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    Mini-Game FAQ by EsnRedshirt

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    |   MINI-GAME FAQ     |
    |   By: EsnRedshirt   |
    |    Version 1.0      |
    |     10/1/2002       |
    1- Sidejumping
    2- Gardening in Yuno
       2a- Seed Growth Chart
    3- Planting in Tanza
    4- The Tanza Quiz
    5- Knife Throwing in Darek's Haunt
    6- Making It Big In Phorchoon
       6a- Slot Machines
       6b- Roulette Wheels
       6c- The Battle Arena
           6i- Tournaments, Combatants, Prizes
           6ii- Tournament Strategies
    7- Misc. Hints
       7a- Secret Map Locations
       7b- How to Boost your Accessory Skill Points Without Really Trying
       7c- Gross Accessory: The Tireless Ribbon
    8- Credits and Thanks
    9- Contact and Legal
    The Sidejump mini-game becomes available once Lang can enter Gale Canyon. Hike back to Nohl
    and talk to Maxell (the lazy fisherman, who's been inspired to work out by your bravery).
    It's pretty easy to Sidejump- just remember to move the left analog stick first when
    jumping right, and the right analog stick first when jumping left. You're not limited by
    Lang's animation speed, so just enter the commands without worrying too much about what's on
    the screen. You just need to make twenty jumps in 20 seconds to beat Maxell.
    The next opponent is Balzac, in Tanza. He's a bit tougher, but still pretty easy to beat.
    He can make about 45-50 sidejumps in 20 seconds, which should be a breeze, if you've been
    For your last opponent, jump back to Nohl, where you'll find him waiting... Dein. Good ol'
    Dein. If you hated him before, you'll -really- hate him now, since you've got to beat him
    to earn the title of "Sidejump King". He does around 70 jumps, usually... but he cheats. If
    he sees you're getting ahead of him, he'll taunt you, and kick into doublespeed, and end up
    doing over 85 jumps! To beat him, you either need to be able to beat this ungodly number of
    sidejumps, or stay just a few jumps behind him till there's only seconds left, then push
    yourself hard and get lucky.
    For the ultimate in speed, there's two schools of thought. My favored technique is to keep
    one thumb on each stick, and go really fast... then again, I've never beaten Dein this way.
    The other technique, used by Dr. Love, is to clamp down the controller with one hand, and
    furiously mash both sticks left and right with the other one. It takes a bit of practice to
    get the timing down on this, but it'll let you go really fast (though it does make your hand
    hurt after a while.)
    Finally, I've noticed if you're not using an analog controller, you can sidejump by using
    the D-pad as the left analog stick, and the square and circle buttons as the right stick.
    This leads me to believe that it's possible to pre-program the commands into one of those
    cheesy "move recording" fighting sticks, speed it to high gear, then just hold down turbo
    and get a hundred jumps without even trying. If anyone can recommend a controller which will
    let you do this, see my contact info at the bottom of this FAQ.
    Maxell (Nohl)- Nickname "Sidejumper", Heal Potion; then Heal Potion, Leaf, or Powder
    Balzac (Tanza)- Nickname "Sidejump Hero", Rainbow Capsule; then Dream Burger
    Dein (Nohl)- Nickname "Sidejump King", Heaven's Secret; then Ultimate Miracle
    Once you reach Yuno, you're able to plant seeds in the flowerpots in Maya's home. You may
    have already picked up a few from Bean Cannons while traveling through The Forest Maze. To
    plant seeds, simply pick a pot and a seed. