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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Boko

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    This document is copyright © 2001-2002 - Boko.
               ###      ###        ######    ###     ###  #########
              #####     ###       ########   ####    ###  #########
             #######    ###      ###    ###  #####   ###  ###
            ###   ###   ###      ###    ###  ### ##  ###  ######
           ###     ###  ###      ###    ###  ###  ## ###  ######
           ###     ###  ###      ###    ###  ###  ## ###  ###
           ###########  ######### ########   ###   #####  #########
           ###########  #########  ######    ###     ###  #########
           ###     ###                       I N   T H E
           ###     ### #####                              ###
                       ### ###                            ###
                       ###  ###       ###      #####      ###   ###
                       ###   ###     #####     ### ###    ###  ###
                       ###    ###   ### ###    ###  ###   ### ###
                       ###    ###  ###   ###   ### ###    ######
                       ###    ### ###     ###  ######     ######
                       ###   ###  ###     ###  ### ###    ### ###
                       ### ###    ###########  ###  ###   ###  ###
                       #####      ###########  ###   ###  ###   ###
                                  ###     ###
                                  ###     ###
                       T H E   N E W   N I G H T M A R E
    +-+-+-+-Alone In The Dark 4: The New Nightmare FAQ/Walkthrough by Boko. +-+-+-+-
    -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- For Playstation™, Playstation2™ compatible. -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
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    -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Version of the FAQ: Final -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
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    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MAJOR SPECIFICATIONS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Game title                   | Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare.
    Platform                     | Playstation™ and Playstation2™ compatible
    Genre                        | Survival Horror, Adventure, Action.
    Game developer               | Darkworks
    Players                      | 1
    Disks                        | 2
    Memory card blocks needed    | 1
    Analog control compatible    | Yes
    Vibration compatible         | Yes
    Release date                 | NA version 5/28/2001.
    FAQ size                     | 117 KB.
    FAQ's Author                 | Boko.
    Author's e-mail              | Boko__@hotmail.com
    Author's ICQ number          | 83561531
    FAQ's version                | Final.
    Language                     | English
    Start writing                | June 3rd - 2001.
    Last update                  | February 13th - 2002.
    Progress of the FAQ          | 100%.
    FAQs                         | This is my fourth.
    This document is copyright © 2001-2002 - Boko.
    NOTE: All the info, including specifications, sections and walkthrough is
          regarding the Playstation version of the game, somethings may be the
          same as the Dreamcast version, but I'm not sure.
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TABLE OF CONTENTS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    SECTION 1  ........................... Revision history.
    SECTION 2  ........................... Introduction.
    SECTION 3  ........................... Game controls.
    SECTION 4  ........................... Menus.
    SECTION 5  ........................... Hints and tips.
    SECTION 6  ........................... Weapons.
    SECTION 7  ........................... Walkthrough.
                                           - Edward Carnby (disk 1)
                                           - Edward Carnby (disk 2)
                                           - Aline Cedrac  (disk 1)
                                           - Aline Cedrac  (disk 2)
    SECTION 8  ........................... Ending.
    SECTION 9  ........................... Notebook notes.
                                           - Edward Carnby's notes.
                                           - Aline Cedrac's notes.
    SECTION 10 ........................... Game Shark codes.
    SECTION 11 ........................... Credits.
    SECTION 1 - [REVISION HISTORY] -------------------------------------------------
    Here's the guide's progress and what I've been doing to make this guide better.
    Version 1.0 - June 3rd 'til December 22nd - ??? KB.
    - I've started to write the FAQ, just wrote some especifications about the game
      and about the FAQ, nothing more.
    - Started the Edward Carnby's walkthrough, just litlle things.
    - Again just wrote Edward Carnby's Walkthrough.
    - Great progress on Carby's walktrough and some corrections.
    - Created the ASCII art.
    - Put the disclaimers and some informations.
    - More informations and references on the FAQ's best view.
    - I've decided to write a review, I've done it.
    - Lot of corrections, weapons section added, worked on it.
    - More of Carby's walkthrough, I've done a map for 2nd floor corridor so the
      walkthrough now is easier to use.
    - Finished the walktrough for the 1st disc.
    - Added somethings.
    - More of walkthrough.
    - Added the notebook notes section and worked on it.
    - Finished all of Carnby's walkthrough.
    - Lot of corrections, arraged the FAQ and finished the weapon section.
    - Added info about the e-mail
    - Lot of corrections, re-arranged the FAQ.
    - Still corrections
    - Created the weapon FAQ.
    - Lot of corrections, arranged the sections and created some new ones.
    - Worked on Aline's walkthrough.
    - Make a lot of gramatical corrections.
    - Increased the Faq's contents.
    - Worked a lot on Aline's walkthrough
    - Changed some of the FAQ's format
    - Added some information on some sections
    - Arranged some sections
    - Aline's walktru
    - Finished the first disk with Aline.
    - wrote some on Aline's walkthrough
    - Again Aline's walkthrough.
    Final Version - February 13th - 117 KB.
    Added how to kill Obed on Aline's walkthrough, thanks a lot to Malek Darshin
    SECTION 2 - [INTRODUCTION] -----------------------------------------------------
    Well, first of all I'll introduce myself. It's very probably that you never have
    heard of me, cause this is the first time I write a FAQ in English (all my other
    works I've done in Portuguese )my name is Mauro and I've born and raised in
    Brazil, and I still live in Brazil, the first time I decided to write a FAQ was
    when I saw a FAQ for Final Fantasy 8 in Portuguese, right here in GAMEFAQS, and
    this changed my mind about make a FAQ in other Language than English, so I
    continuously started to write, and in my third FAQ was for a RPG, Breath of Fire
    4, I really tried to make it as good as possible, but I haven't received a
    single e-mail to help me with the FAQ, so the only help I have was from the guys
    from message board. With theirs help I finally could finish the FAQ, Now I'll
    try to write in English. Sorry about my bad English. So this FAQ is dedicated to
    all guys from the message board.
    For three reasons I've decided to try to write in English, first, I like so much
    to write FAQs, second, I think I could have more help  and acknowledgement as
    the great public of GAMEFAQS are American, or at least speak English, and the
    third reason is that I really want to learn more and more about the English
    language. As you can see, my English is very poor, but I'm working hard,  so any
    kind of corrections that you may send me will be very helpful. About the game, I
    don't will talk to much 'cause if you really want to see comments about every
    aspect in this game I suggest you to take a look at the REVIEWS in GAMEFAQS. So
    here's just my rating:
    Score :  1 - 10
    Graphics - 10 - The graphics are the strongest point in this game, it's  better
                    than Resident Evil. The light effects are fantastics and the FMV
                    sequences are good too.
    Gameplay - 9  - The Gameplay is basically the same as Resident Evil, hard to
                    learn but easy to like, the problems still is the bumpings on the
    Sound    - 7  - Excellent musics, sound effects and background effects, but the
    Replay   - 1  - After you finish this game with both characters throw it away.
    Overall  - 7  - A good game, but don't buy it, just rent.
    I hope you enjoy it.
    SECTION 3 - [GAME CONTROLS] ----------------------------------------------------
                         _____                       _____
                       /                                   \
                      |    _                         Tri   |
                      |  _| |_      ___   _____   Squ  Cir |
                      | |_   _|    |Sel| |Start|      X    |
                      |   |_|      ____________            |
                      |           / LA \  / RA \           |
                       \         /\____/  \____/\         /
                        \       /                \       /
                         \     /                  \     /
                          \___/                    \___/
          BUTTONS                                 FUNCTIONS
    |                          |                                                   |
    | Digital Pad              | Move your character                               |
    | Start                    | Pauses the game                                   |
    | Select                   | NO USE.                                           |
    | Square                   | Run when you hold it                              |
    | Circle                   | Switch on/off your flashlight.                    |
    | X                        | Choose options, shoot when holding R1, get things |
    | Triangle                 | Opens and closes the main menu                    |
    | L1                       | NO USE.                                           |
    | L2                       | Brings the Map.                                   |
    | R1                       | Aim.                                              |
    | R2                       | Uses radio.                                       |
    | Left analog control.     | Moves the flashlight                              |
    | Right analoh control.    | NO USE.                                           |
    SECTION 4 - [MENUS]] -----------------------------------------------------------
         New Game
    As the name say, start a new game.
      Load saved Game
    Load a saved game from your memory card.
    Has these options:
    Effects Volume
    Change volume of the sound effects.
    Music Volume
    Change volume of the music.
    Dialogue Volume
    Change volume of game's dialogue.
    Screen Adjustment
    Can centralize your tv screen to a better view.
    Adjust Brightness
    To a better view of the game adjust your brightness until the monster on the
    right side disappears.
    Stereo L / R
    Can change the volume's type
    Can turn on or turn off the Dual Shock's vibration.
    Controller Configuration
    Can change the buttons function.
    Show you the game's credit, nothing more.
    SECTION 5 - [HINTS AND TIPS] ---------------------------------------------------
    Here's some hints and tips to help you to finish this game.
    (^_^) Try to save your bullets on the start of the game, cause you'll really
          need them to survive the first hour of gameplay, especially when playing
          as Aline.
    (^_^) Always switch on the light, when playing as Aline some puzzles requires it
          and also sometimes the enemies can disappear.
    (^_^) If you want to save your game, first enter any door. This way the itens
          you get on the previous room will be on your inventory.
    (^_^) Always have your flashlight switched on, cause this will make your quest
          for itens a loooooooooot easier.
    (^_^) Don't use yours first aid kits so easily, when you be injured try to hold
          on a little more to use them, or you'll end up without any healing item.
    (^_^) Always reload your weapons on the inventory, this way you'll save time and
          your health.
    (^_^) Always take a look on the map when you be stucked, the map will help you a
          lot through the adventure.
    (^_^) When you be stuck, take a look on your notebook, or call your partner,
          this can give you some important hints.
    (^_^) Always examine your items, rotate them to all directions, this may help
          you sometimes.
    (^_^) When you be stuck on some puzzle, you have another friend, the documents,
          reading them you can get a lot of information.
    SECTION  6 - [WEAPONS] ---------------------------------------------------------
    Here's the list and comments about all the weapons in the game.
    [Revolver] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
     Max load    | 6 bullets
     Power       | Low
     Speed       | Fast
     Ammunition  | Magnesium bullets
     Where to find ?
