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"There are worse Spider-Man games out there than this one."

I have been playing the Spider-Man games out of order, and really missed out on some older games that I'm currently on the hunt for. My first Spider-Man game for the Playstation 2 was Spider-Man 2. That game was fun, but the programmers really dropped the ball when they had zero extras for characters and couldn't even have the game reach 100% when complete! Instead it was over 100% But the game was free roaming, which is fun because if all you want to do is swing around the city you can.

Spider-Man 1 (or The Movie) was my second game. It was okay, but after playing the second movie game I felt like I was going backwards in terms of gameplay and I was. My next two Spider-Man games will be the first title made for the Playstation and then Ultimate Spider-Man for the Playstation 2. I'll eventually get Spider-Man 3, but only when the game is twenty bucks or less since so many people are complaining about that game and they have excellent reasons as to why the game is garbage.


The one area that I was really impressed with was the extra skins and characters that you could use in the game. The second and third movie games seem to think that this isn't important to the player but it is. The two Playstation titles had extra characters that you could use, and they had hidden items for you to find. Personally, I enjoy looking for hidden items as long as they unlock something! I guess they wanted you to hunt down all 100% of an item in the other two movie games and then say “Thanks for wasting your time” since you don't get anything for your efforts. In this game, you get fighting moves when you find a golden spider, which helps you out a lot. How well you do in each level determines how many points you get. Getting a total of fifty thousand points will unlock everything that can be unlocked with points. Getting different costumes depends on what level difficulty you play and complete the game on. If you want the Green Goblin you have to work hard for it since you need to beat the game on Super Hero. Goblin is fun to use, but I personally enjoy using the Alex Ross Spider-Man costume…Or Mary Jane. ;)

Web swinging is fun, but can be a pain sometimes. Plus whenever you need to wall crawl, the controls get a bit weird. You move one way, and Spider-Man will go another way. Also, the camera was against you on the stealth missions. Nothing like not having a free roaming camera to look around with to oh, SEE the guards and where they are! If the game had a better camera angle to view everything with, the stealth levels could have been fun, but instead were a chore.

The game also could have been a bit longer, or had more hidden items to find. I played through two whole games in about three days, plus messed around with some training levels, and did about half of the game on Easy. For the first Spider-Man game on the Playstation 2, it isn't bad. They really made some great changes for the second title, and then went backwards with the third. 8/10


I was impressed with the graphics on this game. The FMV's look very cinematic and they helped the game along. It was a shame that the camera wasn't a bit better since you could only move left and right instead of it being free to go any direction. I also was a bit disappointed with how small the outside areas were, and how limited you were to just where you could swing around at. If you went too far, your character went small and you had to turn around. Plus, if you went too far down with your swinging, or just stopped swinging you die because you hit the dead spot on the level and once you've done that you are a speed bump for the traffic below. At least they made the second game a free roaming title, which really helped in the gameplay department. 8/10


The sound effects are good, but the best part of the sound category has to be the voice acting. Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe do a great job with their characters that they played in the film. The other voices heard are also done well, but Tobey and Willem get the gold star. I almost forgot about Bruce! Bruce Campbell does a great job with any voice over spots when you have a question or while you do the training levels. He was funny in this game, but in the second title he was awesome!

The music is very moody and really makes the levels exciting when you hear it. Didn't have any real complaints here, besides having one glitch on the vulture maze level when the background music cut off for about half of it. 9/10


This is a hard section to talk about, since I played the game twice. Once on normal, and then again on Super Hero. Like most games, the higher you set the difficulty level, the more the computer cheats! This game is no exception. Anyone who can play through the game on Super Hero and then plays the game on Easy would laugh themselves into the funny farm when they see how the two sides are so different from each other. Super Hero has you taking high damage from everything that you come across, not to mention that it takes you forever to put down the easiest of thugs just on the first level!

Timed missions on Super Hero will put your skills to the ultimate test. Spider-Man couldn't have said it any better when he says “Now to find somewhere quiet, and have a heart attack”, because you will feel the same way once you finish this mission. You have a total of seven bombs to disarm, and very little time to do each section. Not bad if that was all that you had to do. You also have to avoid spotlights from seeing you (or you get shot at), or from being seen/attacked by robots who guard the bombs. This level requires you to be perfect since the slightest mistake will give you a game over and you'll have to restart the level…And sit through the loading screen. I must of seen that loading screen a good twenty times before I was able to complete this level.

Levels where you have to chase a character (Vulture, Green Goblin) will make you want to scream on Super Hero since they go so fast and once again you have to be perfect with the web swinging…Which is hard since the swinging in this game is horrible compared to the near perfect style the second game has. My worst level was with the Vulture since you had to keep up with the crazy birdman and then you had to fix three areas that he damages. The time given to you to fix these broken items feels like two seconds, but is probably a little bit more. You have to be super quick on your landing from the web swinging and be right next to the damaged area to repair it or you will fail.

Anyone can go through this game on Easy with no problems. After completing the game on Normal and then on Super Hero I messed around on the Easy setting and couldn't believe how easy it actually was. You have plenty of time for the timed missions, and your amount of bad guys to take out is next to nothing compared to harder difficulty settings. I usually don't give two scores for this section when writing a review, but this game deserves it. If I ever was to play “God of War” on their hardest setting I would of gave that section two scores, but I knew how hard that game was on that setting and avoided it like the plague.

Normal setting 7/10
Super Hero setting 4/10

Lasting Appeal-

There is plenty to do in this game, if you are trying to unlock all the extras. Plus you can have fun trying to get the best time on the training courses. If you want to have all the points possible for each level, you could replay them and go for the highest marks. Finding the secrets, or beating the level with max health, or being stealthy. Playing the levels over again with a new skin is also fun. Makes you wonder why the other two movie games that came out after this one didn't bother with the extra skins or characters. Shame. 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/21/07

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