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Reviewed: 04/17/02 | Updated: 04/17/02

Only one word describes this game...WOW!

Spiderman makes his debut on the PS2 with this game, which is straight from the movie. So, on with the review:


Anyone who has played the previous two Spiderman games on the PSX will know what to expect here. You can do whatever a spider can, whether it be sticking to walls and ceilings or web-swinging through New York. A very helpful training mode is available to those who are new, or to those who just need a refresher. Some of the old features such as, basic combat (punching/kicking) and web abilities (web gloves/shield/yank and impact as well as swinging and zip lining) return. There are also many new features which weren't in the previous games. One is in-air combat. Whilst on a web-line, you can punch, kick, or shoot web attacks. You can also turn while swinging as well as raise and lower yourself on your web-line. All of these moves can be done rather simply with just the push of a button/direction. There are also many more combos in the game. The catch is that you must find them via gold spider icons. Once found, they are simple to perform. Targeting, which was in previous titles, has been revamped. You can lock the camera which automatically locks on to enemies, or you can use the right analog stick to find a target of your own. Final Score: 9/10


The game looks beautiful! Spidey and company have never looked better, whether its while in the game or while watching a FMV. Spidey's surrounding also look clean and smooth. However, sometimes if you jump at a turn and you hit the wall, you will freeze in air for a short time (like 1-2 seconds) Final Score: 9/10


The controls from the previous title have returned. They are simple to learn and easy to use. A new advance control option is also available. One problem is that it sometimes can be hard to regain control after you move the camera around. Final Score: 8/10


This game has three difficulty selections to choose from. They are easy, normal and hero. Obviously, easy will be the easiest and hero will be the hardest. Enemy A.I. has improved dramatically. It might take a few combos to take a bad guy down, and the bad guy may even block you combos. In-air battles are hard at first and will take some time to get used to. Final Score 8/10


Some expected sound, such as punches, kicks, and the sort are a bit bland. The voice acting and the voice-overs however are excellent. The music is a bit normal, but it fits the situation you are in. Final Score: 8/10

Replay Factor:

Replay in this game is outstanding. There are so many extras. Some extras include production trailers and a ''secret shop'' in which you spend point you get when you complete a level. Final Score: 10/10

Rent or Buy:

A definite buy to all spidey fans. If you aren't a spidey fan and you never played any of the previous games, you should rent to see if the game suits your taste. Final Score: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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