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"Ph33r the awesome power of Spidey! ...No, don't."

I'd like to start off with this. I like, I LOVE Spider-Man. But this game does the name HORRIBLE credit. Activison... you have failed us for the last time!

Spider-man.... the game was released pre-movie. The game carries the same name as it's movie partner, heck, the title is Spider-Man:The Movie. But this game has so much less coming to it than the movie. But you can see that for yourself.

Spider-Man:The Movie

Let's start off with some basics, shall we?


Hey! You're Spider-Man, man! You save the city from being devastated by villains! Particularly the Green Goblin. However, they did throw in some other of our comic, no Carnage and Venom, folks.


Like every past Spidey game, it handles like a fighter. But it has that regular platformer feel to it, it would be especially more so if it didn't play out in stages.


This is some butchered up music. And the fanfare, oh CEEJUS, the stage cleared fanfare! Good god, it's worse than Final Fantasy! I suggest you mute the sucker you call a TV, and crank up Stroke 9-Kick Some Ass.


These are the graphics of Grand Theft Auto III. I love it, it doesn't flaunt too much power, and we still have some CG here and there. Love it, almost makes up completely for the sound.

But who the hell needs it? It's SPIDER-MAN for crying out loud, he sells himself a damn good game nonetheless! If you can't get a game on pure Spidey... you're probably A)Not a Spidey fanboy or B)Have good taste in games. Or neither.

No detail outside of the battles and move unlocking. You can barely use objects to your advantage, and hiding in shadows helps next to none. It's like your enemies have infrared vision contact lenses!

Replay Value-Yes

You have to play this game several times through to truly master it all, including unlocking the super cool secret. That, and the stages are awesome. Spides is such a badass.

Buy or Rent-Depends

Do you like Spider-man a lot? Then yes. If you're a typical run-of-the-mill gamer who know little to nothing about Spidey, you might just want to rent it, or stick to the movie. Your choice, not mine.


Just remember one thing....Spider-man kicks major ass! If not the game, the comics!

...I don't suggest picking this game up. HONESTLY. If you do, please do not blame me or Activision for any sudden loss in ability to think anything other than Spider-Man. YOU ARE NOT PETER PARKER. PERIOD.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/14/02, Updated 06/14/02

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