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    FAQ/Walkthrough by A I e x

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              /___/\  \___  >___|  /\____/____  >(____  /\___  (____  /
                    \_/   \/     \/           \/      \//_____/     \/ 
    |        E P I S O D E   1   -   D E R   W I L L E   Z U R   M A C H T       |
    |                   Author: A I e x                                          |
    |                   Began: January 30th, 2005                                |
    |                   Completed: February 6th, 2005                            |
    |                              Table of Contents                             |
    ** In order to navigate this guide I have implemented a Ctrl+f system, which 
    means you press ctrl+f in your browser or word processer to bring up the 
    search menu, then enter the letters in brackets on the right of the section 
    that you're looking for.
    1. Full Walkthrough....................................................(00000)
         i - Simulator.....................................................(00001)
         ii - Woglinde.....................................................(00002)
         iii - Pleroma.....................................................(00003)
         iv - Elsa.........................................................(00004)
         v - U-TIC Battleship..............................................(00005)
         vi - Dock Colony..................................................(00006)
         vii - Cathedral Ship..............................................(00007)
         viii - Durandal...................................................(00008)
         ix - Kukai Foundation.............................................(00009)
         x - Durandal......................................................(0000A)
         xi - Encephalon...................................................(0000B)
         xii - Kukai Foundation............................................(0000C)
         xiii - Song of Nephilim...........................................(0000D)
         xiv - Proto Merkabah..............................................(0000E)
    2. Sidequests..........................................................(00100)
         i - Mintia........................................................(00101)
         ii - Great Joe....................................................(00102)
         iii - Erde Kaiser.................................................(00103)
         iv - Segment Addresses............................................(00104)
         v - Minigames.....................................................(00105)
    3. Plot Summary........................................................(00010)
         i - Characters....................................................(00011)
         ii - Chapter 1....................................................(00012)
         iii - Chapter 2...................................................(00013)
         iv - Chapter 3....................................................(00014)
         v - The Ending....................................................(00015)
    4. Version History.....................................................(90000)
    5. Legal...............................................................(90001)
    6. Credits.............................................................(90002)
    |                              Full Walkthrough                      (00000) |
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                      Simulator                      |
    / |      (00001)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  After all the cutscenes at the start of the 
    |                              |  game you will find yourself in a white 
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  tutorial area.  Speak to KOS-MOS, the robot 
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  girl on your right and depending on which 
    | Med Kit................_____ |  type of attack you select you can learn 
    | Revive................._____ |  about each one.  Selecting "Real Combat" 
    | Ether Pack............._____ |  will send you into a normal fight where all 
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  the combat options are available to you.  
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  The enemies will attack you at this time but 
    | Mission Key............_____ |  the danger is laughably minimal.  Use a 
    |                              |  combination of the square and triangle 
    o------------------------------o  attack buttons to lay waste to the enemies.  
                                      Fo1llowing the fight you will learn about 
    this new area, encounters in this game are triggered by coming into physical 
    contact with the enemy.  You will notice a number of different coloured barrels 
    around, these can be detonated by pressing the square button while 
    standingdudeeby and will cripple enemies in different ways depending on what 
    colour the barrel is.  Use them to your advantage when trying to avoid battle.
    There's a ladder to the West, ascend it to the top and walk forward.  You can 
    see here that it is possible to shoot both the door and the barrel through the 
    window, press the R1 button to target the barrel and shoot it before going into 
    the room.  When you encounter the enemy you will automatically start with one 
    boost for each character.  Open the chest in there to receive two 'Med Kit S.'  
    Climb down the ladder and fight your way past the enemies down here, it is 
    possible to avoid them but preferable to fight so you can level up faster.  To 
    the right of the yellow barrel is a broken down pickup truck.  Blow it up to 
    clear the path and follow the walkway South to reach a door you can smash, 
    inside you'll find a 'Med Kit.'  Now head North and go through the large 
    opening to reach the next area.
    Climb the stairs on your right and follow the path around until you reach a 
    fork with a red barrel.  Head South and smash the box in your way to unblock 
    the path leading down to a crate containing 'Revive.'  Head back North and go 
    left at the fork, then into the door.  Follow the path to trigger a scene.  
    There's a battle here but it's more like a tutorial than a real fight.  It will 
    teach you how to select the A.G.W.S. option to use your giant robot in battle.  
    KOS-MOS unfortunately does not have an A.G.W.S. so she should just stick with 
    normal attacks here.  Select one of the two A.G.W.S. attacks and have Shion use 
    to it to more than likely end the fight.
    Approach that spinning yellow object and press the circle button to bring up 
    the save menu.  Take the Southeast stairs down but don't go into the door, 
    instead descend the ladder on your left and head South to find a room with 
    quite a few crates containing 'Ether Pack' and two 'Med Kit S.'  Further past 
    those two crates is a magic red door.  This door just so happens to be Segment 
    Address No. 10.  At this point in the game you can't open it, but later when 
    you find the key that fits this particular door you can return and get the 
    treasure that sits inside.  If you destroyed the create on the West side you'll 
    trigger a battle with some ugly looking drones which are actually quite 
    difficult.  Return to the ladder and climb up, then go into the East door.
    Sitting and shining on the lower desk is the 'Mission Key,' not surprisingly 
    you will need this to complete your mission.  Examine the door on the right 
    side of this room to unlock it and head through, be careful of that mammoth 
    robot guard hovering around this hall.  I would recommend getting to level 
    three before going any further, it really doesn't take long at all.  Examine 
    the glowing panel beside the door at the bottom of the stairs and head through.
    When you arrive get ready and then watch the scene...
    | Boss: Drone GX                                                             |
    | HP: 420   | Exp: 100   | G: 0       | T.Pts: 24  | E.Pts: 12  | S.Pts: 8   |
    |                                                                            |
    | This fight is extremely easy, but what else can you expect from the first  |
    | real boss fight of the game.  Basically select the A.G.W.S option for      |
    | Shion and then just tap the square button for the remainder of the battle. |
    | In the event that the boss goes into guard mode just guard yourself or     |
    | heal because this means the boss can do a nasty counterattack.             |
    |                                                                            |
    After the fight, watch the scene and the simulation is done.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                       Woglinde                      |
    / |      (00002)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  Take a few steps to the South and speak to 
    |                              |  the buy kneeling beside the red simulator 
    | Battle Passport........_____ |  machine.  Tell him you wish to return to the 
    | Maintenance Data......._____ |  simulator world.  Go North and into the room 
    | Drill Passport........._____ |  where you just fought the boss, inside you 
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  will find a red crate with a treasure chest 
    | Segment File..........._____ |  hidden within.  The chest contains the 
    | Med Kit................_____ |  'Battle Passport' which allows you to play 
    | Escape Pack............_____ |  one of Xenosaga's four minigames.  Use the 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  terminal beside the chest to return to the 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  Woglinde.  Navigate around to the door 
    | Frame Repair Z........._____ |  leading out of this room to the East and a 
    | Frame Repair Z........._____ |  scene will occur.  As you run down the hall 
    | 200G..................._____ |  you'll be interrupted by something, it's a 
    | Veil..................._____ |  new email!  Throughout the game you will get 
    | Veil..................._____ |  a number of different emails throughout the 
    | 200G..................._____ |  game and quite a few of them can even be 
    | Revive DX.............._____ |  replied to!  You can check your email at any 
    | Decoder 7.............._____ |  time by selecting the U.M.N. from the menu.
    | Robot Part Right Arm..._____ |  
    | Crewman's Key.........._____ |  Head South for a couple of cutscenes then 
    | SMP53AG................_____ |  continue East along the path.  Before 
    | Ether Pack............._____ |  entering leaving this walkway talk to the guy 
    | Med Kit................_____ |  at the Southeast corner.  He'll tell you he 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  has some secret information to share and ask 
    | Revive................._____ |  your email address, be sure to give it to 
    | Revive................._____ |  him.  Now head through the door to the 
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  Northeast and watch the scene.  As you run 
    | Ether Pack S..........._____ |  North you'll be stopped by Shion saying she 
    | Decoder 18............._____ |  needs something from her room.  Shion's room 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  is down the North hall so take that path at 
    | Stim..................._____ |  the fork.  Examine the red door on your way 
    | Coat-Lightning........._____ |  there to receive Segment Address No. 18.  
    | Escape Pack............_____ |  Just beyond this the door on the right leads 
    | Revive................._____ |  to Shion's room.  Examine the object on the 
    | Revive................._____ |  desk to receive 'Maintenance Data.'  Save 
    | Revive................._____ |  your game at the terminal, then you can rest 
    |                              |  in the bed if you like.  With all that out of 
    o------------------------------o  the way try to leave the room only to receive 
                                      another email.  Leave and proceed South.
    Turn and follow the West branch at the fork and enter the door to see a scene.  
    After the scene you need to speak to all the people in the room who are 
    positioned on the angled platforms.  Once you do try and go through the North 
    door to trigger another scene, then another when you actually go through it.  
    Turn around now and go directly South again, in the middle of the room with all 
    the Realians you'll receive an email.  Read it all the way through and try and 
    absorb everything, then cancel out for a quick conversation with the little 
    rabbit thing.  Now that you've considered it you have the option of replying, 
    doing so is highly recommended.  Choose the first option which is "I Will Help 
    You."  With this out of the way head back North and follow the linear path 
    until you reach a blockade.  Speak to the man on the left.
    Agree to help this mentally unstable Mr. Driller.  Doing this is quite a simple 
    process, basically everything you do is controlled with the square button and 
    you have two chances to push it.  Holding it the first time will move the drill 
    upward and letting go then holding it again will move the drill to the right.  
    Press the R2 button to change the camera angle, I find the overhead view is by 
    far the easiest to aim.  Drill away all the junk scattered around the floor and 
    the man will be so happy that he rewards you with a 'Drill Passport,' a ticket 
    to play another of Xenosaga's four minigames which is played virtually 
    identically to what you just did, except with prizes.  Mr. Driller also rewards 
    you with a 'Med Kit S' for doing such a great job.
    As you head North you'll be interrupted by yet another email.  Make your way 
    through the door at the top and enter the first door on your left, be sure to 
    save your game here.  Back in the main hall don't bother checking the other 
    door because it's locked, keep going up until you come to a brach in the path, 
    there is a lounge area on your left, as you approach it you'll receive another 
    email.  You can reply to this one, do so and select "I Read Your Secret Email" 
    as the message you send back.  Now follow the hall Northeas into the door.  
    There's a man here who will give you a tutorial on those special Segment 
    Address doors.  He gives you the 'Segment File' which will help you on your 
    quest to find them all.  Examine the door beside him to discover Segment 
    Address No. 7.  Just a few steps East of here you receive an email.  It may be 
    an advertisement, but it's certainly a nifty little feature.
    Make your way down the hall to the Northwest, you'll find two men standing on 
    the left near the end.  Speak to the one further away from you to trigger a 
    little minigame.  It's a simple game of tag where these two guys are going to 
    be chasing you, your goal is to get to the area behind where they start but if 
    you run directly at them you'll be caught.  Instead what you should do is run 
    North where there's a big rectangular obstacle thing in the middle of the 
    floor, simply run around it in either direction and they will follow you making 
    it easy to avoid them entirely.  Your reward for this menial task is a 'Med 
    Kit.'  Head Northwest, you'll see a treasure chest but you can't access it at 
    the moment, just enter the room above.  Speak to the man in the orange suit 
    standing on the right side to be able to make some purchases.
    At  the  upper  right hand  corner  of  this  o- Woglinde (Item) ------------o
    hangar is a worker who will allow you to use  |                              |
    the A.G.W.S.  simulator.  You can  fight one  | Med Kit..................20G |
    on one A.G.W.S. battles with  Shion here and  | Ether Pack...............40G |
    get some  really decent  experience.   Leave  | Escape Pack..............20G |
    the hangar and run to the East.  Through the  | Bio Sphere..............120G |
    door the path will curve  to the South, here  | Revive...................60G |
    you will  discover the  Segment Address  No.  |                              |
    16.  Enter the room  beside it and save your  o- Woglinde (Acc) -------------o
    game,  ignore  the  treasure  chest  for now  |                              |
    because  you  have  no  means  to break  the  | Uniform.................100G |
    glass.   Now you  can  finally  follow  this  | Protector................80G |
    hallway all the way around until you reach a  |                              |
    double set of orange glass doors.  Open them  o------------------------------o
    up and  take the elevator  up to the  bridge 
    for a scene.  After the scene you'll get an email, then ride the elevator down.
    The loudspeaker informs you of your awaiting package in the hangar, take the 
    long way there by going East, the reason will become clear in a second.  As the 
    path leads North there is a plant object in the middle, you must go around this 
    to the LEFT side in order to trigger a new email.  Assuming you have 500G you 
    can invest in a company and get some serious payout later, the best of these is 
    resultant from chooseing "I Will Invest in Vector."  Now return to the A.G.W.S. 
    hangar at the Northwest end of the ship.
    Speak to the man in green on the left side to receive the M.W.S., Shion's odd 
    looking weapon from the simulation.  When you leave the hangar Shion mentions 
    that she is tired so now you have to return to her room.  It's pretty much just 
    a matter of running South until you come to that fork just below the hallway 
    leading to her room.  If you take the South path and run all the way back to 
    the simulation laboratory, you will receive an email when you run along the 
    Western wall, but unless you really want all the emails including the most 
    pointless ones then it's not worth going that far out of your way for.  Head 
    back to Shion's room to trigger a lengthy scene when you enter.
    If you didn't get any Escape Pack items when you were buying from that guy in 
    the hangar it means you can't get in any battles at all without instant game 
    over.  With this in mind you're surely going to want to save your game using 
    the terminal in Shion's room.  When you get into a battle with the one above 
    you Shion automatically runs away and a scene triggers.  Head East and press 
    the second switch on the wall above you to shut the door and protect yourself.
    Further along the hall you'll reach a yellow Gnosis enemy, the button on the 
    right side in the little area will turn on a display screen and distract the 
    enemy enough for you to get by.  Around the next couple of corners you'll 
    encounter another Gnosis.  When it starts chasing you run into the office to 
    get away, now you can safely proceed.  Save and and leave here for a scene.
    Follow the hallway to the West and climb the ladder in the next room.  There's 
    a flashing green button up here, press it to suck all the Gnosis monsters out 
    into space.  Go down the ladder and continue West and talk to the tag guy who 
    is sitting just a little bit South of where the two guys were standing when you 
    played the tag game originally.  Now go into the hangar and talk to the guy on 
    the right side, he'll give you the Vaporizer Plug-in along with selling you 
    some items.  At the top part of the hangar there's two crates and one computer 
    panel you can blow up to find 'Escape Pack,' two 'Frame Repair A,' and two 
    'Fram Repair Z.'  Now leave the hangar and take a look at that chest in the 
    middle of all the wreckage.  There are two enemies guarding it who aren't going 
    to let you through under any circumstances.  To get to the chest what you need 
    to do is stand right up to the brown crate on the left side and one of the 
    Gnosis will destroy the crate.  Now quickly run up to the top of this area and 
    stand right beside one of those yellow lights.  One of the enemies will 
    approach you and get stuck in the electrical discharge of the panel, do the 
    same with the other enemy at the other panel then you are free to pick up the 
    '200G' from the crate and two 'Veil' form the treasure chest.
    Head East away from here and look for that soldier who told you to get the 
    Plug-in to see that he isn't in very good shape.  Run North and destroy that 
    huge block then climb the ladder, inside these two crates are '200G' and 
    'Revive DX.'  Head South down the hall and destroy the big pile of cars, now 
    get ready.  If you played the tag game you'll be familiar with this, the 
    situation is exactly the same except with the Gnosis instead of friendly 
    shipmates, and a greusome bloody death instead of "Haha you lose!" if you're 
    caught.  You're actually faster than they are so keep an eye on your radar and 
    maybe even allow them to catch up a bit, you don't want one of them to catch on 
    to you and go around the other side because he was so far away.  After the 
    chase you'll meet up with Sgt. Swaine again automatically and receive the 
    'Decoder 7.'  The Decoders are what open those red doors, so now you can open 
    up door number seven which coincedentally happens to be just above you.  Inside 
    is a chest containing the 'Robot Part Right Arm.'
    Proceed South through the door to trigger a cutscene.  Examine the body on the 
    ground directly beside you to receive the 'Crewman's Key.'  Now you can unlock 
    the door on the left leading to a room with a chest containing 'SMP53AG.'  
    Leave this room and go into the one below it to save your game.  Now leave the 
    room and head South for yet another scene.  Following this is a boss fight.
    | Boss: Cyclops                                                              |
    | HP: 560         | Exp: 560          | T.Pts: 30  | E.Pts: 16  | S.Pts: 24  |
    |                                                                            |
    | The difficulty of this fight really depends on your ability to keep your   |
    | thumb off the triangle button.  The triangle ether attacks will charge     |
    | up the boss' counter boost and cause it to counterattack with a powerful   |
    | laser strike that hits your entire party.  If you use the square button    |
    | melee attacks this will never occur and you'll be home free.  The only one |
    | problem is that Shion's attacks are extremely pitiful against this boss    |
    | and healing/guarding will be virtually all she's used for in this fight.   |
    |                                                                            |
    When you have control of Shion once again destroy the vending machine and plant 
    stand above you to find 'Ether Pack' and 'Med Kit.'  There's an enemy nearby 
    but don't worry, you can safely attack them now.  If you go East a quick little 
    camera pan will show to a red coloured switch in the office, go in there and 
    press the button.  Now follow the hallway North and save your game in Shion's 
    room, you can heal as well.  Head North and blow up the object in the middle of 
    the floor to reveal a 'Bio Sphere.'  You can use the yellow barrel to hinder 
    the movement of the enemies.  Now go through the door past the fiery wreckage 
    above you.  Smash the object in the centre to receive two 'Revive' items, then 
    make your way East down the hall.
    Up the path in that small area where you turned on the monitor for the Gnosis 
    enemy last time are some objects you can break revealing 'Med Kit S' and 'Ether 
    Pack S.'  Further North still you will reach that glass office.  Now you can 
    use your Vaporizer to smash the glass and gain access to the treasure chest 
    which contains 'Decoder 18.'  This Decoder works on the red door just below 
    Shion's room, avoid going back there yet though, you'll have the chance soon.  
    Head West to the next area then run South where you'll encounter an enemy in 
    the tag hallway, just run South and stop him by blowing up that red barrel.  
    Destroy the object in the centre of the Southern room to receive 'Bio Sphere' 
    and then return back to the South.  Keep following this hallway down until you 
    reach a bridge.  Beside the flaming hole are four crates, the bottom of which 
    hides a treasure chest containing 'Stim.'  Now that you've got this you need to 
    go back North and take the Eastern hall at the first fork you come to, the one 
    where Sgt. Swaine's body lies crouched on the ground...
    When you reach the orange doors leading to the elevator in that central hall 
    again, take the South doors.  This will lead you back to Shion's room once 
    again, use the Decoder 18 to get into the red door below her room and open the 
    chest to receive 'Coat-Lightning.'  Save and heal in Shion's room, then go all 
    the way South past the Gnosis eating the mech.  When you come to the yellow 
    Gnosis take the West path which is somewhat hard to see, it leads to two large 
    crates, the lower hiding an enemy and the upper containing an 'Escape Pack.'  
    Run down across the  metal walkway and blow up the four panels against the wall 
    beside the large Gnosis enemy to find three 'Revive' items.  Make your way 
    South and watch the scene when you go through the door, get ready for...
    | Boss: Minotaur                                                             |
    | HP: 920         | Exp: 150          | T.Pts: 42  | E.Pts: 30  | S.Pts: 12  |
    |                                                                            |
    | Have Shion get into her A.G.W.S. right at the beginning of this fight,     |
    | there are two smaller enemies here which you'll have to take care of       |
    | before the actual boss, each Sky Fish have 240 HP.  KOS-MOS should do a    |
    | single attack so that she charges two AP for the next turn and then use    |
    | her R-CANNON.  Shion's submachine gun A.G.W.S attack is perfectly          |
    | effective, the A.G.W.S. probably won't need to be healed but you might     |
    | have to use a Med Kit S on KOS-MOS near the end of the fight.              |
    |                                                                            |
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                       Pleroma                       |
    / |      (00003)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  After all those cutscenes I highly recommend 
    |                              |  you use that save point on your right.  Head 
    | Scope.................._____ |  North and then East to find two crates you 
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  can destroy, inside you'll find 'Scope' and 
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  in the tube there are two 'Ether Upgrade S.'  
    | Revive................._____ |  Follow the Northeast path and watch the 
    | Revive................._____ |  scene.  In this section you should use your 
    | Snake Hunter..........._____ |  radar in order to determine where the enemies 
    | Decoder 11............._____ |  are.  The hard floor will make noise when you 
    | Veil..................._____ |  run on it so hold R2 to walk.  Carefully walk 
    | Veil..................._____ |  East to reach the next room.  In this room 
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  there are two objects you can blow up just 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  through the archway, the lower contains two 
    | Ether Pack S..........._____ |  'Revive' and the upper has a hidden breakable 
    | Revive................._____ |  wall behind it.  Go through and open the 
    | 100G..................._____ |  chest at the top to receive 'Snake Hunter.'  
    | Master Key............._____ |  Break the stone tablet just above it to 
    | Speed Stim............._____ |  reveal Segment Address No. 4.  Head back down 
    | Decoder 4.............._____ |  and make your way East, destroy the object in 
    | Med Kit................_____ |  the centre of the room to find a chest 
    | Ether Upgrade Z........_____ |  containing 'Decoder 11.'  Now continue East.
    | Ether Pack............._____ |  
    | Ether Pack............._____ |  There's a large A.G.W.S. in this area.  To 
    | Ether Pack S..........._____ |  avoid fighting it simply operate the crane 
    | Ether Pack S..........._____ |  down the walkway to the Southwest.  Not only 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  will this distract the mech but also make a 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  treasure chest available.  Climb down the 
    | 8 Med Kit S............_____ |  ladder and run East for a scene.  You'll have 
    | Thief Ring............._____ |  to fight a battle against two normal enemies 
    |                              |  but just use your square attack to defeat 
    o------------------------------o  them quickly.  Take the Southwest exit out of 
                                      this room.  At the bottom of the stairs use 
    the yellow barrel to incapacitate the guard and grab the treasure chest on the 
    left side containing two 'Veil.'  Run to the East side and take the South door.
    In the room on the left you will find a number of crates, the lower left one 
    hides an enemy but the others contain a plethora of items including 'Med Kit 
    S,' 'Bio Sphere,' 'Ether Pack S,' 'Revive' and '100G.'  Go down the hall and 
    through the East door.  Before approaching the guard droid be sure to heal 
    yourself to full health.  Use the triangle button to defeat this enemy and 
    ignore the two laser pods that soon accompany it.  After the battle open the 
    chest to receive 'Master Key.'  Return to the cell block and open the cell on 
    the left to find a 'Speed Stim' inside.  Open the one in the middle and save 
    your game, then finally open the one on the right.  After the scene the first 
    thing you should do is like MOMO said, position her behind Ziggurat using the 
    Battle Formation option in your menu.  Now run to the West.
