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"QB Challenge is great, but the game still has problems."

NFL Quarterback Club 2002 is part of the latest batch of PS2 football games released in winter 2001, along with games like Madden, Gameday, and ESPN Football. QB Club may be the sleeper of the bunch since few people have the game. What sets QB Club apart from the rest is an exclusive QB Challenge mode where you select up to eight quarterbacks and go through a series of events similar to the ones shown on TV. The QBs do stuff like hitting moving targets, throwing the ball as far as they can, and running through obstacle courses. This exclusive mode is easily the best part of QB Club 2002, especially since it has never been done in a video game before.

QB Club 2002 has more to do than just the QB Challenge, though, it has all of the usual modes found in other football games. Season, Exhibition, and Playoffs are a few of its normal modes. The game has a passing system similar to Madden and in fact most of its controls are like Madden. The game is easy to get into but it does have some problems regarding the gameplay. Passing the ball is too easy. It seems that QB Club is all about the quarterbacks but throwing a complete pass on almost every play is ridiculous. You can throw the football 50+ yards and the receiver will catch it almost any time. The receiver is usually wide open once he gets deep, too, which is inexcusable. The running game is solid and realistic but the passing makes the play feel uneven. Also, onside kicks are too easy to successfully perform. There is usually a 50/50 chance of the kicking team successfully keeping the ball. A bit unrealistic there.

The graphics found in QB Club 2002 are very good. The graphics are tons better than Gameday, which looked horrible, but they are aren't quite up to par with Madden just yet. Still the graphics have some sweet detail and the animations are very smooth. Sometimes the players go through each other but that is almost rare so it isn't that big of a deal. The sound is also good. Commentary is done with a two man booth and they do a nice job of calling the game. It is a nice change from Madden's old geezers. The sound effects are good. The players grunt all the time on the field and actually show emotion when hit. Kudos to Acclaim there.

NFL Quarterback Club 2002 is a nice change of pace from the top notch Madden games, but it is plagued by some noticeable problems. The game can get too easy at times, especially the passing game and the onside kicking system. Even with those problems, I recommend renting at least to check out the cool QB Challenge mode. If you don't have Madden, it's worthy of a buy since it is usually in the bargain bin now at $20 or so. Check it out.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/22/02, Updated 01/22/02

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