkabah                      No
        Jaldabaoth         Proto Merkabah                      No
        Kobold             Encephalon                          No
                           Kukai Foundation (During attack)
        Kubel              Encephalon
        Larva Doll         Encephalon                          No
                           Kukai Foundation (During attack)
        Larva Face         Kukai Foundation (During attack)    No
        Lizardman          Cathedral Ship                      No
        Manticore          Wonglinde (During attack & EVS)     No
        Margulis           Pleroma                             Yes
        Meld Gareth        U-TIC Battleship (EVS only)         No
        Mercurio A         Pleroma                             No
        Mercurio B         Pleroma                             Yes
        Minotaur           Wonglinde (During attack)           Yes
        Mintia             Kukai Foundation                    Yes
        Orge               Cathedral Ship                      No
        Oudogogue          Cathedral Ship                      No
        Puren              Cathedral Ship                      Yes
        Proto Dora         Proto Merkabah                      Yes
        Ratatosk           Proto Merkabah                      No
        Rianon Se          Song of Nephilim                    Yes
        Schutz             Proto Merkabah                      No
        Shot Crab          Song of Nephilim                    No
        Simeon             Song of Nephilim                    Yes
        Sky Fish           Woglinde (During attack)
                           Encephalon                          No
        Sophie Peithos     Proto Merkabah                      Yes
        Staibog            Cathedral Ship                      Yes
        Svarozic           Cathedral Ship                      Yes
        Taimat             Encephalon                          Yes
        Troll              Encephalon                          No
                           Kukai Foundation
        Unicorn            Cathedral Ship                      No
        U-TIC Soldier A    Pleroma                             No
                           U-TIC Battleship
        U-TIC Soldier B    Pleroma                             No
        U-TIC Soldier C    U-TIC Battleship                    No
        U-TIC Soldier X    Pleroma                             No
        Vive               Song of Nephilim                    No
        Work Droid         Proto Merkabah                      No
        Wyrm               Kukau Foundation (During attack)    No
        Xanthosis          Proto Merkabah                      No
        Zolfo A            Pleroma                             Yes
        Zolfo B            U-TIC Battleship                    No
    *************** IX. FAQs *****
      Q: Why make a side quest guide?
      A: Why not? There are a lot of side quests in Xenosaga Episode I. And
         almost each of them have some good prizes you can win. With this
         guide, you will be able to locate and complete each side quest as
         easily as possible.
      Q: What do you think about Xenosaga's side quests?
      A: Personally, I found most of them to be fun. I wish the optional
         bosses were a bit more tough, though. Or even better, there were
         more. There just weren't any of those damn near impossible ones
         like there are in the Final Fantasy games. And some of the smaller
         quests like the Fish Detector and Luty were a bit dull and short.
         I loved finding all the Segment Addresses, though. A lot of good
         items can be found with it. Especially the prize for collecting
         all six robot parts.
      Q: What did you think of Xenosaga Episode I itself?
      A: I liked this game a lot. As far as gameplay goes, this game excels
         above some other RPGs I like. I found it to be better than
         Xenogears in gameplay, except how the enemies in Xenosaga can
         basically drop-kick your strategy with endless boosts, sometimes
         boosting over your boost. When it comes to storyline, there is no
         doubt that Xenogears is above Xenosaga Episode I. Though this is
         only the first episode, it did have a pretty good storyline itself.
         But if you compair Xenogears' storyline to Episode I's storyline,
         Xenogears is obviously the winner.
      Q: What were your likes and dislikes about the mini games?
      A: The drill game was fun at first, but it eventually got old. It can
         be frustrating, too. What I didn't like is how the last mission
         is based more on luck than skill and strategy. As for the A.G.W.S.
         Battle game, I thought it was pretty fun. I liked the Gears battle
         game in Xenogears more, though. Xeno Card is okay, but I'm not
         much into playing card games. I heard that a lot of people thought
         it was fun, though. I thought it was a cool idea. The Network
         Casino was a cool idea. You can't go wrong with gambling!
      Q: How about the optional bosses?
      A: As I mentioned before, I liked it them but I wished there was
         at least one more that was really diffucult and you can use any
         three characters you want. The only reason I had a little bit of
         trouble with Mintia was because I rarely use MOMO so she was very
         unprepared for this battle. But I just wish there was one boss
         like the Weapons in Final Fantasy VII and VIII, or Ozma in Final
         Fantasy IX. Bosses like those were really fun and even if you
         didn't get a prize for beating them (which you did), it was still
         worth fighting them.
      Q: There are some things about your guide I like/dislike. I also have
         some ideas and suggestions. What should I do?
      A: Tell me as soon as possible. I want to make this guide as good as
         it can be. I want it to be easy to find each section. I like
         organized guides, and I will except no less for a guide of my own.
         If there is anything you want to tell me about my guide, you can
         contact me. For more information on contacting me, refer to
         Part XI: Contact Me.
    ************* X: Credits *****
              Andrew Nawroth           
                                       Thanks to
                                        ** Monolith Software, Inc.
                                         ** Namco Ltd.
                                          ** BradyGames
                                           ** GameFAQs
                                            ** Notepad+
               Special Thanks to
                ** Bloomer - You alone inspired me to write.
                 ** Krixen - You're the closest friend I have who likes RPGs
                              almost as much as I do. Thanks again for all the
                               help you provided.
                    ** Quietus - Thanks for reviewing the guide and finding a
    ********* XI: Contact Me *****
       Got any questions or comments about this guide? Feel free to email me if
    needed. If there is ANYTHING I missed, I would greatly appreciate it if you
    could inform me on what I should add. Also, if you have noticed any mistakes in
    the guide, don't hesitate to notify me. I am more than happy to see what I can
    do to make this guide better.
       Please don't email me for help in the game. You can instant message me on
    AOL Instant Messenger if you want, but please make sure your question isn't
    already answered in this guide. Almost all instant messages I receive are
    clearly answered in this guide, and I don't like to waste my time. Thank you
    for your consideration. I really appreciate it.
       E-mail: Zyresoft@gmail.com
                                 ***  END OF  ***
                                 *** DOCUMENT ***
                                          (c) Copyright 2003 - 2005 Andrew Nawroth.

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