    Get into a battle with the large A.G.W.S. here, now that you have MOMO in your 
    party you can defeat it, though it will still take quite awhile.  With MOMO's 
    healing spell and ability to put the A.G.W.S. to sleep she can be the support 
    character while Ziggurat uses Guard every other turn, and then follows with a 
    Square + Square + Circle combo against the enemy.  For defeating it you receive 
    the 'Decoder 4.'  Ascend the ladder and run to the left to find that you can no 
    longer go this way.  Turn around and backtrack as far as the room where you 
    fought the droid to get the Master Key.  Watch the scene when you get into this 
    room and press the button on the upper right computer terminal.  Now leave 
    the room and head through the Southwest door for another scene down the stairs.
    Make your way West and do your best to avoid the brown stick slime on the 
    ground, it will only slow you down.  Take the left path at the first fork and 
    then cross the small bridge on your right, follow this path back across the 
    bridge to the left path again and take the small bridge North when you come to 
    it, this will lead you back to the right a bit where a canister containing 'Med 
    Kit' awaits.  Before returning to the main path head North through the door to 
    find an area with a treasure chest at the back containing 'Ether Upgrade Z.'  
    Break the objects on the left and right sides and pick up the two 'Ether Pack' 
    and 'Ether Pack S.'  Go back to the previous path and head West.
    Smash the two canisters and pick up the 'Revive,' then go down and up the 
    ladders as you slowly make your way to the left.  Once you're across you'll 
    find an area where it's hard to navigate because of your vision being blocked 
    by the ceiling pipes, at the lower left corner of this section is a short path 
    leading to a canister containing 'Ether Pack S.'  Keep going West until you 
    come to a ladder, then climb up once you're prepared.  Here you'll have to 
    fight three A.G.W.S. units but none of them are nearly as hard individually as 
    the other one, in fact there's a really cheap trick to winning this fight.  
    Have MOMO use her Sheep Beam on the left and right green Mercurios and the 
    middle red one will actually say "Why are you sleeping" and attack them himself 
    for almost 200 damage.  Just keep them asleep and keep attacking the red unit 
    in the middle, finish off the other two once you're done.
    After the battle destroy the forklift and pick up the two 'Bio Sphere.'  Make 
    sure to break the crates above you as well for a total of eight 'Med Kit S.'  
    Leave this room through the Northeast door and save your game in this room 
    before going any further, I recommend using a Bio Sphere as well.  When you go 
    up to the North.  Head East into the next room and use that secret path you 
    found to reach Segment Address 4 again, now that you have the Decoder 4 you can 
    go inside and open the chest containing 'Thief Ring.'  Now that you have this 
    go back down and run all the way to the right to trigger a scene.
    | Boss: Margulis                                                             |
    | HP: 820         | Exp: 2400         | T.Pts: 58  | E.Pts: 60  | S.Pts: 26  |
    |                                                                            |
    | This is an extremely difficult fight, so difficult in fact that you aren't |
    | even required to win it.  If you do want to win the fight however and get  |
    | a special Purple Ring, you'll have to prepare beforehand with some serious |
    | leveling up.  Accompanying this there's also some other things to note,    |
    | first of all the boss can knock you into the back row so having MOMO       |
    | behind Ziggy is a given, also to add extra damage you'll need to use some  |
    | of those support items you picked up in the area.  The boss has two        |
    | special attacks called Flame Dragon and Lightning Phoenix which absorb     |
    | Fire and Lightning respectively on the next turn, not coincedentally       |
    | these happen to be the two elements of Ziggy's special attacks so make     |
    | to use the opposite one to the element he becaomes immune to.              |
    |                                                                            |
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                         Elsa                        |
    / |      (00004)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  When you get control of your character here, 
    |                              |  head Southwest and go through the door.  
    | Card Passport.........._____ |  Speak to the robot to obtain 'Card Passport' 
    | Disarm Key............._____ |  which allows you to play the third minigame 
    | Ether Pack............._____ |  in Xenosaga Episode 1.  Head back to the room 
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  your started it and exit to the Northwest.  
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  As you go down the stairs you'll receive an 
    | Med Kit................_____ |  email, and then another one if you take the 
    | Med Kit................_____ |  path up on the right.  The second one rewards 
    | Ether Upgrade A........_____ |  you with some Ether Pack S items for your 
    | 50G...................._____ |  investment, you need to manually download the 
    | 200G..................._____ |  attachment to receive the items.  Go back 
    | 150G..................._____ |  down and left a bit to reach a door in the 
    | 50G...................._____ |  centre of this area leading down into the 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  crew quarters.  In the middle of this room 
    | Spirit Pendant........._____ |  there is a curved couch on the right side, 
    | Decoder 10............._____ |  examine this couch along the lower section 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  using the circle button to find an invisible 
    | Med Kit................_____ |  'Disarm Key.'  Leave this room and go North, 
    | 5 Ether Upgrade A......_____ |  around the next crew quarters area until you 
    | 150G..................._____ |  reach a 4-way split with the upper path 
    | 100G..................._____ |  pointing toward the bridge.  Head East here
    | Fiber Suit............._____ |  to reach a save point and gray shop terminal.
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  
    | 5 Ether Upgrade A......_____ |  Return to the fork and head South to the 
    | Hazardous Area Map....._____ |  large area, on the West side you will find an 
    | Med Kit DX............._____ |  elevator which takes you down to B1.  On the 
    | Ether Pack............._____ |  lower floor take a few steps up and destroy 
    | Ether Pack............._____ |  the object on your left for an 'Ether Pack.'  
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  As you walk to the East side you will receive 
    | Escape Pack............_____ |  another email.  There's a fork here with 
    | Antidote..............._____ |  North and South paths, take the North path 
    | 5 Skill Upgrade A......_____ |  and go into the door, there are a number of 
    | Ether Upgrade A........_____ |  crates to destroy in here which contain two 
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  'Ether Upgrade S' and two 'Med Kit.'  Leave 
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  the room and head South.  At the bottom of 
    | Antidote..............._____ |  the path on the left side are two wall untis 
    | Antidote..............._____ |  you can destroy to reveal a hidden path, get 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  the 'Ether Upgrade A' and '50G' at the end.  
    | Skill Upgrade S........_____ |  Follow the regular path further to the 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  Southeast, at the bottom of the stairs 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  collect the '200G' and '150G' from the 
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  crates.  Proceed West and save your game 
    | Ether Pack............._____ |  when you get through the door.
    | Antidote..............._____ |  
    | Escape Pack............_____ |  Take the North door and destroy the two units 
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  on the left wall to reveal Segment Address 
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  No. 8.  There's a computer terminal to your 
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  right, when you activate it a path will form 
    | Escape Pack............_____ |  and connect the two sides.  Take the right 
    | Booster Pack..........._____ |  branch to find '200G' then take the left 
    | Booster Pack..........._____ |  '50G,' a 'Bio Sphere,' 'Spirit Pendant' and 
    |                              |  'Decoder 10.'  Leave this lower section and 
    o------------------------------o  return to the fork, take the North path and 
                                      then make a left when you reach a wall.  
    Destroy everything here to receive 'Bio Sphere,' 'Med Kit,' and five 'Ether 
    Upgrade A.'  Backtrack a little and take the   
    right  path  this time,  keep  following the  o- Elsa (Item) ----------------o
    hallway  ignoring  the  first door you pass,  |                              |
    then  go   through the  second door  leading  | Med Kit..................20G |
    West.  This leads to a huge  open area  with  | Ether Pack...............40G |
    all sorts of  objects to destroy on both the  | Revive...................60G |
    left  and  right sides, hitting all  of them  | Cure-All................100G |
    will net you  '150G,' '100G,' 'Fiber  Suit,'  | Antidote.................60G |
    'Ether Upgrade S,' and  Segment  Address No.  | Neuro Stim...............60G |
    14.  Make your  way back to  the save  point  | Escape Pack..............20G |
    room with chaos again.                        | Bio Sphere..............120G |
                                                  |                              |
    Leave this  room to the  South and take  the  o- Elsa (Acc) -----------------o
    elevator down.  Check out the  crates on the  |                              |
    left side of the hangar  to get five  'Ether  | Metal Wear..............200G |
    Upgrade A.' Talk to the robot in the  middle  | Fiber Suit..............320G |
    of  the  area to  buy some  stuff  for  your  | D Unit V2...............400G |
    A.G.W.S.  and  then   take the  upper   left  | Metal Helmet............100G |
    elevator,  go through  the door for a scene.  | Protector................80G |
    Leave  the  room to  find  out that your new  | Spirit Pendant..........400G |
    destination  is  the  bridge.  Before  going  |                              |
    there ride the  elevator down and  run South  o- Elsa (Card) ----------------o
    to find Tony,  he'll  ask  you for a favour.  |                              |
    Return to the  main floor and  head  back to  | Starter Set.............400G |
    that robot  who gave  you the Card  Passort,  | Card Pack #1............100G |
    run slightly South past the robot to trigger  |                              |
    an email.  Leave this room and return to the  o------------------------------o
    lower section  of crew quarters.   There's a 
    really stupid activation for an email here, take a look at the table on the 
    left.  You will only trigger this if you run in between the upper and upper 
    right stools, that is to say the 12 o'clock and 2 o'clock stools, press against 
    the table in between them to trigger the email.  Make your way North toward the 
    bridge for a cutscene.  Speak to Captain Matthews after the scene to receive 
    the 'Hazardous Area Map' that Tony was asking for.  Leave the bridge and head 
    East to receive an email.   This is  another 
    email  similar  to   the  one  you  received  o- Elsa (AG Wep) --------------o
    before, where you can  reply and invest in a  |                              |
    specific company.  It  costs 1000G  to do so  | SWD21AG.................320G |
    and  is  a  very good idea,  choose  "I Will  | SWD34VX.................320G |
    Invest in Venture Link" then save your game.  | LG10AG..................520G |
                                                  | LG24VX..................620G |
    That odd  looking  blue thing on  top of the  | SMG99AG.................440G |
    save   point   means   you   can   use   the  | SMG32VX.................660G |
    Environmental  Simulator  to  revisit places  | BMP45Vx.................680G |
    you've  been before  while  standing  on it.  | SMP53AG.................480G |
    Make  your  way  all  the  way  back  to the  |                              |
    A.G.W.S. hangar and speak with Tony.  You'll  o- Elsa (AG Acc) --------------o
    receive a 'Med Kit DX' as a reward,  not too  |                              |
    bad.  If you remember that huge long hallway  | Auxiliary Armor A.......100G |
    where  you found  one  of the Segment  Doors  | EF Circuit A............200G |
    that's  your   next  destination  now,  it's  |                              |
    called the Catapult.  Ride  the upper  right  o- Elsa (AG Frame) ------------o
    elevator and head North.  Follow the hallway  |                              |
    as farNorth as you  can go without  entering  | VX01-F02................800G |
    any  doors,  then  take  the final  door you  |                              |
    reach  leading to the  West.  When you're in  o- Elsa (AG Gener) ------------o
    the huge room again  run all the  way to the  |                              |
    far North  and  examine  the  red  button to  | VX01-G02...............1200G |
    trigger a scene.As you leave the area to the  |                              |
    South  you'll  be  interrupted by  an email.  o- Elsa (Card) ----------------o
    Choose to reply and select "Cargo Ship Seems  |                              |
    Suspicious."   Make  your  way  back  to the  | Starter Set.............400G |
    bridge from here and watch the cutscene.      | Card Pack #1............100G |
                                                  |                              |
    Leave the  bridge and  save your game on the  o------------------------------o
    right.  Now return  back down to  B1, you'll 
    be pleased to know that all the crates have restocked so break the unit just 
    above you and get the 'Ether Pack.'  Follow the path and watch the scene.
    Go into the room above you and smash everything to find 'Ether Pack,' 'Bio 
    Sphere' and 'Escape pack.'  Climb down the ladder and watch the scene.  As 
    Ziggy start blasting the objects on the sides to receive 'Antidote,' five 
    'Skill Upgrade A,' 'Ether Upgrade A' and 'Ether Upgrade S.'  The two large 
    crates at the bottom contain 'Ether Upgrade S' and 'Antidote.'  Take the East 
    eixt and meet up with the rest of the party.  Watch the cutscene that follows.
    Make your way South and go West at the fork, smash everything in this area to 
    receive 'Antidote,' 'Frame Repair A' and 'Skill Upgrade S.'  Return to the fork 
    and head South to reach another one on the walkway, to the right is a 'Bio 
    Sphere' in a crate and to the left is another treasure trove with 'Frame Repair 
    A,' 'Med Kit S,' 'Ether Pack' and 'Antidote.'  Make your way South into the 
    small room and save your game.  Take the East exit and slowly but surely 
    navigate across the electrified floor.  Break the crates containing 'Escape 
    Pack,' and two 'Skill Upgrade A.'  Go up the stairs and get the 'Med Kit S' 
    from the crate at the top.  Break the two wall units on the West wall to find 
    an 'Escape Pack' then take the secret path leading to 'Ether Upgrade S' and 
    'Escape Pack.'  Return to the small room and save your game.  Now go down and 
    ride the elevator into the gear hangar.  Take the South exit and watch the 
    scene.  Run down one of the side paths to the bottom but don't approach the 
    boss yet, instead head down the tight path to the South where you'll find a 
    treasure chest containing 'Coat-Beam.'  Now run and attack the boss!
    | Boss: Domo Carrier                                                         |
    | HP: 1800        | Exp: 4500         | T.Pts: 80  | E.Pts: 20  | S.Pts: 40  |
    |                                                                            |
    | This is actually quite a good fight for new players because it forces you  |
    | to become accustomed to some of the more advanced functions of the         |
    | battle system.  Basically the idea is that the boss will designate one     |
    | of the four battle turn states as its "Tremor" attack state, this means    |
    | that every time the boss gets a turn on that particular state it will use  |
    | the tremor attack.  There are four states in battle that cycle between     |
    | turns in order from nothing, increased critical, increased boost and       |
    | increase points after the fight.  You can see this little bar as the       |
    | rectangular icon at the lower right side of the screen.  What you have to  |
    | do is keep an eye on this.  Lets say the boss assigned the increased       |
    | critical as its Tremor attack turn, if it was one of your character's      |
    | turns on the empty slot and you saw that the boss' turn was next on the    |
    | increased critical slot you would have a problem.  In this case you need   |
    | to use another feature of the battle system which is Boost.  The bar under |
    | your character's health represents boost and when it fills up via the use  |
    | of attacks it will empty again and the number changes to one, this means   |
    | you have one boost.  Now at any point you can hold the R1 button and press |
    | either square, triangle or circle according to the character's position    |
    | to automatically flag them so that they instantly get the next turn.  This |
    | is what you need to use in this case, if you see the boss is about to      |
    | get a Tremor turn, Boost someone so that they take the next slot and then  |
    | the boss will be forced to use a normal attack.  Stick with this strategy  |
    | for the whole fight.  Shion should pop into her A.G.W.S., it's especially  |
    | good if you bought the same weapon for each hand, in that case Guard every |
    | other turn and in between select the W-Act option for a powerful hit.      |
    | Exploit the boss' weakness to Lightning and it should go down in time.     |
    |                                                                            |
    Following the fight leave the dining room through the North exit.  Go down into 
    the crew quarters and watch the scene.  When Shion says that maybe she should 
    call it a day, say that you haven't finished the tour properly yet.  Leave the 
    quarters and take the West elevator down to B1.  Make your way to the small 
    save point room for another scene.  When you run to the upper right corner of 
    this room you'll receive an email.  Anice reward for 4000G comes from the mere 
    1000G it cost to make the investment.  Leave this room to the South, then the 
    hangar to the South and ride the upper left elevator up for yet another tour 
    scene.  Head all the way back to the large Catapult room.  Run to the far North 
    end to get another email, reply and select "I Will Invest in Vector."  Now make 
    your way back to the first floor.  If you wish you can use the Environmental 
    Simulator to return to the Simulator and now that you have the Decoder 10 you 
    can unlock the segment door.  It leads to a chest containing two 'Booster 
    Pack.'  Return to Shion's quarters and rest to trigger a long cutscene.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                   U-TIC Battleship                  |
    / |      (00005)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  After all the scenes are over you'll be 
    |                              |  thrown into a battle against four weak 
    | Ether Upgrade A........_____ |  enemies with your not-so-weak A.G.W.S.  Use 
    | Ether Upgrade A........_____ |  either square attacks, triangle attacks.  
    | Antidote..............._____ |  Every third turn you will have built up 
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  enoguh AP for a W-Act.  Watch the cutscene 
    | Tech Upgrade A........._____ |  after this and then you'll be in control of 
    | Tech Upgrade A........._____ |  Jr.  Use the save point just below you before 
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  going any further.  Follow the linear path 
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  into the ship area.  Destroy the tanks to 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  find two 'Ether Upgrade A,' 'Antidote,' 'Med 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  Kit S' and two 'Tech Upgrade A.'  There's a 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  fork you'll come to, take a few steps up and 
    | Cure-All..............._____ |  go into the small enclosed area on the right.
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  Destroy the tank here to deactivate the 
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  lasers.  Now head past the previously blocked 
    | Tech Upgrade A........._____ |  path and go up a bit, on your left is a 
    | Tech Upgrade A........._____ |  similar device for the upper lasers.  As for 
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  those red object on your right against the 
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  wall, the upper one hides an enemy and the 
    | Coat-Ice..............._____ |  lower one contains two 'Skill Upgrade A.'  
    | 5 Ether Upgrade A......_____ |  Head around to the top via the other path 
    | Cure-All..............._____ |  previously blocked by the lasers and press 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  the button on the terminal.  Now proceed 
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  South down the hall.
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  There's two enemies who ambush you, not a lot 
    | Tech Upgrade Z........._____ |  you can do about it.  Enter the first room 
    | U-TIC Card............._____ |  you pass to find two 'Frame Repair A.'  Enter 
    | Card No.3.............._____ |  the second room you come to and press the 
    | Decoder 16............._____ |  button in here to unlock that large number 4 
    |                              |  door.  At the first branch take the South 
    o------------------------------o  path and blow up all the wall units here to 
                                      receive 'Bio Sphere' and 'Cure-All.'  Enter 
    the Sothwest room, you can save your game in here.  Follow the hall East of the 
    people and destroy the planters which contain two 'Skill Upgrade A' and two 
    'Tech Upgrade A.'  Pass by the first door and the first security panel on the 
    wall, destroy the second security panel and then go into the upper right door.  
    Fight the enemy you encounter here, then destroy the object at the upper right 
    to receive two 'Skill Upgrade A.'  Examine the door to discover Segment Address 
    No. 11.  You should have Decoder 11 so go inside and get the 'Coat-Ice.'
    Make your way South and blow up the object on the East wall to find five 'Ether 
    Upgrade A.'  Head West and weather the enemy ambush, it' no big deal.  Keep 
    going West through two doors and press the button to unlock door number 5.  
    Leave the room and make your way South, blast the thing on the right side of 
    the catwalk to find 'Cure-All.'  Descend the stairs on the left and check the 
    end of each little dock area for a terminal you can blow up.  You'll find 
    'Frame Repair A,' two 'Skill Upgrade A,' 'Ether Upgrade S' and the last one 
    alerts some guards of your presance.  Open the treasure chest to get 'Tech 
    Upgrade Z.'  Climb back up to the catwalk and continue to the South.
    Enter the first room on your right and blow up the crate, inside the chest you 
    will find the 'U-TIC Card.'  Further South in the room on the left you can get 
    'Card No. 3' off the upper counter.  Go back and return to the area with the 
    alarm trapped doors and the panels you had to blow up to deactivate them.  
    Examine the door on the East wall and use your U-TIC Card to get through.  Open 
    the chest here and take the 'Decoder 16.'  Leave the room and go back to the 
    West.  Left of the large number 3 door is a small computer room.  Inside this 
    room examine the green key card slot and then press the red button.  Enter the 
    lower left room and save your game, then proceed North.  Follow this hall into 
    a large door and watch the scene.  Now examine the terminal in the centre.
    | Boss: Ambix                                                                |
    | HP: 1200        | Exp: 1800         | T.Pts: 62  | E.Pts: 16  | S.Pts: 50  |
    |                                                                            |
    | Right at the beginning of the battle have Jr. hop into his A.G.W.S.  The   |
    | battle should go as follows, Soldier and Jr. should attack every turn and  |
    | then W-Act on the third turn.  Mary should use Guard every other turn then |
    | W-Act in between.  This tactic alone will pretty much guarantee a victory  |
    | unless your characters are extremely taxed from the regular battles that   |
    | preceded this fight.  See if you can win ona bonus points turn here.       |
    |                                                                            |
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                     Dock Colony                     |
    / |      (00006)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  Almost immediately as you start to head South 
    |                              |  you'll be interrupted by an email.  You need 
    | None......................./ |  to head back to that small save point room 
    |                              |  downstairs, that's where Ziggy is waiting for 
    o------------------------------o  you.  When you've got him in your party 
                                      return to the fork in the path just below the 
    bridge on the first floor and head West to reach the exit.  Make your way West 
    and  speak to  the woman in brown  who talks  
    about her husband and fishing.  Speak to her  o- Dock Colony (Item) ---------o
    again and then  again to get the third clue.  |                              |
    Beside her  should  be the door  to the Dock  | Med Kit..................20G |
    Clinic.   Speak to  everyone in  this clinic  | Ether Pack...............40G |
    and  learn  as  much  as you  can  about the  | Revive...................60G |
    little girl.  Leave  the clinic and  go into  | Cure-All................100G |
    the shop, you can make quite a few purchases  | Antidote.................60G |
    here,  there's  tons  of  great  weapons and  | Neuro Stim...............60G |
    items.   At  the bottom  of the shop  you'll  | Escape Pack..............20G |
    find a staircase  leading down  to the West.  | Bio Sphere..............120G |
    Destroy all the junk in  this area to reveal  |                              |
    the  Segment Address No. 2.   Now  leave the  o- Dock Colony (Wep) ----------o
    shop   entirely  and  start  walking  South.  |                              |
                                                  | Navy Gloves.............240G |
    Make sure you're prepared  beforehand, there  | Metal Rod...............200G |
    is an extremely small window  of opportunity  | MSP89SX................1200G |
    for getting an email here.  What you need to  |                              |
    do  is run  South  until  a scene  triggers.  o- Dock Colony (Acc) ----------o
    After  the scene  go  immediately  North and  |                              |
    ignore  any  urge  you have  to  keep  going  | Stylish Armor...........580G |
    South.  Return to the Dock Clinic and run up  | D Unit V3...............620G |
    in between the  two seating units.   Now you  | VOLG20..................420G |
    can  return to  where  you saw  Cherenkov to  | Space Helmet............340G |
    trigger  another cutscene.   Save  your game  | Protector................80G |
    and go through the North  door to receive an  | Power Brace.............300G |
    email.   Head back to the first floor, right  | Guard Pendant...........300G |
    when you're about  to get into  the elevator  |                              |
    you are interrupted by another email.  After  o- Dock Colony (AG Wep) -------o
    reading  the  email download  the attachment  |                              |
    and you will have  the new F-BSHOT, which is  | SWD21AG.................320G |
    a weapon  for KOS-MOS.   Return to the first  | SWD34VX.................320G |
    floor and save your game, then make your way  | AXE11AG.................600G |
    to  the  bridge  and get ready  for  another  | SMG32VX.................660G |
    cutscene.   Just  speak to Captain  Matthews  | SHB67AG................1000G |
    and tell  him  that you are  ready to depart. | FLM64AG.................800G |
                                                  |                              |
    o- Dock Colony (AG Acc) ----------------------o- Dock Colony (AG Frame) -----o
    |                                             |                              |
    | Auxiliary Armor A.....................100G  | VX01-F02................800G |
    | EF Circuit A..........................200G  | VX01-F03...............1400G |
    | Armor Protect Unit....................500G  | AG02-F03...............1400G |
    |                                             |                              |
    o- Dock Colony (AG Gener) --------------------o------------------------------o
    |                                                                            |
    | VX01-G02.............................................................1200G |
    | VX01-G02.............................................................1800G |
    | AG02-G03.............................................................2400G |
    |                                                                            |
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                   Cathedral Ship                    |
    / |      (00007)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  Start off by saving your game and then 
    |                              |  blowing up all the rock objects above you to 
    | Antidote..............._____ |  find 'Antidote' and 'Nightwalker.'  It's not 
    | Nightwalker............_____ |  coincedental that you will find an accessory 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  that prevents sleep, you're going to need 
    | Neuro Stim............._____ |  this equipped here, seriously.  One way to 
    | Coat-Fire.............._____ |  replicate the effect is to go into your 
    | Revive................._____ |  Skills menu and use your Skill Points to 
    | Cure-All..............._____ |  extract its effect, that way you can keep the 
    | Revive DX.............._____ |  skill on some people while equipping the 
    | Tuned Circuit.........._____ |  actual accessory on others.  Follwo the path 
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  up and to the Northwest until you reach two 
    | Ether Kit S............_____ |  rocks, in one of them is a 'Bio Sphere.'  