     As Carnby: In the museum, after get a key from Lucy Morton.
     As Aline : Can't get it.
     NOTE: This is the first weapon that you can get with Aline, so it
           will help you in the first 30 minutes of gameplay, but this
           weapon will have no use after you get another.
    [Double Barreled Revolver] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
     Max load    | 12 bulletts
     Power       | Low
     Speed       | Fast
     Ammunition  | Magnesium bullets
     Where to find ?
     As Carnby: He starts with it.
     As Aline : Can't get it.
     NOTE: It's a fast weapon and can kill small creatures easily, but
           don't try to kill a zombie with this or you will die. It also
           shoots two bullets per time.
    [Triple Barreled Shotgun] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
     Max Load     | 9 cartridges
     Power        | Medium
     Speed        | Slow
     Ammunition   | Phosphorous cartridges
     Where to find ?
     As Carnby: Manor's basement.
     As Aline : Down the room where Aline wakes up after Obed drugs her.
     NOTE: You may think, Whooa !!!, now I will kill everything, but
           this weapon isn't that power as it sounds, even to kill a
           mere zombie it will need 3 shoots, that with the triple barrel
           will cost 9 cartridges, so this is only a good weapon.
    [Grenade Launcher] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
     Max Load     | 5 grenades
     Power        | High
     Speed        | Medium
     Ammunition   | Grenades
     As Carnby: On the way to the attics.
     As Aline : Inside Alan's office (2nd floor coridor)
     NOTE: This is a very powerfull weapon, good to kill all kinds of
           enemies, the only problem is that playing as Carnby you'll not
           be able to find a single grenade.
    [Rocket Launcher] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
     Max Load     | 3 rockets
     Power        | High
     Speed        | Low
     Ammunition   | Rockets
     Where to find ?
     As Carnby: Door #3 of the second floor corridor. (see map)
     As Aline : Inside Richard Morton's crypt.
     NOTE: A very useful weapon, have high fire power and can kill
           every kind of enemies, the speed is a little bad. You'll
           find some rockets to recharge, what make this weapon pretty
           usefull. Is better than the grenade launcher if you're playing
           as Carnby.
    [Plasma Cannon] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
     Max load     | 100 %
     Power        | Medium
     Speed        | Medium
     Ammunition   | Gas cartridges
     Where to find ?
     As Carnby: Behind a portrait on 2nd floor lobby.
     As Aline : In the World of Darkness.
     NOTE: This is just a flame thrower with another name, good to kill
           the basic enemies like a dog or the plants. I'll be very
           useful when the scorpions starts to appear, but will cost a
           certain time to you learn how to use the range of this weapon.
    [Lightning gun] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
     Max Load      | 100 %
     Power         | Medium
     Speed         | High
     Ammunition    | Battery Charger/Blue crystal
     Where to find ?
     As Carnby: Inside a trapdoor on the way to the World of Darkness.
     As Aline : Inside a trapdoor on the way to the World of Darkness.
     NOTE: The only good thing that you get from the Mortons, after long
           research Jeremy Morton was able to create this fantastic
           weapon. It shoots lightning bolts with a very high speed that
           can burn down all kinds of enemies. It can also hit multiple
           targets simultaneously. To reload this weapon you'll need the
           battery charger, that you get at the same time as you get the
           weapon, to recharge the battery charger get the crystals that
           are on every place inside the World of Darkness. The only bad
           thing about this weapon is that you'll only get it at the very
           final of the game.
    [Photoeletric Pulsar] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
     Max load       | 100 %
     Power          | Medium
     Speed          | Veeeeery low
     Ammunition     | Battery charger/Blue crystal
     Where to find ?
     As Carnby: Near Archibald Morton's corpse.(World of Darkness)
     As Aline : In the World of Darkness.
     NOTE: Another thing done by Jeremy Morton, but isn't realy better
           than the lightning gun. To fire you'll need a whole day to
           charge first, and can only hit a single enemie, and also with
           haves a very bad aim. To recharge this thing do the same as
           the lightning gun, but don't expect much of this piece of
    SECTION 7 - [WALKTHROUGH] ------------------------------------------------------
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: This sections may contain spoilers, like location of itens/
    weapons and puzzles solves, so read this section by your own risk. This may cut
    some fun and game challenge. I'm telling you this to avoid some idiots that
    sends e-mails blaming me for it.
    |                                                                              |
    |      A L O N E  I N  T H E  D A R K   T H E  N E W  N I G H T M A R E        |
    The game starts in Carnby's office, after receive a call Carnby decides to go
    check the Shadow Island, place where Carnby's best friend were sent and never
    returned, so with the help of Aline Cedrac he takes a plane and go to Shadow
    Island, during the trip something hit the plane and they have to jump. Now the
    game starts, Aline and Carnby got separated. The choice is yours.
    Edward Carnby                       Aline Cedrac
    33 years old                        27 years old
    Private eye                         Ethnology professor at Boston
    Characteristics: Owns a double      university.
                     barrel gun         Characteristics: Father unknown.
    NOTE: I suggest you to play first with Edward Carnby, cause the first Parts of
          the game is a lot easier with him, and also the puzzles.
    [Edward Carnby - disk 1] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
          The Woods
    Playing as Edward Carnby you will land on the woods, then when you gain control
    over him move to the right side of the screen and you will see that you have two
    ways, move to the right side of the screen, because on the left side you will
    not be able to open a door.  Following the right side you will receive a message
    from Aline in your radio, she tells you that she has landed on the rooftop of a
    manor, she tells you to make a signal with your flashlight, Carnby do it and
    Aline do it to. Now that Carnby knows the location of Aline he tells to Aline
    wait until he reach the manor.
    Again gaining control over Edward follow the only way that you have for now,
    through the woods, ahead you will see a house with blood on the stairs, enter
    the house and you will see a badly injured man, and  he also lost the left arm
    (that's fun), Edward will ask some questions about the man, but the man tells to
    Edward run, after the conversation  press X on the man to get the Small Bronze
    Key. Get out of the house and again follow the woods path, ahead you will listen
    some shoots and a scream, the ONE ARM MAN is gone, move to the final through the
    woods and use the Small Bronze key to open a door.
    Moving some more you will see a FMV, where you see two dogs with chains on the
    neck, and other dog been killed by a strange monster, after the sequence get a
    box of magnesium bullets on the wall, then move forward and when you see a gate,
    press X to open it, moving straight forward a FMV sequence will start, the dogs
    will run away, after the sequence get two boxes of magnesium bullets on the
    ground, and ahead get a First Aid Kit on the sculpture. Move back and walk up
    the Flight of stairs, in the next area the first enemies will appear, run from
    it, and run some more to avoid the dogs, when you see a ugly sculpture walk up
    the stairs in front of it, now move right and you will see a human sculpture, in
    front of it is the manor gate, check it, and a FMV will start but you will not
    be able to open the gate, suddenly Aline will calls you, after the conversation
    you will listen some shoots, she appears to be in trouble to, now move to your
    only way, the lower side of the screen.
    A sequence will start with a shadow beast eating a dead dog, this creature will
    run away, then move to this place, suddenly a monster will appear from a light,
    don't waste your time and bullets on him, just run and enter through a gate, at
    the other side of the gate move right and activate the valve to drain the water
    on the pit, now go down the stairs avoiding the monster and enter the sewers.
          The Sewers
    At the sewers you will have water at more than half of your body, then you will
    move slower. Move straight forward, and turn right at the end of the way, when
    you reach a large room, a monster will sudenlly appear from down the water,
    don't try to run from it, shot and it will go down, then it will appear again
    after a while,don't move, or it will catch and hurt you, just hold R1 and
    rotate your character, when it appear again shot again, after five or six shots
    it will die. Now follow the right corner and walk through the corridor, at the
    end climb up the ladder, walk forward and climb up the wall( the gate cannot be
    oppened ), get a Charm of Saving on the ground and enter the door, now you are
    inside the manor and you need to meet Aline, remember?
          Manor Cellar
    Climb some stairs and turn left (it's Edward's left), get a box of Phosphorous
    Cartridges and some Magnesium Bullets, get a First aid Kit in the table and
    Now move right and open the coffin, Carnby will have a dream with Aline dead
    inside the coffin, but is just a dream, now get the Gilded Key inside the coffin
    and use it to open the locked gate. There's no need to search the other room
    'cause all the doors are locked, just ignore it.
     Manor Lobby/First Floor
    Now climb some stairs and enter the mirror, that's actuallly a door, now you
    are in the manor's first floor. If you don't have the shotgun I suggest you to
    start the game again, because the mirror door cannot be oppened anymore. Aline
    will call you and tells that she is traped in some room on the second floor,
    after the conversation the light will turn off and a shadow creature will appear,
    kill it using your shotgun. Now you will see that near the mirror door exist a
    sculpture, if you check it you will see that it have a code, push the sculture
    to the front of the mirror door, this way you see on the mirror the password
    for the sculpture, the password is H and M, the sculpture's mecanism will open a
    picture that's on the second floor of the manor, but before going to the second
    floor there's other thing to do.
    At the the first floor room there's a lot of doors, but they are all closed,
    then get a Charm of Saving on the table, now climb up the stairs and check the
    picture near the right side of the second floor to get the Small Key, now move
    to the end of the right side and Aline will call you, she tells that she heard
    you and you must be near. After the conversation push the drawer to the left
    side and a door will be released, enter that door and you will meet Aline.
    Aline tells you that she wants to go by a diferent way, because she have a
    diferent goal, after the conversation Carnby will help Aline to enter through a
    trapdoor. Now examine this room and you'll find a Dictaphone and a Acrobat
    statue, both on the table, check another table to get a diary.  Now your only way
    is going down the stairs that will lead you to a door, this door is closed, but
    you can look through the spyhole, now get the Charm of Saving near the door and
    follow the way back, on the first floor room enter the big double door.
       First floor corridor
    When you enter in the first floor corridor you will meet a man named Edenshaw,
    he talks about the Shadow Island and tell you that you need to reach the library.
    After the conversation he disappear like a ghost and give you a Charm of Saving.
    HINT: After Edenshaw give you the Charm of Saving SAVE YOUR GAME, sometimes when
          you load the game from this point you will see the conversation with
          Edenshaw again and you will receive another Charm of Saving, this happened
          once when I was playing, but I don't know if it can be done many times.
