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"A really fun game with a guy in spandex - what more could you ask for?"

I had not seen the Spider-Man movie upon renting this game (I still haven't seen it, actually...), nor have I ever been a huge fan of the webslinger. I know about as much about Spidey as the casual observer does. In reality, I like to think I know a bit more, because I have a complete Marvel cards set from 1993 or something, but I digress! The point is, even a casual observer can have a LOT of fun playing this game, provided you do things right...

Gameplay - The gameplay is tricky, let's get that straight. You can't just grab the controller and start spinning webs any size and catching thieves just like flies. I strongly recommend that the first thing you do upon getting this game is to take the tutorial. It'll help you a LOT, I guarantee it. Once you get done the tutorial, which is not hard by any means, then you're ready for the real fun. It's so much fun just to swing around the city that often times I have ignored a mission just to go cruising aimlessly around. Personally, I didn't have a single problem with the controls. They were all incredibly smooth, and the controls were probably done as best as popular. I can't think of anything I would change.

Story - As I mentioned before, I'm not a big Spider-Man fan; I only know the basics. Basically what you do is missions in succession, sort of ala Grand Theft Auto III. I found nothing wrong with the story, as it seemed to be accurate (to my knowledge), so I was just happy to play. Unless you're a massive Spider-Man freak and you need to pick apart every similarity between this game, the movie and the comic books, then you won't have a problem with the story at all.

Graphics - The graphics in Spider-Man: The Movie are great, very pleasing to the eye. There's nothing in the game or any movies to make you go ''Wow!'', but the in-game graphics are perfect. Even amongst all the buildings, nothing seems cluttered, and rarely is your vision blocked by anything. Even in intense boss fights, there's no slowdown and everything moves great.

Sound - The music in the game is good, catchy, but you (or at least I did) just ignore it after awhile. The main thing I liked were the voices (yes, that's Toby Maguire doing Spidey). Spidey's comments, while at times lame, never fail to make me laugh (or at least grin). I think the fact that some of his lines are cheesy or lame just adds more to the fun feeling of the game. They're not so cliché that you'll mute the TV, but they're cute and quirky enough to make you want to hear them.

Replayability - I only rented it and thus, didn't have enough time to make it through the whole game, but from what I've read on GameFAQs, there are plenty of things to get from beating the game over and over. And considering how much fun you can have, why wouldn't you want to play it over and over?

Rental/purchase? - If you're a casual Spider-Man follower like myself, rent the game, you'll probably have a good amount of fun with it. If you're a diehard Spidey fan, buy it, you'll love it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/21/02, Updated 06/21/02

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