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    Arts FAQ by NDufer

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    Legend of Legaia: Duel Saga
    Arts FAQ
    By Nicolas Dufer (ndufer@hotmail.com)
    I hope this list is now complete and does not contain too many mistakes,
    if you find any, thanks for telling me so I can correct :)
    If you have any other questions feel free to email.
    In particular, I need the location of every scroll in this game, I only
    remember a few and I won't go back to check for the older ones.
    I just hope this FAQ helps you!
    The Arts in Legend of Legaia are divided into 5 categories:
    Normal Arts:
    You learn them by performing the combination during fight; they are you main
    source of Arts Points (AP). The longer the combination, the more powerful the
    strikes will be, but comparatively you will get less AP.
    Super Arts:
    Same as Normal Arts, you learn them by performing the moves during combat, but
    you need to have at least as much AP as needed by the Art to perform it, they
    are more powerful than normal but cost AP. I found them less useful when you
    start having the Hyper Arts.
    Hyper Arts:
    They can only be learnt through events, scrolls and leveling up of other Hyper
    arts. Mostly they come by two, with the lower form accumulating xp (you can see
    it in the status window, looking at the art descriptions). Using the lower form
    in combat gives it some XP, and when it reaches 100, the higher form is
    unlocked. I noted the lower forms with a -> where they unlock the higher form
    in the next line.
    Variable Arts:
    These Arts are a form of cooperation between two players, for one of the most
    powerful, but costly attack of the game. Every character has two Variable Arts,
    noted 1: and 2:. To perform this move in combat, you need to have two
    characters with at least 80 AP, with one performing the 1: while the other
    performs 2:, attacking the same enemy (the character having performed 1: will
    start the Variable Art, and 2: will finish. this has no relation with character
    speed or attack order). You need to perform the Variable Art move (6 strikes)
    and ONLY THOSE, performing other moves before or after will cancel this. YOU
    CAN NOT USE THEM before KAZAN teaches the first variable to Lang.
    Mystic Art:
    Every Player has one; this is the most powerful attack, cooperation between the
    player and the Origin.
    To learn it you have to perform it in combat, which is only possible when the
    conditions below are met:
    - Less than 1/2 HP left
    - Full AP (100)
    - At least 100 MP left
    Same as the Variable Arts, to perform the Mystic Art you have to enter the
    moves (7 strikes) and ONLY THEM!!
    Most of the Normal, Super and Hyper arts can be chained, by using the last
    moves of the art you finish as the first move(s) of the one you chain. This
    leads to the most powerful combination of the game, but even chaining only one
    move allow you to put more Arts in one attack.
    MAYA is an exception however, none of her Arts can be chained, as they form the
    incantation to one spell (figures)
    And every of her art is from one of the elemental class
    You will find below a list of the arts formatted as follow:
    Name of the player (Title he gets for mastering all arts)
    And the columns in order describing:
    -Name of the Art (Approximate translation from the Japanese)
    -Moves to perform coded: U(p) D(own) L(eft) R(ight)
    -AP cost/gain (these can change due to any AP cost/gain modifiers you equip)
    -The Japanese pronunciation of the Art (they say it sometimes)
    v1.02: Complete !!! All the arts and title. Thanks to DJ OSO!
