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    Battle Quote Guide by ElloniaNightingale

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                            ~Xenosaga Battle Quote Guide~
                               by Ellonia Nightingale
                                    ver. 0.98
              //VERSION HISTORY\\
      Ver. 0.98 - (August 8, 2004)
         Added some new quotes, changed format a bit, added more info for
         KOS-MOS' Ether.
      Ver. 0.97 - (October 18, 2003)
         Added some new notes about various quotes.  
      Ver. 0.96 - (September 2, 2003)
         Fixed Jr. Ether quote, added some KOS-MOS ether info.
      Ver. 0.95 - (August 16, 2003)
         Started guide. Only a few more things and it's 100 percent complete!
              //TABLE OF CONTENTS\\
      I.    Legal Issues
      II.   Introduction
              i)  Why Make the Guide?
              ii) Terminology
      III.  Battle Quotes
              i)   Shion
              ii)  KOS-MOS
              iii) chaos
              iv)  MOMO
              v)   Ziggy
              vi)  Jr.
      IV.   KOS-MOS' Ether
      V.    Extra Goodies
      VI.   Uncertainties
      VII.  Credits
      IX.   Contact Information
    I.       //LEGAL ISSUES\\
    Xenosaga, its characters and all affiliations are copyrighted by, thus property
    of Namco and any subsidiaries thereof. All quotes are the product of their
    respective writers, and if there's anything I missed, they're protected too.
    This guide is also copyrighted by me, Ellonia Nightingale. So far, the only
    site I allow this guide to be posted on is www.GameFAQs.com. If you'd like
    to use this guide for your page, please email me. As of now, the only sites
    permitted to use this guide on their pages are as follows:
    ::GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    ::GameNotOver (http://gamenotover.com)
    ::Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com)
    ::GameScripts (http://gamescripts.0catch.com/)
    II.      //INTRODUCTION\\
    i.   |Why Make the Guide?|
    To be honest, I think it was boredom. That, coupled with seeing "What's _______
    saying?" in the Xenosaga forums and my raving desire to find out what KOS-MOS
    says when she casts an ether. But mainly, I was bored, and I just happen to
    love the quotes =^^.= Anywho, enjoy!
    ii.  |Terminology|
    This is a little explanation on the format I used to record all the quotes, so
    if you get confused as to what something means, here's a little explanation:
    |>Character Name<| +The character's name.+
    =Pre-Battle=: +Quotes said when you enter a battle, before the fighting begins.+
      Normal: +Pre-Battle quotes for normal battles. A character typically has
               four of these.+
      Boss: +Pre-Battle quote for boss battles. Just one per character.+
      Conditional: +Pre-battle quotes that only occur under specific 
                    circumstances, which are explained in paranthesis.+
    =Post-Battle=: +Quotes said after you win a battle.+
      Normal: +Post-battle quotes for normal battles. Each character has three of
      Conditional: +Post Battle quotes with conditions, explained in paranethesis.+
      Low-HP: +Post-battle quote for when you finish the battle with your HP in the
               critical (red) state. One per character.+
      Last Stand: +Post-battle quote for when all other characters are KO'd. Not
                   all characters have a unique one.+
    =During Battle=: +Quotes said during the battle.+
      Death: +Quote said when you lose all your HP.+
      Revive: +Quote said when another character revives you after being KO'd.+
      Readying Tech: +Quote said when preparing to use a tech attack.+
      Unsaid Techs: +Specific techs that don't have their name announced in the
      Casting Ether: +Quote said when casting an ether. Some characters have two or
                      more, depending on the ether. The exception is listed in
      Using Items: +Quote said when a character uses an item. Each character has
                    two, depending on whether the item is used on yourself or an
                    ally. The exception is listed in parenthesis.+
      A.G.W.S.: +Quote said when boarding an A.G.W.S. KOS-MOS and Ziggy are the
                 only characters who cannot board an A.G.W.S.+
    Well, without further adeu, I give you the pez to fill the dispenser =^^.=
    III.     //BATTLE QUOTES\\
    i.                          |Shion|
    "Do you really think this is a good idea?"
