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"Spidey's best game yet, but worth $50?"

If you just bought this game, I know what you are thinking. What is he wearing? Well, don't worry, it's only for a short time. Anyway, I really didn't like this game at first, but it grew on me. Now for the actual reviewing...


The graphics of this game are great. Not perfect, but everything looks very real. It is really fun just to free fall through even the first level, looking at all the buildings. The game does wonderful things with light, really giving the game atmosphere in the night levels of the cities. However, most indoor levels, although still nice eye candy, really can't compare to the great outdoors. You'll find yourself rushing through some of those levels so you can get back to web slinging outside.
Overall though, these graphics deserve a


By far the most important part of any game, Spider-Man handles this one well. Although the camera could have been slightly better and when you rotate it, Spidey will still be running in the same direction, you soon learn to live with this and act like it isn't even there. All other controls are fluid and nicely done. They are by far better than the controls of the last two games, which were still pretty good. This time around, it's easier to websling and such. Also, forget the two combos in the first game. Spidey has a full list of moves that you can unlock, each one having it's own advantages. It is vital that you learn such moves like 'Tackle' for later boss fights. A final note, the difficulty levels give the game excellent replay value. Also, when you first play this game, choose easy. I chose normal and found myself restarting a lot (Scorpion dies easily). If you think you can handle it, though, unlock Super Hero mode and have fun. You'll even get something AMAZING by beating the game on Super Hero.


I'll say it. This game is far too short. They added A TON to the movie to make the game last longer, but it just isn't enough. That is why this game is a rent, and a buy for hardcore Spidey fans or those who just need a new game. The good thing it has for it is replay value. There are a few certain secrets that make it worth while to go through the game again. Just don't expect to see a lot from the movie, it's not there. The ending is also disappointing. But that's just my opinion.


Spider-Man's greatest weakness. Sure, the music is pretty good in most parts, especially the beginning. However, the voices are repetitive. By the time you finish this game, you'll know who ''Jamie'' is, and have heard Green Goblin's lame comments far too many times. If you play through the game multiple times, hearing Mary Jane say ''Help'' in that pathetic way really gets annoying. She actually sounds bored. There are a few good points to the sound though. Sure, some of Peter's comments are quite funny, and the helpful person who gives you hints is hysterical. However, when fighting someone like the Green Goblin, you need to be RIGHT next to him to hear him. Too many times his voice faded off and I couldn't hear what he said to Spider-Man. However, this isn't a problem in cinemas, and doesn't take away from the game too much.


Yes, this is the best Spider-Man game ever. Probably the best super hero game ever as well. Is it worth $50 though? Well, if you just can't wait for anything else to come out, then pick it up. It is pretty short. However, after beating the game a few times, the extras will give the game new life. However, if you are the type that beats a game and never touches it again, then don't get this game. Wait for it to become a Greatest Hit or just rent it. However, if you are a true believer like me, you got this game the day it came out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/13/02, Updated 05/13/02

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