    Then after the conversation with Edenshaw you will have three possibles ways to
    go, one to the left side  and two doors near a stair at the right side, I
    recommend you to go to the left right first because this way is the faster way
    to make the things, so first go to the left side of the corridor and enter the
    only door possible to open. Entering the door, kill two zombies in the next
    corridor and proceed, enter the first door you see, because is the only that
    can be unlocked. In the next room get a crowbar in a wooden box, get Richard
    Morton's Testament on the table, an Abkanis book in the bookshelf, get the
    Obed's notes on a shelf, a Flask in a desk and a Science magazine in another
    desk. Near the Science magazine get a first aid kit on the cupboard and unlock
    the door near it. Now go back to the door you entered and near it fill the flask
    on the amphora full of water.
    NOTE: Maybe two monsters appear from the shadows in this room, but don't panic,
          they will disappear without bite you.
    Now with the flask full of water enter the door near the cupboard and it will
    lead you to the F1 lobby, so go to the 1st floor corridor again. Entering it you
    will notice that the corridor have zombies now, so kill them and go to the right
    side of the corridor, at the end of it get a box of phosphorous cartridges and
    enter the door on the left side of the stair. On the next corridor run and avoid
    the zombie and enter the first door. In this room watch out for the spiders that
    fall from the ceiling, search well this room and get a photograph, a wolf mask
    and some cartridges on the table, so look in the aquarium that's near the
    entrance, is the same aquarium showed on the photograph that you've get a bit
    early on this same room, so to you get the same view of the photograph use the
    flask in this aquarium, this will unlock a mechanism in a picture on the second
    floor, so get out of this room.
    On the corridor near the the room you can proceed to a dead end, that will have
    for reward a first aid kit, I recommend you try, but kill the zombies first.
    So now your way is to the second floor. On the second floor check the picture
    that be unlocked to get a gilded key, now with this key open the second door on
    the corridor reached from the left side door of F1 corridor. In this room kill a
    monster and get a small gilded key on the table, use the wolf mask on the owl's
    statue, a hole will open on the statue and you'll be able to get a steel key.
    There's nothing more to do in this room, so go back to the F1 corridor and this
    time enter the door on the left side of the stair.
    Entering the door, climb up the spiral stair at the top turn the lights on,
    enter the door and in the next room turn on the lights and get a grenade launcher
    on the wodden box ( Don't be happy, I don't know why, but in the entire game
    you'll not find a single recharge cartridge for the grenade launcher, Damn !!).
    Continue through the room and Aline will call you, she tell something about
    some trapdoors  on the attic, after the conversation use the small rusty key on
    this door to reach the attics.
    On the first room of the attics kill two monsters and get some ammunition and a
    lighter on the table, nothing more in this room, so enter the next door. On the
    storage room there's the first trapdoor that Aline talk about, on the entrance
    that lead to the other doors in this romm note that the camera make a direct
    view of a floor that have a different collor and looks different too. Use crowbar
    on this floor and get a small key and a small gilded key, so enter the next door
    (only one door can be opened )
    NOTE : If you have some problem to find the trapdoor, wander around in this room
           until you hear a different sound when you step on it.
    On the next room you'll see a scene with some spiders on the roof, after it,
    continue through the way and get some ammunition when you find a dead end, use
    your lighter on the candle and after use the crowbar on the wooden wall, whooa
    you've make a new door, so enter this "door" and kill two monstes in the next
    area, continue through the corridor and make your way down, get a first aid kit
    on a table and enter the door.
    Inside this room go walk near the bed and you will see a old woman im the bed,
    she tells that she saw Aline, and ask Carnby to burn down the library, after it
    leave the room. In the corridor make your way up and use the gilded key to
    unlock the door near the light switch, climb down the spiral stairs and unlock
    the first door you see. ( don't climb down to the end, the door below is useless)
    So entering the door Aline will call you, she tell that Obed have a brother,
    Allan. You're now on 2F corridor, that's very extense and haave a coupe of doors,
    so use the map below to guide you, your position now is door #7.
                                  / #7  /
     ______                      /     / #6
     \     \                    /     /
    1 \     \                  /     /
       \     \________________/     /_____________________
     #2 \                                                 |
         \                                 __________     |
       #3 \_______________________________/          |    |
                    #4                               |    |
                                                     |    |
                                                     |    |___      _____
              2 F   C O R R I D O R   M A P          |        |     |#8 |
                                                     |___     |     |   |
                                                         |    |_____|   |
                                                         |              |
    This corridor may have some monsters, so stay alert. Go to the door #8 and enter
    it using the steel key to unlock, in this room get the Obed's Diary on a desk,
    half of a photograph  and and write letter on the table and a large ornate key
    and a charm of saving on the bench, nothing more in this room, so leave it. In
    the corridor go to the door #3 and enter it, inside get 2 first aid kit and a
    charm of saving near a candle stick, moving near the bed it will transform into
    a monster and hold and throw Carnby, don't be afraid, this don't cause damage
    and this monster is very weak, stay far from it and start shooting with your
    shotgun, in a few seconds it will fall down and burn in flames. Now go near the
    bed and get 3 boxes of phosphorous cartridges and a rocket launcher (that's very
    good). Leave the room and go to the door #6.
    This is actually Allan's office, so don't waste time and walk through, get a
    first aid kit near the entrance and walk to near the table, some zombies will
    appear, but is just a mirage, so get Allan's journal on the table and use the
    small key to unlock the drawer, inside you find the other half of the photograph
    and a large ornate key. You can leave this room now.
    Once again in the corridor some zombies will appear, kill it and go to the door
    #4, unlock it to get a quick way to the second floor, go to the door #2 and use
    the small gilded key to unlock it, enter and clmb down the stairs, you'll reach
    the 1st floor corridor again, so move to the left side and use the large ornate
    key to unlock the double door, enter it, you're now on the library after a FMV
    sequence Aline will call you and tell to not touch anything.
    NOTE: I suggest you to save your game here, because you'll fight a tough boss
          and you may have to to somethings again.
    After the conversation get the Jeremys' diary on the table and the Morton's
    biography on a book support. Taking the entrance door as a reference point move
    through the right side and climb up the stairs, get some rockets and keep
    moving, when you see a painel, check it, you need a code to operate it, the
    codeis carved in the back of the photograph, combine the two halfs to see, the
    code is 1408+2518, the result is, come on !! ,you can do it. So after you put
    the code a bookshelf will move and show a secret room.
    In the secret room get a telescope on a chest, and turn the lights on, on the
    wall there's some statues making a pyramid, use the acrobat statue to complete
    the pyramid and a painel will open, inside get a statue of a bison, there's
    another painel witch requires a code to operate, you still don't have the code,
    so get the Jeremy's riddle in the bookshelf and leave this room, keep climbing
    until you see a ladder, a monster will enter through the window, but will run
    away, so climb up the ladder. In the rooftops keep walking to the left side,
    butwatch out for a dog that appears on your way, at the end, climb up another
    In this room get a charm of saving near some junks and go near the window, use
    the telescope on the tripod and use with to look through the window, the
    telescope start with a zoom of 200x, so move it until you find a windon on the
    fort, when you do it press X to change the zoom to 400x, this way you will be
    able to see a date, 1962, that is the code you need to operate the painel,
    after it, a FMV sequence will start, and Carnby will see Allan on the fort,
    after it press triangle two times to back to Carnby and try to leave this place,
    Aline willl call you and tell that Obed is her father, whooa !!, Aline is a
    Morton !!!
    Now that you have the code move the way back to the secret room and put it.
    Another mechanism on a picture in the second floor will be unlocked, but don't
    go after it for now. You remember when I tell to save the game because you'll
    fight a tough boss, yes now it's the time, but first, a puzzle to solve, the
    hardest puzzle in my opinion. Call Aline, and Carnby will tell that he is still
    stuck on the library, Aline tell to Carnby see if the secret is on a document,
    so check the Richard Morton's will and testament, look the final pages and you
    will see a diagram, that show the positions of four books that you can check. I
    will not try to make a diagram, because it will only confuse you, so I will
    just tell the positions.
    NOTE: The books need to be checked in the right sequence.
    Locations of the four books:
    1st - On the very last floor, very last bookshelf, press it first
    2nd - On the first floor, near the light switch, press it after the 1
          first book.
    3rd - On the first floor, on the bookshelf near the stairs, press it
          after the second book
    4th - On the third floor, when the camera get a frontal view of a
          bookshelf, press the book on the left edge. ( Don't change the
          view angle )
    When you press three books and walking for the last one a FMV sequence will
    start, and the flying creature will come from the sky. He is a tough boss if
    you don't know the right strategy, so do the following. First of all shoot on
    him with your revolver until she bleed and fly away, this way you will have
    time to search for a good view, when you get a good view await it to come back,
    and when it do shoot two times with the revolver and a third shoot with the
    rocket launcher( the third shoot need to be a quick shoot, this way you will get
    it with guards down and you will hurt it ). It will fly away again, so do it more
    three or four times and it will die. If you've done the sequence correctly, you
    don't be damaged and have saved some first aid kits.
    NOTES: - You can't leave the library until you kill the boss.
           - You can only fight the boss on a superior floor.
           - Kill the boss first, after it go to the last book.
    When you kill, go press the last book, the last picture of the F2 will be
    unlocked, you have nothing more to do in the library, so move your way to the F2
    pictures. On the first floor you may need to kill some monster, so stay alert.
    Check the pictures to get a engraved metal plate, a small bronze key and a plasma
    cannon, that looks like a flame thrower, and have a very short range. When you
    check the last book a numerical pad will appear below each portrait, so it's time
    to solve the Jeremy's riddle that just requires a four years old brain to solve,
    BORN ON.
    So you need to know the birth dates of the Morton's family, this you can get in
    the last page of the Morton's biography, starting by the left side the dates are:
    Richard Morton   - Born in 1852
    Archibald Morton - Born in 1874
    Jeremy Morton    - Born in 1899
    Howard Morton    - Born in 1931
    After you put the dates the clock in the first floor will open, go down and check
    it, you'll get a ornate bronze key. Use this key in the double door in the lobby
    and it will lead you to the garden, move down around the garden and you'll get 2
    first aid kits and a gas cartridge, so come back to the manor's entrance and walk
    to the left, use your last key to open the gate ( not the ornate key ).
