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    Legend of Legaia: Duel Saga
    Generic FAQ
    By Nicolas Dufer (ndufer@hotmail.com)
    For all the people who get blocked in the Ruins, and all those questions that
    get asked over and over.
    If you feel like your questions should be answered in this FAQ, go ahead and
    email me, I 'll try to make thisb FAQ as complete as possible!
    Have fun !!
    v1.01 : Added all the missions
    General Questions:
    Q : Why can't I use the Hyper Arts?
    A : You have to learn them from books or events first, or get them by leveling
    up the weaker form
    Q : Why can't I use the Variable Arts?
    A : Because you have not been taugth the first one yet. Kazan will teach you
    the second time through
    the Woods of Hunting (I think, somebody correct). If you have already learnt
    them, maybe you are not doing a start with an end. Last case is that you have
    not enough AP (some items augment the number of AP needed)
    Q : Why can't I use the Mystic Arts?
    A : Because you don't have your Origin yet. Or not enough AP?
    Q : Why can't Maya attack?
    A : Be patient, she will get her speech and magic back in an event (Chapel of
    St Joprian, battle against
    Zoan Stora, see below)
    Q : Can I win again the Golden Haired Guy?
    A : NO ;) Come on, that would finish the game before it starts. Play Chrono
    Trigger if you want to do that ;)
    Valley of the Wind
    Q : Can I win against the Eliot and Mariene?
    A : Not again. As much as you hate them and would like to win, there is no way
    to do so.
    Darakin (second time, returning with Kazan)
    Q : I can't enter the hotel in the rich part of the town
    A : You need to get the 'Nobleman's Emblem' from .... the garbage in the poor
    part of the town (just left from the gate linking both parts)
    Q : Where is that blasted trapdoor to the sewers?
    A : In the hotel in the rich quarter, on the first floor, look in the bathroom
    of the small room, the north one.
    Q : I have gone all the way through the sewer, and I exit near the garbage,
    What did I miss?
    A : Just before you go back up to the town, you should notice a damaged wall to
    the left of the ladder. Using Lang's Origin on it will open the passage to the
    Ruins of Kabel
    Q : What to do it the room with the fish plate, and pedestals with characters?
    A : Light the pedestals with the letters for the word F I S H with Maya's
    Q : What do I do in the room with the colored pedestals?
    A : Light them in the order : Yellow Blue Red Green
    Q : And in the Room with the 12 pedestals and only one lit?
    A : If you think it as a clock with the 12 Hour lit, light in order : 7, 3, 5,
    2 o'clock
    Chapel of St Joprian
    Q : I can't beat this lizard looking boss, not attack seem to inflict any
    A : If this is in the Chapel of St Joprian, then you should wait four turns,
    then listen to the message and follow
    the instructions with Maya.
    Q : What are those intructions?
    A : Earth Wind Water Fire, or if you still can't read those : U D R L. Do not
    put any more commands, this shoudl hurt the boss and now you can finish it,
    Maya also has now her powers back !!
    Q : So what now?
    A : Well, you just got back the water stone, which was the whole poitn of your
    quest, so you should give it back to its proper place (back to Lang's
    village).... END OF GAME ;) or not
    After Black Sun
    Q : Well, what should I do now ?
    A : You now need to cross the Forest of Walde
    Forest of Walde
    Q : I seem to be going in circle, not going anywhere
    A : You need the Red Sand of Misel to break to charm on the woods
    Q : Where do I get it?
    A : Kazan had some in his hut go there
    Q : Everything is gone from the hut, including the sand, now what?
    A : Remeber the grinning merchant, he has the sand. You can now find him in
    Q : I spoke with Kenjiro, but I don't get the sand.
    A : You need to give him a 'Tear of Kuchibiliona'
    Q : How do I get that tear?
    A : First you need to meet the plant like monster you already met once in the
    Valley of the Winds, for that you should buy the 'Fugudorisou' from Kenjiro,
    and USE it in any dungeon. All the encounters thereafter will be with Billiona,
    and killing them should give you the Tear you need. Go back to Darakin and give
    it to Kenjiro, then go to Walde and USE the Red Sand.
    Q : The gate is closed and I can't continue.
    A : You need a permit to pass, it's back to Darakin again.
    Ruin of Kabel 2
    Q : The passage I used first time around are now blocked, I can't go on
    A : You need to have Sharon with you to open an alternate route with NEW
    puzzles, don't you just love those?
    Q : Now in a room with a snake plate and letter pedestals
    A : Just do the contrary of the first time, light all letters NOT in the word S
    N A K E
    Q : And again in a room with colored pedestals
    A : Light them in the Rainbow order : Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo
    Q : And now again in the 12 pedestals room
    A : Same as last time, but now you extinguish those already lighted :
    (L)ight 8
    (E)xtinguish 4
    L 7
    L 3
    E 8
    L 1
    L 5
    E 12
    Pirate Lair
    Q: I have found the Pirates, and for some reason they don't seem to ne so bad
    people, but I am blocked.
    A: You need to find a source of power for their ship : head for the Electric
    Volcano Island
    Q: I have now come to Volcano Island, but I can't do anything.
    A: After listening to the explaination of Kenjiro, you should head for Zinga.
    Q: What now?
    A: Just go straight up and speak with the chief, Ein will join and it's back to
    Floating Island
    Q: I got it that I now have to get the last stone, but I can't reach the
    floating island.
    A: Of course, you can't fly as far as I know ;) But if you had a flying steed
    now maybe
    Q: So where do I get this flying steed?
    A: It's the prize for the fighting tournament that has just opened in Goodrich
    Q: Goodrich?
    A: The casino island, you could have found it before, but if you have not, just
    go and speak to John at the Inn in the poor quarter of Darakin?