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  Return to the fork and head Northeast.  Just 
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  follow the path along to the North until a 
    | Decoder 15............._____ |  scene occurs.  Go up under the broken arch 
    | Med Kit DX............._____ |  and break all the objects here to find a 
    | 100G..................._____ |  'Neuro Stim.'  Head East along the path, when 
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  you come to a fork take the right branch and 
    | 5 Skill Upgrade A......_____ |  follow it up to a large sign with some fish 
    | Tech Upgrade A........._____ |  on it, destroy the sign and get the chest 
    | Tech Upgrade A........._____ |  containing 'Coat-Fire.'  Backtrack down to  
    | Cure-All..............._____ |  the fork and make your way South.
    | Ether Upgrade A........_____ |  
    | Ether Upgrade A........_____ |  When you reach the structure break down the 
    | Ether Pack S..........._____ |  door and climb up the ladder.  At the top you 
    | 200G..................._____ |  will find a number of things to destroy 
    | Cure-All..............._____ |  including the wall at the upper right area, 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  here you will find 'Revive,' 'Cure-All,' and 
    | 500G..................._____ |  'Revive DX.'  Now go back down the ladder and 
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  make your way South, destroy the large crates 
    | Skill Upgrade A........_____ |  in this area which will get in the way of the 
    | Med Kit MAX............_____ |  elevator just above them.  Return to the 
    | Cure-All..............._____ |  entrance of this area and this time take the 
    | 500G..................._____ |  North path, it will lead you to the elevator.
    | Rejuvenator............_____ |  Ride it down and head South to the next area.
    | Decoder 9.............._____ |  
    | Clock Shield..........._____ |  Follow the path here until you reach a 
    | Revive................._____ |  staircase, at the top of the stairs approach 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  those two inconspicuous boxes just above you, 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  now go into your menu and make sure that MOMO 
    | Ether Pack MAX........._____ |  is in your party, then select the Character 
    | Frame Repair Z........._____ |  menu and highlight her profile and press 
    | Magical Hat............_____ |  square, this will make her the on-screen 
    | Robot Part Left Arm...._____ |  character.  Now when you exit out of your 
    |                              |  menu suddenly one of those two boxes will 
    o------------------------------o  have a sparkle on it, examine this sparkling 
                                      box to receive some special attacks for MOMO, 
    now you can take her out of your party again if you wish.  Destroy the junk on 
    the right side of this area to knock down the bridge and then go back down the 
    stairs.  Head East across the bridge, you will need to destroy a somewhat 
    powerful enemy but certainly no boss.  Just keep in mind that Ether attacks are 
    weak, and fire attacks are absorbed.  Open the treasure chest to find 'Tuned 
    Circuit.'  Take the path that leads West below the staircase and follow it 
    around down the slope and up the next set of stairs.  Destroy the rocks at the 
    top to find 'Med Kit S' and 'Ether Kit S.'  Continue on to the next screen and 
    take the linear path leading you to gray shop terminal and a save point.
    Head North into the structure.  Blast the objects in your way to get a 'Frame 
    Repair A' and two 'Skill Upgrade A.'  You'll have to fight your way past 
    another of those miniboss enemies.  Climb up the escalator and battle the plant 
    enemy through the broken window.  For defeating the enemy you get the 'Decoder 
    15.'  Run to the back of the shop and pick up the 'Flower Seed,' now leave and 
    head Northwest.  Follow this walkway around to the South side, when you come 
    out there's an elevator right below you.  Ride it down and enter the North 
    room.  There are two unicorn enemies in here, not only are they a fair bit 
    harder than normal enemies but they also have the ability to revive one of the 
    two enemies that accompany them, so make sure to kill them at almost the same 
    time, and avoid Ether attacks on the unicorn.  Destroy absolutely everything in 
    here and you'll find 'Med Kit DX,' '100G,' 'Skill Upgrade A,' five ;Skill 
    Upgrade A,' two 'Tech Upgrade A,' 'Cure-All,' two 'Ether Upgrade A,' 'Ether 
    Pack S,' '200G,' 'Cure-All,' 'Bio Sphere,' '500G,' two 'Skill Upgrade A,' 'Med 
    Kit MAX,' and Segment Address No. 13.  Ride the elevator up and head South.
    When you reach the bottom of the slope turn around and make your way West.  
    Blast all the rocks and grab the 'Cure-All' and '500G.'  DOn't take the North 
    path you just cleared however, keep going West until you reach a stucture, you 
    can blow open the door to reveal 'Rejuvenator.'  Run South until you come to a 
    fork, then take the West path.  Here there's another of those miniboss enemies 
    guarding a chest containing 'Decoder 9.'  Now take the East path and destroy 
    the crate to find 'Clock Shield.'  Further down is another crate with 'Revive' 
    inside.  Return to where you destroyed all the rocks and then watch the scene 
    when you head North.  Now enter the large building in front of you.
    In this room blast everything to find 'Revive' and two 'Frame Repair A.'  
    Inside the pirate statue at the upper left corner is a chest containing 'Ether 
    Pack MAX.'  In the next room you will find a large lobby area with a save point 
    on your left.  In the upper middle of this room is an elevator with two 
    terminals on either side, blow these up to eliminate the orange grid.  Now take 
    the upper left door and run up the path past the cubicles to the top of this 
    room.  Inside the planter is a 'Frame Repair Z' capsule.  Check the Southeast 
    cubicle for a secret hidden 'Magical Hat.'  Make your way to the upper right of 
    the room and ascend the stairs to the South.  On the walkway here is a red 
    button, be sure to press this button.  Also here is another of those terminals 
    to destroy however you can't get to the other side from here, so go back down 
    and around up the stairs on the other side of the room.  Destroy the terminal 
    on the left side as well, then climb the ladder.  Eradicate the two terminals 
    and also the monitor on the right side of the walkway.  Through the hidden door 
    you will discover Segment Address No. 9.  Since you just got the Decoder for 
    this door you can go inside and get the 'Robot Part Left Arm.'  Return to the 
    front lobby of this area and save your game, then ride the eleavtor down.
    In this area there are three lizardmen circling the walkway, use the R2 button 
    to slowly follow them around in a clockwise direction.  At the West 9'oclock 
    position is an object you can blow up to receive a 'Veil.'  Make your way to 
    the South path and descend on the huge elevator.  At the bottom press the huge 
    button on the computer terminal and proceed through the door for a scene.
    | Boss: Gargoyle                                                             |
    | HP: 3600        | Exp: 7400         | T.Pts: 140 | E.Pts: 120 | S.Pts: 60  |
    |                                                                            |
    | This is the first really difficult boss of the game, you'll need to        |
    | prepare beforehand if you hope to win this fight.  First of all I would    |
    | suggest transferring Medica All to each one of your characters, secondly   |
    | it would be a good idea to use MOMO in your party, her new ability which   |
    | can be used to steal from enemies is able to pull the ultra rare           |
    | Commander's Crest from this boss.  Now as for the battle your first        |
    | priority is to destroy the two Oudogue enemies, each has 1000 HP are are   |
    | just as capable of dealing serious damage as the boss is.  Each time one   |
    | of them dies the boss powers up, but the fight is still much easier when   |
    | the main boss is the only remaining enemy.  Have each of your characters   |
    | use melee attacks to take out the two Oudogugues and then immediately      |
    | after put Shion into her A.G.W.S., now you should guard each turn and use  |
    | W-Act when your AP reaches six, with critical hits this was dealing nearly |
    | 1000 damage for me so it's going to be your primary attack source, have    |
    | your other two characters switch between Medica All and general battle     |
    | support, along with charing AP for powerful techs.  I would recommend at   |
    | least level 16, but personally my characters won at level 14 with this.    |
    |                                                                            |
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                      Durandal                       |
    / |      (00008)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  Start making your way West and you'll get an 
    |                              |  email, the Cathedral Ship you were just on is 
    | Booster Pack..........._____ |  now available in the Environmental Simulator.
    | Booster Pack..........._____ |  Leaving this area will trigger yet another 
    | Casino Passport........_____ |  email about your investment, make sure to 
    | Med Kit DX............._____ |  download the attachment that comes with it.  
    | Med Kit DX............._____ |  Now you'll reach some kind of transport car, 
    | Ether Pack S..........._____ |  forget the bridge for now and select the 
    | Ether Upgrade A........_____ |  Residential Area.  Head inside and run North 
    | Ether Upgrade A........_____ |  destroying the objects along the right wall 
    | Med Kit S.............._____ |  as you go to receive 'Booster Pack,' and 
    | Ether Upgrade A........_____ |  'Booster Pack.'  Turn right at the fork and 
    | Ether Upgrade A........_____ |  head into the room.  Along with a save point 
    |                              |  there is a treasure chest at the East end, 
    o------------------------------o  this chest contains the 'Casino Passport' 
                                      which allows you to play the fourth and final 
    minigame in Xenosaga.  Leave the room and go West through the door, head up the 
    hall and blow up the vending machines on the  
    left  to find 'Med Kit DX.'   Turn  right at  o- Duraldal (Item) ------------o
    the fork and you'll reach a room with a shop  |                              |
    terminal  and a closet,  which when  blasted  | Med Kit..................20G |
    reveals a 'Med Kit DX.'   If you're going to  | Med Kit S................60G |
    do some  shopping here I'd recommend keeping  | Ether Pack...............40G |
    at least 6000G, that is if you  plan to keep  | Ether Pack S.............80G |
    up with these  investment emails.   Exit the  | Revive...................60G |
    room and  head West,  blow  up everything in  | Cure-All................100G |
    the little sitting area  to find 'Ether Pack  | Antidote.................60G |
    S,' and  two  'Ether  Upgrade A.'  Return to  | Neuro Stim...............60G |
    the fork and head South,  then West.  In the  | Escape Pack..............20G |
    room at the  end of this  hall there are two  | Bio Sphere..............120G |
    closets   concealing  'Med  Kit  S' and  two  |                              |
    'Ether  Upgrade A.'  Now  it's time  to exit  o- Durandal (Wep) -------------o
    the Residential Area and head to the Hangar.  |                              |
                                                  | Rider Gloves............160G |
    Proceed  East  and  head  through the  large  | Platinum Rod............380G |
    door,  this  will  automatically  trigger an  | ROOK505.................800G |
    email.  Assuming that  you received KOS-MOS'  |                              |
    F-BSHOT  weapon  then  reply  with  "I  Will  o- Durandal (Acc) -------------o
    Invest   in   Shijima,"   otherwise   select  |                              |
    Alkimia.   Not much else  to do here  at the  | Battle Gear.............850G |
    Hangar so get  back on the train  and select  | D Unit V4...............960G |
    the Park  as your  next destination.   Go up  | VOLG30..................680G |
    either ramp and enter either door to trigger  | Space Helmet............340G |
    a cutscene.  Speak to your party members and  | Protector................80G |
    then attempt  to leave  the Park and  you'll  | Sniper Goggles..........200G |
    receive an email.  Your reward for investing  | Snake Hunter............500G |
    in  Shijima  has  already paid  off  in  the  |                              |
    amount of 72,000G, don't spend it all in one  o- Durandal (Ammo) ------------o
    place.   Outside the park yet  another email  |                              |
    comes  in,  be  sure  to download  the  Code  | RK280...................400G |
    Disarm  Key Support  Plug-in.  It's  time to  | BXS002V.................200G |
    head  to  your  room,  which  is  of  course  | BXS003V.................200G |
    located  in the  Residential Area.   Another  | BXS004V.................200G |
    email   interrupts   your  approach  of  the  | BXS005V.................200G |
    residence,  another  advertisement.   Inside  |                              |
    the residence area take the West hall at the  o- Durandal (Cards) -----------o
    fork and go into the room, approach the beds  |                              |
    to rest and watch a cutscene.                 | Starter Set.............400G |
                                                  | Card Pack #1............100G |
    When  morning  comes, take the  train car to  | Card Pack #2............100G |
    the Dock  and go up  the moving  ramps, then  |                              |
    speak  with   Jr. to   gather  your   party.  o------------------------------o
    There's  a  little  bonus miniquest  you can 
    take part in, it doesn't take very long.  Go back down the ramp and take the 
    lower path leading East back onto the Elsa, talk to Captain Matthews on the 
    bridge and ask him to bring you back to the Dock Colony.  In the "Talk to Me" 
    shop you can find a little boy by the name of Tom, speak to him a few times.  
    You can also purchase an entire A.G.W.S. for the steep price of 50,000G.  
    Whether you take the plunge or not visit the Dock Clinic and speak to the 
    little girl.  Offer her the Flower Seed you found in the Cathedral Ship.  
    That's about all there is to do here, return to the Dock of the Durandal and go 
    up the conveyer belt.  Head through the gate and into the transport vessel.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                  Kukai Foundation                   |
    / |      (00009)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  After the scene you'll receive an email.  
    |                              |  Read through it and then reply with 
    | PM Card C.............._____ |  "Durandal."  Leave the beach area and you'll 
    | Escape Pack............_____ |  find yourself on the edge of town.  At the 
    | Tech Upgrade A........._____ |  South end is the A.G.W.S. parts shop, that 
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  should be your first destination.  On the 
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  right side of this shop is a terminal machine 
    | 1200G.................._____ |  marked "Game," opt to play it and find out 
    | PM Card B.............._____ |  that it's based on just choosing the right 
    | Fish Detector.........._____ |  answers to simple questions.  These answers 
    | Med Kit................_____ |  are as follows:  Talk to Me, Professor, 
    | Speed Stim............._____ |  Smelly-looking purple t-shirt, Holgar (scroll 
    | Engagement Ring........_____ |  down), Luty.  For winning this little game 
    | Stim DX................_____ |  you get a 'PM Card C' as a reward.  Check out 
    | Decoder 1.............._____ |  the A.G.W.S. shop on the left side of this 
    |                              |  place, then go down to stairs to the West.  
    o------------------------------o  After the scene is over go up the stairs and 
                                      then back down again.  You must complete a 
    very menial task, just run around the lab and use your Vaporizer to blast all 
    the crap that's lying around,  then speak to 
    him when  you're done.   Assuming you picked  o- Kukai Foundation (AG Wep) --o
    up the  Robot Parts  Left  Arm and Right Arm  |                              |
    then he'll  transform them into the  "Throni  | PB55AG.................1000G |
    Blade"  which becomes a new Ether attack for  | HG75VX..................900G |
    Shion.  Leave this shop and make your way to  | GLG76AG................1400G |
    City Sector  26 & 27 in the  centre of town.  | BA15VX.................1800G |
                                                  | BL24AG.................1400G |
    When you  arrive  here  the  first  building  | SHB67AG................1000G |
    you'll come across is the "Ironman."  Before  |                              |
    going  inside  check  out that  crank on the  o- Kukai Foundation (AG Acc) --o
    left side  of the door,  turn it in order to  |                              |
    bring  down  the awning.  There's a woman at  | Auxiliary Armor A.......100G |
    the lower  left corner, who  similar  to the  | Auxiliary Armor B.......200G |
    woman  at th e Dock  Colony, speaks  of  her  | EF Circuit A............200G |
    predicament  involving a special item.  Head  | EF Circuit B............400G |
    back  to  the street and  go into  the  "Our  | Armor Protect Unit......500G |
    Treasure"  hotel.  Nothing  to  pick  up  in  | Gear Shield.............500G |
    here, just  save your  game and shop.  Avoid  | AP Shield...............500G |
    sleeping  here  for  now because  that  will  | Cockpit Guard...........800G |
    continue  on with  the game, and  you aren't  | Guard Cleaner..........2000G |
    quite done yet.  Exit the hotel and go West.  | Guard Recovery.........2000G |
                                                  | Anti-Fire Armor........1000G |
    There's a  staircase right  in front of you,  | Anti-Ice Armor.........1000G |
    ascend the first one  and make a left at the  | Anti-Lightning Armor...1000G |
    landing, don't  continue  up the second one.  | Anti-Beam Armor........1000G |
    Head inside the open door here.  Destroy the  |                              |
    objects  in this area to find 'Escape Pack,'  o- Kukai Foundation (AG Frame) o
    and  'Tech Upgrade A,' but  be  careful when  |                              |
    blowing  up  the  crates  because  you  will  | VX01-F03...............1400G |
    reveal an odd looking purple toy that can be  | VX01-F04...............2000G |
    destroyed,  but should  not be.  Speak to it  | AG02-F03...............1400G |
    and  ask it  to tell  you a  great  story to  | AG02-F04...............2000G |
    learn  about a special item in  the Durandal  | VX02-F04...............2000G |
    park.  Climb the stairs and exit through the  |                              |
    West door.  Blast  everything down  the hall  o- Kukai Foundation (AG Gener) o
    at the  bottom  of  the  stairs  to get  two  |                              |
    'Ether  Upgrade S,'  '1200G,'  and  discover  | VX01-G03...............1800G |
    Segment  Address No. 3.  In  the room  below  | VX01-G04...............2400G |
    this there is a  large set of  stairs with a  | AG02-G03...............2400G |
    smaller set  right below it, if you stand on  | AG02-G04...............3200G |
    this small set and  examine the dryer you'll  | VX02-G04...............2800G |
    get  'PM Card B.'  At  the top of  the large  |                              |
    stairs  check out the  nice looking  suit on  o- Kukai Foundations (Card) ---o
    the wall, this is the suit that the woman at  |                              |
    the Dock Colony  was talking  about with the  | Starter Set.............400G |
    'Fish Detector'  inside the pocket.  Exit to  | Card Pack #1............100G |
    the South  and then head North  at the fork.  | Card Pack #2............100G |
    Follow  this  path around to  the walkway on  |                              |
    the  other  side  which leads  to  a ladder,  o------------------------------o
    climb down and press the button to extend it 
    lower.  Once you're at the bottom again, head East until you get an email from 
    that weird toy, then return to the beach with your brand new Fish Detector.
    Now that you're on the beach run into the water and choose to catch fish.  Your 
    detector will allow the fish to show up on your little radar, examine all of 
    the fish in the water to find 'Med Kit,' 'Speed Stim,' and 'Engagement Ring.'  
    The only thing left to do before continuing is to return to the Ironman in 
    Sector 26 & 27 and give that crying woman the Engagement Ring, you'll receive 
    the 'Decoder 8' in return for your efforts.  Make your way to the hotel and opt 
    to sleep for awhile.  Now would be a good time to return to the Wogline on the 
    Environmental Simulator and use your Decoder 16, it's the door near the glass 
    panel office.  Inside you'll find a chest containing 'Stim DX.'  Back on the 
    Kukai Foundation, leave Sector 26 & 27 then head for the Launch Pad.  Once back 
    on the Durandal go to the train car and take it to the Park.  Inside the park 
    area on the right side, shining in the grass is the 'Decoder 1' that the purple 
    bug was talking about in its great story.  Head back to the dock and board the 
    Elsa.  Save your game and then speak to Allen to trigger a scene.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                      Durandal                       |
    / |      (0000A)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  A battle begins between chaos and two normal 
    |                              |  guards.  Even if you haven't been using him 
    | Equip Item............._____ |  at all through the game this fight still 
    | Armory Key............._____ |  isn't particularly difficult.  Just use 
    | Frame Repair Z........._____ |  square attacks and they'll go down quickly.  
    | MSS540................._____ |  Head East, then North, then East and go into 
    | Decoder 5.............._____ |  the room to find a chest containing 'Equip 
    |                              |  Item' which basically just means all your 
    o------------------------------o  equipment.  Set up your party, make any 
                                      purchases you may need, then leave the room.  
    Make your way South and proceed through the East door, there's a couple of 
    guards in this area.  Go South down the hall and turn to the West, in the room 
    at the end one of the closets conceals a hidden chest containing 'Armory Key.'  
    Leave this room as well and make your way as far East as you can.  Get on the 
    train car and select the Hangar as your destination.
    That key you found can be used on one of the doors here to lead you into a room 
    full of crates where you'll find 'Frame Repair Z,' 'MSS540' and 'Decoder 5.'  
    With this out of the way ride the train car to the dock.  Avoid speaking to any 
    of the enemies.  Approach the large mech at the lower left and battle it to 
    gain access to the secret path.  This path will lead you down a ladder and 
    across a walkway to the Elsa.  Jump on the roof of the ship and take the 
    elevator down.  Shion mentions they need to get to the maintenance lab, the lab 
    is located up the left elevator in the A.G.W.S. hanger on the lower level.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                     Encephalon                      |
    / |      (0000B)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  You'll start off with control of Jr. in this 
    |                              |  area.  Save your game and start moving East, 
    | Coat-Sword............._____ |  watch out for the searchlights, being caught 
    | Ruby Helmet............_____ |  by them will trigger a battle.  If ever you 
    | 5 Med Kit DX..........._____ |  need to blast an object make sure to do it 
    | 5 Bio Sphere..........._____ |  out of the way of the searchlight because it 
    | Defense Shield........._____ |  will target you almost immediately if you're 
    | 5 Ether Pack S........._____ |  in the vacinity.  Beyond the first light head 
    | Blade Soul............._____ |  South past the broken concrete and open the 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  chest on your right to receive 'Coat-Sword.'  