           I guess I won't be changing it anymore :)
    v1.01: Completed Maya, and known arts for Ein
           Corrected some mistakes in various sections (sorry)
    v1.00: All Arts for Lang, Kazan, Sharon still missing some for Maya and Ein
    Lang (Waza o Kiwameshi mono: The Master of all Techniques)
    Normal Arts
    Blue Moon Strike                   R D R      16  Sogetsuha
    Downing Falcon                     L D D      16  Taka Otoshi
    Flowing Dance of the Flying Dragon D L L      16  Hitenryubu
    Mountain Breaker                   U R U      16  Hazan
    Shadow Divide                      L R U L    20  Kagewari
    Broken Dance                       U D R U    20  Kagura Kuzushi
    Demon Hit                          D D D U    20  Oni Ate
    Lightning Blade                    D U U U    20  Toraijin
    Flashing Formation                 U D D L R  24  Senjin
    Claw and Fang Attack               D U D L R  24  Rengasoshu
    Wind Blade Rondo                   L R D U L  24  Fujin Enbu
    Super Arts
    Biting Sand                        R L R      -16  Sunagami
    Quick Thunder Break Moon Cut       U U R R    -24  Jinraihogetsuzan
    Crimson Whirlwind Cut              D U U L    -24  Guren Senpuzan
    True Moon Cut                      U D D U    -24  Shingetsuzan
    Moon Flower Shadowless Cut         R L D L R  -32  Gekka Mueizan
    Hyper Arts
    The Fang Arts: From the Scroll in the Training Cave
      Violent Fang                    U D U       -30  Retsuga  ->
    ￾@Howling Fang                    U R L U     -40  Koga     ->
      Sky Fang                        U D R L U   -50  Tenga
    The Lightning Arts(from event):
      God Lighting                    U D D R     -40  Kamikazuchi   ->
      Sky Lighting                    D L D R D   -50  Ama no Ikazuchi
    Ultimate: (unlocked through the fight against Strauss)
      Downed Dragon                   L U R L D U -60  Garyo
    Variable Arts:
    1: Immobile Column Formation Attack L R L D U D -80 Fudo Satsugekijin
    2: Violent Fire Flashing Air Cut    D L U R D L -80 Rekka Senkuzan
    Mystic Art:
    Kill in One, Sword of Flame         U R D L U R D -100 Hissatsu, Homura no
    Sharon (Mai Odoru Kentoshi: Dancing Blade Master)
    Normal Arts:
    Slay Cutlass	R L U		16
    Spike Anchor	U D R		16
    Riot Flag	U L L U		20
    Bloody Fang	L U D L		20
    Rising Stars	R D R R		20
    Rumble Spike	L U U U		20
    Range Wave	D R D L		20
    Rave Storm	D U R L R	24
    Blood Spark	D R L R U	24
    Super Arts:
    Fire Galgarin    L L D         -16
    Crescent Heel    U U R R       -24
    Spiral Blade     L L R U       -24
    Surprise Peach   D U D L       -24
    Surf Divide      R L D D       -24
    Hyper Arts:
     Fearfull Attack L R R         -30
     Merciful Arc    R U L D       -40
     Lord of Eden    L R L R       -40
     Lord of Heaven  L R D L R     -50
     Windmill Rose   D U U U U     -50
     Detonator Rose  D D D U U U   -60
    Variable Arts:
    1: Splash Rave   D D L R U U  -80
    2: Phantom Burst L D U R D R  -80
    Mystic Art:
    Thunder and Lightning,
    Judgement of Heaven    U D L R U D U  -100 Gorai, Tenku no Sabaki
    Kazan (Shura to Yobareshi Mono: The one Called Ashura)
    Normal Arts:
    Man Flower Punch               U R R     16  Otokobana Ippon Tsuki
    No Regret, Moon Reflection Cut D L R     16  Muso Suigetsu Wari
    Lighting Vertical Kick         L U D     16  Denko Ichimonji Geri
    Dance of the Violet Tengu      R R L R   20  Shiden Tengu Mai
    High Waves Jaw Breaker         R R U U   20  Takanami Ago Kudaki
    Furious One Two Punch          D D D U   20  Rekka Nidan Tsuki
    Whirlwind Mounting Dice        D U U U   20  Senpu Nobori Koma
    Violent Wind True Punch        D L L D R 24  Reppu Seikan Tsuki
    Super Arts:
    Thunder Wave, Iron Hamer       U D R U   -24 Goha Tettsui
    Thunder Wave, Steel            U R L L   -24 Goha Kurogane
    Shadowless Sky Rending Kick    L R D U   -24 Mueidan Kukeri
    Cannonball Punches             U U L D R -32 Hogeki Sosho
    Hyper Arts:
     ManWay Confused               L L L     -30 Midare Otokomichi ->
