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"A Spiderfan's dream...But still just a rent..."

Spider-Man is the people's Super Hero. He has normal guy with normal problems like girls and pimples. Now he has his own video-game it's a definite improvement over the other two Spiderman game apearing on the Playstation.


The game stays pretty true to the movie. Most of the scenes in the movie are represented in the levels. But the game designers also were able to tie in some other SuperVillans like The Scorpien and The Shocker from the Spider-Man universe. One of the cooler levels with The Vulture makes this game worth it but i'll get in to that next.

You definately get the Spider-Man experence in this game weather it crawling on a ceiling or diving 30 stories of a building and landing on some dude's head.

One of the greatist part's of this game are the City-Swinging levels. Here you can swing through the Canyons on New York City while being screamed at by your city dwelling fans.

But sadly on of the most fun parts of the games is also one of the least used.

Most of the time you find yourself in indoor area's.
The indoor levels are rather fun but this game could of been much better with out them.

Controling spider-man is actually pretty simple. The control lay out is great and easy to use. The downer is using Spider-Mans web-move. By pressing triangle and another button Spidey can bust out various move vital to beating the game, the problem is remembering the right moves in the heat of battle can get rather frustrating. Fortunally the game also has a lock on feature that can help with the troublesome camera system that sometime get's stuck in corners.

The City of New York is trully Awesome in this game, From the trafic on the street's below to the sun shining of the skyscrapers. Yet strangely the graphics on the indoor levels look like crap. But overall the Graphic Appeal is average.

All of the music from the movie is in the game. The tracks breath life into the game nicely. Also Toby Maguire and William DeFoe lend there voice to the game. Maguire's voice acting in the game is a little poor but DeFoe pulls it of nice sounding like a total madman.

Despite some problems. This game is a must own for die-hard for Spider-Man fans but if you just want a nice weekend rental this game is a great choice.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/30/02, Updated 04/30/02

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