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"What ever Spidy can do, He then does it better!!!"

This is by far the most realistic and believable comic book hero turned film-star turned computer games character ever created. I mean after seeing such a disappointing superman on the PS1, Many people didn't buy the original Spidy Game.
In this we could control spidey by swinging, punching, kicking, wall crawling, hanging on the edge of a building just so that you could see the bad guy the web yank him of the side and watch him fall into a cloud of toxic air. (He He Great Fun)

If you enjoyed all that, be prepared to be dazzled again with all our favourite moves and more along with all the old puns & new puns, voiced by the sarcastic Tobey Maguire which makes them even more funny.

Graphics: 8/10

Great improvement on the PS1 version, as they were pretty shoddy. The most obvious improvement is the spidey suit and the webbing. Watch as spidey swings through the air and look where his web goes as it moves in the wind and it doesn’t look like a piece of paper rolled up. Spidey’s movement also seems better as every now and then you can crawl along the floor undetected. Shadows also help this as if hid in them the enemy can’t see you. Ironically this is part of they’re AI although it’s not hard to hear someone when they are running up behind you.
Bit to watch out for: Watch when you first meet Shocker when you have to save the guards from being beat up by thugs. Spider Sense is great, really gets you into it and made me die twice just so I could see it again!!!

Sound: 8/10

More or less the same stuff you heard in the ps1 game, Little jokes against the bad guys the crack impact webbing makes on a bad guy or wall and the whip noise you get when you swing around the buildings. Sometimes characters have conversations with each other “Look up their! It’s the Spiderman!” “Actually it’s Just ‘Spiderman’ No ‘the’” and “Hey Look! It’s Spiderman!” “Thanks for looking but leave out the bird or plane bit, that’s for the other guy!”
Bit to watch out for: When fighting a boss listen to the conversations they are having and the things the boss says they sometimes give away clues to how to easily beat them. Falcon’s wings are a high damage point.

Bad Guys: 8/10

A hat trick of well deserved 8’s as bad guys range from flying robots, thugs, key carrying thugs (who take longer to kill) Robotic spiders (pests) Spider Bombs, Heat sensitive bombs. Oh and there are some blokes running around in electric suits and scorpion suits. Human bad guys usually carry auto guns, pistols or fast machine guns. Don’t be fooled because each gun inflicts the same amount of damage on you so kill them just to be sure of living.
Bit to watch out for: Dark skinned guards take a longer time to kill (about the same amount of time to kill four guys. Just take him out with double jump kicks he’ll be down soon enough.

Mini Games:4/10

I’ll give the devil his due here, its fun, for about five minutes! I am talking now about Pin Head Bowling. The basic idea is to swing down to the end of the bowling lane and deliver a swinging kick to the innocent guys at the end. You touch the floor your out, come out the sides your out jump of the web your out. After about three “Bowls” I turned this off, don’t worry though there are more but I’ve been so disappointed with bowling I’ve not played them.
Bit to watch out for: Scrap that, best score I’ve had is nine and then the 1 to get a spare, it is seemingly impossible to get a strike, get 1 post it in a forum and tell me how to do it cause I don’t know.

Overall rating 8/10
Great game, could be better but not by much and hopefully we’ll be seeing a Spiderman 2 game released sometime soon!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/17/02, Updated 06/17/02

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