     ManFlower War Disturbance     L L R L   -40 Senran Otokobana
     CherryFlower Howl             R L U U   -40 Oka Hoko ->
     CherryFlower Mounting         U L R U D -50 Oka Tensho
     Herculean Lighting Rock       U L R D D -50 Kongo Buraigan ->
     Sky Flag, Sword God           U L R L D D -60 Tenha Gekishinko
    Variable Arts:
    1:Violent Demon Break          U L D R U L -80 Ara Oni Kudaki
    2:Demon's Continuous Punch     R R L L D U -80 Tenma Goretsusho
    Mystic Art:
    Death and Destruction, Big Rock of Anger
     D R L U R L D -100 Messatsu, Funnu no Kyogan
    Maya (Hijutsu o Kiwameshi Mono: The one who Mastered Secret Arts)
    Normal Arts:
    Icy Coffin                       U R R   16  Hyokai no Hitsugi  Water
    Throbing Flame                   L D L   16  Hono no Yakudo     Fire
    Sky Rending Lightning            R U L   16  Sora o Saku Denrai Lightning
    Blinding Light from Stratosphere L U R   16  Choku kara no Kobo Light
    Whirlwind's Blade                R L U   16  Senpu no Hakujin   Wind
    Piercing Rocks                   D R D   16  Tsuranuku Ganban   Earth
    Dark Clouds of Disaster          D D U   16  Wazawai no An'Un   Dark
    Approaching Ice Blades           R D U R 20  Semari Kuru Hyojin Water
    Mounting Fire Flow               L L L D 20  Tachi Noboru Karyu Fire
    Guided Fire Spirits              L U U L 20  Michibikareshi Kasei Fire
    Mounting Ice Columns             R R D D 20  Seriagaru Hyochu   Water
    Super Arts:
    Spiraling Poison Mist            R U D     -16 Uzamaku Dokumu     Wind
    Sacred Light Bullets             D D L L   -24 Sei naru Kodan     Light
    Raging Blizzard                  U U R U   -24 Are Kuruu Fubuki   Water
    Coiling Malice                   U R U R   -24 Karamitsuku On'Nen Dark
    Anger of Gods                    L L R L   -24 KamiGami no Ikari  Lightning
    Crushing Space                   D U D D   -24 Oshitsubusu Kukan  Earth
    Fall of Heaven                   D L L L R -30 Tenku Ochiru Toki  Fire
    Hyper Arts:
    Light of Origin           D U R L  -40  Gensho no Korin      Light
    Dust to Dust              D D D D  -40  Jinkai to Naru Toki  Earth
    Icy World                 R R R R  -40  Koru Sekai           Water
    Flash from the Gods       U U U U  -40  Kamigami no Senko    Lightning
    Dancing Inferno           L L L L L -50 Odoru Gokuen         Fire
    Door to the Abyss         D U L R D D -60 Meikai no Mon      Dark
    Variable Arts:
    1:Unleashed Explosion  R L L U D R  -80 Hanatareru Bakuen    Fire
    2:Sacred Surge         L R D U L R  -80 Sei Naru Hado        Light
    Mystic Art:
    Taboo, Light of Despair D U R D U L D -100 Kinki, Zetsumei no Hikari  Light?
    Ein(Subete o UchiHorobosu Mono: The one that Destroys Everything)
    Normal Arts:
    Come, Raining Misfortune         U L R    16  Rai, MaiOriru Zaiyaku
    Whirl, Cutting Whirlwind         L D U    16  Sen, Kirisaku Senpu
    Fell, Reducing Earth             R U D    16  Karu, Kezuru Daichi
    Thunder, Earth Digging Lightning D R L    16  Rai, Chi o Ugatu Denko
    Destroy, Crazy Wave              U R D L  20  Ha, AbareKuruu Nami
    Answer, Crushing Shock           R L U D  20  O, OshiTsubusu Shogeki
    Super Arts:
    Hit, Knock Down Strike           D R R    16  Da, Uchitaosu Ichigeki
    Rise, Dancing Gale               L L U    16  Sho, Maiagaru Shippu
    Hyper Arts:
    Tempest, Raging Flame            L D D     -30  Arashi, MoeTagiru Hono
    Tremor, Earth Shaking Axe        D R D     -30  Shin, Daichi o furuwasu Ono
    Dust, Furious Fighter            R U L U   -40  Jin, IkariKuruu Toshi
    Crush, Smashing Seal             U L D L R -50  Sai, UchiKudaku Rakuin
    Variable Arts:
    1:Destroy, Giant Star Falling  U D L L R R -80  Metsu, Semaru Kyosei
    2:Soar, Axe of Redemption      L L R R D U -80  Sho, Danzai no Ono
    I would like to thanks tamahome2000 for all those arts I could not find by
    myself, DJ OSO for completing the Ein list and giving me better looking
    translations and of course Gamefaqs for existing and making this possible!

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