        Outside the Manor
    Now move all your way back to the start of the game, when you get to ner the
    house where the man died a lot of zombies will appear, kill them all with your
    shotgun and proceed forward, when you get near to the beggining you'll find a
    closed gate, which requires a simbol code to open, just look the metal plate
    that you have and put the code, open the gate and you've finished the first
    End of disk 1.
    [Edward Carnby - disk 2] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
           The Moor
    Starting the disk 2 get 2 first aid kits and a gas catridge on the corpse near
    the gate, continue through the bridge and Aline will call you, she tells that
    she is in a planetarium, after the conversation continue moving straight, some
    little lizards will appear, kill them  with your pistol,get a charm of saving on
    the ground, so when you see a head in your way climb the stairs to the left,
    Carnby will start comment about that place, the circle of stones, so Carnby will
    need Aline's help to know his location, so she ask Canrby to find the North
    stella first, then, go to the biggest one and select the north option.
    Now Aline will ask Carnby about some of these stellas, what you have to do is
    check it and call her back. The stellas are in this order: north, south, east,
    southeast, west, southwest, east and northeast, after it Aline tell that the one
    you have to check again is the eastern one, so check it and you'll have to select
    the incantation spells, the right sequence of spells you can get if you hear the
    dictaphone, that you got in the start of the game.
    The sequence of spells is O'goulai, Hypor, Harnis and Korna, Carnby will do the
    witchcraft and two new itens will appear in the center of the circle of stones,
    go near and get a stone stele and another Abkanis statue. Now follow the only
    wayyou have and Aline will call you, Carnby tells that have find some itens,
    Aline tells Carnby that need the stone stele, after the conversation continue
    your way end climb down the stairs. Get a charm of saving and continue through
    the caverns some lizards can appear here, if it happen kill with your pistol,
    and also a big like-spider creature can appear, but I recommend you kill it with
    the Plasma Cannon.
    Keep your flashlight switched on when walking through the caverns and you will
    see a ladder, climb it and get some rockets, now go down and continue to the
    end, there climb up the stairs.
          The Marsh
    Now on the marsh, look the map and you will see two ways, one to the left and
    other to the upper part, first go to the left side, killing some zombies that
    are wandering around. On the next screen kill another zombie and climb up the
    ladder of the airplane. That airplane is the same that Carnby and Aline jumped
    off, so don't forget to take a look at the equipaments inside, you'll find a
    first aid kit, wire cutters, rockets and a blue lens, after you get the itens go
    to the cabin. Somehow the plane's pilot have survived, but is very injured, after
    the conversation you'll have 15 seconds to flee from the plane, so don't waste
    time. When you get out of the plane a FMV sequence will start and the plane will
    sink. Now go back to the marsh and follow the upper way.
          The Valley
    Work your way through the valley until you find a ramp, climb it and reach the
    end, there you'll see a gate and will meet Aline. She ask about the stone stele,
    but Carnby want something in exchange, so Aline will give you a gilded ring.
    After the conversation come back the way to the valley and go to the end. There
    you'll see a old chapel, the chapel's door is locked with chains, so use the wire
    cutter to break the chains. Now, enter the chapel.
    Chapel/Chapel's underground
    Into the chapel, get a book about the sacrifice ritual on a support, 2 first aid
    kits and some rockets, now check a painel near the book and you'll see some
    simbols, you shall press 3 simbols in the correct order, this simbols you can see
    in three different places using the blue lens attached on your flashlight, the
    blue lens can show very old traces of blood, so if you want to see them all here's
    the locations.
    1st - Inside the cavern that you've climbed through a ladder.( where
          you got a case of rockets ).
    2nd - In a rock near the place where you've exchanged itens with
    3rd - In the chapel's door, by inside.
    So press the simbols in this order.
           |     |     | 1st |
           |     | 3rd |     |
           |     |     | 2nd |
    The chapel's altar will move, uncovering a hole, climb down the stairs and follow
    the underground passage, when you see a metal like-door use the gilded ring on
    the painel to rotate this door, you'll reach the other side, but don't will be
    able to back again. Walk through the corridor until you find a door, then enter
      Underground laboratory
    Work your way through the lab without turning and Carnby will find Allan Morton,
    that when notice Carnby's presence run away through a door and lock, the lights
    are off also. Carnby call Aline and report the current situation, follow Aline's
    instructions, but watch out for the zombies that appears in the lab, and you'll
    find 3 switches in this lab, after you press it all the door will open. Before
    you enter the door search well this lab and you'll find a first aid kit and a
    gas cartridge inside a cupboard, two letters on a table and a charm of saving in
    the lab's intersection. Now follow the door that Allan ran away. Climb down the
    stairs and Aline will call you, she tell you that she opened the basement's trap
    door, after the conversation run all the way through the tunnel avoiding the
    spiders and the monsters, at the end you'll reach a room with two doors.
    Enter the first door you see, that's actually the radio room. Check the tape
    recorder to listen a conversation with Obed Morton and Christhoper Lamb, after
    the conversation leave this room. Now search for another door, and unlock it,
    that door leads to the manor's basement, enter it.
    Manor's basement/Greenhouse
    Entering the basement move to the trapdoor and you'll meet Edenshaw again, he
    tells you to hurry up and find the remaining statues, after it, Aline will call
    you and somehow sad tell you that she isn't Obed's daughter. After the
    conversation climb up the ladder and enter the trapdoor. On the greenhouse move
    up and kill some plants, when you see two ways, move to the right side first and
    get a box of phosphorous cartridges on a wooden bookshelf, a charm of save on a
    box and a first aid kit on a steel cupboard on a dead end. Now move your way
    back and go to the left side, climb up the ladder and go near the stone statue,
    push it to the ladder's side until it stops, now push it down to break the
    statue on the ground, after you've done, climb down the ladder and get two itens
    on the ground, a gilded ring and an Abkanis statue.
    Now move all your way back to the place where you've used the first gilded ring,
    use it on the painel and the door will rotate leading you to another place, the
    Abkanis underground passage.
        Abkanis underground
    Walk a little and you'll find Aline, she can read the Abkanis writings, it says
    something like: "once opened, the gate of the world of darkness must be closed
    back before sunrise, or ....". So from now on you can expect the worse. After
    Aline read, continue to the exit. Walk through the bridge and at the end enter the
    next area, move the way and you'll find a trapdoor on the left side of the screen,
    open it and this trapdoor will reveal a lot of good itens: ( 4 first aid kits, 1
    battery charger, 5 charm of saving, and the best, the Lightning gun, the best
    weapon of the game, that was projected by Jeremy Morton, the only Morton that have
    done something useful.
    NOTE: The Lightning gun can be reloaded by using the battery charger,
          but the battery charger need also to be reloaded, so, don't
          forget to grab the blue crystals that appear from now on to
          recharge it. The blue crystals re-appear after you get it, and
          you can find it almost everywhere.
    Continue through the path and you'll meet Allan and Edenshaw, neither Edward nor
    Edenshaw can stop Allan now, He says some kind of  witchcraft and open the gate
    to the World of Darkness. Allan enter through the gate, that gate suck Edward
    into too.
        World of Darkness
    Carnby will call Aline and report the current situation, his mission is a little
    more difficult now, get all the statues and close back the gate before sunrise.
    After the conversation continue and enter the cave.
    NOTE: Within the World of Darkness the monsters and shadow creatures never stop
          to appear, so try to do the things as fast as you can.
    NOTE 2: Every area within the World of the Darknes has a main enemy that will
            appear, so I can't write "kill this", Kill that", I'll only tell you what
            kind of enemie you'll have to fight.
    In the next are your main enemie will be the dogs, try to avoid when possible,
    but don't put yourself in risk, look in the map to find the exit and enter it.
    A FMV sequence will play, after it continue, your main enemie is the plants,
    so don't try to run, burn it down with the lightning gun. again find the exit
    using the map and don't forget to recharge your batteries. The next area you'll
    have the scorpions as the main enemie, so you'll also have to kill 'em, reaching
    the end enter it.
    The next area the main emenie you'll be the dogs, kill 'em when needed and
    enter the cave at the end. Now your main enemie will be the plants again, kill
    'em and move to the right side ( using the entrance as a reference point ) you
    will see a tablet and a cliff, move to the ledge of the cliff and press X, Carnby
    will try to pass the cliff using a little ledge and a rope, that's placed like a
    handrail, suddenly Allan appears and cut the rope and Carnby fall, but don't
    worry, you really think that after all this work Carnby would die in a little fall?
    obviously not. After the fall Carnby will appear in front of a cavern. Enter it.
    Inside the cavern you'll find a lot of goods, starting by a corpse Ugh !, this is
    actually Archibald Morton's corpse, search his body and you'llfind a metal flask,
    that will be very, very useful from now on, get also Archibald's diary and the
    photoeletric pulsar, a weapon that only have a impact name, but nothing more,
    recharge your batteries using the crystals and leave this cave.
    Use the rope on the left to climb down, there climb up the staircase killing the
    enemies that appear, at the top of it you'll see Allan and he will flee, get the
    crystals before entering the cave. In the next are your main enemie will be the
    scorpions again, keep on and kill 'em when needed, when you arrive at the end
    get the crystals and enter the tunnel. In the next area walk straight a little
    and you'll meet Aline, Allan and a creature that once was Obed, he isn't happy
    with you. Again in the bridge Johnson will call you, after it enter the other
    cave, in the next area kill the dogs and reach the end, the next area use the
    map to reach the end and kill the scorpions when 'em appear, you'll arrive in a
    bridge, get the crystals and climb up the staircase, this is a long staircase
    and also is infested with little lizards, use your pistol to kill 'em, at the
    top enter the cave.
    In the next are use the map to find your way, sometimes you'll need climb up to
    proceed, so finding the exit you'll see that this entrance have a billion of
    dogs appearing simultaneously, so use your lightning gun and when the path clear
    a little, run with all you have. In the next are Aline will call you, she tell
    you that you're almost in the end, so after the conversation move straight and
    a pillar will collapse, use this pillar as a bridge and at the other side, move
    up to the fluorescent fountain, refresh yourself and fill the flask, after it
    move down and enter a cave.
