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"It got so much hype aswell.."

Seeing as i got into the movie so much, i decided to go out and purchase Spider-Man the game after about two weeks it released in the shops. Here's my review on it.

Feel the power and abilities of the real Spider-Man, quite fun, but gets pretty boring after about a day of messing about with it. How you can swing from tons of buildings to tons of buildings make the game more fun and it looks like you will have a lot of time on this game, when really, no. Although most levels are indoors, you can still replay the levels when you can swing all over New York, but you will soon get really bored. I find the controls quite tricky, and it's sometimes hard to take out tons of bad-guys, as the camera-rotating system is pretty odd and strange. You can do various moves from the movie and cartoons, from shooting your webs to producing martial arts. Quite a decent amount of moves to master too, but it's normally hard to produce these in a big-brawl-battle as you're getting battered to death by a bunch of guys all at once. Not that fun, but if you are really into the movie and comic books you will love the video game. It's quite akward at some times to battle tons of bad-guys at once, and you normally get killed, but it obviously brings you a tougher challenge.

Battle the bosses, that's basically it. Cut-scenes are quite terrible, but the FMV movies are quite sweet, which you can add to your ''Video Gallery'' stored in the game, and it brings together parts of the movie. Due to the lack of big-bosses in the movie, the game developers have also placed in some new bosses to fight, such as the Scorpian and The Shocker and The Vulture.

Nice tall sky-scrapers, nice tall buildings, nice feeling of New York. But overall in the game it's pretty PSX-wise, not PS2. Although i understand this, as in many video games which have been brought onto systems about the movie, normally the in-game graphics are really poor, and there is no change in this video game.

Nearly all of the music from the movie is featured in this game, but i haven't really took notice of it, like i ignore it and it's not there. Voices of characters are not bad, but overall they are quite poor. I don't recommend an adult playing this game, because it's lines like ''I'm going to teach you a lesson, Shocker!'' and stuff like that, kiddy wise. Rather dull, but on the movies it's quite nice and quite real. Although, nothing to be happy about.

Once you've done all the levels, that's it. Yes, that's it. You've basically unlocked everything. The only thing which you can do is a few training levels, which are really boring. I wouldn't buy this game for tons of money, definitely rent and you could probably finish the whole game in about 2 days, depending on how long you spend on your system. Boring, yet again..

Buy or Rent?
Rent, rent, rent! Definitely not buy, it's not worth it. If you do, i feel sorry for you, don't make the mistake i did and buy it. Save your cash. I would also recommend to most people to not even rent it! The game is that boring and kiddy-wise.


Don't make the same mistake i did and purchase this game, you will be really disappointed. Unless you are about 7 years old just like my cousin, who really enjoys it. Because i recommend this for kids, not for teenagers or adults. You may be a teenager/adult and are into the comics or movie, if so, you can buy the game and see for yourself. I don't think you will enjoy it, though.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/24/02, Updated 11/24/02

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