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Reviewed: 04/19/02 | Updated: 04/19/02

Webslinging has never been so much fun...

I thought there won't even be a Spidey Game in PS2, there is in most game systems ei. PS, Snes etc... Peter Parker or secretly known as Spiderman is back for another meaner and much better adventure. This web-slinging action will give you a heck of a web-slinging, enemy bashing, roof jumping, spider experience. The game is actually based in the movie itself which I must say is a great one. Will the game prove to be worthy of being even turned from a movie into the game? Well, read on to find out.

Gameplay - (10/10)

Talk about gameplay! Remember the PSX version of a Spiderman game? Well it's back with even a lot of neat stuffs yet to be unfold. If you've played the PSX Spiderman then you wno't find yourself being troubled with the controls. It's much similar but a little learning for new skills which isn't much of a problem. New Players won't need tons of time just to learn the controls I only spend a minute or two figuring every movements that I could make. Controls isn't hard to master a little web-slinging practice would do the trick though mastering how to shoot web while in mid-air is a bit tricky but not hard. The controls here isn't as sloppy and as lousy as anyone think of a little practice would do the trick.

The AI's quite a challenge yet rated as challenging to quite annoying or maybe annoying. Some enemies are easily disposed of with proper movement and dodging skill. I ussualy counter attack instead of taking the initiative this'll make it less riskier. After a few minutes you can pick up what'll the enemy AI will do. With that in mind you can be invincible but not always. There's a stage here I forgot when and where it is but you'll be up against a big odd. Some guys shooting guns at you then the rest might be up for head bashing. With proper manuevering skill you can take them up with ease. Dodging and counter atacking is something you must be learning here. Since you're allowed to make full use of your surrounding (which I love the most ^_^) you can easily make a fool of a group of enemy with the web crawler.

Another best thing about this is when web slinging in the city. Like I said you're allowed to make full use of your environment to the extent of your advantage and your possible disadvantage as well. The Combo System is something, this' good for gamers who doesn't really like pressing/smashing buttons like there's no tomorrow. Special techniques are found when finding a certain spider (I think those golden colored one).

Story - (10/10)

I love it though after watching the movie itself I felt that I've seen a total spoiler to ruin the excitement in the game but nonetheless it's fun for those who haven't seen it yet. The story is based on a classic Spiderman action. I won't try spoiling it so it basically has something to do with chasing/finding out who's your Uncle Ben's murderer. Then after turns of events you'll be facing some classic villians e.i. Scorpion, G.Goblin etc...

Graphics - (8/10)

Who won't like the graphics or better yet who won't love the graphics alone. One word would really describe it... amazing. The charcter designs are awesome with some minor flaws with the surrounding specially the buildings during your web-slinging action. Even the FMVs are great almost like a 3D movie. I also found out something, when you web-slinging and accidentally hit a wall you will freeze for a short duration but that isn't as bad as anyone could think of.

Sounds - (8/10)

All the voices here are from the movie actors themselves e.i. Toby Maguire, Bruce Campbell etc... Only what bothers me is the way spidey reacts with whatever hits him. Toby Maguire do sound best during the movie but his voice over during the game isn't as good as I expect it to be specially after some tricky mid-air web-shooting. The same goes for Spidey's surrounding it does a great job with falling debris and stuffs. The music's quite sleek considering that the gameplay as well. It really puts you into spiderman while shooting web all over.

Replayability - (10/10)

Outstanding... upon beating the game for the first time you'll be rewarded with lots of secrets. You can even have a costume change, some cool things here, there's a spidey Matrix like and even Mary Jane's a web crawler too ^_~ (or is it really Peter Parker dressed as a woman? ^_~) You're also allowed to shop at a secret shop that you can spend your last accumulated points for your next game. Spiderman the Movie has 3 difficulty settings which gives you the chance to set a challenging level for your own skill. I beat the Hero level setting after beating it for the first time with the normal difficulty.

To buy or to rent?

Whether you're a spiderman fan or not this game'll earn you tons and tons of webslinging fun. If you love a cool action/adventure game mixed with a sleek graphics and voice overs then this is a muct buy for you. But this is all up to you If you think this isn't your cup of tea then rent it out first and besides a 5 day rent would be enough for you to beat this game.

Overall: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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