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  Now go up and around to the right.  All the 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  barrels at the North end contain items, just 
    | Rejuvenator............_____ |  make sure you aren't in between the light and 
    | 5 Revive..............._____ |  the barrel itself when blasting it, you'll 
    | PM Card E.............._____ |  find 'Ruby Helmet,' five 'Med Kit DX' and 
    | Double Buster.........._____ |  five 'Bio Sphere.'  Now head South to trigger 
    | Guard Cleaner.........._____ |  a scene and gain control of Shion's party.
    | 5 Ether Pack S........._____ |  
    | Rejuvenator............_____ |  Make your way West to start and blast the 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  cylinder to find an item bag with 'Defense 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  Shield.'  Run North to the next area, there's 
    | Angel Ring............._____ |  no way to get into those doors at this point 
    | Veil..................._____ |  in time.  You can save your game on the right 
    | 5 Neuro Stim..........._____ |  if you wish.  Vaporize the various statues 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  that line the side of this path as you go to 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  find five 'Ether Pack S,' 'Blade Soul,' three 
    | Red Topaz.............._____ |  'Bio Sphere,' and a 'Rejuvenator.'  The 
    | Ether Pack S..........._____ |  second from the Northwest statue that looks 
    | Venom Block............_____ |  like an enemy, really is an enemy so be 
    | 4 Frame Repair A......._____ |  careful.  The one above him contains five 
    | Decoder 12............._____ |  'Revive.'  Continue along the linear path and 
    | PM Card D.............._____ |  examine the odd looking rabbit doll at the 
    | Blue Topaz............._____ |  bottom of the stairs.  Proceed South to the 
    | Ether Pack S..........._____ |  next screen.  On this screen go through the 
    | 4 S.Carrot Juice......._____ |  opening between the posts and head up, run in 
    | Decoder 3.............._____ |  a back and forth pattern down the roads until 
    |                              |  you reach the lowest part.  Start down the 
    o------------------------------o  road here to the Southwest but go into the 
                                      little area on the Southeast side of the 
    road, try to  avoid the rather dangerous enemy and open the chest to receive 
    'PM Card E.'  Keep going and ignore the open manhole for now, speak to the 
    person standing nearby to trigger a battle.  To kill the enemy you need to heal 
    it, rather than damage it.  Use a Med Kit DX or something similar.  If you 
    destroy the large crate above you it reveals another manhole, descend down it.
    Up the stairs on the left you'll reach an area that looks familiar.  Press the 
    flashing red button and go down the stairs.  Defeat the large enemy to gain 
    access to Segment Address No. 5.  You should have the Decoder 5 to open this 
    door to go inside and get the 'Double Buster' which is an extremely powerful 
    accessory.  Leave this room and climb the stairs, press the button to unlock 
    the door and go through the door parallel to it on the other side.  Destroy the 
    panel and open the chest to receive 'Guard Cleaner.'  Backtrack down into the 
    sewer and up out of the manhole.  Descend into the other manhole to the South.
    Start by going South, there's a big pile of concrete here to destroy which 
    reveals five 'Ether Pack S.'  That's all for this part, go back where you came 
    in and head East.  Before you go across the bridge you have to fight past the 
    enemy blocking the red button.  Press the button and proceed South to the end.
    Now you'll have control of Jr. yet again.  Start by going West and enter the 
    burning building through the open door, at the very top beside the fire are a 
    couple of crates you can destroy to reveal 'Rejunevator.'  Make your way South 
    down the road until you can't go any further, then trun left and descend the 
    stairs.  Navigate through all the junk until you reach a save point.  Going 
    Northeast (not where you came from, just above that) will take you to a door, 
    before going through destroy the junk on the left to get a two 'Bio Sphere.'  
    Beside that you can target the glass and reveal a red door in the glass room, 
    enter the door now and examine the upper wall to discover Segment Address No. 
    15.  Use your Decoder 15 to gain access and take the 'Angel Ring' from the 
    chest.  Return to the save point and head North.
    Descend the stairs under the blue tube cover, if you destory the benches on the 
    wall above you when you get to the bottom you'll find 'Veil.'  Go down onto the 
    subway tracks and blast the vending machine on the right side to reveal five 
    'Neuro Stim.'  Once again return to the main floor and back to the save point.  
    Now take the stairs that are going down directly beside the save point.  Avoid 
    vaporizing the bench in front of you, otherwise a Kobold will attack.  Do 
    however, take out the vending machine on the left side and get the two 'Frame 
    Repair A.'  Go down the steps and up the somewhat inconspicuous ramp on the 
    left side.  Defeat the enemy and then go down the other ramp to a reach a 
    vending machine concealing a chest with 'Red Topaz.'  Climb up over the 
    dilapidated train car and proceed East down the subway tracks.
    Walk to the right until your path is blocked, then follow the little path of 
    junk that leads around the bottom.  Enter the train car and head right.  Follow 
    the path to a ladder and climb up.  At the left side of this walkway there's an 
    object to destroy which gives you access to a treasure chest, but not yet.  
    Climb back down and enter the train again, now destory the door on the left 
    side to reveal an 'Ether Pack S.'  Just before you head through this opening 
    leave the train car via the lower exit and go up along the side of the car to 
    find the chest you knocked down containin 'Venom Block.'  Enter the train car 
    once again and head to your left, then down the ramp at the top.  Take the 
    small set of steps to the North and head down into the waterway.  Run along 
    this waterway fighting the enemies as you go, just past the third one is an 
    object you can destroy containing four 'Frame Repair A.'  Go up the small set 
    of steps, climb the ladder and proceed through the door assuming you unlocked 
    it with Shion's party.  In the treasure chest is the 'Decoder 12.'  Return back 
    down again, then head East and ascend the larger ladder up.
    Save your game as Shion once again.  As you walk up the path you'll come to a 
    red coloured monster, below the monster is a rock you can destroy.  While the 
    rock itself does not leave anything it does give you access to a hidden passage 
    leading South.  You're brought to a treasure chest containing 'PM Card D.'  
    Continue along the path East to the next screen.  Here you will see that little 
    bunny rabbit from the U.M.N. and the park as well.  From here the path is quite 
    linear, it takes you across a stone bridge, then a fallen tree log and down 
    around a curved sloping path.  At the left end of this path near the Kobold 
    enemy is a tree which can be Vaporized.  Do so and take this path into the 
    water area.  Follow it around and destroy all the walls as you go, but watch 
    out for the invisible enemy.  Blast the rock pillar and open the chest to 
    receive 'Blue Topaz.'  Head all the way back past the Kobold to the curved 
    downward path and leave this area to the Southeast.
    Run up the hill to the right, past the troll enemy and destroy the stump to 
    find 'Ether Pack S.'  Cross the bridge and head down to the West.  Knock down 
    the little bridge crank and run across behind the waterfall and into the 
    opening.  This leads to those four carrot objects the bunny was at before, 
    destroy them all and collect the four 'S. Carrot Juice.'  Make your way back to 
    the bridge you crossed to get to the waterfall, but this time go underneath it 
    to where you saw the rabbit.  Examine the stump and put an S. Carrot Juice 
    down.  Now the bunny will come out and get the juice, you need to get into his 
    house before he sees you.  The trick however is that the eyes you see are fake, 
    and the real ones he sees from are on the back of his head.  In order to get 
    into his house easily, you need to wait for him to start circling.  Allow him 
    to circle around until he reaches the upper left stool which is almost one full 
    revolution, and then start running around the stump on the left side in the 
    same direction and the rabbit shouldn't see you until it's way too late.  
    Inside his house you'll find a chest with 'Decoder 3' inside.  Leave the house 
    and follow the path that goes around behind it to the North for a scene.
    When you arrive in this next area proceed East and enter the church for a 
    cutscene.  Be absolutely sure to save your game and prepare your characters 
    here, what you are about to face is arguably the hardest normal boss in the 
    game.  Reading ahead at the strategy might be advisable before going further.  
    Talk to the girl beside the door to get your HP & EP restored, then head 
    through the door and get ready for some more cutscenes before facing...
    | Boss: Tiamat                                                               |
    | HP: 6400        | Exp: 15,600       | T.Pts: 180 | E.Pts: 160 | S.Pts: 120 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Now this boss can be a real pain, but hopefully you won't have to deal     |
    | too harshly with it.  To be honest I've been a bit hypocritical recently,  |
    | despite recommending being at least level 18 for the Cathedral Ship boss   |
    | quite awhile ago I am currently level 17 for this one, and I just creamed  |
    | him on the first try to that should be pretty decent evidence that this    |
    | strategy works.  First of all I recommend a party of Shion, Jr. and Ziggy. |
    | Shion and Jr. should be equipped with whatever skills and accessories      |
    | will basically benefit them most for staying alive in a fierce battle,     |
    | for Ziggy I equipped him with the Blade Soul to prevent confusion, the     |
    | Double Buster to let loose some massive damage and his best armour at the  |
    | moment.  Cyber Kick as set to the high tech slot and leveled up a couple   |
    | of times.  Shion and Jr. should have both their A.G.W.S. equipped with     |
    | the most powerful W-Act supporting melee weapons and handguns respectively |
    | and as accessories using the Guard Recover, Guard Cleaner and Tuned        |
    | Circuit.  Now in the actual battle use a Stim on Ziggy just to maximize    |
    | all the damage you're going to get.  Now immediately pop Shion and Jr.     |
    | into their A.G.W.S.'  Ziggy should be guarding each turn and then letting  |
    | loose a square attack followed by two Cyber Kicks which should be able to  |
    | deal almost 1000 damage per turn without taking critical hits into         |
    | consideration, this should also fill his boost meter quickly which means   |
    | that your most powerful attacker is also your fastest attacker.  As an     |
    | added bonus this boss has some "special attacks" it uses if its turn comes |
    | right after Shion or Jr. but is Ziggy gets most of the turns then you'll   |
    | minimize the amount of times you see these attacks.  Shion and Jr. should  |
    | be using Guard and W-Act alternatively, the Guard Recover will assure that |
    | they almost always heal as much damage as they take.  Having something     |
    | like the Search Scope is also a good idea to keep track of the boss' HP    |
    | because once it gets down below 1000 you'll need to change your tactic.    |
    | Basically for reason pertaining to Shion and Jr's "conscious" you need to  |
    | defeat this boss twice, once with Shion and once with Jr.  The second time |
    | it only has 1500 HP though so don't worry.  Just don't accidentally kill   |
    | the boss with Ziggy, or with one of the other characters more than once or |
    | you're just wasting effort.  One thing you will probably want to consider  |
    | is using Jr.'s Psycho Pocket Ether to steal some of the rare items from    |
    | the boss, it's worth the time to level up and obtain the skill.  Remember  |
    | though that if you can't win, keep in mind that this boss was easy here    |
    | at level 17, so maybe coming up with a better strategy would be a better   |
    | solution that hours of menial leveling.  Good luck on this one.            |
    |                                                                            |
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                  Kukai Foundation                   |
    / |      (0000C)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  Leave your room and you'll get an email 
    |                              |  informing you that the Encephalon is now 
    | Swimsuit..............._____ |  available in the Environmental Simulator.  On 
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  the way to the train car you'll receive 
    | Battle Gear............_____ |  another email, make sure to save the 
    | Tech Upgrade S........._____ |  attachment.  You won't won't be able to get 
    | Decoder 13............._____ |  to the train without one more though, after 
    | 1000G.................._____ |  these three emails get onto the train and 
    | Tech Upgrade S........._____ |  ride it to the Dock.  Get onto the transport 
    | Wooden Idol............_____ |  ship and ride it down to the Kukai 
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  Foundation.  Head to City Sector 26 & 27 then 
    | Ether Upgrade S........_____ |  go into the Ironman.  You'll find Allen on 
    | Skill Upgrade S........_____ |  the right side, speak with him for a scene.
    | 1000G.................._____ |  
    | Cure-All..............._____ |  Ride the elevator down an head back to the 
    | Robot Part Right Leg..._____ |  Dock.  Take the transport ship to the Kukai 
    | Robot Part Left Leg...._____ |  Foundation and go to City Sector 26 & 27.  
    | Tech Upgrade Z........._____ |  Speak to the man directly in front of you to 
    |                              |  learn of your mission, and to make some 
    o------------------------------o  purchases, but there's nothing you haven't 
                                      seen before.  Start by checking the Ironman 
    first.  On the right side is the man that Allen was talking to, he's behind the 
    large stand-up.  12 remaining.  That's all there is to do here for now, so head 
    next door to the Our Treasure hotel.  Talk to the guy on the floor, then save 
    your game on the right.  Open the chest behind the counter to get a 
    'Swimsuit.'  Climb the stairs and go into the room on your left, then take the 
    South door.  Vaporize the planter on the right side to find an 'Ether Upgrade 
    S' then turnr around and go back into the hotel.  Check the room on the right 
    side and blow up the shelf to find 'Battle Gear.'  Continue East past the shelf 
    and press the button on the terminal in the next room.  Return to the previous 
    room you were in and climb the ladder.  There's a picture on your left at the 
    top, examining it gives the birthday October 28th.  Blast the crate on your 
    right for a 'Tech Upgrade S' then exit through the South door.  You'll find 
    yourself on a ledge here, what you need to do is run off the edge on the left 
    side but hold the analog stick in the upper left "10 o'clock" position so that 
    you're running along the roof to the West but only gradually slipping down.  If 
    you do this correctly you will be able to catch yourself on a guard rail and go 
    through a door to the West.  This leads to a rooftop chest containing 'Decoder 
    13.'  Head back to the East section then be careful again.  Slowly drop off 
    almost directly down from where you are standing, the roof extends out a little 
    and this is where you want to slide off.  You'll land in the little garbage 
    area and can destroy the two dumpsters for 1000G and a person. 11 remaining.
    Enter the Our Treasure hotel again and defeat the enemy on the left side.  
    Examine the safe and it tells you to enter the P.I.N.  Well if you remember 
    correctly the man on the ground told you it was a birthday, and the picture 
    gave us the birthday October 28th, also written as 10/28 so put in the number 
    1028 and the door opens.  Another person waits inside.  10 remaining.  Leave 
    the hotel and go back to the Ironman bar, now that the elevator has risen you 
    can get back past the counter and destroy all the crates piled up to find 
    another person and a 'Tech Upgrade S.'  9 remaining.  Defeat the enemy behind 
    the counter and get the 'Wooden Idol' from the chest.  Exit the Ironman and go 
    into the Our Treasure hotel just one more time.  Climb all the way to the top 
    and step out onto the roof ledge again.  Do the same thing you did last time 
    except hold up and right this time to slowly slide down to another ledge with a 
    door frame that explodes revealing Segment Address No. 1.  Enter it and grab 
    the 'Robot Part Head' from the chest.  Drop down to the main street and make 
    your way to the West, entering the West section of City Sector 26 & 27.
    Fight the nearby Gnosis enemy then destroy the statues and save the person.  8 
    remaining.  Head West and ascend the stairs at the end.  Enter the cleaners and 
    loop around to the right where you will find a woman South of the staircase, 
    speak with her.  7 remaining.  Vaporize the desk on the right to find two 
    'Ether Upgrade S' and then climb up the ladder.  Follow the walkway around to 
    the East and blow up the cover on the wall to find the next person.  6 
    remaining.  Blast the gate and drop down.  Go around to the left and take the 
    metal walkway South and into the only door before the burning wreck.  Destroy 
    the bookshelf to get a 'Skill Upgrade S' and then wrap around the walkway into 
    the next door.  Follow the hallway all the way around until you're outside 
    again.  Run down the ramp on your left and press the button to rise it up, then 
    climb the ladder and go into the previously inaccessible door in the middle.  
    Fight the bugbear enemy and save the person on the floor.  5 remaining.
    Blow up the two shelves and get the '1000G' but don't slide down that secret 
    escape route, instead exit through the South door you came in from.  Folow the 
    walkway up and head East, down the stairs and into the door makred "East 6."  
    Destroy the car and get the 'Rune Crystal,' then destroy the crate and talk to 
    the woman to get two people at once.  3 remaining.  Leave this room, climb the 
    stairs and go into the door at the top.  Talk to the person right in front of 
    you for a quick rescue.  2 remaining.  You'll need to go around and fight the 
    Larva Doll to get access to that yellow switch.  Press it and then go West into 
    the outer corridor.  Down in the next room is another Larva Doll, defeat it and 
    save the person on the ground.  1 remaining.  Blast the bookshelves to find 
    'Cure-All' and then open up Segment Address No. 3 and get the chest containing 
    'Robot Part Right Leg.'  Return back up to the room with the switch and the man 
    who wanted you to save his cat.  The switch opened up a door in the wall to the 
    Northeast, go through and climb up the stairs.  Fight the Larva Doll in the 
    hallway and rescure the cat, none remaining, you're done.  Make your way back 
    down to the street level and go into the Our treasure hotel.  Be sure to save 
    your game and use a Bio Sphere, now leave and start heading East...
    | Boss: Gigas                                                                |
    | HP: 2800        | Exp: 7800         | T.Pts: 120 | E.Pts: 100 | S.Pts: 60  |
    |                                                                            |
    | At the beginning of the battle the boss will split itself into two mirror  |
    | forms, and the only difference between the two is that one is weak to      |
    | Ether attacks, and the other to melee attacks.  Both bosses have some very |
    | dangerous attacks that will target your entire party, whoever has the      |
    | least amount of max HP should be wearing the Coat-Ice for this battle.     |
    | Syart the battle by casting quick on all your characters and wailing on    |
    | the left boss with all the Ether attacks you have, KOS-MOS' R-CANNON in    |
    | particular works well especially with the Double Buster equipped.  Have    |
    | KOS-MOS as your primary offensive against the left boss and your other     |
    | two characters as support, you'll definietely need it.  Once the one boss  |
    | is dead have Shion pop into her A.G.W.S.  Shion's W-Act attack with two    |
    | axes equipped was doing about 1200-1300 dmage with critical hits against   |
    | the melee weak boss so you can see it shouldn't take long to eliminate,    |
    | the problem is that when it's alone the boss likes to start using an       |
    | instant death attack and often twice in a row before you even get a turn.  |
    | In this case you'll have to hope you've got a good supply of Revives or    |
    | that the boss targets your A.G.W.S. character(s).  I was level 20 for      |
    | everyone when I won the battle, using a party of Shion, Jr. and KOS-MOS.   |
    |                                                                            |
    Leave City Sector 26 & 27  and return to the  o- Elsa (Item) ----------------o
    Launch Pad  for  a cutscene.   After  riding  |                              |
    back to the Durandal  you can't get onto the  | Med Kit..................20G |
    train because you have to find MOMO, so turn  | Med Kit S................60G |
    around and ride back there again for a quick  | Med Kit DX..............150G |
    scene.   Now  you  need to  go  back  to the  | Ether Pack...............40G |
    Durandal AGAIN.   Take the train  car to the  | Ether Pack S.............80G |
    Residential  Area and  watch the  scene when  | Revive...................60G |
    you  arrive.   Take  the  elevator  down and  | Cure-All................100G |
    you'll  receive  an email  as  you  get off.  | Antidote.................60G |
    Return  to  the Dock  and  get  on the Elsa,  | Neuro Stim...............60G |
    before talking to the captain you might want  | Escape Pack..............20G |
    to go down  to the lower  level and  open up  | Bio Sphere..............120G |
    Segment Address No.8 to find the 'Robot Part  |                              |
    Left Leg.'   If  you wish you  can return to  o- Elsa (Wep) -----------------o
    the Kukai  Foundation and  give all your new  |                              |
    parts to the  Professor, and  you'll receive  | Work Gloves..............80G |
    two new  Ether  spells for  Shion in return.  | Mithril Rod.............520G |
    When  you're ready to  continue head  to the  | SAIFAR45...............1200G |
    bridge  of  the  Elsa  and  talk to  Captain  |                              |
    Matthews.   Tell him you  want to go back to  o- Elsa (Acc) -----------------o
    the Dock  Colony and  enter the Dock Clinic.  |                              |
    The little girl you gave the  Flower Seed to  | Ruby Suit..............1200G |
    will  give you a 'Tech  Upgrade Z'  when you  | D Unit V5..............1400G |
    talk to her.  Now take  the Elsa back to the  | VOLG40..................880G |
    Durandal.   Check out the gray shop terminal  | Ruby Helmet.............600G |
    beside the save point near the Elsa's bridge  | Protector................80G |
    because it's been  completely restocked with  | Green Ring..............400G |
    brand new  items and equipment.  When you're  | Blue Ring...............200G |
    ready  head to the  bridge and  ask Captain   | Kobold Ring.............200G |
    Matthews  to  go to  the  Song  of  Nephilim. | Orange Ring.............300G |
                                                  |                              |
    o- Elsa (Ammo) -------------------------------o- Elsa (Card) ----------------o
    |                                             |                              |
    | BX002V.................................200G | Starter Set.............400G |
    | BX003V.................................200G | Card Pack #1............100G |
    | BX004V.................................200G | Card Pack #2............100G |
    | BX005V.................................200G |                              |
    |                                             |                              |
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                  Song of Nephilim                   |
    / |      (0000D)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  Just like Captain Matthews said, you won't be 
    |                              |  leaving until you're done so be cautious when 
    | Med Kit DX............._____ |  saving your game.  Leave the Elsa out the 
    | Decoder 14............._____ |  West exit and watch another scene.  In the 
    | Neo Armor Alpha........_____ |  first main room you'll find a switch 
    | Cross.................._____ |  surrounded by many boxes, this is an elevator 
    | Soldier's Honor........_____ |  and which floor it goes to is determined by 
    | Defibrillator Vest....._____ |  how many boxes you destroy, each box has a 
    | Neo Armor Beta........._____ |  weight value depending on its size, single 
    | Decoder 2.............._____ |  blocks are worth 1, double worth two, there's 
    | W Hammer Rod..........._____ |  a 3 block at the upper left and a 4 block on 
    | Field Ring............._____ |  the right.  Each floor is accessed in 
    | Ether Pack DX.........._____ |  increments of three, this means to get to the 
    | Skill Upgrade S........_____ |  second floor you need to destroy blocks 
    | Ether Pack DX.........._____ |  totaling three.  You could destroy three 
    | Med Kit................_____ |  single blocks, or one single and one double.  
    | Decoder 17............._____ |  Nor the next floor it would be six total, 
    |                              |  then nine etc.  So destroy six blocks worth 
    o------------------------------o  and press the switch to go to the third 
                                      floor.  They regenerate if you exit the room.
    On the third floor head left when you get off and go down the path.  At the 
    bottom you'll find a crate containing 'Med Kit DX.'  There is a door leading 
    out of this hall to the Southwest, take it and press the button at the top to 
    extend one of the bridges.  Go up and around the right path and you'll find a 
    place you can drop down to the elevator again.  Destroy 12 total worth of boxes 
    to ride the elevator to floor five.  You'll find a 'Decoder 14' at the bottom 
    of this area inside the crate.  Head back down and destroy fifteen crates worth 
    of weight to get to floor six.  Inside the block at the bottom of this area is 
    a 'Neo Armor Alpha.'  Now leave this area through the Northwest door.
    In the second tower switch your map avatar to MOMO so that she's the person 
    displayed on the screen similar to when you did it in the Cathedral Ship.  Take 
    the Northeast path and examine the sparkle on the wall in the next room to get 
    a new Tech Attack and Ether for MOMO.  Now you can switch your avatar back if 
    you wish.  Go back to the previous room and save your game in the centre.  Take 
    the North branch and blow up the tube to find a 'Cross.'  Finally take the 
    Northwest exit from the previous room.  Climb down the ladder and then up the 
    very next one you come to.  Inside the object at the top is a 'Soldier's 
    Honor.'  Climb down and make your way East, descend the next ladder you come 
    to.  Follow the path West ignoring the first ladder down and take the second 
    ladder up.  Blast everything here to find 'Defibrillator Vest' and 'Neo Armor 
    Beta.'  The next crate holds an extremely powerful enemy, you must use physical 
    attacks to defeat this enemy because the instant any other type of attack is 
    used, it will be effective from the first time but he will adapt and be immune 
    to it thereafter.  Defeating this enemy nets you the 'Decoder 2' and you'll 
    discover Segment Address No. 12 behind the final crate.  Go inside and get the 
    'W Hammer Rod' from the chest.  Now backtrack a bit and descend the ladder.