    "Get out of my way! Or else..."
    "Okay, here we go."
    "I've come this far, I can't lose now!"
    "KOS-MOS, let's go." (With KOS-MOS in Active Party)
    "KOS-MOS! Activate Hilbert Effect!" (With KOS-MOS in Active Party)
    "Commander, is that really you?" (During Gargoyle/Cherenkov Battle)
    "Great! I collected some good data."
    "Who would've thought one of Miyuki's inventions would come in handy?"
    "Okay, let's go on."
      Conditional: None
    "Take it easy on me... I'm not meant for this line of work!"
      Last Stand: 
    "Is everyone alright...?"
    =During Battle=
      Death: "I'm sorry... everyone..."
      Revive: "I'm not... done yet..."
      Readying Tech: "Take this!"
      Unsaid Techs: None
      Casting Ether:
    "Open ether circuit!" (Normal Ether)
    "Reveal thy ancient power to me..." (Robot Parts/Erde Kaiser)
      Using Items: "Good!" (Self)
                   "Here!" (Ally)
      A.G.W.S.: "Transmit A.G.W.S.!"
    ii.                         |KOS-MOS|
    "Target locked on. Commencing combat mode."
    "Hilbert Effect active. Gnosis materialization complete."
    "All battle systems are go."
    "Disabling auto-safety. Destroy all targets!"
    "Your orders, Shion?" (With Shion in Active Party)
    "All systems clear."
    "The enemies have been exterminated."
    "My external appearance is down 5%. Shion, I need to be cleaned."
    (With Shion in Active Party)
    "Requesting recovery of HP."
      Last Stand: 
    "I recommend reorganizing the group."
    =During Battle=
      Death: "Shutting down."
      Revive: "Returning to battle."
      Readying Tech: "Charging."
      Unsaid Techs: X-BUSTER, all weapons (F-GSHOT, etc.)
      Casting Ether: See Section IV.
      Using Items: None (Doesn't say anything)
    iii.                        |chaos|
    "Poor lost souls... may you be reborn again anew!"
    "I won't let anyone die!"
    "I guess there's no choice but to fight!"
    "Please stand down. I don't want meaningless bloodshed!"
    "This is no ordinary force! Everyone, be careful!"
      Conditional: None
    "Come on everyone, we still have a long ways to go!"
    "May all your souls rest in peace..."
    "Is everyone okay?"
    "Ugh... that was tougher than I expected..."
      Last Stand: None (same as normal)
    =During Battle=
      Death: "I'm sorry... everyone..."
      Revive: "Thanks... for the help..."
      Readying Tech: "Ready?"
      Unsaid Techs: None
      Casting Ether: "Unleash some of thy powers!"
      Using Items: "Alright!" (Self)
                   "Here!" (Ally)
      A.G.W.S.: "Transmit A.G.W.S.!"
    iv.                         |MOMO|
    "I'm gonna do my best!"
    "You don't know when to give up!"
    "Why are you doing this?"
    "Now you guys are in trouble!"
    "I'm gonna try hard for everyone!"
    "I'm not a tool you can just use!" (During Margulis Battle)
    "We won!"
    "I'm sorry! Are you okay?"
    "You can count on me!"
    "Oops, I guess I overdid it..." (Ending Battle while Transformed)
    "I was a little scared..."
      Last Stand: None (same as normal)
    =During Battle=
      Death: "I'm... sorry..."
      Revive: "I can still fight..."
      Readying Tech: "Here I go!"
      Unsaid Techs: None
      Casting Ether:
    "Mystic Power... grant me a miracle!" (Normal Ether)
    "Star Wind... power up!" (Star Wind Transformation)
    "Starlight... power up!" (Starlight Transformation)
      Using Items: "Ya!" (Self)
                   "Here!" (Ally)
      A.G.W.S.: "Come, A.G.W.S.!"
    v.                          |Ziggy|
    "I will show you what a true battle is like!"
    "Watch the enemy closely, and react quickly!"
    "Do not hesitate if you wish to live!"
    "A worthy adversary!"
