"Why not Spider-Clam!? They're racist!!"

Honestly! How many clam themed shows, movies or video games do you see today? None! But enough pro-clam ranting I'm here to review Spiderman: The movie for the...don't make me say it..PS2. Why the italics? Why not!? It's MY review and I can do WHATEVER I want! *Reads submission guidelines*..Well I can do lotsa stuff anyway! Stop holding my back from my reviewingness! Like I was saying Spiderman: The Movie is based on Spiderman..the movie..yep..and it has pretty much the same controls and what not as the 2 PSX Spiderman games (I'll get more in-depth about that later), but don't listen to Tom (that stupid Toonami robot). This game does NOT follow the movie ''to the letter''. To make it longer they added battles with The Shocker, The Vulture (you know him right? The old guy in the bird costume?) and Scorpion and they changed some parts of the story a little so you would fight more, but much like the bottle of Distilled Vinegar that is life...I don't know where I'm going with this.

Gameplay 8.5

Swing around town, crawl on walls, beat people up and feel good doing it (or something like that), but to be honest there really isn't much town to swing around. About 1/3 of the game takes place in the same skyline area (if you fall down to far you die. kind of weird since you can swing and all) and you never get to explore the streets. You're either on rooftops, in buildings or in the sewer. And I'm starting to think Actionvision (they made the game right?) is starting to overdue the sewer bit. They did it in Spiderman for the PSX and they did it here. That's twice in three games. Almost crazy. Much like the boss battles. In most levels you just beat up easy jerks so the bosses come as a surprise. Why? Because some of them are SO hard! And by some of them I mean Scorpion. What's with him anyway? Could he be any cheaper!? The only other thing I find a bit frustrating about the game is webbing. You only have a limited amount of it(it's displayed under you're health meter) and even though you can get more by picking up blue powerups, but running out of web in the middle of a battle gets annoying. Now for some random crap I can't fit in the review fancy like. Finding Golden Spiders hidden in each level gives you a new combo (you know punches and kicks and what not). No it doesn’t just tell you how to do it, but it let’s you do it. It doesn’t make sense, but what does.

Controls 9

Everyone complained that they were too hard to get used to, but guess what. They’re NOT! They’re so easy! At least I think so. Square punch, O is kick, X is jump, Triangle is web (used to up enemies or hit distant switches), Up and Triangle is Impact webbing (Powerful webbing that damages enemies), Down and Triangle is Web Yank (Yank enemies off of walls, into walls, into water, off buildings, but for some stupid reason they took out the diagonal Web Yank from previous games! What’s up with that!? It was uber useful!), Left and Triangle is Web Spikes (is that what they’re called? You’re hands are coated in webbing which greatly increases the power of your punches), Right and Triangle is Web Dome (which protects you from attacks then explodes damaging enemies), R1 is web zip-line (zip up to ceiling, across rooms or use while climbing buildings), R2 is swing (You know in air? Your main mode of transportation?), R3 (I hate calling it that. Press in the right analog stick) makes a cursor appear which helps you aim (duh), L1 locks onto enemies, L2 centers camera, and press L3 (ditto what I said about R3) to duck. Simple no? It’s not nearly as mind-wrenchingly difficult as it sounds. Trust me. Better yet. Don’t.

Graphics 8.8

Real realistic like. Really! Though there are some jagged polygon edges (keep in mind this is PS2 we’re talking bout’) it’s still a pretty sight like the sun glazing a donut with it’s tender… transparent stuff that tastes good. Though I can understand why they went for the realistic look (after all the movie was live action) I prefer the comic book style of the PSX Spidey games. Still.. very nice like.

Sound 7

He’ll be singin’. When he’s swingin’. Well actually he doesn’t, but if he did I’d give this game a at least a 9! Anywho… the uh sound. It sounds…like.sound. But seriously The game has some pretty good sound. I’m really overusing the word sound no? *clears throat*. Spiderman The Movie is a nice sounding game. Nice in the aspect that the sound doesn’t suck. The voice-overs are done pretty well like Spidey sayin’ stuff bout’ stuff and the thugs yelling generic phrases at you over and over. Well the second part is actually kind of annoying, but it’s nothing that will scar the game like an Atma Weapon to the spine. I hate it when games contain spine piercing Atma Weapons. No real music is a minus though.

Replay 7.3

The game is fairly short (round 2 hours) , but four levels of difficulty, hidden areas, unlockable costumes and 2 playable characters (I guess saying who the other is could be considered a spoiler. Not like everyone doesn't already know) keep the game alive longer than.. well longer than it would be alive without those things! And don’t forget Pinhead Bowling! Stupid yes, but is stupidity really a bad thing. Yes it is. And that’s what makes Pinhead Bowling great. I do however refuse to explain Pinhead Bowling…. Oh all right! You start out in front of a lane with a 10 thugs at the end (replacing pins). You press the swing button and kick when you get close. Yay.

Overall Spiderman: The Movie is good. That’s all I have to say.
Note: I do NOT own a PS2. God forbid! I played this game on my friends PS2. The friend shall remain nameless.

Final Score: 7.7

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/22/02, Updated 08/22/02

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