    Climb down the ladder just up from this one that you passed before.  When you 
    get to the bottom head East and take the first South path you come to, press 
    the button to lower the circular walkway down to this level.  Go out and turn 
    right, then into the next door you come to.  Destroy the cylinder then run 
    around the outer path to the other side and destroy that one as well.  Doing so 
    triggers an attack from a large monster, but you're given time to prepare.
    | Boss: Rainon Se                                                            |
    | HP: 5600        | Exp: 20,000       | T.Pts: 160 | E.Pts: 160 | S.Pts: 40  |
    |                                                                            |
    | Start the battle by casting quick on your entire party.  This boss has     |
    | some strong attacks but is quite predictable.  Use your normal tech        |
    | attacks during this battle, they should suffice just fine.  The most       |
    | important thing to remember is to just stay healed, it's easy to let your  |
    | health fade away but just heal after every one of his physical or drain    |
    | attacks to make sure that you don't risk losing any of your characters.    |
    | Your main disadvantage is that the boss will cast a spell disabling your   |
    | ability to boost.  While this disables your ability to use boost it does   |
    | NOT prevent boost from accumulating, so a good tactic is to just avoid     |
    | curing the status and wait until the boss' HP starts to get low.  At that  |
    | point you can usually use a single Cure-All on someone and they'll         |
    | immediately have access to up to three free turns that have built up over  |
    | the course of the battle.  Don't forget to use Jr.'s Psycho Pocket to      |
    | steal the Shield Armor from this boss, other than that no worries.         |
    |                                                                            |
    Outside of the room press the red button.  Now run to the end of the path and 
    take the elevator up to the next level.  You can now access the third and final 
    tower.  When you reach the room with the triangular hole in the middle of the 
    floor take the West door.  Climb down the ladder to the lower level, but not 
    the lowest level.  On your left there is a large pillar of blocks, start 
    Vaporizing them until the bridge drops down to your level.  Cross to the other 
    side and get the 'Field Ring' from the cylinder.  Now climb all the way down to 
    the very bottom level and knock the bridge down so you can cross it.  Do the 
    same with the other one on the other side and cross to find an 'Ether Pack 
    DX.'  Run back across the bridge and exit to the South.  The only purpose of 
    this little balcony is so that the blocks will be reset again when you go back 
    in.  Go back to the previous room, climb the ladder to the next platform and go 
    left.  Knock the bridge down to your level and cross over.  Ascend the ladder 
    to the top and run East.  When you destroy the object here you have the option 
    of jumping down the hole but choose not to.  On the right side is a cylinder 
    containing 'Skill Upgrade S.'  Now jump down the hole, you'll land on an 'Ether 
    Pack DX.'  Destroy the door for a 'Med Kit' and then blow up the object 
    blocking the ladder.  Before going down get the ;Decoder 17' from the chest on 
    the right.  Go across the bridge to the West, climb down and continue West.
    There's a puzzle here in this room.  Before doing anything take the West 
    hallway and listen to the sound that the three light pillars are making at the 
    end.  You need to destroy a certain amount of pieces of the actual large 
    pillars to duplicate this sound.  Simply listen to it and commit the tune to 
    memory and then blast away the pieces from the previous room.  Despite this 
    being the easiest thing in the universe to do, some people still have 
    difficulty discerning which tones are which.  If it helps the three notes bear 
    resemblance to the first three notes of our Canadian national anthem, but since 
    only a small percentage of you will actually know how that goes, the answer is 
    as follows:  Blast three blue ones, one green one and as many red ones as you 
    want until the game automatically stops you because you got it right (a total 
    of four for red.)  Now the South door is open, go out and press the button at 
    the end of the path.  Enter the nearby door and ride the triangular elevator 
    up.  Although your destination lies through the Southwest door it would be 
    preferable to go Northeast first and save your game in the previous tower.  
    After doing so return to the third tower and head East.  Approach the three 
    coloured lights and ride the elevator down.  Enter the North door for a scene.
    | Boss: Simeon                                                               |
    | HP: 8400        | Exp: 32,000       | T.Pts: 220 | E.Pts: 200 | S.Pts: 180 |
    |                                                                            |
    | This is quite a difficult boss fight if you don't know what you're doing,  |
    | fortunately it's not that hard to figure out exactly how does boss fights. |
    | Start the battle like usual with Quick on everyone, this should leave all  |
    | your characters quite a bit faster than the boss.  While you're still in   |
    | full control at the beginning of the fight using Boost 1 on everyone will  |
    | come in handy later.  Simeon has some dangerous attacks, the one that is   |
    | most dangerous is the yellow light beam that hits your entire party, for   |
    | this reason it's a good idea to try and set it up so that the boss gets    |
    | as few turns as possible on the increased criticals slot.  Virtually every |
    | attack is weak against this boss which is why the fight seems so hard at   |
    | the beginning, but fortunately there's a trick.  Soon enough the boss will |
    | start using an attack called Aird E.  Before he actually uses this he'll   |
    | spend one turn saying "You're all so frail!" and whoever the camera is     |
    | pointing at while the boss speaks is the character who is going to be hit  |
    | by the attack.  Use the time in between to guard with this character.  Now |
    | when the boss actually uses Aird E you should be able to weather it well   |
    | and then your window of opportunity appears.  In between using Aird E and  |
    | the boss' next turn it loses all of its Ether Defense so let loose all of  |
    | your attacks at this point, Boost all your characters to get in as many    |
    | hits during this time of weakness and then repeat the process through the  |
    | rest of the battle.  Near the end he'll start Boosting like nuts, this is  |
    | when you should start using whatever boost you have as well to try and     |
    | stay on top of him at all times.  Make sure everyone has Medica All and    |
    | always heal everyone to full HP when you have the chance, be defensive.    |
    |                                                                            |
    Following the fight there is a cloaked man standing in front of you.  Do NOT 
    speak to this man, instead go all the way back up and save your game.  When you 
    think you are prepared talk to him and get ready for another boss fight.
    | Boss: Ein Rugel                                                            |
    | HP: 3600        | Exp: N/A          | T.Pts: N/A | E.Pts: N/A | S.Pts: N/A |
    | Boss: Doppelwogel                                                          |
    | HP: 4400        | Exp: 24,000       | T.Pts: 180 | E.Pts: 160 | S.Pts: 80  |
    |                                                                            |
    | Another difficult battle awaits you here and so soon after the previous    |
    | one.  Oh well.  This battle takes place in two stages because the boss     |
    | has two forms.  The first is of course the easier of the two, it reacts    |
    | to all forms of Ether attacks.  KOS-MOS' R-CANNON will completely          |
    | obliterate this boss.  The danger comes in the form of all the crazy       |
    | status effects you'll have used on you.  You might want to make sure you   |
    | have one charachter ready to guard at all times and use a 6-AP Cure-All    |
    | on your entire party.  Make sure you at least cure everything before       |
    | dealing the final blow, you don't want to go into the next fight at a huge |
    | disadvantage.  One other thing to do before defeating the boss is steal    |
    | form it.  There is one item to get from the first form, then two to get    |
    | from the second form.  The second form is about the polar opposite of the  |
    | first, it has by far the highest defense of any enemy you've faced so far  |
    | and I'd go so far to say that any Ether based tech attacks that aren't     |
    | leveled at least to double digit power levels aren't even worth your time. |
    | In fact they were so weak for me that I had to base the entire fight       |
    | around Jr.  I gave Jr. the Double Buster and a White Ring to speed him up  |
    | then Shion and KOS-MOS acted as support characters either healing or       |
    | casting Quick/Boost 1 on Jr. each turn.  Jr. would guard and they let      |
    | loose a double strike of Lost Symphony which levelled out at about 700     |
    | damage total per turn.  The battle is slow but if you have protection from |
    | confusion and the ability to heal after his massive group attack, then     |
    | slowly but surely you should be able to whittle his HP down.               |
    |                                                                            |
    Speak to your party then exit through the South door for a cutscene.  At this 
    point you might want to go around and start doing the sidequests, through it is 
    still possible to play through the next dungeon and then come all the way back, 
    so the choice is up to you.  Go down the elevator and you'll get an email, and 
    then another one as you go East.  If you completed the Snake Charmer hunt 
    correctly you will now receive a nice 200,000G.  You won't even be able to make 
    it to the train car without getting another email still.  Take the train to the 
    Dock and board the Elsa.  When you're ready and business is complete, tell 
    Captain Matthews to take you to the final dungeon, Proto Merkabah.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                   Proto Merkabah                    |
    / |      (0000E)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  Dock at Proto Merkabah and exit from the 
    |                              |  Elsa.  Go down the stairs and make your way 
    | Defibrillator Vest....._____ |  North, at the end of this walkway you will 
    | Ether Pack DX.........._____ |  find a chest containing 'Defibrillator 
    | Ether Pack DX.........._____ |  Vest.'  Head back to the entrance to the Elsa 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  and follow the walkway down and around to the 
    | Frame Repair A........._____ |  North.  Don't worry about any of those crates 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  down there, they're empty.  At the fork make 
    | Bio Sphere............._____ |  a left and go up the stairs.  Follow this 
    | Frame Repair Z........._____ |  path across a conveyer belt and blow up the 
    | Frame Repair Z........._____ |  crates for two 'Ether Pack DX,' two 'Frame 
    | Med Kit DX............._____ |  Repair A' and one enemy.  Defeat the enemy 
    | Med Kit DX............._____ |  and climb down the ladder behind it.  Destroy 
    | Ether Pack DX.........._____ |  the two large crates below you to reveal two 
    | Ether Pack DX.........._____ |  'Bio Sphere' and two 'Frame Repair Z.'  On 
    | Frame Repair Z........._____ |  your left you'll find another two large 
    | Frame Repair Z........._____ |  crates hiding two 'Med Kit DX.'  Just above 
    | Rejuvenator............_____ |  you and to your left there's an opening in 
    | Dragon Rod............._____ |  the wall.  Press both buttons on both 
    | BLOOD9................._____ |  computer consoles in this area.  Leave this 
    | M Chip Guard..........._____ |  little area and make your way to the 
    | Chakra Shield.........._____ |  Northeast corner where you'll find four 
    | Decoder 6.............._____ |  crates, one contains two 'Ether Pack DX.'  
    | Trauma Plate..........._____ |  Just above you there's another button.  Press 
    |                              |  this button but not the other one in this 
    o------------------------------o  room, instead use the ramp in the centre of 
                                      the room and return to the upper section.  
    Now when you go back West across the conveyer belt, all the bridges leading 
    North are in place.  Take this path to get to the elevator and ride it.
    Ascend the stairs to the first landing and go into the door on the left.  Enter 
    the North door in this room and examine the bright green panel in the centre.  
    Now leave and climb up the stairs again, skip the 42nd floor and head through 
    the door on the 43rd.  Go through the first door and blow up the red crate to 
    reveal a chest containing two 'Frame Repair Z.'  Now enter the room to the left 
    of this one marked as the Control Room.  Save your game and then examine the 
    terminal in the middle.  Leave this floor entirely and go up the the 44th.  In 
    the middle of this room is a glass panel which leaves a 'Rejuvenator' when 
    vaporized.  The chest itself contains 'Dragon Rod.'  Run to the Southwest door 
    and exit to an alternate staircase on the other side.  Descend to the 43rd 
    floor and press the green button to open up a path between the two sides of the 
    floor.  In the door on your left you'll discover Segment Address No. 17.  
    Proceed through the door and open the chest to get the 'BLOOD9.'  Climb down 
    one more floor to number 42.  The only thing you need to do on this floor is 
    press the green button on the terminal.  Return to the stairs and head down to 
    the 41st floor.  Go through the first door you pass and take the Southeast exit 
    to reach a chest containing 'M Chip Guard.'  That's all there is do do on this 
    floor, now that the button has been activated return to the 44th floor.
    In this room, just below the panel of glass you smashed to get to the chest is 
    a staircase leading down.  In the next area run all the way to the East, smash 
    the units on the wall and continue East throguh the tunnel.  It leads you to 
    eight cylindrical objects to smash with only a single chest containing 'Chakra 
    Shield.'  Now run all the way to the West end.  Before you proceed down the 
    path to the South make sure you are ready to fight a boss, keep in mind that 
    you haven't saved in a little while to the consequences for losing are rather 
    severe, you might want to read the boss strategy before continuing South.  Make 
    sure you haveno plans to return after this, it's a big drop.
    | Boss: Proto Dora                                                           |
    | HP: 12,000      | Exp: 32,000       | T.Pts: 240 | E.Pts: 0   | S.Pts: 200 |
    | Boss: Shutz                                                                |
    | HP: 3800        | Exp: 5000         | T.Pts: 100 | E.Pts: 0   | S.Pts: 60  |
    |                                                                            |
    | If you've been playing through the game at a relatively low level then     |
    | this is the battle that is going to start catching up to you.  At the      |
    | start you've got a total of three enemies to deal with, and obviously the  |
    | underlings at the side will have the be the first to go.  Attacks that     |
    | target mutliple enemies are the most effective ones at the start of the    |
    | battle.  In fact surprisingly despite having to deal with three enemies    |
    | this is actually the easier part of the battle.  Attacks aren't too        |
    | powerful and you can get quite a few turns if you've got quick on everyone |
    | in your party.  The real difficulty comes after the Shutz are dead.  The   |
    | fact is that the boss has a huge amount of HP, has the ability to heal     |
    | itself for more than 2000 and brings up a shield rendering all attacks     |
    | near useless.  In this case you'll need to start using something like      |
    | KOS-MOS' R-BLADE until the shield is down.  Jr can penetrate it with his   |
    | attacks and should be very powerful since you just got the BLOOD9.  By far |
    | the most dangerous thing is when the boss charges up, this means on the    | 
    | next turn he's going to release a huge energy attack for huge amounts of   |
    | damage, usually around 700 each.  When you see him charge guard with       |
    | every single person in your party to try your best to reduce the damage,   |
    | items and spells that increase PDEF and EDEF are extremely useful, equip   |
    | the Cross as well.  Make sure to steal the Fast Circuit 50 too.            |
    |                                                                            |
    Defeating the boss nets you a 'Decoder 6.'  Head down the Northwest path and 
    climb up the ladder.  Enter the door at the top.  Examine the computer terminal 
    in the centre of this room and watch the scene.  Go around to the right side of 
    the room and break the object to reveal a ladder.  Down the ladder head South 
    and circle around to a red object on the left side, destroy it to discover 
    Segment Address No. 6.  Inside is a chest containing 'Trauma Plate.'  Now go up 
    the stairs and exit through the North door.  Follow the path into the next room 
    and into the large door leading North.  Watch the scene when you get inside.  
    Afterwards go around the right side of the path and take the stairs down to the 
    elevator.  At the bottom you'll find the final save point in the game.  When 
    you think that you are ready head West and ride the large platform down to the 
    lower level.  From here on it's just a linear path to the end of the game.
    | Boss: Albedo                                                               |
    | HP: 7400        | Exp: 54,000       | T.Pts: 250 | E.Pts: 220 | S.Pts: 250 |
    |                                                                            |
    | It's the second last fight of the game and it's not going to be easy, this |
    | battle is all about speed.  Albedo gets some incredible speed boosting     |
    | skills so you're going to have to counter with your own speed.  Have       |
    | everyone extract the AGL+1 and Speed+25 skill from the White Ring and      |
    | Speed Shoes respectively.  A.G.W.S. are not too useful, Albedo has an      |
    | an ability that drains half you HP and gives it to him, and A.G.W.S.       |
    | machines usually tend to have a lot of HP.  Since he has extremely high    |
    | defense against pretty much all types of attacks besides physical, I       |
    | recommend setting up KOS-MOS with R-BLADE or whatever you use and Jr.      |
    | with Last Symphony as your primary sources of damage, Shion should be      |
    | nothing besides support and even one of your other two will have to lend   |
    | a hand at some point.  Remember that this is the second last battle, so if |
    | you've been collecting items afraid to use them, there's no time like the  |
    | present to start emptying your inventory.  Albedo has a lot less HP than   |
    | the previous boss, but the difficulty comes in his strength and speed, not |
    | endurance.  Try for a really offensive battle, take some risks.  It may    |
    | be a little late now to go back to the Casino, but I had two of the prizes |
    | Bravesoul and Golden Dice equipped on Jr. which powered him up with his    |
    | HP down.  When I used a Hemlock on him (HP = 1) his Last Symphony dealt    |
    | 6882 damage WITHOUT a critical hit.  Sure he was level 65 and Last         |
    | Symphony was powered up to level 42, but regardless of your level using    |
    | the Hemlock in combination with those accessories if absolutely brutal.    |
    |                                                                            |
    After the battle watch the scene and prepare to face the final boss.
    | Boss: Sophie Peithos                                                       |
    | HP: 16,000      | Exp: 80,000       | T.Pts: 250 | E.Pts: 250 | S.Pts: 250 |
    |                                                                            |
    | It's finally here, the final boss.  Unfortunately you don't get a chance   |
    | to heal and prepare in between Albedo and this fight, so hoepfully you     |
    | are fond of whatever setup you chose.  This battle should be fought almost |
    | oppositely from the last one, very defensively.  The battle won't be too   |
    | overwhelming as long as you are willing to let it drag on a bit just to    |
    | make sure you are safe.  There's a number of status effects you can be     |
    | inflicted with and while it might seem like a waste of a turn it's         |
    | important never to find yourself screwed by one of them at a critical      |
    | moment.  The boss itself is actually fairly weak and predictable, it will  |
    | use its Swarm attack constantly which only deals about 300 damage and only |
    | hits one character at a time.  The battle gets interesting when the boss   |
    | starts summoning minibosses into the batle.  There are two types,          |
    | Jaldaboath and Ratatosk, which have 1200 and 1800 HP respectively.  While  |
    | the second is a bit more powerful than the first it's important to         |
    | eliminate any Jaldaboath enemies otherwise you risk having them self       |
    | destruct in your face.  Fortunately for you virtually all attacks are      |
    | effective here and the boss doesn't have any particular super strong       |
    | defenses.  In fact if you beat Albedo there's little reason you should     |
    | have trouble.  The real danger comes in like I said, whether you can be    |
    | defensive or not.  While 95% of the time you're being hit by weak attacks  |
    | the boss actually DOES have a super powerful attack called Dark Omen which |
    | can deal over 700 damage to your full party.  After something like that    |
    | hopefully you'll have two Rejuvenators and someone with 6 AP in your       |
    | party.  This is the reason that despite the seemingly less pwoerful        |
    | attacks, the second you let you guard don't it can bite you in the ass.    |
    |                                                                            |
    You beat the game.  Good job!  
    Now sit back and enjoy the ending.
    |                                 Sidequests                         (00100) |
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                       Mintia                        |
    / |      (00101)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  In order to find this optional boss you must 
    |                              |  return to the Kukai Foundation.  Set MOMO as 
    | None......................./ |  your character avatar by pressing square on 
    |                              |  her character profile in the menu so that 
    o------------------------------o  she's the leader, and then head to City 
                                      Sector 26 & 27.  In front of the Ironman bar 
    there is a crank on the left side of the entrance, turn it to open the awning 
    and then run into the Our Treasure hotel.  Climb the stairs and go into the 
    left room, then take the South exit.  Run East along the walkway and blast the 
    planter.  Now you can jump down onto the awning and since you've connected 
    them, access the door on the right side.  Watch the scene and select "Yes."
    | Boss: Mintia                                                               |
    | HP: 7777        | Exp: 22,000       | T.Pts: 160 | E.Pts: 240 | S.Pts: 200 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Most the annoyingness of this battle comes in the form of obnoxious status |
    | effects.  If you stole the Shield Armor from the boss in the Song of       |
    | Nephilim then this battle is going to be a LOT easier, especially if you   |
    | decide to extract the All Guard ability and put it on all your characters. |
    | Short of that your best defense is an accessory that prevents Attack       |
    | Poison, which is different from normal poison.  Mintia also has an attack  |
    | to knock people to the back row so if you plan on having a dedicated       |
    | healer than you may want to start them already in the back row behind      |
    | someone who you really don't want pushed into the back row.  Also a party  |
    | made up entirely of females is preferable, Mintia has a this little thing  |
    | against men and will be extra nasty to them in battle.  If you have either |
    | the Golden Dice or Bravesoul they work great as a means to give a benefit  |
    | to Mintia's attack that leaves you at one health.  Since her defenses are  |
    | super powerful, and physical close range attacks can't target her, it's    |
    | not going to be a quick battle despite her not-so-impressive HP total.     |
    | Be absolutely sure to use MOMO to steal the Craft Apron from her.          |
    |                                                                            |
    |                                                                            |
    For defeating Mintia you get MOMO's new Tech Attack, Dark Sceptor.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                     Great Joe                       |
    / |      (00102)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  Hopefully you are sufficiently leveled and 
    |                              |  prepared, because Great Joe is most certainly 
    | None......................./ |  the hardest boss in the game.  You'll find 
    |                              |  him by returning to the Durandal Residential 
    o------------------------------o  Area and heading West of the Game Room 
                                      through the door, then North to the top and 
    making a right at the fork.  It's in the room with the gray shop terminal.  All 
    you need to do is set up Jr. as you on screen character and use your Vaporizer 
    to blast the closet on the right.  Great Joe appears and challenges you.
    | Boss: Great Joe                                                            |
    | HP: 9999        | Exp: 18,000       | T.Pts: 200 | E.Pts: 180 | S.Pts: 200 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Well this is certainly an interesting battle.  If you're anywhere below    |
    | level 30 you should seriously be looking elsewhere, level 35 is fine,      |
    | level 40 or above and you probably shouldn't even be reading a strategy    |
    | like this, go kick his ass.  Fortunately for you Great Joe has a lot of    |
    | pitiful weak attacks, which are of course balanced by his really strong    |
    | ones (combination Celebrate + Soul Crusher) will really hurt you.  Equip   |
    | the party with protection from the Curse status, you really aren't going   |
    | to want to deal with something insignificant like that hwile trying to     |
    | stay alive.  Jr. should have the Bravesoul and Golden Dice equipped, this  |
    | is especially true for this fight because at some point Great Joe will     |
    | ask for a one-on-one battle with Jr.  You can still attack him with other  |
    | party members but he will always counterattack.  This isn't as bad as it   |
    | sounds actually because he counterattacks with his weakest move.  In fact  |
    | at this point you may as well take the opportunity to do most of your      |
    | attacks because while he's focused on Jr. he doesn't have the ability to   |
    | destroy everyone else in your party.  While Jr. is taking the punishment   |
    | avoid healing him so that he gets a powerful strength boost from the       |
    | accessories and can start beating on Great Joe.  Now after this little     |
    | battle Joe will most likely use an ability to change into a damage         |
    | immunity, but in doing so he becomes vulnerable to healing.  Take one      |
    | character with a weak attack and use their turn to verify that he has      |
    | indeed switched and then from that point start using all your most         |
    | healing spells on him, as well as yourself becuase he'll still be going    |
    | after you.  I'm sorry if I've made it sound easy, because it isn't.  None  |
    | of this is set in stone and things don't always go as planned, he isn't    |
    | 100% bound to using his weakest attack on a counter, it seems like during  |
    | certain fights he may actually tend more toward some ultra dangerous       |
    | attack like Soul Crusher.  Have everyone with the ability to use Boost 1   |
    | because sometimes you know there's just nothing you can accomplish on your |
    | turn, but at least that will give you some way to make up for it later.    |
    | Don't forget that the Erde Kaiser deals 9999 damage and will take out      |
    | Great Joe is a single cast right down to the exact HP.  Obviously this is  |
    | not the preferable way to do it, I mean... come on... keep at it.          |
    |                                                                            |
    Following the fight you get Jr.'s Soul Rhapsody and Magnum Joe Ether spell.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                    Erde Kaiser                      |
    / |      (00103)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    o------- Item Checklist -------o  Considering how rediculously easy it is to 
    |                              |  get the Erde Kaiser, and it's so powerful 
    | None......................./ |  that it will take out the hardest optional 
    |                              |  boss in the game in a single turn, they 
    o------------------------------o  really had some balance issues in this game.  