         The last fight
    In this room you'll find a altar with a statue of a head and two empty slots,
    you have to find the other statues to get out of this damned world. So enter
    the cave ( that's only one cave that you can enter ), climb down the rope and
    walk straight until you find Allan, or better, he will find you. As you can
    expect he is now a shadow  creature and only want to kill everything, so
    a boss fight starts.
    Your weapons cannot hurt him, only stop him a while, so search for a cave that
    you can enter (I know that this place has a lot of caves but if you search
    very well you'll find it ). There's only one cave that you can really enter,
    and when you enter it Allan will throw you out. No matter how far he is from
    you, if you try to enter this cave he will throw you, so use your rocket
    launcher until you knock him out. So run to the cave and enter it. Carnby will
    fly in a light and become a warrior, he'll get a spear on the cave and slash
    his sorry ass. After it Carnby will back to the normal. I only would like to
    know why a stupid spear can kill Allan and the most powerfull weapons can't.
    After it get the statue on the center of this area and move back to the altar.
    Put the statue and sudenlly Aline will appear with the other statue. The whole
    place is about to collapses when suddenly the gate opens. Just enter the gate
    and you've finished the game with Edward Carnby.
    End of Edward Carnby's Walkthrough.
    [Aline Cedrac - disk 1] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
        Manor's Rooftop
    After the jump Aline landed on the manor's rooftop, when you gain control over
    her move through the rooftop, she calls Carnby and tells him the current
    situation, she uses the flashlight to do a signal and show your position to
    Carnby, after it enter the window. Inside the manor you'll find Lucy Morton,
    Obed's mother. She's half paralized and blind, she tells Aline to help Obed,
    cause he is in danger, after the conversation she'll give you a small gilded
    key. Re-gaining control, get a science magazine on a table and a first aid key
    on another, when you try to leave this room a monster will appear, just use your
    flashlight to kill him, after it leave this room.
          The Attics
    On the attics you'll find the plants, that can be a pain in your ass if you
    don't be carefull, so run all the way up and at the final turn on the light
    switch, this will kill them, now you only have a door to enter, so do it.
    Inside the room go down avoiding more plants and enter a door, on the next room
    get a charm of saving and a box of phosphorous cartridges, now go back to the
    previous room and run to the left, trying to scare the plants with your flash
    light, get a charm of saving and enter the first door you see, pass this
    corridor and enter the door.
    On the next room try to scare the plant while you get the following itens: a
    small gilded key, a first aid kit and a box of magnesium bullets. Now go back
    all the way to the hallway where is Lucy's room and use the small gilded key to
    open the locked door, entering it, go down the spiral stairs and Aline will
    overhear a conversation between Obed Morton and someone that I don't know for
    sure who is, after it go down the stairs cause the door is locked, down there
    switch on the lights and enter the room.
        Ground Floor
    You will see a lot of doors, but you only can open one for now, so do it.
    Inside this room search for 3 first aid kits and a box of magnesium bullets
    inside a jar, now, turn the lights off and go check the statue (not the wolf
    statue), use the key Lucy gave to you to open it, and you'll get a revolver,
    well, I don't know if it will make you happy, but at least it's better than a
    flashlight. After you get the revolver a monster will appear, try to avoid him
    to save your bullets and proceed to near the window, you'll hear someone
    unlocking a door, now enter the door near the window and you'll see Obed Morton
    You cannot enter the door that Obed ran from, so follow the way he run away and
    enter a door, now you'll be on the 1st floor corridor, the two nearest doors
    cannot be upened right now, so move ahead and switch on the light, you'll hear
    some steps and a door being unlocked, the door that was opened is the door at
    the left side of the stairs, so go on and enter it. In this corridor there's a
    door and a way ahead, this room have absolutely nothing to do inside, so follow
    the other way. There, you find Obed Morton in a dead end, he shoots in Aline
    and puts her to sllep.
           Manor's Lobby
    You'll wake up in a room on the second floor lobby,after a dream.  Strangely,
    she doesn't have her jacket any more, does Obed try to..., well, forget it. When
    Aline wakes she calls Carnby and asks for help, after the conversation, check
    this room to get three first aid kits, an allen wrench, the Alan's diary and a
    charm of saving on a chair. Now enter the mirror that's actually a door. Go down
    the stairs and get the double barrel shotgun, that really isn't too good, now
    enter the door and keep going down until you find a blocked door, going near it
    a scene will start, after it get a first aid kit and go back to the mirror room.
    Once again there Carnby will enter this room, Aline refuses to make a team with
    Carnby and decides to go by herself. Carnby helps Aline to reach a trapdoor on
    the roof, now you're in a room on the second floor.
      2nd floor and corridor
    In this room you'll find a mirror that can talk !!!, he asks your help to find
    his mirror, after the conversation unlock the door and leave this room, work
    your way again to the Lucy's room and talk to her, after the conversation exit
    this room and move to the door near the light's switch, enter it and go down the
    spiral stair. Enter the door that you overheard Obed and someone talking, you'll
    be on the 2nd floor corridor. Enter the nearest door, that actually leads to
    Alan's office, in this room search for a first aid kit, a grenade launcher (now
    you have a pretty good weapon), DeCerto's mirror and the Alan's journal.
    NOTE: Near the table there's a projector, that needs some parts to work, you
          can't do it right now, but at least try to memorize the location of this
    Now leave Alan's office and walk straight, you'll see some blood coming from a
    door and some creepy bugs falling from the ceiling, don't waste your bullets on
    'em, just run to the right side of this corridor and enter the door on left of
    the switch. In this room search for a charm of saving and a box of phosphorous
    cartridges, now move to the left side of the bed and you'll hear a strange voice
    calling Aline, Aline, Aline, so enter the mirror and you'll meet De Certo, well,
    not really De Certo, but...
    So De Certo will ask for his mirror and you'll have two choices, if you choose
    no Aline will break the mirror and De Certo will disappear. If you choose yes
    you'll have a sweet death and the GAME OVER message will appear. Well the choice
    is yours. After De Certo die you'll receive an Abkanis statue, now try to leave
    this room and you'll meet an Abkanis Indian called Edenshaw, after the
    conversation Aline will call Carnby and report him the news. Now exit this room
    and enter the double door that leads to the 2nd floor lobby.
    Now move down and check the mirror near the statue, you'll see that a ornament
    is missing, you can't do nothing now, but keep this place on your mind, now move
    around this room and get a box of ammunition behind a chair. There's nothing to
    do here now, just enter the double door behind the stairs. You're now on the 1st
    floor corridor, move to the hallway where you saw Obed running, kill the zombies
    that just arrived there and enter the door that Obed ran from. This place looks
    like to be the Obed's office, so search well this area to get the following items:
    An Abkanis book, Obed's notes, a issue of the Science magazine and some magnesium
    bullets. Now search for a mirror in this room, shot on this mirror and get the
    book "Abkanis Tablets Translations", after get it, Aline decides to go visit Lucy
    again, unlock the other door and enter it, you'll end up in the Lucy's room,
    without any efforts. This may looks like a bug, but I know a lot of people who
    saw the same at this point of the game, so I don't consider it a bug.
    Talk to Lucy and she'll tell you that Alan is Obed's brother, after it she'll
    give you a prism. Now move all the way to the 2nd floor corridor. Go to the
    eastern door of this corridor (see map), and enter it. Switch the lights on and
    the plant will die. Inside this room you can get: Obed's diary, a hand written
    letter and two first aid kits. Now leave this room and go to Alan's office,
    remember the projector ?, yes, you can use it now, go near it and use the prism
    on it, use your flashlight too
    NOTE: When a say use your flahlight, it doesn't mean switch on, it means open
          your inventory and select the option USE.
    A FMV sequence will play and will show Alan doing experiments on his father
    corpse, after it you will get a engraved cube. Now exit this room and go to
    the Library (the double door near other 2 doors on the 1st floor corridor).
    Entering the Library switch on the lights and get a box of grenades near a
    support, on this support get the Morton's biography and Jeremy's Diary on the
    table. Now enter the space between the two bookshelfs on the left side and check
    the bookshelf. There's a numerical code on the books. The code is engraved on the
    cube that you got in Alan's office. When you put the code a secret room will open,
    enter it and get an Abkanis tablet, two first aid kits and a charm of saving.
    Behind the itens there's a lever, pull it and a FMV sequence will start. Get
    ready, its a boss fight!!!
    This boss isn't a tough boss, and the strategy is very simple. Shot grenades on
    him until he dies, I told you that the strategy is simple, so after 7 or 8 shoot
    it will die. After killing the monster get the half of a medallion on the jail
    where it was, now try to leave the library and you'll automatically enter Lucy's
    room, after the conversation hit her she gives you the other half of the
    medallion. When you try to leave this room a scene will play, the library boss
    is still alive.
    Manor's basement/Greenhouse
    Now combine the two halfs to get the medallion, go to the 1st floor lobby and
    use the medallion on the mirror. The mirror will open and give you access to the
    manor's basement, there, search for a ladder and climb up, Aline will open a
    trapdoor with the alen wrench and you'll end up on the greenhouse. In the
    greenhouse you'll meet Edenshaw again, after the conversation he'll disappear,
    after that search for a grenade box and enter the door. The library boss will
    appear again but I suggest you to just run away from him. Enter the gate and
    keep going ahead, kill the dogs and get the following itens in this area: a box
    of grenades, 2 box of phosphorous cartridges and a charm of saving. Now search
    this area until you find the crypt, it isn't hard at all.
    Entering the crypt search for the Jeremy's tomb and enter it, there you'll
    find the rocket launcher, a box of rockets and a first aid kit. Now check the
    coffin to get a cover for your flashlight. Leave this room, check the wall in
    this room to find some lamps on the wall. Just combine the cover with the flash
    light and light the lamps the way the lighten lamps make a "M" ( starting from
    the left side ). This way the Howard's tomb will open. Enter this tomb and get
    a document near the corpse, keep going through this tomb to reach a cliff, just
    jump down this cliff to finish off the disk 1.
    End of disk 1.
