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"My spider sense is tingling! Anyone got a web-slinger?"

Oh no. This is the first thought that will come into one's head when they first see this game. Why? Because it's a movie-based game and those kinds of games generally have a knack for being very boring and crap. But when you start playing Spider-Man for the first time, you will realize that it is a good game after all.

Spider-Man: The Movie plays the same as the previous Spider-Man PSX games. You play as Spider-Man (duh!) and you go through 20-odd levels completing different mission objectives. Controls are the same as the previous games, where Spider-Man can shoot balls of webbing, wrap web around his fists to make punches stronger, create a protective web dome and to yank the gangsters back. And of course, Spidey can swing from building to building, but the developers have improved this. This time around, you can actually control Spider-Man while he is swinging, and can swing at any time. You can also fight in the air, which is also great, and you'll being doing that a lot while facing the Green Goblin.

Levels are divided into indoor and outdoor sections, but when you are outdoors you cannot land on the street below, you are either swinging or staying on the rooftop of a building. Some may complain about this, but think about it, since when does Spider-Man patrol the streets of New York instead of swinging from building to building? The mission objectives vary, some involve flying, and others involve grabbing a computer code. So there's a little bit of variety in this game. The training levels are great fun in this game; some may call these training levels ''mini-games''. This certainly does look like the case when playing these levels, because so far it's the best training experience I have ever had.

The story of this game is based on the movie, where Peter Parker must use his newfound powers to protect people and there are scenes from the movie, such as the World Unity Festival. But there are also other villains in this game other than the Green Goblin, such as Shocker, Vulture and The Scorpion. The story is altered a bit because of this, but it's a good thing.

Graphics are impressive, but not jaw dropping. Spider-Man uses the same graphics engine as Grand Theft Auto 3, and there isn't any funny glitches or jagged lines, but it isn't stunning either. But the FMVs that come occasionally during the game are great, which can compete with any of the Final Fantasy games. These FMVs can be watched at any time using the Movie viewer, and you can even see production art of the levels and even some scenes from the movie.

Unfortunately, like the previous Spider-Man games, it is short and easy to complete. However, the developers have noticed this and tried to put in some re playability. There are four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hero and Super hero. Also, different costumes can be unlocked, such as the jacket and jeans of Peter Parker and the Spider-Man wrestling costume that was seen in the movie. There are also cheats to play as other characters, including the Green Goblin! And throughout the game, there are ''combos'' to collect. These are symbolized by gold spiders and there are lots to collect. Most of these are button presses to perform different attacks, but some enhance the web attacks.

Spider-Man The Movie is a great game, and a decent play. If you haven't played the original Spider-Man games, pop an extra point to the score. The only reason why I gave it an 8 is because the adventure was too short and it played similar to the other games. If these two problems were non-existent, it would have gotten a 10. Maybe the developers should note this if they make a game for the second Spider-Man movie?

GRAPHICS: 8. Impressive; no jagged lines, but not jaw dropping.
GAME PLAY: 8. Similar to the other Spidey games, but great fun.
LIFE SPAN: 7. Great re playability, but the actual adventure should be longer.

OVERALL: 8/10. Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a Spider can….you get the picture.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/07/02, Updated 07/07/02

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