                                      Fortunately though it's entirely optional and 
    no one is forcing you to use it during those fights so you can still take part 
    in this little mini quest to get the giant robot.  Basically if you've got all 
    the Segment Address open already than you're 99% of the way there.  What you 
    need are the six Robot Parts from sixof those Segment Addresses.  The Professor 
    who will build the robot for you is located downstairs in the Kukai Foundation 
    A.G.W.S. shop.  The most important thing to do first is to collect the parts.
    The Robot Part Right Arm is the first one you will get.  While you're on the 
    Woglinde Sgt Swaine will give you the Decoder 7 for the door right beside him.  
    You'll find the Robot Part Right arm directly inside there.  The Robot Part 
    Left Arm can be found at the highest floor above the office cubicles in the 
    Cathedral Ship.  You'll get the Decoder for this door just outside, to the 
    Southwest is an enemy guarding a treasure chest containing it.  The Robot Part 
    Right Leg can be found behind Segment Address No. 3 in City Sector 26 & 27 of 
    the Kukai Foundation, behind a bookshelf.  The Decoder for this door is inside 
    Bunnie's house in the Encephalon forest.  The Robot Part Left Leg is inside 
    Segment Address No. 8 of the Elsa.  To get the Decooder 8 you need to get the 
    Fish Detector from the coat pocket in the Kukai Foundation dry cleaners, and 
    then use it to find the Engagement Ring on the beach, the woman in the Ironman 
    gives you the Decoder in exchange for the ring.  The Robot Part Head is in 
    Segment Address No. 1 on top of the Our treasure hotel roof in the Kukai 
    Foundation.  The Decoder 1 is found by talking to the purple toy in the Kukai 
    Foundation and having him tell you a great story after you've spoken to Tom at 
    the Dock Colony.  Now Decoder 1 is shining on the ground in the Durandal park.  
    The final part, the Robot Part Body is found at the bottom of the Talk To Me 
    shop on the Dock Colony behind all the junk.  To get the Decoder 2 for this 
    door you must defeat the enemy hiding in one of the crates on the Song of 
    Nephilim.  All the descriptions for the Decoder locations are outlined in much 
    better detail in the walkthrough, you can always search the document for the 
    name of the decoder you're looking for.  In most cases unless they are 
    separated by a line break in between you can find what you want easily.
    Anyway once you have all the parts it's just a matter of bringing them to the 
    Professor in the Kukai Foundation's A.G.W.S. parts shop.  If you bring them all 
    at once just leave and come back in between scenes to trigger the next one.  
    You'll get in order the Throni Blade for the two arms, the Dominion Tank for 
    the two legs and the Seraphim Bird for the head.  There is no Ether spell for 
    the body but of course it allows you to connect everything together.  During 
    this time there is a dispute with the Professor and his assistant can be found 
    easily at the counter of the Ironman Bar in City Sector 26 & 27.  Speak to him 
    and you'll receive the 'Erde Kaiser' which costs 60 MP to summon (or 30 with 
    the Angel Ring) and deals 9999 damage to all enemies, unaffected by defenses or 
    anything like that.  It can easily be used to defeat virtually any enemy.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                 Segment Addresses                   |
    / |      (00104)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    |    Segment Address     |                     Location                      |
    | Segment Address No. 1  | Kukai Foundation Our Treasure hotel roof          |
    | Segment Address No. 2  | Talk to Me shop basement on Dock Colony           |
    | Segment Address No. 3  | Kukai Foundation Sector 26 & 27 West section      |
    | Segment Address No. 4  | Pleroma                                           |
    | Segment Address No. 5  | Encephalon lower playground area                  |
    | Segment Address No. 6  | Proto Merkabah                                    |
    | Segment Address No. 7  | Woglinde, beside Sgt Swaine                       |
    | Segment Address No. 8  | North of A.G.W.S. hangar on Elsa                  |
    | Segment Address No. 9  | Top flor above cubicles on Cathedral Ship         |
    | Segment Address No. 10 | KOS-MOS Simulator                                 |
    | Segment Address No. 11 | U-TIC Battleship                                  |
    | Segment Address No. 12 | Song of Nephilim                                  |
    | Segment Address No. 13 | Cathedral Ship mall section                       |
    | Segment Address No. 14 | Elsa catapult                                     |
    | Segment Address No. 15 | Encephalon subway terminal                        |
    | Segment Address No. 16 | Woglinde near glass panel office                  |
    | Segment Address No. 17 | Proto Merkabah                                    |
    | Segment Address No. 18 | Woglinde below Shion's room                       |
    |        Decoder         |                     Location                      |
    | Decoder 1              | Durandal park area after talking to purple bug    |
    | Decoder 2              | Song of Nephilim dropped by boss                  |
    | Decoder 3              | Encephalon in Bunnie's house                      |
    | Decoder 4              | Pleroma                                           |
    | Decoder 5              | Durandal armory beside hangar                     |
    | Decoder 6              | Proto Merkabah dropped by boss                    |
    | Decoder 7              | Woglinde                                          |
    | Decoder 8              | Compelte Engagement Ring miniquest                |
    | Decoder 9              | Cathedral Ship                                    |
    | Decoder 10             | Elsa                                              |
    | Decoder 11             | Pleroma                                           |
    | Decoder 12             | Encephalon                                        |
    | Decoder 13             | Kukai Foundation City Sector 26 & 27              |
    | Decoder 14             | Song of Nephilim                                  |
    | Decoder 15             | Cathedral Ship, dropped by boss                   |
    | Decoder 16             | U-TIC Battleship                                  |
    | Decoder 17             | Song of Nephilim                                  |
    | Decoder 18             | Woglinde                                          |
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                     Minigames                       |
    / |      (00105)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    There are four different minigames in Xenosaga, the Battle the Xenocard, the 
    Drill, and the Casino.  This si the most basic outline of each one of them, 
    they need little explaining (except Xenocard, which needs more explaining than 
    Xenosaga itself, I tried to learn everything but really didn't have enough 
    interest to keep trying.)  It's similar to Magic: The gathering or any other of 
    those card games, probably quite enjoyable once you get the hang of it.
    The battle game is accessed by returning to the KOS-MOS simulator and checking 
    inside the box sitting where you fought the boss.  The battle game is your 
    basic dumbed down version of Armored Core or Virtual On, not that it's really 
    bad in any way, no one would expect them to dedicate that many resources to 
    making it stunning.  Basically is an action mech game, set up your A.G.W.S. and 
    start blasting your opponent.  Not much else to say, enjoy its limited appeal.
    The Drill Game is accessed after you get the Drill Passport by destroying all 
    the junk on the Woglinde.  You control the Drill by holding the square button 
    once, and then again to move it a second time.  Wherever you stop it will drill 
    and you can change the camera angles in order to try and make more direct hits 
    on those tinier objects which usually hold the better prizes.  There are 
    different levels and lots of prizes, works well as a distraction.
    Xenocard like I already explained is similar to most of those collectable card 
    games if you've ever played one.  You even get to by card packs from the store 
    and hope for rare pulls, just like the real thing.  It's surprisingly complex, 
    build your own deck and defeat you opponent.  There's even a number of special 
    promotional cards you'll find throughout the game.  It's mostly a learn by 
    experience kind of deal, the more you play the more you'll start to see 
    strategies come up, and hopefully you didn't look here expecting some kind of 
    magic secret on how to win every game, learn the rules... build a good deck.
    Finally we have the Casino which has the most practical application.  You can 
    win some of the best accessories in the game, like the Bravesoul here.  The 
    slots game is rather fun, it's actually set up to be fairly complicated... for 
    slots at least.  Some people have found ways to really get the most out of
    the slots and can get hundreds of bazillions of coins in a matter of an hour, 
    but these in depth strategies are far beyond the scope of what I know.  I find 
    actually that Poker is quite an easy and reliable way to make serious cash.  
    When playing poker you have to understand that unless you go for the biggest 
    payouts you aren't going to walk away with much more than you started with, and 
    that the risks are part of the game.  Always play level 4 for startes.  You'll 
    get a hand of five cards and can hold any and draw the rest, pretty simple.  
    The basic rules are that you're trying to pair cards up or get numbers in a row 
    and such, I'm sure you've played poker before.  This thing is that once you win 
    you can go double or nothing.  Always choose to do so.  A card is flipped and 
    you have to guess whether the next will be higher or lower, and you can stop at 
    any time.  NEVER STOP.  Maybe if you got a royal flush, and you were up the the 
    fourth flip, and they brought out an 8 then maybe you should stop... but other 
    than that you're not going to get anywhere unless you bet all the way up to x16 
    every time.  Sure it'll be frustrating when you lose out but you'll be 
    surprised how often you make it there and the payouts can get pretty big.  
    Exchange your coins for prizes you want, or stuff to sell.  Great moneymaker.
    |                                Plot Summary                        (00010) |
    Note: This entire section is being written based on the full Xenosaga Episode 1 
    cutscene disk included with the preorder of Xenosaga episode 2.  The cutscenes 
    have been edited a little, removing the less important scenes to get the point 
    across but is still extremely expansive (five hours long).  The characters 
    profiles are the same ones you will find in the instruction manual, this is not 
    meant to be an analysis, it is meant to be a reference for people wanting to 
    either find something they missed, or read the whole thing at their own pace.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                     Characters                      |
    / |      (00011)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    Shion Uzuki - Chief engineer of KOS-MOS Project General Operation Research 
    Center, Vector Industries First R&D Division.  When the story opens, she is 
    assigned on a twofold mission: to assist in the investigation of a planetary 
    disappearance which is somehow related to the "Zohar Project" a plan developed 
    jointly between the government and private industry - and to test KOS-MOS.
    KOS-MOS - A female, armored battle android developed by the interstellar 
    conglomerate, Vestor Industries.  She is comprised entirely of mechanical 
    parts, a rarity in an age of advanced Realian technology.  "KOS-MOS" is not her 
    personal name but rather the name of the complete battle system designed to 
    combat Gnosis.
    Ziggy - A combat cyborg assigned the task of recovering and protecting MOMO, 
    the prototype 100-Series Observational Realian.  Instead of embracing the fact 
    that he was once human, Ziggy is constantly tuning his body, eliminating his 
    organic parts in order to erase his own existence and reduce himself fro ma 
    "person" to a mere "object."
    MOMO - A prototype 100-Series Observational Realian (synthetic human) developed 
    to observe and contact Gnosis, an alien life form that can only be detected by 
    a "special sense."  MOMO is short for Multiple Observable Mimetic Organicus.  
    She was created by Jaochim Mizrahi, a scientist renowned throughout the galazy, 
    and his wife, Juli Mizrahi.
    chaos - A slender, young boy who appears 16 years old but whose true age is 
    unknown.  His perpetually melancholic expression, as well as the depth and 
    scope of his  conversation, give the impression that he hails from a higher 
    plane of existence  His translucent blue eyes and silver hair are his 
    particularly distinguishing features.  As he volunteers no information 
    whatsoever about his past other than his name, everything about him, including 
    whether he even has any memory about his past, is unknown.
    Jr. - One of the directors of the Kukai Fondation, a special organization based 
    on Second Miltia (an autonomous state in the Galaxy Federation.)  Despite his 
    seemingly carefree attitude, Jr. is actually quite wise and will occasionally 
    make statements cutting right to the heart of things.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                     Chapter 1                       |
    / |      (00012)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    In the year 20XX, the game opens up with an island mining site.  Many people 
    dig across miles of open dirt hills.  We see two men speaking about the dig 
    when they are interrupted by a man yelling who identifies one of them as a Dr. 
    Masuda.  The man exclaims that they've come across something that matches the 
    location described in a research paper.  They head over to see what it is, the 
    thing they speak of is a small rectacgular shaped indentation in the ground, 
    with a couple of bumps on the side about the size of someone's palm.  Dr. 
    Masuda examines it and places an object in his position into the indentation 
    which fits perfectly.  As he does the objects starts to eminiate bright lights 
    and the ground begins to shake.  From underwater huge pillars burst out from 
    the ocean floor, chaos insues at the dig site as more and more of these giant 
    pillars erupt from the ground.  A path has formed that leads far out into the 
    water to a huge object in the exact same shape as the indentation which is 
    forming out of thin air.  It launches a huge beam of light into the sky...
    Now we find ourselves in outer space, the subtext says "4000 years later."  We 
    can see the object that appeared over the water floating out in space.  Scenes 
    are spliced in of some kind of laboratory, menus are displayed with "Connection 
    target: KOS-MOS" and "System administrator: Shion Uzuki."  Many people sit in 
    this lab accessing the computers.  A young woman sits down in a very mechanized 
    chair while the computers seem to monitor her anatomy.  A large ship floats by 
    the mysterious object in space.  The woman instructs one of the other men to 
    initialize the interconnection protocol, and a countdown begins.  Two small 
    pods grab hold of the object out in space and another man touches it.  As he 
    does a light shines and he disappears without a trace.  The countdown ends and 
    the partition opens, KOS-MOS body formation is initialized.  We see an outdoor 
    area briefly in between static noise.  The enormous rectangular object is 
    loaded onto the ship via protective circular light beams.  The sequence boots 
    up and a large fleet of ships appear from a rift in space including a large one 
    which is displaying the tag "Vector" on its side.
    We move to what looks like the bridge of the ship, and the crew speaking of 
    various technical specifications.  One of the men says they are almost home, 
    another woman mentions that the asteriods should serve to protect them from the 
    "columns" however what they're referring to at this point is unclear.  The 
    captain asks that chief Uzuki be brought to the bridge and the young woman who 
    sat in the mechanized chair earlier responds to the request.  Her name is Shion 
    Uzuki and is the main character of the game.  The captain wants her to bring 
    the data for KOS-MOS to him on the bridge.  The workers are constantly 
    badgering one man to make his move on the chief, but he denies any such 
    intentions of course.  One important thing to note at this point that the DVD 
    does not make too clear early on is that KOS-MOS is a prototype android weapon 
    designed to look like a human woman, their first trip into the Encephalon 
    simulator was to try and gather field data about KOS-MOS who is not yet awake 
    in reality.  Shion Uziki is the head fo the project, and Allen is the second.
    Shion sits at her terminal working late into the night.  A man approaches who 
    she acknowledges as Kevin, and both are wondering why the other is up so late.  
    Kevin says he hasn't been able to sleep lately, something has been on his mind.
    He says "Tomorrow she's finally going to wake up" but has no idea what to say 
    to her when she wakes up.  Shion suggests "Good morning KOS-MOS" indicating 
    that they are indeed talking about the prototype.  Kevin leaves for the night.
    Shion is back again walking down the hall and Allen runs up to her handing her 
    a data disc that she forgot, this brings her back into the present when it 
    becomes apparent that the whole Kevin incident was a daydream/flashback.  We 
    see a mysterious little girl with orange hair but it does not last long.
    On the bridge Shion is giving her report.  The man asks where the actual field 
    data is but Shion says it's not quite ready.  The man is very testy saying that 
    the fleet was assembled quickly and while they have A.G.W.S. units they don't 
    have the 100-Series Observational Units to go with them.  A.G.W.S. units by the 
    way are the large mech robots you see as a central point in this game, and 100-
    Seies Observational units include the prototype KOS-MOS which he is speaking 
    about.  He explains that the purpose of KOS-MOS was to protect them in the case 
    of attacks and that there;s no excuse for not having it ready yet.  He keeps 
    yelling but the captain tells him it's not their fault, they're under serious 
    time constraints.  Suddenly the man gets a call saying something urgent has 
    come up and needs to be excused.  He dismisses Shion for today.
    Now we see the angry man standing in front of a screen in a dark room speaking 
    to someone over video communications.  The man on the screen tells the angry 
    man from the bridge that he made a grave mistake, and calls him Cherenkov.  He 
    says he already warned Cherenkov about the dangers of the "Zohar" and he should 
    have been more careful when retrieving it.  It is quite clear at this point 
    that the Zohar refers to the rectangular object in space, and the fatalities 
    refer to the incident if not more of the man in the space suit touching it and 
    suddenly disappearing.  The man on the screen says they have to move the plan 
    up two phases and can't have the Zohar falling into government hands.  He says 
    they picked up local U.M.N. activity and says the fleet is "column jumping" 
    toward their convoy and will be there in five hours.  Cherenkov seems very 
    worried that maybe reinforcements might not arrive before "they" do.  The man 
    tells Cherenkov that it doesn't matter is the prototype is unstable and 
    untested, they must wake it up.
    We see Shion standing in a cemetery where the little girl from before appears.  
    She wears a short dress and a necklace with a cross on it... next she is 
    standing in Shion's room while she sleeps and that is all.
    On the bridge again they get ready to gate jump, but then all of a sudden there 
    is a warning signal.  One man says he doesn't think an external source is the 
    cause of the warning signal, it's inside the ship in sector 3, the KOS-MOS 
    unit.  Not only this, an enormous force is coming from ahead of them and none 
    of the readings make sense.  Mass panic erupts and the captains exclaims 
    "Gnosis!"  Huge monsters appear out of a rift in space and move toward the ship 
    firing numerous projectiles as they go.  The ship and its A.G.W.S. units fight 
    back but have little effect.  Military units assemble on the ship to start 
    holding off the Gnosis monsters.  Weapons are useless as they Gnosis don't seem 
    to even exist in normal space, everything phases through them and they phase 
    through everything, murdering everyone they come across, even sucking the life 
    out of their bodies as they do.  
    The bridge is still in a panic, they're too close to fire on the mother ship, 
    there's a breach in the reactor room and they've lost more than 70% of their 
    A.G.W.S. units.  One man tries to call for reinforcements to help their ship, 
    the Woglinde.  The captain exclaims there's no question, they're after that 
    thing, most likely what he's referring to is the Zohar of course.  Nobody can 
    find their first officer Cherenkov, he's not at his position.  The bridge takes 
    a direct hit from a kamikaze Gnosis.  Down in the area of the Zohar Cherenkov 
    wants to jump into hyperspace but another man objects saying that he must know 
    what happens when humans enter hyperspace!  Cherenkov explains how they can 
    survive and approaches the Zohar intending to sacrifice himself.  
    Back in the lab we still see the other problem, KOS-MOS is starting up in auto 
    mode but Allen says they disabled that mode after the "incident" and only the 
    chief's terminal can reactivate it.  Power goes out and a light shines from 
    KOS-MOS' chamber bed.  She sits up and does an internal search for Shion and 
    the Zohar.  Everyone in the lab cowers in fear as she walks away.  
    One man in an A.G.W.S. unit steals a handheld unit from Shion, saying that he 
    knows their control code.  He's referring to the Realian soldiers and 
    sacrificing them in an explosion to hold off the enemies.  The Gnosis knock him 
    down and grab Shion, beginning to suck the life out of her... as she flashes 
    back to recent events she notices the little girl who she seems to recognize.  
    A beam of light fires through the wall knocking Shion of of the Gnosis grasp 
    and KOS-MOS breaks through the wall and begins fighting the Gnosis off.  Allen 
    appears and says that KOS-MOS helped everyone escape.  She lowers her mask and 
    initiates something called the "Hilbert Effect" which is used to bring the 
    Gnosis into real space.  Using her duel-triple gatling guns (yes, six total) 
    she dispatches the enemies and explains they must get to the hangar where the 
    object is, this is most likely the Gnosis target.
    Cherenkov is there already, Shion, KOS-MOS, Allen and Virgil the angry who 
    wanted to kill the Realians appear trying to keep the enemies at bay.  Two 
    enemies come up behind Shion and KOS-MOS turns around firing straight through 
    Virgil into the enemies, killing him instantly.  KOS-MOS tells Shion to hurry 
    and escape, she says that her job is to protect Vector employees and not 
    military personnel, also adding there is only room for two in the escape pod, 
    Allen and Shion.  They escape from the ship while KOS-MOS and commander 
    Cherenkov are left out on the hull.  The largest Gnosis absorbs the object and 
    leaves.  KOS-MOS explains that the Zohar was not the original but in fact, an 
    emulator.  She now plans to head to Second Miltia, but not before planting a 
    tracking device on the Gnosis mother ship.
    Now the mood changes as we see someone at a desk called Master Wilhelm, and 
    that there is a new report from KOS-MOS.  An unidentified ship is approaching 
    the battlefield but if need be KOS-MOS will protect Shion.  Wilhelm says the 
    data for the "Rhine Maiden" is now complete, and all phenomena are moving 
    forward as specified by this Compass of Order.  
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                     Chapter 2                       |
    / |      (00013)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    Soon after an entire planet is blown up in front of our eyes.  "What's one and 
    a half billion people to us?" asks the same man who appeared earlier speaking 
    over video with Cherenkov.  The girl he is talking to says they were innocents, 
    the man says he will do whatever it takes to get the Emulator, or he will use 
    the original if he has to.  He asks the girl Pellegri if maybe it's too much 
    for her consciences to bear.  He says that they are the ones who determine life 
    and death.  Finally a common soldier speaks to him and we learn the name of 
    this mysterious enemy.  His name is Commander Margulis and the soldier says 
    there's a message from Lieutenant Commander Vanderkam, sole survivor of the 
    vanguard force.  Vanderkam was the man from the ship down near the Zohar, 
    arguing with Cherenkov, with the big purple cross painted on his face.  He says 
    the unit was decimated and the Emulator was not secured.
    A new character is introduced at this point.  A council of people sit in large 
    chairs around a circle when a man walks in.  No ordinary man, his legs are 
    mechanical.  The man is named Ziggurat 8 and the coucil explains that upon his 
    death in 4667 he donated his body to Ziggurat Industries.  The council has a 
    mission, recently they received information that as armed group has shown signs 
    of resurgence and the same group was responsible for the events fourteen years 
    ago, the U-TIC Organization.  They've located the U-TIC Organization's hideout, 
    it was originally a shrine from a long lost religion but was abandoned.  The 
    mission is to rescue someone and return her to her rightful place.  A child, 
    but a Realian.  A 100-Series Realian, with the same specifications as KOS-MOS.
