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"Best Spiderman Game Ever!"

INTRO: First off let me say that I am a huge spiderman fan. Both of the first two installments on the original playstation were good games, but still a little kiddish. So when I heard that this one was to be based off the movie I was immeadiatly excited. I went out the first week and bought it right away, and it is worth every dime spent on it. Because this is one of those games where the hype is actually right.
GRAPHICS: The graphics are probably the worst part of this game. The cut-scenes are great but, the ingame action somtimes loses resulution. You will also find yourself stuck in an occasinal wall too. But on the good side all of the character models look great, which helps the action from getting to reptitive. The backgrounds are huge! This is almost defintly why there is bad resolution in some parts. Throughout the game you will battle villans out in the open near the skyscrappers. The detail here is not as great as it could have been but still looks pretty darn good.
SOUND: Normally anytime you have real actors doing the voice acting a game is a good thing, but not exactly in this case. That is because Tobey Maguire has perhaps maybe the most boring voice in the world. Willem Dafoe and Bruce Cambell also lend their talents. All playing there parts from the movie. Cambell also narrates the training mode and ingame help tips. Other than that all of the sound affects are great plus their is some music taken from the movie which is a plus.
CONTROL: The controls are another weakspot for the game. The collison detection is not the best and somtimes can get you stuck in the enviroment. For the most they are very basic though. The game offers you a choice between a control set up very simalar to the playstation installments, or a new ''advanced'' set up. If your familar with the first two then you will probably decide to stick with the default setup.
Score 7
STORY: Although based off the movie the game obviously makes detours in story to prolong the length of the game and fit a couple extra super villans. These detours are not very well constructed but do a good enough job to introduce some new characters. Such as the Vulture, Scorpion, and the Shocker. All familar characters from both the comics and cartoon. The overall story is a little washed out to giving it a little bit of younger appeal.
Score 5
GAMEPLAY: This is the games strong point and is why this game is just so fun. The gameplay is simlar to its playstation counterparts but is also improved. Their is now several different attack combos for you to master through out the game. There is also a handful of new web manuevers, which makes patrolling the rooftops much less tedious and quicker. The only to be rehauled completely is the webswing. Which is needed with the new huge enviroments. The enviroments for the most part are interactable and you can pick up some objects to throw at enemies, including cars! There are three basice types of levels throuout the game. Beat em up, you can guess what you do here. Stealth, there are a couple of levels that depend on you not being seen. And chase levels. The chasing levels are the most fun because it puts you out in the open and allows you you to do what spidey does best. Another great part of the is all of the unlocables there is through out the game. Every time you beat a level you earn points for completion, style, time, secrets and few other areas. Things you can unlock are cheats, costumes, and training levels, and even a new storyline complete with a different character. The only complaint on the gameplay is that you can somtimes get bored of the indoor fighting.
Score 9
REPLAY: Some people think that there isnt much to this game, but its is acutally fairly lengthy. With there being two diferent chararcterts to put through storymode, several training/bonus levels, and 4 difficulty settings, deleted cutscenes. You can put 30 hours in easy. Some of the training levels themselves can be addicting to such as Advanced Swing.
Score 8
MY OPNION: This one of the best games for PS2. It's only flaws are a few tehcnical errors that are nothing more than annoying. The solid gameplay outweighs the bad here by leaps and bounds. The levels where you chase the Vulture and Green Goblin are just freakin awesome!
Score 9
OVERALL: This score is dtermined by an average
Score 7.5
RENT OR BUY?: If your a fan of spidey or beat'em ups this one should defintly be added to your collection. But if not better rent first. Then decide weahter or not to buy (which you should).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/08/04

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