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"Do whatever a spider can..."

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. And so can you! This game is what I’ve been coveting since I beat FFX, a great game that brings my PS2 to life once again. I don’t know if it is the amazing graphics, the thrill of flying around a city and pulling off my favorite moves, or crushing the nurmerous enemies I recognize form the comics.

GAMEPLAY: 9.5/10
Gameplay is what this is about. Along with the sleek graphics, it makes the game feel exactly how I hope the movie feels (come out, damn you...) Remember Spiderman for PSX? Its back, bigger, better, and faster. To start off, you can choose the same controls as the origonal PSX game, making ole Spidey fans have no problem picking up and playing. I have heard complaints about the controls being sloppy, but I never have felt that way. Sure, I have missed shooting web while in mid-air a couple times, but I have never lost and flipped out and blamed the controls.
The AI can be annoying, in one warehouse level you have to fight about ten guys, with three of them having guns. This may not seem big, but the melee fighters surrounding you and the shooters picking off at you did irritate me. I ended up tieing them up with web from the ceiling, and taking them out with ease.
Raceing around the city is very fun, especially falling and catching yourself with a quick webswing. Fighting, with the new combo system, is fresh if you decide not to button mash. There are secret combos that are earned each time you find a golden spider. Beating the hell out of thugs and giant scorpian armored guys has never been more fun.

Story: 10/10
Classic Spiderman. It chronicles Spidey from when he (slight spoliers) chases down Uncle Ben’s killer, and is virtually unknown, to when he fights Oscourp and the Green Goblin. Many cameos are made by villians like Shocker, Scorpian, and Vulture. Along with the big guy himself, Green Goblin. Any Spidey comic fan will feel right at home.

Audio: 9/10
All the movie talents are here, full on with Toby Maguire for Peter Parker’s voice. Bruce Cambell is the narrarator, which although I miss Stan Lee, he does a fine job filling the shoes. I love many of Spidey’s comments (“Yes, its me. Just no bird or plane metaphors, thats the other guy”), but I do think that the voice acting could be improved some. Toby often doesn’t sound enthusiastic, especially in an intense part of the game. Overall, the music, sounds, and voices are great, and I couldn’t expect much more.

Visual: 8/10
Now, the graphics are amazing, especially when swinging around the city and the character design, but there are some annoying flaws. There are quite a few glitched serfices, especially on buildings. Unless the building windows move around by themselves in real life, I’m pretty sure thats not supposed to be there. My main complaint is: those damn camera angles! Constantly the camera is in a postition I don’t want it in, although when fighting, the camera lock-on is very helpful. What could be a giant problem in fights, is therefor solved.
The characters are very well done, and the enviroments are nice too. The cinemas are amazing, and really show the PS2’s true power.

Replayability: 9/10
Upon beating this game, you are rewarded with many secrets. There are costume changes (Wow, Mary Jane is webslinging across the city!), and even Matrix referances! I am going to finish the game on Hero next, because I’ve heard an enticeing rumor that you can play as the Green Goblin, with his flying scooter. This game is as replayable as the first Spiderman, which I still take out once in awhile.

Well, it actually depends. If you are a Spidey fan in any way, shape, or form, than you will love this game, and therefore you need to buy this. Infact, even if you are a casual spidey fan, you need to buy this. If you have no interest in Spidey, try it out first, than decide.

Well, thats my review, and I’m sticking to it!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/18/02, Updated 04/18/02

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