    Ziggurat says that being a cyborg he has no rights and thus cannot refuse their 
    request but wants to make one request first, after his returning he wants all 
    memories from his previous life erased.  The council agrees and says he can get 
    the specifics from Dr. Yuri Mizrahi later.  Ziggurat 8 rides the elevator down 
    in silence.  One woman on the coucil says that Ziggurat didn't die in duty but 
    instead had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.  Thus he has 
    been equipped with a safety mechanism which prevents him from hurting himself.  
    She says he was brought back to life against his will and will become only a 
    machine once the brain erasure procedure is complete.
    Inside a prison cell the young girl sits, the 100-Series Realian Ziggurat was 
    meant to rescue.  Margulis enters her cell and asks some simple question to 
    which she does not answer, saying she doesn't like the name "100-Series 
    Realian" but instead wants to know where she's going.  Margulis says that she's 
    just a machine and machines are meant to be used.
    Ziggurat arrives at the hideout in a stealth camouflage suit and quickly finds 
    it to be a little malfunctive.  Flashback to the council room again one person 
    explains to Ziggurat 8 that the 100-Series Realian is encoded with extensive 
    amounts of research data left behind by the founder of U-TIC.  The council 
    member explains that the founder of U-TIC also advocated the creation of the 
    child, his name was Joachim Mizrahi, a madman who lost his humanity by 
    immersing himself in science.  He was indeed her ex-husband.  She tells him 
    time is very important and before leaving he asks why he's taking the Realian 
    to the Miltian star system despite beind registered as her daughter.  They are 
    carrying out a mission vital to the survival of the human race and it will be 
    safer to send her there.  Back in the hideout again Ziggurat beats up the 
    guards and explains that he is here to rescue her.  She explains that the name 
    she prefersis MOMO.  Ziggurat explains that he is a cyborg ex-human who was 
    resurrected against his will.  MOMO suggests the name Ziggy instead since it 
    sounds more human but the mention of this suddenly triggers a flashback of a 
    young boy and his dog, thanking his father for the pet who explains that he 
    would have got a real one if possible, but he couldn't.  The boy suggests the 
    name Nex as oppsoed to Nexus 6, the model number, for his dog.
    Some flunky explains to Margulis that the intruder is after the 100-Series 
    Realian.  As they're escaping Margulis confronts them and they barely escape by 
    using the explosives that Ziggy set earlier.  They climb into one of the nearby 
    ships and fly off away from the hideout.  Numerous pursuit ships make chase.  
    Margulis turns around to see a white haired young man and a white haired even 
    younger girl who looks like MOMO approach, saying only "You're late."
    Shion and everyone are settling in on the Elsa, the ship that picked up their 
    escape pod.  Allen asks what they're going to do now and Shion responds saying 
    one thing she knows is that KOS-MOS is now functioning independently and can 
    survive on her own.  Allen says he's a bit weary about staying on this ship 
    much longer, he looked into them as said they're with something called the 
    Kukai Foundtation, a place he heard is crawling with mutants.
    Back on Ziggy and MOMO's escape pod, MOMO gets heady to jump back to 
    headquarters but Ziggy says they aren't going, that his mission is to escort 
    her to Second Miltia.  They fly into a jump gate and set off on their way.
    On the Elsa again we see Cherenkov looking down at KOS-MOS who is currently in 
    stasis.  A flashback occurs to a rainy day showing Shion and a number of other 
    workes in a lab.  Soldiers break in and take command in the name of the U-TIC 
    organization.  A man in a suit who sounds exactly like Cherenkov presses a 
    button and begins to activate KOS-MOS who at this time is clad in golden armour 
    rather than silver.  She wakes up in a mechanical daze, twitching wildly and 
    attacks all sorts of soldiers and people indiscriminantly including Cherenkov.  
    A ship appears and tries to blast her but she is unphased and responds by 
    blowing up the ship itself.  Back on the Elsa again Cherenkov asks himself if 
    what he sees is really the same archetype from before.  He pulls out a handgun 
    and aims it at her face but slowly sets it down.  Shion appears and suprises 
    him, he makes no move to try and hide the gun however.  When Shion asks what he 
    was doing he says he was looking at her, he explains the gun as a "bad habit" 
    and Shion accepts it saying he is a soldier after all.  Cherenkov asks if this 
    really is the android who can take on the Gnosis, she sure doesn't look like 
    it.  Cherenkov speaks of Virgil who was killed by KOS-MOS' battle algorithm.  
    Shion says she always thought of her as a daughter, or maybe a friend.  Shion 
    asks Cherenkov what he was doing on the Woglinde, he somehow seemed different 
    from the other crew members.  He says he's a soldier and he'll go to where he's 
    assigned.  He walks off without another word...
    Ziggy and MOMO are flying through hyperspace being chased by a number of ships 
    from the hideout.  Next we see Shion talking to the director over video 
    communication.  He says it seems like there are no major problems with KOS-MOS, 
    Shion says she's now moving around on her own accord and she can't possibly to 
    turn her over to second division without determining why.  The director gives 
    in saying that he'll smooth things over with the people upstairs, but says not 
    to do anything foolish, he doesn't ever want a repeat of the events two years 
    ago.  Ziggy and MOMO are in big trouble evading all the fire from enemy ships, 
    MOMO sends out a distress signal and says there's a civilian ship in 
    hyperspace.  Ziggy communicates to the ship, which just happens to be the Elsa 
    that a battle has broken out and they must gate out as soon as possible.  
    Matthews calls Shion to the bridge where they look back at the battle occuring 
    behind them.  No one can identify the ships, but once they realize that they're 
    in the line of fire and start taking hits he tells Tony to start fighting.  
    They start firing and blowing the enemy ships out of the sky.  Ziggy's ship 
    rides along the walls of the hyperspace column sending a trail of fire back and 
    destroying the follower ships.  Suddenly reinforcements for the enemies arrive 
    and take out one of Ziggy's ship's engines.  Their descent is halted when 
    something grabs hold of them, it's a giant arm thing from the Elsa.
    Everyone is sitting down in the dining area.  Tony compliments Ziggy on his 
    moves out in hyperspace, but MOMO interrupts saying that she was the one 
    handling the controls.  Shion asks if MOMO is from the Mizrahi lab, MOMO 
    accidentally admits she's a 100-Series but Shion says it's okay and doesn't 
    have to keep it a secret, KOS-MOS is one too.  Shion asks if MOMO is a Hilbert 
    Effect equipped model, she says she is.  chaos says that they would be willing 
    to take them wherever they're going.  MOMO asks to be taken to the Second 
    Miltian star system and Shion says that's coincedentally where they're going as 
    well.  Captain Matthews says they'll have to stop at a neaby Dock Colony for 
    repairs and tells Shion to give Ziggy and MOMO a tour.
    In a completely different area we see a young boy piloting an A.G.W.S. through 
    a head of space debris.  A blonde haired woman named Mary on a ship bridge 
    identifies the young boy as "Little Master."  They're trying to observe and 
    examine whatever debris it is outside.  The young master says there was some 
    kind of planet here just a little while ago...
    In the next scene Cherenkov is talking to Margulis again saying the Zohar was 
    taken by the Gnosis but he has secured the 100-Series Realian and they're 
    headed for the Miltian star system.  Cherenkov believes it is the one Margulis 
    secured on Preloma.  Margulis says not to do anything beyond the scope as his 
    mission, and tells Cherenkov to return to headquarters at once.  The white 
    haired man man from before mocks Margulis saying he shouldn't just bark out 
    orders or someday maybe his dogs might bite back one day.  He says the 
    prototype belongs to him, he thinks he is more likely to succeed than 
    Margulis' dogs.  He takes an enormous A.G.W.S. and pilots it away, saying "Ah 
    MOMO my adorable little peche."  Margulis says the man has his uses and leaves.
    MOMO is examining Ziggy and suggests that perhaps it would be better if Shion 
    were to look after him, but he admits being uncomfortable at the thought of a 
    young woman looking him over, he's embarrassed about the mechanical body.  He 
    says that he is comfortable with MOMO because of her pure heart, not because he 
    sees her as an object.  Cherenkov is seen wandering abround the edge of his 
    room obviously in some serious mental anguish seeing flashbacks of the Gnosis 
    attack.  He gives himself an injection but that night still has restless 
    dreams.  Unable to sleep Cherenkov gets himself a drink but suddenly buckles in 
    pain, his arm is phasing into a translucent state and he can see his own breath 
    in front of him.  The pain persists all through the night.
    Shion too is hearing things as she sleeps, back in the image of the cemetery 
    again.  A little girl stands in front of her saying it may already be too late, 
    and the choice is ultimately up to "him."  But Shion may be able to understand 
    him in his final moments and that will bring him comfort.  The image stops and 
    Shion wakes up and the ship is shaking, a powerful force is trying to access 
    the ship from hyperspace.  Shion's hands start to glow as does the entire ship 
    as they break out of hyperspace.  They are surrounded by hundreds of Gnosis 
    including an enormous mothership.  Shion orders KOS-MOS to initiate an ultra 
    wide range Hilbert Effect.  The ship is being affected by a gravitational field 
    and start getting pulled toward the largest Gnosis.
    They appear in what looks like the inside of some kind of biological organism.  
    Shion asks chaos where they are, but MOMO interrupts saying they're inside of a 
    Gnosis.  KOS-MOS identifies at as the centre of a giant Gnosis approximately 
    16,000 kilometers long known as the "Cathedral Ship."  KOS-MOS picks up a 
    signal on her sensors, it's the Elsa as well as a signal similar to the Zohar 
    that was taken from the Woglinde.  They decide to start searching for the ship.
    Elsewhere in the Cathedral Ship we see Cherenkov wandering around.  He says 
    that "it" isn't possible, that Ariadne vanished when the Zohar went out of 
    control.  There's a flashback to a large populated city, Cherenkov is there 
    moving toward an illuminated door.  He opens it up to find a scene of death and 
    destruction inside.  A younger version of him stands alone there.
    Back on the ship from earlier that was examining the remains of the missing 
    planet, some kind of alarm is going off.  The Little Master comes up to the 
    bridge asking if it's the Zohar causing it.  He  decides that whatever is 
    causing the signal that is reactign with the Zohar, they're going to alert the 
    federation that they're gate jumping to follow it.
    Back to the party again everyone is trying to discern exactly what it is 
    they're inside.  They see a sign written in English partially fused with the 
    wall that reads "Ariadne Central Shopping Mall."  It seems like the sign itself 
    is part of the Gnosis, numerous man made things are in here fused with the 
    Gnosis.  Suddenly an image of the young girl appears saying "Hurry, they'll be 
    gone soon."  Shion wonders to herself what the girl has to do with this place.  
    Cherenkov too is still wandering around, we see a scene of some kind of space-
    court.  Cherenkov stands in a tube while the court officials judge him, saying 
    that his origins are unknown but circumstances might actually qualify him as a 
    victim of the "Life Recycling Law."  She asks if it is right for him to be the 
    first victim of an abandoned capital punishment system, with all their advanced 
    technology surely they're can be some other means by which he can repay 
    society.  The judge speaks, "This court hereby sentences the defendant, Andrew 
    Cherenkov, to undergo Level 7 Personality Reconditioning."  The woman says the 
    current "you" will cease to exist but it makes the bright of a brand new world 
    for him.  We see the same woman and Cherenkov talking.  He asks what the 
    meaning of this is, "why can't we have a child of our own."  She asks what he 
    could want to leave behind, that abnormal DNA of his.  She calls him pathetic, 
    saying he hasn't changed one bit.  She only married him for a cloning permit, 
    she asks if he actually thought they were in love.  He looks over at her and 
    then approaches her.  The scene cuts to a shot of her body on the ground, then 
    to Cherenkov in prison.  It's obvious that he murdered her.  The judge speaks 
    again, saying he will now undergo Level 8 Personality Reconditioning, his human 
    rights shall be revoked and he will be a life form which belongs tot he 
    federation with the same rights and privaleges as a Realian. Outside among many 
    people a young girl approaches him, calling him garbage... so he kills her.  
    They decide to use him as the test subject for the Level 9 procedure.  Bodies 
    litter the ground outside as a space ship approaches.  Cherenkov sits alone on 
    the ground surrounded by the dead.  A man approaches him saying "You're the man 
    who murdered every worker in this facility and annihilated three squads of 
    Federation Special Forces."  This man is Margulis.  Cherenkov tries to attack 
    but Margulis is much faster.  Margulis says they'll take Cherenkov with them...
    The party arrives at the centre of the Gnosis where they find some kind of 
    building or device.  A Zohar shapes object sits there but looks like it's being 
    drained or just a different colour as the other Zohar they saw before.  KOS-MOS 
    says she lost the Elsa's signal, the last known coordinates place it 300 metres 
    below their current position.  Another vision from Cherenkov occurs, Margulis 
    and Cherenkov are talking.  Cherenkov says that the preparations for the Zohar 
    Link Experiment are complete, but asks why he was assigned to the mission.  
    Margulis says he wanted to test his loyalty, but nothing more.  We see a scene 
    of Cherenkov as he takes of in a plane, seeing his wife and a little girl 
    together.  The little girl looks identical to the one he murdered after his 
    wife.  In the Cathedral Ship the group finds the real Zohar down below, KOS-MOS 
    identifies it as the Zohar emulator that was stores on board the Woglinde.  
    Shion asks if she means a real one exists somewhere else, KOS-MOS says it's 
    ture.  Cherenkov appears saying "You're the creator of that thing yet you 
    didn't even know about that?"  Cherenkov is in obvious pain and seems to be 
    phasing in and out of reality.  Cherenkov admits being the one behind the 
    disappearance of the Planet Ariadne.  All that mattered was the recovery of the 
    Emulator, that was why Vector and the Military were deployed.  Cherenkov starts 
    swinging at the air as spirits come from above, invading his body.  KOS-MOS 
    can't read anything about what's going on but Cherenkov is being transformed 
    into a large monster.  Ziggy says "It's the same... just like that day."  And 
    the monster jumps down to attack the group.  Once the monster is defeated a 
    flashback scene occus.  Margulis and Cherenkov are staring at a light on the 
    horizon.  Margulis says that this is the light cast by the stagnant eyes of the 
    people who have lost the will to create.  Shion can actually see this vision 
    but doesn't recognize Margulis, the man with Cherenkov.  Shion finds out that 
    the commander underwent personality reconditioning.  Margulis says he wishes to 
    rekindle the torch, the rekindle the human consciousness.
    Commander Cherenkov and Shion appear in a vision on a beach.  Cherenkov says 
    that he never really existed at all, that 36 years ago.  The year  after the 
    Zoar Incident which led up to the Mitian Conflict, he was brought into the 
    world as a weapon of warfare.  It happened often.  It was their way of life, 
    but he wasn't able to adapt, and wasn't given a chance to die.  The war ended 
    and he was left behind, he tried to adapt but wasn't able to.  He felt rejected 
    by everyone except for the Commander, but he still had to rely on drugs to 
    communicate with the rest of the world, he hadn't truly changed.  He finally 
    understands that the world didn't reject him, he rejected the world.  He enjoys 
    the place he is now, where he is the only living thing.  He says that this is 
    exactly what he's been searching for, and soon Shion will find herself here as 
    well.  Back in reality once again the Gargoyle cries out and disappears.  Shion 
    is trying to find out what really happened to Commander Cherenkov, if he really 
    was that monster they faced.  But he was.  She wonders if maybe all of them are 
    going to end up like him, but chaos says they're still here and none of them 
    turned into a Gnosis.  Perhaps they can take solace in that.  They begin 
    floating upward and see the Elsa flying around.  Captain Matthews calls to them 
    and picks them up before escaping from the Gnosis.
    Out in space again they're still being chased by hundreds of Gnosis but 
    suddenly something appears and blasts the Gnosis out of the sky.  Captain 
    Matthews identifies it as the Durandal, piloted by the Little Master from 
    before.  He orders them to target the Gnosis and cut open as escape path.  The 
    Durandal is annihilating all the enemies from all directions but it's still not 
    enough.  KOS-MOS starts riding up an elevator, the bridge crew is confused as 
    to why someone is opening a hatch.  KOS-MOS jumps to the back of the ship.  
    There's a problem on the Durandal as well, some kind of external sources are 
    sending requests to the Zohars in the quarantine hangar.  KOS-MOS lets loose an 
    enormous beam of energy which disintegrates all the Gnosis that are following 
    behind.  Allen says that it appears she absorbed the Gnosis, but Shion wonders 
    he she had weaponry they didn't know about.  "No" she says "That wasn't a 
    weapon... that was..." but Captain Matthews says who cares how she did it, the 
    Gnosis are gone.  Shion says that it's not the KOS-MOS that she built, that 
    perhaps it was Kevin'shand at work.
    Back on the U-TIC headquarters they inform Margulis that Commander Cherenkov's 
    tracking signal has disappeared.  They lost him at a space-time anomaly and 
    believe the Gnosis may have been there.  The party boards the Durandal.  
    Matthews explains that the kid is their boss, the head honcho.  Little Master 
    tells Matthews to get the Elsa fixed at the foundation, Shion asks if it's the 
    same foundation from the top 10 fastest growing corporations list.  Allen warns 
    Shion saying that they shouldn't be associating with these people.  Shion 
    introduces herself to the Little Master who in turn introduces himself as Jr., 
    Gainan Jr.  He says he has a real name but it doesn't matter now.  He says 
    they're returning to the foundation and need to tell Gainan that they've 
    secured the final Emulator.  At this point I'd like to note that if I remember 
    correctly, the subtitles in the DVD and the game spell Gainan differently, in 
    the game Guinan has a "g" in it somewhere.  Anyway... don't get confused, 
    they're the same person.  They gate jump toward the foundation... as they do we 
    see the white haired man's A.G.W.S. floating in space nearby...
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                     Chapter 3                       |
    / |      (00014)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    When the third and final chapter begins we see Jr. running in the middle of a 
    wrecked city, a creepy song is heard in the background.  He called out Gainan's 
    name.  He sees a dead cat with the name "Gainan" on its collar and cradles it 
    in his arms.  Back on the Durandal he holds the body of a young boy.  Suddenly 
    a light erupts and he exclaims "Albedo!"  Jr. wakes up and realizes he was just 
    having a dream.  He looks down at his hand at the number "666" which is 
    tattooed on his palm.  Saying "Dammit" he decides to get out of bed.
    Now we see a huge open hangar in the Durandal.  Inside there are a total of 13 
    Zohars being stored.  They each carry an inscription, the names Peter, Andrew, 
    Boanerges, Thomas, John, Philip, Matthew, Bartholomew, James, Thaddaeus, Simon, 
    Judas and finally Marienkind on the central one.  Shion says it sounds 
    familiar, the woman explains that it means the child of Mary.  Jr. says that 
    this is where they store all the really dangerous stuff and he presses a button 
    to uncover all the Zohars.  He explains that they're all actually just 
    emulators, and their purpose is to help deal with the Gnosis threat.
    The Durandal arrives at the Foundation and Shion's group is welcomed by a man 
    who carries a tattoo on his palm of the number "669."  He is master Gainan.  
    Shion feels awkward when meeting him and wonders why she seems to be acting so 
    rudely to someone she's just met.  Gainan walks off but turns back to look at 
    Shion saying only "No, it can't be."  We see Gainan and Jr. together conversing 
    in an office.  Jr. is talking about KOS-MOS and her power, and how she 
    resonated with the Emulators.  Gainan is concerned that Shion might be "On to 
    them" and their powers.  Jr. says it's not possible, she's just an ordinary 
    human but acknowledges that maybe it could be possible, considering she's 
    involved in such a big project, the same one  as Helmer.  The Zohar Project.  
    Margulis is talking to a man over video communication who has not appeared 
    before.  He wears dark glasses and has bright purple hair.  The man says the 
    output is not enough, and Margulis asks if what he's saying is that they can't 
    open the door to Lost Jerusalem.  Not only can they not open the door the man 
    says, but it's doubtful they can even find it.  The Emulators were only 
    supplements and it was Margulis' fault.  Margulis says that they can't keep the 
    commander waiting and will begin plan 401.  The man responds saying that it is 
    dangerous, the 100-Series that Helmer's protege is babysitting not only 
    contains the entire record of Mizrahi's research, but the access codes for the 
    U.M.N. transfer column to the old Miltia.  Margulis contacts the white haired 
    man in the A.G.W.S. and tells him to hold off for a bit.  He says that is the 
    situation warrants, they may have to use the "Song of Nephilim."  
    They plan on arriving at second Miltia soon.  Jr. approaches MOMO and asks her 
    if she would accept a good luck charm.  After he gives it to her there is a 
    sudden attack from a huge fleet of ships.  According to the news report, the 
    Kukai Foundation has engaged in an act of aggression against the 117th Marine 
    Division.  They have come to the conclusion that it was an act of rebellion 
    from the Second Miltian government.  They move for an emergency suspension of 
    all vested rights of Second Miltia's autonomous government.  Dr. Mizrahi comes 
    on screen (MOMO's mother and the person who gave Ziggy the mission) saying that 
    they are moving the 100-Series to Second Miltia as planned and following the 
    protocols.  A man asks her if she is too deeply involved in the situation 
    regarding her latehusband.  On the Durandal again they are being boarded by a 
    party lead by a woman who is identified as Captain Lapis Roman of the Galaxy 
    Federation's Special Ops Command Headquarters.  She hereby places the Durandal 
    under custody of the Galaxy Federation.  They officially arrest Gainan Kukai 
    under suspicion of treason against the Galaxy Federation.
    Captain Lapis enters the room where the group is being held saying the 
    preliminary inquiry is about to begin.  She explains that she is an agent 
    working for representative Helmer of the Second Miltian Parliament.  She 
    explains that they are currently in Federation custody and within a few hours 
    MOMO will be turned over to the U-TIC Organization and soon after the Second 
    Miltian government will be stripped of all its authority.  They must find 
    concrete proof of Shion and the group's innocence.  Shion suggests that KOS-MOS 
    could be used because she has a recording of the battle against the Gnosis on 
    the Woglinde.  Allen says that they'll need the Federation keys in order to 
    access the record, but Shion explains that by diving into the Encephalon 
    themselves they can make a copy through the Connection Gear.  Lapis gives them 
    a remote to open any locked doors they find.  In order to make it legitimate 
    she says they'll have to knock her out and make it look like an escape so Ziggy 
    totally punches her.  They make their way to KOS-MOS now.
    They all prepare and get ready to dive into the Encephalon.  Shion finds 
    herself in a park area with a little red haired girl on a swing, it's a younger 
    version of her.  The girls calls to her father who says that they can't visit 
    her mother today, they'll do it tomorrow.  The other little red haired girl 
    from the visions earlier appears and tells Shion she is seeing the last day she 
    ever spent with her father.  She says she has been waiting a long time for 
    Shion, and that they have much to talk about.  Jr. finds himself in a place 
    very similar to where he was in the dream, a broken city.  They see soldiers 
    marching, soldiers that look just like Jr. with different hair colour.  He says 
    that they must be U.R.T.V.  Ziggy says that this place is more than just an 
    illusion.  He asks Jr. if he recognizes this place, Jr. does and explains that 
    it is Miltia from fourteen years ago.  Back to Shion and the young girl again.  
    chaos and Allen are there with her as well.  Shion asks who the little girl is, 
    she says her name is "Nephilim," what she has been called ever since she 
    existed in this form.  Back to Jr. again the little child soldiers who looks 
    identical to Jr. are murdering people left and right.  Jr. exclaims "Damn it, 
    every single one of them's infected..."  One black haired one calls out for 
    someone named Rubedo.  Jr. realizes that this person is actually Gainan.  He 
    sees Gainan somewhere else now, staggering forward barely able to stand up and 
    a white haired child glows with power in front of him.  This is the same place 
    from the dream where he called out the name "Albedo."