    [Aline Cedrac - disk 2] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Woods/ Outskirt of the fort
    You'll start the disk 2 near a closed gate, you cannot open this gate neither
    now nor after, but keep in your mind this place. So keep going through the
    woods, kill a dog in the way, after some time you'll find a wooden gate, enter
    it. A FMV will play and you'll be outside the fort, the main door is locked, so
    you can't enter through it. Move to the left side and get a box of phosphorous
    cartridges, move back to the fort's entrance and climb up through the rampart
    on left of the entrance door.
    Inside the fort just walk left and climb down the stairs (there's a locked door,
    keep this place in your mind). Down the stairs unlock the entrance door, keep
    going down the stairs and enter a cave, walk through this cave and at the end get
    a first aid kit, keep going and you'll end up on a raining scenery, there's a
    cave in this part, just ignore for now. Climb up the broken wall and get a box
    of phosphorous cartridges, now go down to the other side, kill the plants and
    keep climbing up through a entrance. Up there, there's two zombies, try to avoid
    'em and go down the scenery, enter a door near a little stair. Inside this room
    you'll meet Obed Morton, that seems to be mad now, after the conversation get a
    metallic card and a charm of saving, leave this room.
    Now walk this room up and if you need, kill the zombies, you'll see two doors,
    one with a complex lock and the other opened, enter this door, but keep the
    other door on your mind. Go down the staircase, there search for the following
    itens: A box of phosphorous cartridges, a first aid kit and a charm of saving,
    now search for a sort of cannon, check the cannon and receive a tripod support.
    Three monsters will appear, so get ready for them, kill the monsters and check
    the table too to get a Jeremy's notes on perfurator, a diagram, and the wire
    Now look for another staircase in this area that's not the one you climbed down,
    climb up this staircase and kill some monster that will appear and get a mould
    near them. Now go back to the raining scenery and enter the cave, there, open
    the chest with the wire cuter to get a rusty ornate key and a steel ingot.
    Remember the door that you saw just after enter the fort ?, yes, this key opens
    that door, so make your way back there. Use the key and you'll have access to the
    workshop. There, read the Jeremy's Diary in the table, after, get the following
    itens: 2 first aid kits, butt, barrel, orange acelerator. Check the locker to get
    a glass lens, but be carefull, 'cause some dogs may appear.
    Still inside the workshop, check a machine near a wall. Use the mould and the
    steel ingot on the machine and you'll receive the perforator barrel. Now enter
    the other door in this room and you'll see a telescope, if you use the lens on
    the telescope you'll see a statue, but this isn't needed. So keep going and you
    will end up falling into a sort of sewer.
        Fort's Sewer
    Keep walking in the dirty water and suddenly a monster will show up from the
    water, use the shot gun and it will die very fast, just don't walk 'till the
    monster die. At the end enter a door. Get a box of phosphorous cartridges and
    climb up the ladder. Check a chest to receive three cards, get the first aid kit
    and unlock the door, enter it and you'll be back to outside.
        Back to the Fort
    Remember the door with a complex lock ?, I told you to keep in mind, so go back
    there and use the cards on the door. The right sequence of card you can read in
    a document,  but I don't remember now. Anyway, the correct sequence is:
     Silver > Golden > Red > Black.
    After putting the cards the door will open, enter the door. Inside don't forget
    to get the Plasma cannon inside a small hole, get a first aid kit, a half ring
    and a charm of saving too. Split the tripod and combine the two half rings.
    Climb up the and check the machine. Carnby will call you and start telling you
    the numbers you have to put on the machine. The correct numbers are 10 31 2001,
    that's the current date on the game. After that a FMV will play and all the
    planets will be lined up, WHHOOOAAA!!!!
    After the sequence go down and get the following itens: large bronze key, a
    seal, a small pad lock key and an Abkanis statue. Now use a key in a locked door
    where you are and enter it. Walk the way and get a box of grenades, in the end
    you'll find a statue, Carnby will call and tell you that he found a stone disc,
    that's exactly what you need, so Aline decides to meet Carnby. Get the charm of
    saving next to the statue and go back all the way to the gate where you start the
    disc 2.
    In your way back to the gate you'll find the library boss again, this crap
    doesn't give up!, you can just ignore him, but why ?, it's so good to shoot on
    him. When you meet Carnby, he'll ask for something in exchange for the stone disc,
    so Aline decides to give him the seal. After you get the disc you'll automatically
    back to the statue, so use the stone disc on the statue. You'll receive a
    luminescent stone and an Abkanis statue. Now it's time to back to the workshop.
    At the workshop climb up all the way through the ladder and use a key to open the
    pad lock, go down and activate the first machine (not at the bottom) to open the
    trapdoor, climb down now and activate the second machine to work some sort of
    "antenna lazer". This will start a boss fight. Do you have any idea of who is the
    boss ?, yes it's him, the library boss, but this time you have the chance to kill
    him, yes KILL HIM!!. That's the strategy: The machine will be working for two
    minutes, wich after five seconds, a lightinig bolt will strike down at the center
    of this room, at this moment, you have to be on the oposite side of de boss, and
    behind the center. If you do it correctly, the boss will jump and the bolt will
    strike him. After three strikes the boss will die
    NOTE: If you run out of time, don't reset your game, just activate the machine
    Now it's time to combine the billions of itens that you currently have in your
    inventory. Do the following.
    - Combine the butt of weapon, the orange accelerator and the barrel. Now you
      should have a Photoeletric Pulsar (not the weapon).
    - Combine the perforator barrel with the tripod support.
    - Combine the Photoeletric Pulsar with the other thing you did and this will
      make the Perforator
    - Now combine the stone with a luminescent stone with the perforator.
    Now activate the machine again and you'll have the same two minutes to reach the
    cannon, remember the cannon. So you'll have to be fast or you'll have to do it
    again, to be easier try to ignore the enemies. Reaching the cannon use the
    perforator on the cannon. A FMV sequence will start, after it a hole will be
    opened, kill the scorpion and enter the hole. Pick up the Photoeletric Pulsar and
    the Indian warning climb down the ledge. Run away from the enemies and cross the
    bridge, enter a hole and walk all the way, at the end enter another hole. Now keep
    going and you'll find Carnby.
    Abkanis underground passage
    When you meet Carnby Aline will read some Abkanis scriptures and tell something
    about the seven gods. After that just enter the other passage. Cross the bridge
    and enter a hole. Inside of it don't forget to search for a tapdoor on the left
    side of the screen, there's some "good things" inside, including: A lightning gun,
    5 first aid kits, 5 charm of saving and a battery charger.
    NOTE: Please refer to the weapons section for info on the lightning gun and the
          battery charger.
    Now with the lightning gun nothing can stop you, just remember to reload with the
    blue crystal. Continue through the cave and you'll end up finding Alan and Edenshaw,
    Alan is about to make the ritual to open the gate to the World of Darkness. A FMV
    sequence will start and the gate will open, Carnby is sucked into the gate. After
    the sequence, Aline will chat with Edenshaw, after the conversation, enter the gate
    to reach the "WORLD OF DARKNESS".
       World of Darkness
    You will start the game at the top of this place, so keep going down and at the
    bottom enter the hole, now you're on a kind of cliff, just move on to the next
    hole and enter it. Now you will have plants along the way, use the lightning gun
    to kill them fast, so look at the map and see the location of the next entrance,
    keep going climbing down and up the little edges and enter the next hole. Now
    just climb down a flight of stairs and killing the dogs that appear along your
    way, you will see a ladder, Aline will climb it automatically and you will reach
    some kind of temple.
    Keep going up through the staircase then cross a simple way and you'll reach the
    temple's entrance, climb up the main staircase and enter the hole, your way here
    is very, very simple, just follow the only way and you will see a pyramid on the
    middle of the way, ignore it, for now. Keep following the way and you will find
    a room with a round table, each time you check a part of this table it will
    rotate and the wall behind will open and you can get a stone disk representing
    one of the seven Gods, make sure to check all positions and catch all the 6
    stone disks. Now move all the way back to the temple's entrance, there move to
    the left side of the screen and you will find a little house with a ladder,
    climb up this stair and enter the small house through the roof.
    Inside the house catch the Indian Flask, which will be very useful from now on,
    then take a look on the statues on this room, each statue has a round slot and
    represents the Gods too, so put all the disks on the slots and a wall will move
    leading to a piece of a Pyramid and and a charm of saving, then let's keep
    going, move now all the way to the pyramid I just said you to ignore, there
    you will notice that the pyramid has a piece missing, use your piece of the
    pyramid and a FMV sequence starts, after that get the statue head move to the
    temple's entrance and exit it through the ladder, keep going down and cross a
    bridge, then enter the hole.
    Now you are on a kind of magma area, the enemy that appear here is the Scorpion,
    so take care. This area has a lot of fake holes that can confuse you, so take a
    look on the map to see the real exit. In the next area your way is easy, just
    follow the tunnel 'til the end and avoiding the enemies, you're now on a bridge,
    kill the Lizards and take the luminescent crystal, then enter the next hole.
    Fill the Indian flask and recover your battery charger, then move your way to
    wall at the end and scale it. Make your way up through some edges and you will
    reach the top of this area, a FMV sequence will start and you will see Alan
    throwing down a rope through the bridge and going down, his statue falls from
    his hand.
    So make your way back 'til the rope that Alan just went and climb down the rope
    too. Down there make your way through a bone tunnel and you will find Alan,
    Carnby will appear too and they will trap Alan, then suddenly a monster will
    appear, the monster is actually Obed, then Obed will grab Alan and jump on a
    Abyss. Aline will jump after Alan and take the last statue. Aline calls Carnby
    and tells him the news, Carnby asks Aline to make the way back to the upper
    level but Aline can't reach, then she decides to look for another way. When
    you regain control over Aline enter the crack and then jump into the hole,
    there kill the Scorpions that may appear then enter the next cave.
    Johnson calls Aline, he just that Obed was her father 'cause that was the only
    way the Aline would go to Shadow Island, Aline gets mad and refuses the help
    Johnson offered. After the conversation enter the water and make your way 'til
    the exit, on the way a crocodile will appear, the vibration can help you to
    know when it will appear, kill it and enter the next hole. Jump through the
    edge, kill the plants, you are now on a already visited area, so make your
    way back to the cliff with some columns.
    Move ahead and a FMV sequence will start, one of the columns will fall and
    make a sort of bridge, go through the column and Obed will appear again, he
    seem to have some human thoughts at all and calls Aline for daughter, Aline's
    confused and says that no one is her father, so you will have to fight Obed.
