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"Spider man does whatever a spidey can!"

Introduction-Okay now there are quite a few Spider Man games out there, we all know this, but this is directly from the movie. First and foremost to clear something up, I feel in my opinion that you do not have to watch the movie in order to play the game if you have not already seen it. The game does not particularly take place any time before or after the movie so it is dead like the movie. So all in all to me it really doesn't matter which is seen or played first, I guess it goes by which you individually favor but neither should be passed up. Alot of previous Spider Man games which came out a while back on the older consoles were pretty awesome. And then there were some that were rank. But then again Spider Man games have had a pretty good history so this new game should spark some interest in fans and young ones alike.

Gameplay 10/10-Out of all the Spider Man games I have ever played, this game is the real deal. It is not only Spider Man the movie game, but you get to do just about all of Spidey's neat tricks. If this game does not make you feel like Spider Man it should at least give you a new perspective. Honestly I had a ball playing as the famous web slinger. When you start playing this game you will soon start to appreciate both the game and the power of the PS2 capable of such beauty. When it comes to difficulty this game can take the cake. I mean this in a good way too. I realized the more I cranked up the difficulty the more I started to notice this game was not playing around and took more spidey strategy. The controls were suprisingly easy, even for the considerable amount of moves and combo's you have to master. The gameplay itself deserves a perfect 10. There is not one flaw I found in this game which drove me up a wall.

Story 10/10-There are some key points in the story to where if I explain it can reveal major spoilers. The only 2 words I will say in this is Green Goblin. Although playing this game sort of starts you from the very beginning to where ol'Peter Parker first discovers his newly found abilities so this game will surely give you a fresh feel on things.

Graphics/Sounds 10/10-I was deeply impressed with the amount of free web slinging space in this game. Another thing with the graphics is that you never feel like the game is slowing down from the amount of action packed onto the screen so no need to worry. The visuals are crisp and very clean, no mistakes here. Also the building's and skyline along with the filled streets below are so very nicely detailed. The sound in this game is perfect. I wouldn't doubt it if you felt like you were really watching the movie or playing the game. The voice acting, the sound effects all the way down to the suction of spideys web are perfect.

Playtime/Replayability 10/10- This is one game that I will guarantee you will not finish in one day. First off as challenging as it is and how immense the game it, you will be playing this one for a while. This game was really fun and quite the experience, there is no thinking twice about wanting to play this game even if you have mastered each and every thing in this game.<== That I doubt, for a looong time! Personally I still play it and feel the same exact way I did when I got the game...excited.

Final Recommendation- I really recommend (if you are a fan of Spider Man or are a young sport just getting into the trend) to go out and get this game. It will be worth your time all the way down the your last spent penny on it. This is one adventure to NOT pass up.


Gameplay 10/10-Nice and smooth.
Story 10/10-Very entertaining.
Graphics/Sounds 10/10-Visually pleasing and great sounds.
Playtime/Replayability 10/10-Never gets old.

Final-Go and get this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/12/03, Updated 01/12/03

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