    Shion and the little girl are sitting talking on the swings.  Shion is told 
    that this place really is Miltia, a world of unbroken memories.  It was sensed 
    and recreated by KOS-MOS.  It is her memory as well.  But the original KOS-MOS 
    was destroyed during that incident two years ago... by Shion herself.  There 
    she lost someone very dear to her.  It was Kevin, the man from earlier scenes.  
    Nephilim tells Shion that they all must accept their memories, bad and good, 
    and return to Miltia once again.  Only KOS-MOS knows the answer to why they 
    must go to Miltia, she is waiting for them there.  We next see Jr, MOMO and 
    Ziggy approach a large tower which he identifies as the U-TIC central tower.
    A man stands on the edge preaching down to everyone.  MOMO realizes that this 
    man is indeed Joachim Mizrahi, her father.  He is engulfed by flame and falls 
    from the building.  MOMO tries to catch him but he disappears as he hits the 
    ground.  The ground disappears from below their feet and they are absorbed by a 
    bright light that brings them into a forest.  Shion and chaos are there as 
    well.  They're trying to find out how they all got pulled into the Encephalon 
    dive when none of them besides Shion were connected, there would have to be 
    some other external force.  Most likely Nephilim.  Basically they explain that 
    the Encephalon world is changed based on the experiences people share in time 
    and space.  They move and enter a nearby church.
    Inside the church they find some woman, actually a Realian.  He introduces 
    herself as Febronia, she came to this church to find a place where Realians 
    could find peace.  Shion recognizes this person but doesn't want to remember.  
    She keeps getting flashing visions of Febronia being murdered by monsters.  
    Febronia shows them to a door, saying once they pass through they will come 
    face to face with themselves, an experience full or pain and sorrow but a very 
    important one.  When they go through they find they are inside the Shion's 
    soul, at the Accute Neurosis Treatment Facility.  The room where her mother was 
    hospitalized.  Inside the room they find bodies stricken on the floor, 
    bloodied.  Shadows of monster zombies roam around growing into a larger form.  
    Suddenly in another room, the same one for a third time, Jr. sees the young 
    white haired boy who he calls Albedo.  The boy is talking about "the song" and 
    then gets up, his body warping.  Shion and Jr. are envoloped by a light and 
    then all of a sudden they find themselves in front of a tree on a hill.  
    Febronia says that she knows how hard it was, but there are two of her.  One is 
    an image of her, and this world is created solely for two little girls called 
    Cecily and Cathe.  Allen says they seem so happy, but Febronia asks if he would 
    say the same thing in this situation, showing the girls gleefully running 
    around a dead tree and Febronia's lifeless body.  She says that this is an 
    illusion, a binding spell created by mankind to control the Zohar.  Febronia 
    asks Shion to release her sisters, for as far as they know this world is 
    reality.  Not just for the Relians, but for all forms of consciousness.  
    Nephilim says that she and Febronia cannot exist in the real world long, and 
    that is why she called for all of them... to change the future.
    They are shown an image of a planet in space, the planet Miltia.  KOS-MOS 
    appears and fires a huge wave of energy on the planet, wiping it out 
    completely.  Nephilim says that this stream of energy is the consciousness 
    known as U-DO.  U-DO was the source of the space-time anomaly that engulfed 
    Miltia fourteen years ago.  What they just witnessed was a vision of the 
    future.  Where U-DO encounters KOS-MOS.  U-DO will awaken soon and feed on 
    consciousness.  But the future they just saw is one of infinite possibilities.  
    Shion's group is a wave that can change the future.  Nephilim wanted them to 
    face their pasts, but sees that they are not yet ready.  Shion asks why them, 
    Nephilim explains that Shion was once touched by a Gnosis but remains as she 
    is.  That is why... one day she can explain why if she goes back to Miltia.  A 
    door appears and opens up into a room with KOS-MOS tied to a cross.  As Shion 
    touches her face KOS-MOS shines and Shion says "Ye shall be as gods..."  This 
    tells KOS-MOS to disarm subconscious domain protection, and they are all 
    brought back into the real world where Shion gate jumped and it all began.
    Shion goes to the bridge of the Durandal and gives KOS-MOS' data to the 
    commander.  Jr. asks Shion if the name of that little girl really was Nephilim, 
    and if she's connected to what he's thinking of, things are going to get real 
    busy real soon.  Down in the park area chaos is sitting with Allen.  Allen says 
    that this is only the second time he's ever seen her cry, and thinks back to 
    the day that Kevin died.  He says that she never shares her pain with anyone, 
    and times like these he's reminded that he's nothing but a subordinate to her.  
    Perhaps someday he can take her tears away, chaos agrees.
    In the office again, Gainan is talking to a man over video communication.  The 
    man tells him that the charges have been dropped against the Kukai Foundation.  
    This man by the way, is Helmer whom they often speak of.  In the next scene the 
    white haired man Albedo is sitting and cradling one of his little MOMO-like 
    Realians.  Margulis' voice says that they have eluded the trap, and for him to 
    be careful.  "So we'll finally hear it, the song, I can't wait" he says.  
    chaos is sitting and working at his terminal when all of a sudden an eerie song 
    starts playing in the background.  Jr. says to Gainan that that's... and Gainan 
    responds "The Song of Nephilim."  chaos gets up and yells, saying they musn't 
    allow that song to play.  Suddenly an enormous wave of energy blast through one
    of the fleet's ships, destroying it instantly.  Another follows, and then 
    another.  The Gnosis are appearing all around the Kukai Foundation.  THey call 
    for the evacuation of all the civilians and they may have to abandon the 
    foundation.  Shion calls for KOS-MOS to activate the Hilbert Effect.  Shion has 
    a vision of KOS-MOS destroying Miltia and tells KOS-MOS that they're all 
    counting on her.  Then out of nowhere Albedo's A.G.W.S. appears and begins 
    smashing federation soldiers and the Gnosis indiscriminatley.  MOMO goes down 
    to the Kukai Foundation to help as does the party to help with the evacuation 
    and fight the Gnosis.  Once the main threat is eliminated and they're back on 
    the ship, everyone is looking for MOMO who has not returned yet.  Jr. says 
    they'll get his 100-Series to start looking.  
    We see MOMO lying on the floor it some walkway in a very large, rather dark 
    area.  The song is playing in the background.  She's wondering what happened 
    and thinks back to the Kukai Foundation where she thought she say her father 
    and followed him into an alleyway.  Albedo comes up from behind and all is 
    blank.  She walks over to find another of the MOMO lookalikes laying on the 
    ground.  There's a scene of the Federation fleet again, one of the commander's 
    is blaming Helmer and demands that they turn their guns on the Kukai 
    Foundation, to destroy the source.  Back to MOMO again she realizes that the 
    Realian is her sister, and that this must be "Daddy's place."  The Realian 
    cannot talk but is still alive, MOMO asks who did this to her and the Realian 
    touches her face and gives her a vision of the little girl Realian in some kind 
    of tube, and Mizrahi talking to her.  Saying that soon she will be born, and if 
    she does good deeds she can become human.  He says she can become his 
    "Sakura."  Then Albedo appears in the vision and smacks the girl's face.
    The Federation fleet appears, they're probably there because the pattern of 
    Gnosis gate outs are in the centre of the Foundation.  But they rule out the 
    possibility of them being called by the Zohars in the Durandal so Jr. suggests 
    it must be that song.  Gainan says that no one else can hear the song, but 
    Shion is starting to hear it.  Jr. wonders how it is possible that she hears 
    it.  Both Gainan and Jr. are seeing images of darkness, Jr. says "It can't be!"
    MOMO has begun wandering around in the place that she woke up.  She comes 
    across more and more bodies of her Realian sisters.  Albedo is here as well, 
    MOMO is crying but Albedo says that the act of mourning the dead belongs to the 
    realm of humans.  Albedo is holding her sister, saying "Ah, my beautiful little 
    Kirschwasser."  He drops the girl and reaches out for MOMO.  He says that 
    Realians like her have everything, they are free from human shackles but what 
    they lack is reality and that is what he will provide her with.  He cuts off 
    his own arm and scares MOMO as is grows back again immediately.  He then cuts 
    off his own head as well.  This doesn't seem to phase him as his severed head 
    continues talking on the ground.  He says he senses a man in her heart, who 
    could it be.  "Rubedo... Ah, it's Rubedo!"  His head rematerializes and he 
    touches MOMO's face, asking her what she thinks, then laughes maniacally.
    The Commander's ships have arrived and are just about to target the Kukai 
    Foundation when all of a sudden all the Gnosis are wiped out at once.  
    Something huge emerges from a rift and the fleet commander says "Impossible!  
    That's not supposed to be here...!"  Shion looks up and says "The 
    Dammerung...?!"  A younger white haired well dressed man sits at a terminal in 
    this enormous ship, reports are coming in saying that all the Federation ships 
    are ready to attack.  The huge ship opens up and fires upon all the Gnosis with 
    an enormous weapon.  Shion calls it the "Rhine Maiden" and assumes after seeing 
    that, that it must be operational at this point.  Miyuki appears on screen and 
    sends over some kind object is a suitcase.  She says they need to hook up the 
    Dammerung with KOS-MOS' sensors to locate the origin of the force field that 
    the enemy is using, but it's under a cloaking device.  Shion asks Miyuki if she 
    actually knows what the object is that she sent over, but she doesn't.  It's an 
    explosive device capable of collapsing an entire star if used properly.  KOS-
    MOS ways that by limiting the phase transfer mass she can activate it without 
    affecting the fleet or the Foundation.  Jr. tells Shion that it's the Song of 
    Nephilim and there's no question about it.  He says that it's the worst 
    creation that ever resulted from Joachim Mizrahi's research.  It was the song 
    that destroyed Miltia and summoned the Gnosis.  
    Shion decides there's nothing they can do and sends KOS-MOS off saying to keep 
    the phase transfer mass as low as possible, all they need is to get rid of the 
    force field.  A huge weapon materializes in KOS-MOS' hand and she locates the 
    source of the distortion.  Shion gives the order to fire and a large upside-
    down pyramind structure appears.  Inside Albedo and MOMO are there, Albedo says 
    they're earlier than he expected.  He sets MOMO down and says he's going to 
    have a look around go the key that lives inside her.  He uses his hands to 
    create some kind of energy link with her brain.  On the Durandal Jr. looks up 
    at it, saying nothing has changed, it's the Song of Nephilim.  Jr. realizes 
    suddenly that MOMO is indeed inside of that thing, he says "It's him... 
    Albedo!"  Gainan says Albedo's presance explains the feelings he was having.  
    He also explains that MOMO is a repository for the late Joachim Mizrahi's 
    records.  Albedo and the U-TIC organization want that information.  Jr. says 
    that Albedo is his dark half, the part he tried to hide away.
    They decide that the only the Elsa can manoeuvre close enough to it so they 
    board the Elsa and take off toward the Song of Nephilim.  As they approach 
    Shion asks to see the top of it, she has a vision of herself as a little girl 
    with her mother in the hospital.  Outside the hospital window the same design 
    is on the ground as is on top of the Song of Nephilim.  They board the Song of 
    Nephilim from the side and find MOMO on the ground when they enter.  She sees 
    disoriented and unable to speak, Jr. says that bastard has taken her 
    consciousness.  Albedo went and reversed the spiritual link, the opposite what 
    he and Gainan do when they communicate telepathically, it enables you to dive 
    into someone's mind and take what you want.  Jr. wants to go off by himself but 
    everyone won't let him, Shion says she has to go too, the song is responsible 
    for the destruction of Miltia and brining the Gnosis into this world.  
    They find themselves standing in from of Albedo.  He asks Jr. if he told MOMO 
    that they are both monsters, both Jr. and Albedo.  MOMO grabs Jr. by the neck 
    and lifts him off the ground, but it's not MOMO, it's one of her sisters and 
    the real MOMO lies in Albedo's lap.  Jr. forms a huge burst of energy to launch 
    the girl off him, Albedo tells MOMO to watch for this is Jr.'s true nature, 
    Rubedo's true nature (Jr.'s real name.)  Albedo starts sucking MOMO's 
    consciousness out with his hand again, Jr. is angry and blows Albedo's arm off 
    but it just grows back.  Albedo tells him to remember what he has to do, or 
    perhaps it's been so long that he's forgotten.  Jr. says he doesn't need 
    someone contaminated by U-DO to tell him what to do, but Albedo says it's more 
    like evolved than contaminated, and that was the day he began experiencing true 
    power.  He has reached a higher stage of existence.  Jr. shoots his head off 
    but it just regenerates, everyone is mystified, it can't be nanotechnology, 
    nothing has evolved enough to regenerate a head.  chaos says her is a U.R.T.V., 
    just like Jr.  They are created for the express purpose of eradicating U-DO.  
    Albedo says there is only one more layer, soon he will have everything from 
    inside of MOMO.  Jr. screams and in a burst of energy everything goes white.
    There is a man in the vision saying that this is the extent of his power, that 
    no one can stop the events that are about to unfold.  It is Joachim Mizrahi.  
    Albedo is watching, these are MOMO's deepest memories.  Suddenly Albedo is 
    blown back by Jr.'s energy burst and begins laughing.  His A.G.W.S. descends 
    down and he boards it, ready for battle they fight.  After their victory Jr. 
    and Albedo begin to square off their powers building huge energy fields around 
    themselves, everyone is calling to him to stop.  Suddenly as everything is 
    building up something, the energy fields start dying down.  MOMO is standing 
    there controlling them, saying to Albedo that she also received a part of him, 
    she asks how he could have done what he did to all of her sisters.  Albedo says 
    that she is the flower that blooms from all their corpses, everything is how 
    her father wanted it to be.  Jr. tells him to stop, and not say any more.  
    Shion starts yelling at Albedo saying that all of the Realians had wills of 
    their own and he had no right to do what he did, but they are interrupted by 
    another voice.  A masked man in blue descends from the air.  As Albedo walks 
    off he tells the masked man to give "him" the message "It belongs to me."
    We see Albedo moving off in his A.G.W.S. searching through MOMO's memories.  He 
    says "So this is the Y Data" then we hear KOS-MOS' voice saying "I do not exist 
    for your pleasure."  He gives the impression that he is somehow trying to 
    access KOS-MOS, but an image of Shion appears and he says "Hmph, he really 
    didn't want anyone going in there."  The man in blue challenges the group, he 
    tells Jr. to attack him, it shouldn't be a problem for a U.R.T.V.  They battle 
    and end in what seems like a stalemate.  As he walks away Shion asks him what 
    he really wants, but he tells her that if she wants to know, to come to that 
    time... to that place.  That he'll be waiting there for Shion.  KOS-MOS 
    announces that the Song of Nephilim has ceased all function, it's time to go.
    Everyone is abord the Durandal again, they're planning to fire on the Song of 
    Nephilim.  MOMO says it must be done for their sake.  Jr. asks chaos if he 
    thinks this will put the Kirschwassers to rest.  Since their toughts and 
    feelings now exist within MOMO then everything is okay.  Jr. seems really 
    depressed, like he somehow failed.  He gives the order to fire on the Song of 
    Nephilim but when they do all the energy bursts are deflected.  Something is 
    wrong, the Gnosis are being absorbed into the Song of Nephilim.  Albedo is 
    there in the centre of all this.  He sets off a huge explosion that shakes the 
    Kukai Foundation and reveals an enormous structure below the Song of Nephilim 
    that dwarfs it in size.  Everyone is watching from the viewscreens, Helmer and 
    the council as well.  Dr. Mizrahi says it's impossible, that it was supposed to 
    be destroyed.  MOMO calls it Proto Merkabah.  The place where she was born.  
    The man in blue just says Albedo is summoning needless toys.  It is now that we 
    are shown the man in blue's true identity, he is Virgil from way back at the 
    beginning, the angry soldier who was murdered by KOS-MOS on the Woglinde.
    As the Song of Nephilim descends into Proto Merkabah, MOMO explains that her 
    father sent the data needed to create her from Miltia to Proto Merkabah.  Dr. 
    Mizrahi says that Proto Merkabah was originally created to discover the true 
    form of the universe that they were meant to have.  But then he took it... if 
    that thing, the Song and the Zohars all link together... but he is interrupted 
    by a man saying that's why they dropped it into the Abyss after recovering the 
    100-Series Realian.  Dr. Mizrahi says the original is still on Miltia, with 
    only Proto Merkabah he can't... but then Proto Merkabah starts forming an 
    energy wave which completely decimates the Federation fleet.  Albedo calls it 
    just a mere fraction of what it is capable of.  He uses it to absorb more 
    Gnosis.  Shion recognizes this as a similar phenomenon to when KOS-MOS stood 
    atop the Elsa and absorbed all the Gnosis.  Originally Proto Merkabah, the Song 
    of Nephilim and the Zohar were a single apparatus.  Proto Merkabah uses the 
    Gnosis as a means to collect waves from the Zohars and store the energy it 
    needs to operate.  Albedo explains that he knows all this, and learned how to 
    use it all by linking with MOMO.  He decides that his next target will be the 
    capital of Second Miltia.  Albedo challenges tham to stop him if they can.
    Dr. Mizrahi explains that the target is a giant facility that was abandoned 
    before being completed, with a reactor at the central meeting point of a number 
    of paths.  All they have to do is take out the reactor to shut Proto Merkabah 
    down completely.  She asks them to destroy the machine once and for all.
    In the next scene they have infiltrated Proto Merkabah and are making their way 
    toward the centre.  Along the way MOMO and the rest come across the room where 
    she was created.  She says that her mother never told her what this facility 
    was actually used for during the Miltian conflict.  When she was born her 
    father died, and the Gnosis came.  A lot of people died just because of her 
    birth.  Shion says that MOMO is not at fault, no parent would allow that.
    They finally reach the reactor core of Proto Merkabah and find Albedo there.  
    Albedo jumps down and creates a large wavy image of a face, explaining that 
    this is the power of will which exists within everyone.  He fights Jr. and the 
    rest of the group, then Jr. asks why he's doing what he is doing.  He says he's 
    doing it all for Jr.'s sake.  He asks Jr. if perhaps he has forgotten what he 
    did to them, he closed himself off from them breaking their mental link and 
    causing them to succumb to the Song one by one.  He tells Jr. to repent for his 
    sin, and Jr. admits it, that he couldn't control his fear.  But Albedo is 
    grateful because thanks to him he was able to find the way to a whole new 
    world.  He says at first he didn't believe it, but now he has experienced 
    something that confirms it.  He tells them to entertain him as some kind of 
    giant monster is born from fusing a Gnosis with the reactor, saying they must 
    destroy that if they have any hope of destroying Proto Merkabah.  Albedo 
    escapes and leaves them to battle the Gnosis, which they of course defeat.
      | /
      |/ enosaga Episode 1 /-----------------------------------------------------o
     /| --------o----------\                     The Ending                      |
    / |      (00015)        \----------------------------------------------------o
    After destroying the reactor an explosion is imminent.  As they run there's 
    more rumbling but it's not the explosion, chaos says they are changing 
    directions.  Proto Merkabah has activated its propulsion units and is descend 
    toward Second Miltia.  The entire thing itself is going to crash into the 
    planet.  KOS-MOS suggests that based on the angle of descent they could have 
    96% of it burn up in the atmosphere is they broke it into 28,000 pieces.  Shion 
    suggests letting off each subcompartment.  MOMO directs them to the control 
    room where they can detach everything.  MOMO explains there's a problem ,that 
    the entire process takes too long and they won't have time to return to the 
    Elsa.  Ziggy asks if they can do it remotely, but they can't.  The only way to 
    stop the thing is to go down with it.  KOS-MOS tells everyone to return to the 
    Elsa, she will stay behind to initiate the sequence.  She says that she has no 
    intention of remaining on the facility until the end, that at her speed she can 
    reach the Elsa in under one minute.  They start to run back to the ship.
    KOS-MOS initiates the detachment sequence and starts Proto Merkabah breaking 
    apart into pieces.  Jr. explains the situation to Captain Matthews back on the 
    bridge of the Elsa saying that they can't lift off until KOS-MOS is back.  
    Pieces of Proto Merkabah start falling on the Elsa, smashing the engines 
    considerably and Tony says there's no way they can stay much longer.  Despite 
    not being back yet Jr. gives the order to lift off, the facility explodes with 
    KOS-MOS still inside.  Shion pleads with Captain Matthews to go back, she has a 
    vision of KOS-MOS running and tells them where to go to.  KOS-MOS bursts out of 
    the wall and Shion grabs her hand, but is about to drop her when Ziggy's hand 
    grabs hold and pulls her in.  TOny navigates the ship through tons of falling 
    debris but something is wrong, when they get to the bridge they realize their 
    angle of approach is too steep, they're going to be vaoprized unless they can 
    find a way to stop it.  As they approach the planet we see chaos in the 
    hangar.. KOS-MOS comes down the elevator and goes out the aft hatch.
    Shion then realizes that KOS-MOS is trying to shield the Elsa with her energy 
    field, KOS-MOS says to level off the Elsa during this period but Shion yells 
    back to her that if she continues then she will be incinerated.  The last thing 
    she says is "I am happy to be of service" and the signal goes out.  Elsewhere 
    chaos sees a light eminating from his hands, the young girl Nephilim watches 
    from the cemetery and a there is a brief image of a small boy (who totally 
    looks like Fei) building a tower of blocks.  KOS-MOS' eyes shine blue as she 
    envelops the ship in a large wing barrier and everything goes white...
    The Elsa is safe, flying over the Ocean calmly and there is no sign of KOS-MOS.
    But then Matthews gets an eye on something out front, he orders them to 
    activate the secondary bow camera where they see KOS-MOS standing on the hull 
    of the ship.  The Elsa flies off into the distance and credits roll.
    During the credits there are scenes playing on the side, a man clad in black 
    robes and long black hair prays at a tombstone below the Elsa as it flies by.  
    We see Gainan at his desk, he is speaking to someone saying that judging from 
    the circumstances, it's clear that the U-TIC Organization's target is Miltia.  
    He is speaking to Helmer.  Gainan explains there's a vortex of obsession that 
    still draws them in, including Albedo.  Helmer is surprised by this, he wasn't 
    aware that Albedo was still alive.  Gainan says that he will not die, at least 
    not until that time.
    Albedo is floating in his A.G.W.S. in space, saying that all he needs now is 
    for MOMO to link up with the U.M.N. network and his objective will be complete.
    The young white haired man from before is speaking to another man in a a red 
    cloak.  The cloaked man says they've confirmed a gate jump from Albedo, but the 
    man says that it's fine.  The door to "Abel's ark" can only be opened by him.  
    The man explains that Albedo is only a key, and doesn't have enough power to 
    link with U-DO again.  He says that it's a shame Albedo has such a minor role.
    KOS-MOS arrives on the Elsa, saying only "Mission complete"...
                                       ~ fin ~
    Note: If for some reason you happen to look up at this line while reading the 
    credits or something I figured I should put a warning that everything above 
    this line contains major plot spoilers, please turn away.
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