"Great Sequel! To A Great Game?"

Onimusha 2 is exactly what most action game's only wish they could be these days. In a day when Resident Evil is supposedly the top action game created by capcom, we PS2 owners are playing this brilliant sequel to a great game. Onimusha 2 is a better than the first in every way. From its game play to its great graphics. Onimusha 2 will make you forget about the first very quickly. Let me get on with my review.


You play as Jubei, a samurai warrior whose village, family, and friends have just been attacked and destroyed by Nobunaga, whom you may remember as the guy with the arrow through his throat in onimusha. You set off for your revenge, and on the way you will meet many warriors who will assist you on your journey to stop the evil warlord. You will be able to trade and talk to up to 5 side character, each with there own haunting pasts behind them. And depending on how you treat these people will decide if they will assist your later on into your journey.


The gameplay of onimusha 2 is alot better than the first games. There just seems to be something there that makes it easier and better to play. Not to mention the ability to actually play as other characters throughout your journey.


Could easily be considered some of the best on the PS2 to date. Onimusha has great 3d graphics maybe only duplicated by Devil May Cry. The greatest thing about onimusha 2's graphics are your surroundings which can only be summed up as gorgeous. From the highly detailed bosses and characters, to the beautiful threes and water. Onimusha 2 is a great looking game in every single aspect.

Lasting Appeal:

Onimusha 2 is alot longer than the first and it gives you many reasons to jump back into it, to try and go through it again. There is a different story almost every time you play through this game. And that alone makes onimusha 2 worthy of a $50 purchase.

Why I Recommend Onimusha 2:

It's one of those games, that can easily draw you in. The story is very deep, better than the first games in every way. There are alot less plot holes in Oni 2 then there were in Warlords. And the great gameplay and addition of extra weapons and characters makes this game very exciting. If your a fan of the first or a huge action fan, the purchase of this game is and absolute no brainer.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/09/02, Updated 09/09/02

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