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"So does it live up to the hype, you bet it does."

Xenosaga is the first episode in a 6 episode series. This game comes from the makers of Xenogears (I suggest you play it if you havent) and makes its own story. Xenosaga is something I have been waitig for since it was announced and it deffinately had a lot to live up to after Xenogears. Xenosaga is a very good game that I would sggest to any RPG fan, but be warned if you hated FFX's amount of cutscenes you may want to keep away.

This game no doubt looks great and will stand its own against the big dogs like FFX. The charecters are detailed and look all of the look great. The in game cutscenes, wich you will see an awefull lot of, all look great. The battles and A.G.W.S. (gears) look great in battle along with the detailed monsters you will fight. There is no shortage of eye candy and the creators didnt focus solely on graphics wich hurts some companies.

Battle System:8/10
For a game to be good you have to be able to play it for fun also. This game has traditional turn based battles with the basic attacks and magic. The system is a little like Xenogears with the combos but its also different. You still perform the Combos but you need to make sure you have enough Ap to use them. Each turn you will receive 4AP and you can get a total of 6. All the commands take a certain amount of AP like the combo takes six a normal attak will take 2 using an item or ether may take 4 and they vary. You can also get into your gear and it doesnt use fuel but the weopon take ammo. You will need to learn to conserve AP and defend to pull off good moves. The only thing holding the grade down is the traditional turn based fighting because its really not innocative.

Story:11/10:not a typo
The main draw for Xenogears was the complex story and this game wont let you down with the story. Xenosaga is taking place in the future where gears and cyborgs work along wiht people. It is set 1000 or so year after people discovered something mysterious in the desert. This story takes place mostly on spaceships and humans now fear battle with the gnosis. What are the Gnosis and why do they fight with the humans?

In episode 1 you are the heroine Shion Uzuki. The ship she is in has just picked up a strange glowing object that has already made people dissapear bringing it in the ship. Shion begins by working with the cyborg KOS-MOS and going through training with her. KOS-MOS is created to fight the Gnosis and Shion hopes she never needs to be used for bloodshed. Everything will unfold from there in a massive 80 hour game showing how it all will start.

To buy or not to buy
This game is must for any RPG fan. The game is a massiv complex game with alot to do. The game is rather Linear (or is it non-linear) though wich means you take more of a ride then make your own. Alot of the game is spent in skipable cutscenes though so is not for all. If you dont mind those things then its worth the buy and will keep you busy.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/27/03, Updated 02/27/03

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