      Conditional: "MOMO, be careful. This is no ordinary foe."
                   (During Margulis Battle)
    "Don't take it too hard. You didn't stand a chance."
    "The outcome was decided even before the battle began."
    "The first rule of survival is to only think about oneself."
    "Perhaps interference still lingers within me..."
      Last Stand: None (same as normal)
    =During Battle=
      Death: "I'm sorry...!"
      Revive: "I owe you one... thanks!"
      Readying Tech: "Let's go!"
      Unsaid Techs: Lightning Fist, Cyber Kick, all weapons (Beam/Missile Pods)
      Casting Ether: "Ready?"
      Using Items: "Hm!" (Self)
                   "Use this!" (Ally)
    vi.                         |Jr.|
    "Well, guess I'm gonna get some exercise after all!"
    "I got no time for wusses like you!"
    "Heh, this is gonna be fun..."
    "There's no turning back! Let's do it!"
    "That was too easy!"
    "Alright! Let's call it a day!"
    "Sayonara, baby."
    "Dang... that was embarrassing...!"
      Last Stand: None (same as normal)
    =During Battle=
      Death: "Ugh... not good...!"
      Revive: "*Phew* Thought I was a goner..."
      Readying Tech: "Take this!"
      Unsaid Techs: None
      Casting Ether:
    "Ether Drive!" (Normal Ether)
    "You can do it, Great Joe!" (Summoning Great Joe)
        >>There's some confusion here. Quite allot of people believe the quote
        is actually "Give it to 'em, Great Joe!". Yet again something I need to
        check out... <<
      Using Items: "Alright!" (Self)
                   "Take this!" (Ally)
      A.G.W.S.: "Watch this! I'm gonna take 'em out, right now!"
    IV.     //KOS-MOS' ETHER\\
    To start off, for those out on the hunt, here's some possible ideas for the
    actual words KOS-MOS is saying:
              - la estu terridas
              - Lans tu dah etah
              - la seru tu etas
              - La sebu toh, E tah
              - là où est le vrai vous (French for "Where is the real you?")
              - Lost and Returned (or Return) through Time
    The following was emailed to me by Chris Rhoton <scherzophrenic@hotmail.com>.
    People, I do believe we've had a breakthrough =^^.=
     I was reading your article about character battle dialogue in Xenosaga, and 
     think I know something about KOS-MOS's ether line, or at least a starting 
     is based on Hellinistic (Greek) Gnosticism.  Also, notice the Greek text in 
     all of Shion's ether sequences (I couldn't see them well enough to read), and 
     the Greek word XOSMOS (pronounced 'kosmos', meaning 'world' or 'universe') in 
     all of KOS-MOS's attacks.  I'm not certain, but I believe she is saying 
     something with the word 'ether' in it in her spells.  I haven't been able to 
     find a  spelling for the word 'ether' in Greek, i'm guessing something like 
     'ether', 'ethar' or 'etar'.  It sounds like the last word she says is 'etar', 
     and this could easily be a mistranslation or mispronunciation.  Anyway, if you 
     know anyone who speaks Greek, or has access to a good Greek dictionary, you 
     might be able to glean something from it. I hope this was somewhat helpful.
     Chris R."
    Hope that's some useful advice for those of you still looking for an answer!
    V.      //EXTRA GOODIES\\
    The following two text translations were contributed by Blue Moon from
    suikox.com on the GameFAQs Xenosaga forums. Thanks so much! =^^.=
              |Erde Kaiser|
    "The word there is "Kaguya Kishin Ken"
    Translates to "Kaguya Machine God Sword."
    Princess Kaguya is a character of Japanese myth, who is said to rule the moon.
    She is mentioned in the Japanese folklore, "Taketori Monogatari." She appears
    during Erde Kaiser's movie sequence.
    No clue why they named the tecnique after her tho."