    I coudn't kill him but according to Malek Darshin <malekdarshin@yahoo.com>
    you can kill him with grenades, aim slightly off and let the auto aim take
    over, After a few shots an earthquake hits and Aline falls over the side.
    Obed saves her and tells her to run and he fights off the hoards of shadow
    creatures that try to cross the bridge. Aline runs, Obed screams "I am a man! I
    am a child of light!" He then punches the bridge and collapses it into the chasm.
    An easy way to continue the game is just run and follow the left side, if he
    stops you the first time move back he column then try again. Once passed enter
    the cave and you will find a dark room, move ahead and you will see a pedestal
    with three slots to put head statues, two of them is missed, put your head statue
    then Carnby will appear and put the last one, everything is about to colapses.
    Enter the gate and you're done.
    Congratulations you finished the game with Aline.
    SECTION 8 - [ENDING] -----------------------------------------------------------
    Everything is about to colapses, Aline gives the last statue to Edenshaw and
    asks Edenshaw to go with them, but he refuses 'cause he already fulfilled his
    destiny. Johnson comes with a chopper and lands on the shore, they run and
    reach the chopper, Aline slaps Johnson's face, they leave the Island and it
    colapses. Meanwhile a scene with Lamb watching the news will start, everything
    worked the way he planed.
    SECTION 9 - [NOTEBOOK NOTES] ---------------------------------------------------
    Here's the notes that both characters do along the game, they're separated as
    the notebook pages are.
    [Edward Carnby's notes] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
       | Contacted Johnson, confirmed me    |
       | that he sent Fiske to Shadow       |
       | Island. Must retrieve those Indian |
       | writing tablets and their          |
       | translation. Must also protect     |
       | that Aline Cedrac.                 |
       | ...                                |
       | Aline landed on the rootop of the  |
       | manor. Should meet her there.      |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Hell broke loose here. I must      |
       | reach the manor before something   |
       | happens to Aline.                  |
       | ...                                |
       | Should have given a weapon to      |
       | Aline. I cannot believe Johnson is |
       | not aware of what is going on      |
       | here.                              |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Aline is alive but what temper     |
       | she has ! she is held captive in a |
       | room on the second floor. the      |
       | door is not looked, but blocked.   |
       | Obed Moton is definetively my      |
       | prime suspect.                     |
       | ...                                |
       | Got Aline out of her trap. She     |
       | seems obsessed with Obed Morton.   |
       | does she know something I don't.   |
       | in any case she is not making my   |
       | life easy !                        |
       |                                    |
       | Meet an old Indian named           |
       | Edenshaw. He seemed to be          |
       | expecting me. He handed me an      |
       | amulet similar to the one Fiske    |
       | gave me. According to this         |
       | Fellow nobody visited the island   |
       | in the past months. He told me to  |
       | go to the library.                 |
       | ...                                |
       | There is a flaw in the             |
       | floorboards of the attic. A        |
       | hidding place ? we must find seven |
       | animal-like statues.               |
       | An old lady in the attic, Obed's   |
       | mother ? she is half-mad. still    |
       | the library.                       |
       | ...                                |
       | Obed is in the old fort. He        |
       | appears to be imprisioned.         |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Aline is at the planetarium. I     |
       | need her for the circle of stones' |
       | ritual.                            |
       | ...                                |
       | The incantation made two objects   |
       | appear: a new Abkanis statue and   |
       | a disk-like stone.                 |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | I could not do aything for the     |
       | plane's pilot. it seems time is    |
       | running short for Johnson too.     |
       | ...                                |
       | Aline gave me some sort of seal.   |
       | she's got two statues. She is a    |
       | lot more effective than I          |
       | thought. The bridge is destroyed.  |
       | I must find a way to get back to   |
       | the manor.                         |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Alan Morton is engaging in         |
       | experiments on human corpse. The   |
       | creatures seem to obey him !       |
       | ...                                |
       | Aline has got two statues as I     |
       | do. She unlocked the trapdoor in   |
       | the basement. I hope I can get     |
       | there by following this tunnel.    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | I must find the statues and meet   |
       | Edenshaw on the threshold of       |
       | that damned gate.                  |
       | ...                                |
       | Obed Morton gave Lamb his          |
       | Brother's notes and the            |
       | translations of the Abkanis        |
       | tablets. This betrayal did         |
       | not do him any good. Lamb is the   |
       | one who is manipulating            |
       | everyone.                          |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Aline translated for me an         |
       | Abkanis stone. It seem that if the |
       | gate is opened, we better close it |
       | back before sunrise.               |
       | ...                                |
       | After my fall I heard a voice,     |
       | that of Hecatonchires the God of   |
       | light. He told me that I am his    |
       | warrior and that this is just the  |
       | begining. But I don't feel ready ! |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Aline is still on the case. We     |
       | must find the statue that Alan     |
       | took with him before sunrise !     |
       | ...                                |
       | I better save my batteries. I just |
       | needed that!                       |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Aline got the last statue but we   |
       | got separated again.               |
       | ...                                |
       | It is Lamb who is responsible for  |
       | Fiske's death. Just for that, I    |
       | must get out of here. Johnson      |
       | tried to cross Lamb and us but he  |
       | lost.                              |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Lamb has won. He knows the         |
       | ritual to open the gates and the   |
       | location of at least another       |
       | similar door. Johnson is sendind a |
       | helicopter to pick us up.          |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
    [Aline Cedrac's notes] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
       | Carnby suspects Obed to be         |
       | his friend's murderer. I must find |
       | him before he does. I must also    |
       | find those Abkanis writing tablets |
       | ...                                |
       | Carnby is in the gardens.          |
       | Rendez-vouz in the manor.          |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Met Obed Morton's mother. She is   |
       | paralized and half-blind. Beleives |
       | her son is in great danger. She    |
       | gave me a key that has something   |
       | to do with a statue in the         |
       | museum. She also talked about      |
       | Obed's father. Howard Morton       |
       | ...                                |
       | Eavesdropped on a conversation     |
       | between Obed and unlnown           |
       | person. The letter is suspicious   |
       | that Obed betrayed him with a      |
       | person named Lamn. They also       |
       | talked about "Guinea Pigs".        |
       | Have found Obed but he is          |
       | running away from me.              |
       | ...                                |
       | Prisioner! Obed has put me to      |
       | sleep. Called Carnby for help.     |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Carnby bailed me out but I am      |
       | still suspicious about him. I must |
       | talk to Obed before he finds him.  |
       | ...                                |
       | Obed got knocked out in front of   |
       | me by a unlnown person.            |
       | Confirmation that Obed is in       |
       | touch with that person named       |
       | Lamb. Who is Alan? Two Agents?     |
       | Carnby and I?                      |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Have I dreamt? I saw in a mirror   |
       | the face of a man that calls       |
       | himself Decerto. He asked me to get|
       | him back his mirror. He also       |
       | mentioned a person named           |
       | Edenshaw.                          |
       | ...                                |
       | Met Edenshaw. He pretends to be    |
       | the "last shaman. He told me he    |
       | needs 7 statues to accomplish a    |
       | ritual that will destroy the lair  |
       | of darkness. Edenshaw suggested    |
       | that I should visit Obed's office. |
       | The statues are animal-like.       |
       | Managed to view the content of     |
       | the crystal prism. Alan killed     |
       | Howard, his own father! He used    |
       | his dead body to run gruesome      |
       | experience. He pretend he wants    |
       | to create a new man.               |
       | ...                                |
       | To help get out of the manor       |
       | Obed's mother gave me the second   |
       | half of the locket, I found        |
       | around the neck of the creature    |
       | I shot in the library. She does not|
       | believe Obed could be my father.   |
       | I must find out.                   |
       | Met Edenshaw again, he talks       |
       | about a door that, once opened     |
       | would let free all the horrors of  |
       | this island. He advised me to go   |
       | to the fort.                       |
       | ...                                |
       | Found Obed but he pretends he      |
       | never had children. Obed appears   |
       | sick and seems to have lost his    |
       | mind.                              |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Carnby has reached a stone         |
       | circle. He must speak ou some      |
       | kind of incantation there but      |
       | he does not know in which          |
       | direction. He believes I will find |
       | he answer in the planetarium.      |
       | ...                                |
       | I told Carnby to check the         |
       | writing on the stones, He got:     |
       | One mark - nothing - three marks - |
       | one mark - two marks - nothing -   |
       | nothing - one mark.                |
       |                                    |
       | Carnby found the stone disk I      |
       | need for he totem. I must meet     |
       | him on the trail that goes         |
       | through the forest.                |
       | ...                                |
       | Carnby gave me the stone disk. I   |
       | gave him the seal I found. We are  |
       | getting to act like a good team.   |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | I translated the Abkanis writing.  |
       | School comes in handy sometimes.   |
       | Apparently, if the gate is opened  |
       | we better close it down before     |
       | sunrise.                           |
       | ...                                |
       | Alan has opened the door et        |
       | taken with him the last statue.    |
       | Carnby has been somehow sucked     |
       | in by the darkness. Edenshaw       |
       | asked me to run after Alan         |
       | beyond the door. I don't have      |
       | anything to loose anyway.          |
       | Edenshaw told me there are.        |
       | Carnby is alive. Now nothing       |
       | will stop me.                      |
       | ...                                |
       | The God of all Gods speaked to     |
       | me. I must be dreaming!            |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Saw Alan. He threw a rope down     |
       | the abyss and went down to         |
       | the lower levels. I must catch him |
       | now.                               |
       | ...                                |
       | Carnby and I traped Alan but       |
       | Obed - What is left of it -        |
       | interupted us and fell with Alan   |
       | in the abyss, Alan droped his      |
       | statue on a lower edge. I must     |
       | retrieve it.                       |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       | Johnson told me there are other    |
       | doors like this one. This          |
       | nightmare will never end. For      |
       | now I must get out of this hell    |
       | ASAP.                              |
       | ...                                |
       | Obed died as a human being; The    |
       | shadows not always prevail.        |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
       |                                    |
    SECTION 10 - [GAME SHARK CODES] ------------------------------------------------
    I haven't tested these codes 'cause I don't have a game shark, and I'm not
    intereted on buying one, so these codes may don't work, if it doesn't work
    please let me know.
