Review by Shaboogie25

"An amazing game with great graphics and awesome gameplay."

One word can describe this game. Amazing. This is one of the best games out there. Treyarch definitely did something good when they made this game. It is very fun. It is probably the best Spider Man game ever made. You will be busy playing this game for a week straight. Maybe longer…

Gameplay - The gameplay is great. The game is very fun with a lot of features. The game is a little short but it is still very fun. You will probably beat it in one day, but you will play it over and over because it is so fun and because there is so many secrets to be found. I give it a 10 in gameplay.

Audio - The sound is great. You can hear all the things going on around you. You can even hear people talking to themselves sometimes. Everything sounds very real. You can also hear the webs being shot and you can hear yourself sliding down the string of web when doing the “yo-yo” manuver. I give it a 9 in audio.

Graphics - UNBELIEVABLE. The graphics in this game may be the best I have ever seen. The FMVs look so real you might think you are at the movie theatre. Again, the graphics are unbelievable. They are some of the best graphics you will ever see. Everything is very smooth and real looking. One word can also describe the graphics. AMAZING. In graphics I give it a definite 10.

Story - The game has a great story. You take the role of Peter Parker who was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider and gained the attributes of the spider. Your uncle Ben was killed and you go out to catch the killer. You soon become wound up in a tangled web of villains and evil plots. In story I give it a 9.

Replay value - There is lots of replay value. There are a lot of secret things to unlock by beating it again and again. Secret characters and options become available after gaining a certain amount of points. I give it a 9 in replay value.

Buy/Rent - If you are a big fan of Spider man you MUST buy this game. If you are just looking for something new and fun, you MUST buy this game. But if you don't have the $50 go rent the game for the $5 you do have.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/12/02, Updated 02/28/03

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