    Q: In Goodrich, what should I do?
    a: Go to the Arena (top of the screen) and participate in the championship
    (first option) LAng will be automatically selected. Now WIN it!! (the story
    won't continue until you do)
    Hot Spring Manju 10 000G
       Go to Darakin and speak with the guy at the Junk Shop
       Go to Tanza and buy 6 Manju from the kid in the Hot Spring shop
       Go back to the Junk Shop in Darakin (giving you 10 000 for THAT??)
    Strange Medicine 30 000G
       Talk to Joe in the bar in Darakin (the guy at the counter, 'friend' of
       Go to Tanza and ask Lindow (stallkeeper) for the ingredients needed (you
    were only supposed to take it and bring it back, but one ingredient is
    missing... how surprising)
       You must now get the Golden apple from the Lost Woods (Maya and Ein's
       Go back to give the apple to Lindow
       Then go back to give the medecine to Joe
    New Specie 60 000G
       Go to the hotel in Calavia, speak to Fujima on the second floor (looks like
       Go to the Hunter's Wood, and kill Kuchibiliona (the plant like monster you
    all love from the 'get the Red Dust' mission) until you get the Puchibiliona
       Get that back to Fujima
    Lost Daughter 80 000G
       Speak to Baron Ronatello on the second floor of the Hotel in Darakin
       Go find Camille in the Sewer (Left most map... I think)
       Save her from the monsters
    Yellow Giant 90 000G
       Just go and find the Yellow Giant in the Wind Valley
       Fight him (beware he is more powerful than many of the monsters you met)
    Mysterious Virus 120 000G
       Go and speak to Suda in Yuno (house left from entrance)
       In the house a bit away in Tanza, speak with Yugo to know where to find the
    Gungana Herb (the guy to who you can sell monster parts)
       Find the Herb near the camping place in the middle of Lost Wood (just up
    near the pond)
       Give it to Suda in Yuno
    Save Marie 80 000G
       Speak with the delicious Camille in the hotel in Darakin (the charming? girl
    you saved before)
       Find the cat in the Sewer (you will need Ein to move boxes for that)
       Give it back to Camille, doesn't she look happy
    The Thing in the Mist 140 000G
       Speak to Simba in Yuno
       Go find the Boss in the Lost woods (it is the cause of the Virus)
    Lake's Bouquet 120 000G
       Go to the Casino City and win the Bouquet in an auction. If you get it for
    less than 50 000G you will get a bonus.
    The Thing in the Mountain 130 000G
       Well... you know... Garbel Peak... Boss :)
    The Thing in the Dark 160 000G
       And again, now in the Kabel's Ruin, at the pentagram
    Too Many monsters 180 000G
       Kill more of the 'on map' monster group than Balzac's team
    The Thing Scintillating with Lightning 250 000G
       In the valley of Lightning, the farther in
    Invader from Otherworld 300 000G
       In the Volcano Island Dolconia...
    Some have use, other give information. Useful ones are listed below.
    As for informative ones you have all the ones that tell you your character has
    completed something that you can get by speaking to the old man in the City of
    All Arts Learned : See Arts FAQ
    All Location Found
    (looking for any info on other ones!!)
    Ultimate Weapon
    You need to get Lang to have the 'Best WeaponSmith' surname (Upgrade 30-40
    times weapons in camp if you want to fasten the process do it with the cheap
    stuff from the Junk Yard in Darakin) then go and Speak with Kenjiro in the
    Pirate's Lair.
    Ultimate Armor
    Get the 'Best ArmorSmith' surname and go speak with Kenjiro ;)
    Ultimate Accessory
    There is no such thing !! Although you can get a surname for upgrading many
    Ultimate Shop
    I think I got it by speaking to Kenjiro's whatever, another Grinning Guy that
    appears in your hometown.
    Pirate's Booty
    I can't tell exactly at which point you can do it but it would be after you get
    the dragon I guess:
    Go and speak to the two pirate on the ship, they ask for you help, say yes.
    You get the Star Bandana
    Now go and speak to the parrot in Sharon's room
    You should now have the location of the treasure on your map
    My Husband is in Prison! (Darakin-Calavia)
    The guy in prison just right of the entrance of Calavia is actually the husband
    of the woman with a small girl in the poor quarter of Calavia. First you should
    speak with the wife in Darakin, then speaking to the husband you will get a
    letter. Bring it back to the wife. Now go back to Calavia and check the prison
    door. The guard asks you for 100K gold to free him. Pay and go back to Darakin,
    you will get a sword for freeing him (and a warm felling as the family is
    reunited ;) )
    Zinga's Stone, The Hero's trip.
    You will not get anything great or particularly useful from solving this, so
    you might as well try to figure it out for yourself as the feeling of
    satisfaction at having solved this tricky puzzle is the best bonus.
    If you really have to, then read below.
    The stones plate in Zinga are linked to the totem statues all over the map.
    Looking closely you will notice that the show one particular totem among many,
    which one, you can guess from their relative position, the presence of stairs
    You can TOUCH the totems (although it appears to have no effect ;) )
    The Poems indicate the direction in which the Hero walks (facing the morning
    To get the hidden bonuses, you have to touch the totem in the order shown by
    the stones. First you need to know the direction in which to read them. The
    hint is included in the poem you get from reading the stones (even if you can't
    get it, there are only two ways to read the three series).
    Then you should look for the totem indicated by the stone and touch (action on
    it, then choose the 'touch it' option) them in order. You will know you have
    done it correctly if upon touching the last one you get an object.
    None of the bonus you get is really great however.
    Bounty Hunter Missions :
    I personally advise you on clearing them as soon as you can, this will give you
    the levels you need to clear the game without doing boring level up.
    And everybody should thank shalave for making me do this :)

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