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"More entertaining then throwing rocks at small children!"

Well, the other day my mom got me this game, and I must say, it is amazing. Now, I'm no big Spider-Man, okay, I'll buy the toys, and some comics with Venom in them (Who doesn't?) and play the games. But from what I've heard, this isn't much like the comic, so it may not make the cut for hard-core fans. Now, back to the ''amazed'' part. This game has great graphics, high quality sound, and top-notch voice acting. On to the reviews.

Story 10/10
The game starts out just like the comic. Spidey (dressed in his wrestling outfit) chases after his uncle's killer. When he finds out that Ben's (his uncle) death was partly his fault, he vows to protect the city. The game is based on the movie, but I can't say how closely, as it's not out yet. (The movie, that is.) The developers added three extra villains to make the game longer. But, even that didn't extended it much. The story is pretty strait forward, but very, very good.

Graphics 10/10
These just blow me away. I mean WOW! The textures are smooth, colorful, and only a few jaggies. Of course, the FMVs look much better then the gameplay ones. And the FMVs rival the graphics of Metal Gear Solid 2. So, there isn't much more I can say about graphics, but that they are great. Only one problem, the camera. It's jerky at times, but won't bother you too much.

Gameplay 10/10
The best thing about this game. Over 20 kinds of combos, the different things to do with your webbing, and the best part: Air combat. Fighting one-on-one with up to 20 or so enemies in mid air. Brilliant. Its great being able to pound the **** out of the Vulture's bald head, while on his back. And lets not forget the chase levels. Yes, the ones most of us hated are back, but instead of going in a straight line, the enemies swerve around and blow stuff up... that you have to stop and fix. As hard as this sounds, its rather easy.

The one real gameplay problem is that the game is short. Real short. Only about 4-6 hours at best. Oh well, it has lots of...

Replay value 10/10
This is great. You can play through the game as Parker, Shocker, and MJ (with Spidey's powers) and best of all, the... Well, I'm not gonna spoil it. But you'll need to play more then once to see the hidden Vulture and Shocker movies. And its kind of fun to see all the secrets. And then theres Bruce Campbell narrating the training levels. Remember him? Ash from Evil Dead? Oh well...

Buy, or Rent?
Well, I'd say if you bought either of the first two, get this one. But I love this game, so I'm gonna just say buy.

Now I'm gonna go grab a ham sandwich. ;)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/21/02, Updated 04/21/02

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