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    Debug Mode FAQ by Contraspontanus

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    Activating line measuring sequence, subroutines...
    Password: "Ye Shall be as Gods"
    ____      ____
    \   \    /   /
     \   \  /   /
      \   \/   /
       \      /
       /      \
      /   /\   \
     /   /  \   \
    /___/    \___\ENOSAGA
           EPISODE I
    Debug Menu Guide
    by Contraspontanus
    Welcome to the Xenosaga, Episode I, Der wille xur Macht, Debug Menu FAQ.
    This is my first FAQ, so bear with me, but I think it may help, once finished.
    As of yet, this is incomplete, however, it does translate the first page of the
    Debug menu, and I'm working on the rest. If anyone else thinks they can do a
    better job at this than me, they probably can, and if they want to take over,
    I give anyone permission to use any information in this FAQ, as long as they
    give credit where due and use it ONLY to make another FAQ. If you are making a
    website, contact me before hand. That said, lets move on to what I do have.
    [2]Version History:
    0.25 - First Version, this one.
       [1] Intro
       [2] Version History
       [3] Index (j00 are here)
       [4] Debug Codes
       [5] Menu Controls
       [6] Main Menu
       [7] What's it mean?
       [8] More To Come
       [9] Special Thanks
       [10] Legal SCHTUFF!
    These are for the NTSC version of the game. It is the only one I have.
    0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
    EE9E3A1A BCC9572A
    Note: This code MUST be entered into your Gameshark, Action Replay, or
           Codebreaker to use the debug codes.
    Activate Debug Menu
    DE9A9F4E C8B2B16D
    DE9D6CE6 BCA99B83
    Note: Pressing start will bring up the menu.
    Codes by Codejunkies! www.codejunkies.com
    Once you enter these codes, go to load a game. You will notice some debugging
    info on the side of the screen about what memory card you are using. If there
     ISN'T any text on the side of the screen when you go to load, something is
    wrong. Check that you havbe the code entered right.
    Now, once your game is loaded, hit start and Viola! There it is, the debug
    menu! In all it's glory.. . one problem...
    It's in Japanese, even in the US version of the game...
    But never fear, THAT is why I made this FAQ.
    [5] Menu Controls:
    0: Select
    X: Cancel
    [select]: Exit Menu
    L1: Previous Menu
    R1: Next Menu
    [Square]: Next Page (Current Menu)
    [Up]: Cursor Up
    [Down]: Cursor Down
    [Left]: Adjust, High.
    [Right]:Adjust, Low.
    [6] Main Menu:
    Hit start and you should see something like this. Note, for your convenience,
    this has all been translated into English. The developers left it in Japanese.
                                        USED  : 16257024
    =     DEBUG MENU      =             REMAIN:   520192
    >  CHANGE MAP          101.MC_ELS02
       CHANGE LEADER      0001
       SNAP             game0000
       MAP FOLDER         DATA¥MAP¥
       EXECUTE CF    O
       EXECUTE EVENT 0                   PLAYER POSITION
       RENDERER (DISP1)                     0.0000000
    [7] What does it mean?
    USED and REMAIN: These are in english on the original. My guess is it refers to
    RAM. It's not important.
    CHANGE MAP: THIS is what I'm talking about. Scroll left and right, you will see
    every map in the game. Hit O and it takes you there. Warning, some maps crash
    the game. Use at your own disgression.
    Avoid 'test' maps and ''mc_eve' maps.. these are events.
    CHANGE LEADER: This setting changes the lead character on the screen. It has
    thousands of options. WARNING! ONLY enter 1 through 6 on here! All other
    numbers WILL cause the game to freeze, AFAIK.
    EXECUTE BATTLE: Simple enough, right? Well... I don't even know if it works. As
    of yet, I've only tried it in the Elsa, and every time I do, it loads the
    battle, gives me a black background, every feild effect, then it freezes. It
    may work in places that have battles, though.
    SNAP: Not sure yet.
    MODEL, MAP, and SCENE folders. AFAIK, there is NO use what so ever in changing
    these. You have two options, the default,and the 'test'. I believe the 'test'
    folders were removed at publication.
    EXECUTE CF. Not sure, it seems CF has to do with the Camera Angles, though.
    Expect this to be explored. Thouroughly.
    EXECUTE EVENT. Again, I know what it does, but not how to use it. This executes
    event sequences. I wonder if that censored Momo/Albedo scene is still in here
    CF0000. No clue. This number seems to be decided by EXECUTE CF and EXECUTE
    EVENT. So what you set them to, changes this.
    RENDERER (might be antialiasing). This SEEMS to change the in-game graphics
    engine. Only scroll through these backwardsm or they don't work correctly.
    Options are "DISP1" "SOFT" and the hiragana (japanese text) for 'nashi',
    japanese for 'without'. I think DISP1 is hardware rendering/filtering, SOFT is
    software filtering, and 'nashi' is no filtering.
    MAJOR NOTE: I do not speak japanese very well, let alone read it. Most of this
    was pretty easy to translate, but not this. All of those characters are KANJI.
    Anyone who knows much about the Japanese language, knows that explains  all my
    problems. I do not know exactly what this button reads, hence I can't tell
    exactly what it does. Either way, leave it like it is. It looks best anyways.
    PLAYER POSITION, the simple X, Y, and Z coordinants of your avatar in digital
    ...is that it?
    Of course not!
    There are many more screens of debug info, some useful, some not. I'm not
    entirely sure on all of them myself, this is why I'm ending.
    But panic not, this is only the first version.
    More will come.
    For now, I'm sure this will help someone.
    [9]Special Thanks
    My darling Kimmy for all her love,
    Squaresoft for all their wonderful games, such as Xenogears, without which
    there would be no Xenosaga.
    Monolithsoft, for this MASTERPIECE of gaming, Xenosaga.
    Zenosaga.com, for being the BEST Xeno-site on the net.
    And Kevin and Shion, for KOS-MOS. *drool*
    And MEGATOKYO, www.megatokyo.com, for all those hours of entertainment!
    [10]Legal SCHTUFF
    Xenosaga and all related characters are registered trademarks of Monolithsoft,
    a mighty fine company whom I don't work for, neither have I any connection to,
    though I wouldn't complain if I did.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright. Unless otherwise stated in this file.
    Copyright 2003, Patrick 'Contraspontanus' Collands
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