    Another take on this was contributed by firestarter:
    "I was reading your Battle Quote Guide, and I noticed something about 
    your information on Kayuga Kishin Ken.  You say that Kayuga was ruler of 
    the moon, and yet you don't know why they would use her?  Well, a 
    logical reason would be that, considering that Japanese folklore does 
    not go in depth about the stars beyond the moon, and they wanted to put 
    some Japanese mythology in it, they would use that.  As for a better 
    translation, I think Kayuga Kishin Ken could also translate to "Sword of 
    Kayuga, Machine of God," considering that Kishin's Latin translation is 
    "Deus Ex Machina," and it would fit with the bevy of powerful 
    mytholgical quotes (eg, "Ye shall be as gods") in this game.  Hope this 
              |Lunar Blade|
    "Someone asked me to translate the poem (Japanese) that is shown during the
    spellblade skill that Shion Uzuki uses.
    Trying so hard to stop
    creating mounds of corpses
    the way of war gods.
    As the full moon rise
    tears flow from my eyes.
    That's a pretty literal translation.
    A more poetic translation should be possible, but it'd take time and effort."
    IV.       //UNCERTAINTIES\\
    Here's just a bunch of things I'm unsure about in the guide. If you have any
    ideas on any of these, or any I haven't thought of, please contact me! =^^.=
    - First and foremost, KOS-MOS' ether quote. So far, there have been plenty of
      great ideas, but no one's gotten it yet ;____;
    - So far, I've only been able to find three pre-battle quotes for Ziggy and Jr.
      I assume they got ripped off in the quote department, since I can't seem to
      remember any other quotes they had, but I could be wrong.
    - MOMO's ether quote. Most people say it's "Mystic Power... grant me a
      miracle!" and some say it's "Mystic Power... grant me abilities!" then again,
      some say it depends on the ether. I've thought I've heard both in certain
      situations, but who knows? It could be my dog tricking me, for all I know.
      Anyway, it's just yet another thing I have yet to fully investigate.
    - Due to the confusion between Jr.'s Great Joe quote, I've wondered whether it
      had to do with perhaps which Joe ether was being used at the moment, or some
      other circumstance. Hrmmmm...
    - There is some speculation as to the boss battle quotes; some people say that 
      they are said in some normal battles, some otherwise. I can't remember a 
      normal battle where one was said specifically, but I may have some vague 
      recollection of one - still not sure =^^.=;;;;
    - A minor one, but whether or not there are specific post-battle quotes for boss
      battles. Yet another thing I'm 90% sure is true, but haven't checked it out in
      full as of now.
    - Another minor one, but whether Shion, in her "Great! I collected some good
      data." quote, whether she says "I" or "I've". Then again, this is probably
      just me being neurotic.
    VII.      //CREDITS\\
    Well, that's about it for now. Anyway, here's a bunch of people to whom I owe
    my thanks:
    - Blue Moon, for both posting the translated script and allowing me to use it
      =^^.= It was a big help!
    - Amablue, Grails8827@aol.com, Hojo-ML Inverse, and Noneofyour Business for 
      their quote corrections/additions. 
    - Amablue, Julie Beliveau, Kai E. Yukashi, and especially Chris Rhoton for their
      help with KOS-MOS' ether.
    - firestarter, Alexander Frost and Justin Tout for all their ideas that I still
      need to check out. Still, thanks!
    - trancingfreya, Seiraku and Chris of Zexen for their comments too!
    - Umm... everyone that replied to that post about quotes that got this whole
      thing started. I'm sorry, I can't find the post and I forget all your names
      =^^.=;;;;; But I'm sure you know who you are better than me, so thanks just
      the same!
    - Namco for creating the game, obviously.
    - Sarah and Rina-san, who got me into RPGs and FAQ-writing respectively to
      begin with. If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't be here =^^.=
    - And finally, pez. It gave me plenty of energy to withstand the Song of
      Nephilim during my research =^^.= What? The song gets annoying after a while.
    And, as promised, here's all the ways you can reach me:
    Email: ElloniaNightingale@yahoo.com
    AIM: EllyNightingale
    Telepathy: Think "pez", and you'll find me. Hopefully.
    ...and that's it. I'm going to bed.
    Copyright 2003-2004 by A. Provisor (Ellonia Nightingale) (c). 
    All rights reserved.

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