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    Golden Spiders FAQ by Immortal King

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 04/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Started on 4/19/02
    I. - What they look like
    II. - Walkthrough on collecting Golden Spiders
    III. - Acknowledgements
    IV. - Contact me
    V. - What you can and cannot do with this FAQ
    VI. - Revision
    I. - What they look like
    First off, the golden spiders are well, golden, imagine that. They look 
    exactly like the health and web icons except they are tinted gold.
    II. Walkthrough 
    -----===Search for Truth===-----
    1. The first Spider is located right below you under the eagle statue that 
    you start out on (Unlocks Field Goal).
    2. On top of a rooftop, the building is white on the outside and has black 
    on the top, go north from where you start out at in this level (Unlocks Web 
    -----===Warehouse Hunt===-----
    1. In the levels first hallway, you cant miss it (Unlocks Backflip Kick)
    -----===Birth of a Hero===-----
    1. In the hall just past the 7 steam outlets (just past the hall where Bruce 
    Campbell tells you to zip by the steam outlets). (Unlocks Handspring)
    -----===Oscorps Gambit===-----
    (None at the moment)
    -----The Subway Station===-----
    1. From the start, go north-east, jump over the wall and you will see the 
    golden spider (Unlocks Scissor Kick).
    2. Directly Opposite from where you start, there are some stairs, underneath 
    the left set of stairs is the golden spider. (Unlocks High Web Hit).
    -----===Chase Through the Sewer===-----
    1. Above the sewer pipe that Shocker flees through (Unlocks Divebomb).
    2. After you run through the pipe that Shocker fled through (the one with 
    the Divebomb golden spider on top of it), look to the upper-left corner of 
    the room, there is a room with a switch that unlocks the door underneath the 
    pipe that Shocker fled through (the door is by the powerlines that were 
    electrocuting the water). (Unlocks Adv. Web Gloves).
    3. When you get to the final room before the level ends, there is a section 
    of the room lower than the other, after you beat up all the guards, take the 
    key from the one who has the key, and unlock the door on the left side and 
    you will find the golden spider. (Unlocks Adv. Impact Web).
    -----===Showdown With Shocker===-----
    1.After you trigger the train on the left side of where Shocker fires blasts 
    at you,  there will be a hall, run down it and you will see a river, when 
    you see the river there will be a golden spider floating down it. You must 
    be quick to get this one. (Unlocks Uppercut).
    -----===Vultures Lair===-----
    1. About halfway up you will see a hole in the wall (first hole in the wall 
    you HAVE to go through), after that you will see two sets of broken stairs, 
    go through the second one and run a little ways and you will find the golden 
    spider. (Unlocks Gravity Slam).
    -----Vulture Escapes===-----
    (None at the moment)
    -----===Air Duel With Vulture===-----
    1. From the start, go right, go on the lowest portion of the building you 
    can stand on, run around until you see it, it will be on a corner. (Unlocks 
    2. At the top steeple of the Empire State Building, Knocking Vulture down 
    first and then web-zipping up there is the safest and fastest way of getting 
    the golden spider. (Unlocks Divekick).
    1. In the ascending road from the second floor to the third floor. (Unlocks 
    Adv. Web Dome).
    -----===Scorpions Rampage===-----
    1. From the start of the level, go north-east, you will see a stack of boxes, 
    on top of the stack of boxes you will find the golden spider. (Unlocks 
    -----===Coup D'Etat===-----
    1. On top of the building that you're on when you start the level. (Unlocks 
    Low Web Hit).
    -----===The Offer===-----
    1. In front of the double red doors in the room after goblin bails off of 
    his glider and jumps through the glass. (Unlocks Flip Mute).
    -----===Race Against Time===-----
    -----===The Razors Edge===-----
    -----Breaking and Entering===-----
    1. In the room with the first active computer, just go a little bit left from 
    the active computer. (Unlocks High Stomp).
    -----===Chemical Chaos===-----
    1. After the first door and the long corridor with all the surveillance 
    lights, go north a little bit, look up and you should see the golden spider. 
    (Unlocks Palm).
    2. There is a room in between control rooms C and D, go in it and the golden 
    spider is on the floor. (Unlocks Head Hammer).
    -----===Oscorps Ultimate Weapon===-----
    -----===Escape from Oscorp===-----
    1. Go straight from  where you started the level, you will see it in front 
    of a double door. (Unlocks Haymaker).
    -----===Mary Jane Kidnapped===-----
    -----===Face Off at the Bridge===-----
    III. - Acknowledgements
    I would like to thank CJayC for such a great site!!!
    Myself of course, I do not know what I would do without myself.
    The good developers at treyarch and activision, keep up the good work!
    Thanks to Pale Eva for telling me where the Golden Spider that unlocks Sting 
    IV. - Contact Me
    You can E-Mail me at Nello001@msn.com and ask me anything you like.
    V. -What you can and cannot do with this FAQ
    What you can do is that you can put this on your own site if you want, I just 
    have to be asked first and would like me clearly credited.
    What you CANNOT do is that you CANNOT take this and put it on your own site 
    without asking me first and giving me full credit.
    VI. - Revision
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    v0.1 - Initial Writing

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