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"Bad Game Sense . . . . Tingling"

The gameplay in Spider-Man: The Movie is exactly what you'd expect. Web slinging around town catching badguys and such. Most of the time you'll find yourself stuck onto a wall or staring at the controller because it doesn't seem to be working. When you're swinging along, stear clear of the calls or it'll waste your precious time. Trust me, it gets annoying after a while when you try to go in a straight line, and you get drawn into a wall.
Another improvement the next Spider-Man game needs is the ability to go onto the streets. This game is no fun just swinging in the air! Not all badguys hang out on roofs waiting like idiots for you.
Don't get me wrong, I love the new combos that Spider-Man: The Movie offers. The unlocking is great, just find a special object and you'll unlock a new fighting move! The moves give you many options against different enemies, and you'll grow on a few of your favorites. Moves will also differ for different enemies, which is a major plus.

Graphics are solid for a PS2 game. The environment is what you'll be looking at most of the time, and that is pretty easy on the eyes. The attention to detail is pretty great, from blimps in the air, to radio towers. The only complaint is the different enemies. There's only one or two types of humans, which simply isn't enough for me.

SOUND 7/10
The sound is pretty good, but taunting will get old after a while. Spidey's different lines can be funny, depending on your intrests, but surely will get old fast. There's also people yelling from the ground which can be quite amusing after a while. I couldn't really hear any music that was going on, but the sound effects cover it up nicely.

Lots of things to unlock, like fighting combos, different constumes, etc. But all of this can be done with a 5 day rental, so there's not much in this area. There's also the minigame called Pinhead Bowling which can be quite fun. Swing down an alley with your web and knock over a group of tied up badguys. It'll keep you interested and amused, but it's as interesting after a few days as living in a bowling alley.

I rented and I'm very glad that I did. I wouldn't want this game in my house another few days. I thank my concience for stopping me from buying this game daily, because it would probably collect dust after a week or two.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/06/02, Updated 05/06/02

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