    Infinite Health(Both Players)  801450d80064
    Inf Ammo-Revolver  801452c8000a
    Inf Ammo-Grenade Launcher  801453000005
    Inf Ammo-Grenade Launcher  801453000005
    Inf Ammo-3 Barrel Gun  801452d00009
    Inf Ammo-Photoelectric Pulsar  801452d8000a
    Inf Ammo-Rocket Launcher  801452e80003
    Inf Ammo-Plasma Cannon  801452f80064
    Master Item Code(Required) Must be on for item codes to work. 801451c0004f
    Have All Weapons  8014524c0017
    Have All Documents  801451c40016
    Press L1 for Item Set 1  d00e9e5efbff
    Press R1 for Item Set 2  d00e9e5ef7ff
    Press R2 for Item Set 3  d00e9e5efdff
    Press Select for Item Set 4  d00e9e5efffe
    Item Slot 1 Modifier  801451c400xx
    Item Slot 2 Modifier  801451c800xx
    Item Slot 3 Modifier  801451cc00xx
    Item Slot 4 Modifier  801451d000xx
    Item Slot 5 Modifier  801451d400xx
    Item Slot 6 Modifier  801451d800xx
    Item Slot 7 Modifier  801451dc00xx
    Item Slot 8 Modifier  801451e000xx
    Item Slot 9 Modifier  801451e400xx
    Item Slot 10 Modifier  801451e800xx
    Item Slot 11 Modifier  801451ec00xx
    Item Slot 12 Modifier  801451f000xx
    Item Slot 13 Modifier  801451f400xx
    Item Slot 14 Modifier  801451f800xx
    Item Slot 15 Modifier  801451fc00xx
    Item Slot 16 Modifier  8014520000xx
    Item Slot 17 Modifier  8014520400xx
    Item Slot 18 Modifier  8014520800xx
    Item Slot 19 Modifier  8014520c00xx
    Item Slot 20 Modifier  8014521000xx
    Item Slot 21 Modifier  8014521400xx
    Item Slot 22 Modifier  8014521800xx
    Item Slot 23 Modifier  8014521c00xx
    Item Slot 24 Modifier  8014522000xx
    Item Slot 25 Modifier  8014522400xx
    Item Slot 26 Modifier  8014522800xx
    Item Slot 27 Modifier  8014522c00xx
    Item Slot 28 Modifier  8014523000xx
    Item Slot 29 Modifier  8014523400xx
    Item Slot 30 Modifier  8014523800xx
    Item Slot 31 Modifier  8014523c00xx
    Item Slot 32 Modifier  8014524000xx
    Item Slot 33 Modifier  8014524400xx
    Item Slot 34 Modifier  8014524800xx
    Item Slot 35 Modifier  8014524c00xx
    Item Slot 36 Modifier  8014524e00xx
    Item Slot 37 Modifier  8014525000xx
    Item Slot 38 Modifier  8014525400xx
    Item Slot 39 Modifier  8014525800xx
    Item Slot 40 Modifier  8014525c00xx
    Item Slot 41 Modifier  8014526000xx
    Item Slot 42 Modifier  8014526400xx
    Item Slot 43 Modifier  8014526800xx
    Item Slot 44 Modifier  8014526c00xx
    Item Slot 45 Modifier  8014527000xx
    Item Slot 46 Modifier  8014527400xx
    Item Slot 47 Modifier  8014527800xx
    Item Slot 48 Modifier  8014527c00xx
    Item Slot 49 Modifier  8014528000xx
    Item Slot 50 Modifier  8014528400xx
    Item Slot 51 Modifier  8014528800xx
    Item Slot 52 Modifier  8014528c00xx
    Item Slot 53 Modifier  8014529000xx
    Item Slot 54 Modifier  8014529400xx
    Item Slot 55 Modifier  8014529800xx
    Item Slot 56 Modifier  8014529c00xx
    Item Slot 57 Modifier  801452a000xx
    Item Slot 58 Modifier  801452a400xx
    Item Slot 59 Modifier  801452a800xx
    Item Slot 60 Modifier  801452ac00xx
    Item Slot 61 Modifier  801452b000xx
    Item Slot 62 Modifier  801452b400xx
    Item Slot 63 Modifier  801452b800xx
    Item Slot 64 Modifier  801452b800xx
    Item Slot 65 Modifier  8014527000xx
    Item Slot 66 Modifier  8014527400xx
    Item Slot 67 Modifier  8014527800xx
    Item Slot 68 Modifier  8014527c00xx
    Item Slot 69 Modifier  8014528000xx
    Item Slot 70 Modifier  8014528400xx
    Item Slot 71 Modifier  8014528800xx
    Item Slot 72 Modifier  8014528c00xx
    Item Slot 73 Modifier  8014529000xx
    Item Slot 74 Modifier  8014529400xx
    Item Slot 75 Modifier  8014529800xx
    Modifier Digit List 1  Small Rusty Key 3 Archibald Mortons Flask 4 Crowbar 5
    Reassembled Photograph 6 Gilded Key 7 Wolf Mask 8 Steel Key 9 Large Ornate
    Key a Small Gilded Key b Archibald Morton's Lighter c Small Key d Small Gilded
     Key2 e Half of a Photograph1 f Large Ornate Key2 10 Half of a Photograph2 11
    Pulsar No Barrel Yellow Acc 12 Mould 13 Pulsar No Barrel Orange Acc 14
    Telescope 15 Jeremy's Riddle 16 Ammunition for Sniper Rifle 17 Acrobat
    Statuette 18 Small Bronze Key 19 Indian Skin Flask 1a Dictaphone 1b Ornate
    Bronze Key 1c Stone Stele 1d Red Accelerator 1e Small Padlock Key 1f Tripod
    Support 20 Tripod Support with Barrel 21 Obed Morton's Seal 22 Blue Lens 23
    Pulsar No Barrel Red Acc 24 Small Gilded Key3 25 Glass Prism 26 Revolver 27
    Ring with Energy Stone 28 Abkanis Tablets Translation 29 Book on the Abkanis
    Indians 2a De Certo's Mirror 2b Abkanis Statue of Anticoalt 2c Glass Prism2 2d
    Engraved Cube 2e Abkanis Tablets 2f Half Medallion1 30 Half Medallion2 31 Allen
    Wrench 32 Cover for Flashlight 33 Golden Metallic Card 34 Pliers 35 Metallic
    Half-Ring1 36 Diagram 37 Large Ornate Rusty Key 38 Metallic Half-Ring2 39 Glass
    Lens 3a Red Metallic Card 3b Silver Metallic Card 3c Black Metallic Card 3d Alan
    Morton's Seal 3e Large Bronze Key 3f Pulsar without Barrel 40 Indian Statue of
    Gilamesh 41 Abkanis Energy Stone 42 Metal Rifle Butt 43 Barrel 44 White
    Accelerator 45 Yellow Accelerator 46 Orange Accelerator 47 Tripod Support 48
    Bronze Sun 49 Indian Statue of Heliopaner 4a Indian Statue of Melacanthe 4b
    Indian Statue of Hemicles 4c Indian Statue of Ouphenos 4d Indian Statue of
    Hecatonchires 4e Metallic Ring 50 Steel Lingot 51 Sheet of Paper 52 Pulsar
    with Orange Acc 53 Perforated Barrel 54 Flashlight with Blue Lenses 55 Perforator
     No Energy Stone 57 Perforator with Energy Stone 58 Photoelectric Pulsar 59
    Battery Charger 5a Stone Pyramid 5b Stone Abkanis Seal1 5c Stone Abkanis Seal2
    5d Stone Abkanis Seal3 5f Stone Abkanis Seal4 60 Stone Abkanis Seal5 61 Stone
    Abkanis Seal6 62 Engraved Metallic Plate 64 Magnesium Flare 65 Triple-Barreled
    Gun 66 Laser Rifle 67 Disk Launcher 68 Rocket Launcher 69 Grenade Launcher 6a
    Lightning Gun 6b Stun Pistol 6c Plasma Cannon 6d Box of Phosphorus Charges 70
    Gilded Key2 71 First Aid 72 Amulet of Protection 73 15 kW Battery 74 Case of
    Rockets 75 Case of Grenades 76 Gas Cartridge 77 Hand Written Letter 78 Richard
    Morton's Will 79 Archibald Morton's Diary 7a Photograph 7b Energy Crystals 7c
    Jeremy Morton's Diary 7d Charm of Saving 7e Flashlight with Cover 7f Frederick
    Johnson's LEtter 80 Obed Morton's Diary 81 Letter from Lamb to Morton 82 Text on
    the Tomb by Gibson 83 Morton family's Biography 84 Alan Morton's Diary 85 Letter
    From Jeremy M to Alan M 86 Obed Morton's Notes 87 Notes on the Perforator 88
    Jeremy Morton's Diary2 89 Text on the Hemicles Stele 8a Text on the Heliopaner
    Stele 8b Text on the Anticoalt Stele 8c Text on the Gilamesh Stele 8d Text on the
    Melacanthe Stele 8e Text from the Magazine Science 8f Alan Morton's Journal 90
    Archibald Morton's Diary2 91 Indian Warning 92 Sacrifice Ritual 93 Indian Warning2
    94 Text on the Warrior Stele 95 Text on the Ouphenos Stele 96 Metal Flask 97 Alan
    Morton's Haversack 98 Head of Statue1 99 Head of Statue2 9a Head of Statue3 9b
    Polariod 9c B&W Photograph 9d
    SECTION 11 - [CREDITS] ---------------------------------------------------------
    Here's the list of all the sources that helped me to do this FAQ/Walkthrough, if
    I've forgot someone who have sent any type of contribution, please send me a
    e-mail requesting it, 'cause we're all humans. (^_^).
    -<>- CJayC (www.gamefaqs.com).
         For posting all FAQs I've done and also for his hard work running the best
         FAQ site ever!
    -<>- Darkworks
         For making this great game, though it could be a litte bigger.
    -<>- Infrogames.
         For publishing this game.
    -<>- Malek Darshin <malekdarshin@yahoo.com>
         Told me how to kill Obed in the World of Darkness playing as Aline.
    -<>- You all.
         Who read this FAQ/Walkthrough, I hope you've enjoyed.
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