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This is where the confusion begins... but awesome game 03/04/11 64starchild
Pretty good... 09/06/02 Bulzebe
For my first review on a game, It has to be the best one out there! 09/03/02 Caromsyr
Pure and Simple Genius 09/01/02 Chevalier
Worth the buy, but suffers from bad sequel syndrome 09/10/02 chufa
A stunningly beautiful adventure you control with ... huh? the D-pad!?! 10/21/02 danwheeler
Better than the original ! 08/29/02 Dauragon C Mikado88
A beautiful game inside and out! 09/07/02 Deviljin3
A warlord, a man out for revenge, one kick ass game. 12/27/02 DOA
An awesome follow up to the original 03/18/02 FemmeTora
Too much like the first... 09/13/02 Flamin Homer
Best replayable Action/Survival-horror game of 2002! 10/23/02 Gabe Shadow
Make Way For Jubei 08/30/02 GameSage99
Sword slashing, soul sucking action, a must have game 03/27/08 GeneralRaiden
Crappy controls ruin this wonderful game... 09/29/02 GheddonLN
One of the ps2's must-own games! 08/28/02 Iron Maiden
A great game, but not recommended to buy,,,,,, 04/17/03 LiMpBiZkitFaN
Ahhhh There's really nothing like gutting a fresh demon in the morning.... 09/05/02 MeoTwister5
As sharp as a samurai's sword! 04/02/02 paraoh
Great Sequel! To A Great Game? 09/09/02 PlaystationFanatic
To absorb, or not to absorb, that is the question. 09/16/02 Railven
A great game, with few drawbacks 09/08/02 taelusramza1337
Just what a sequel should be 09/03/02 ThePatrick
Action Meets RPG 08/31/02 TS16
Samurais, demons, and babes; oh my! 09/05/02 Version 2
Least favorite in the "trilogy" 10/12/07 wolverinefan

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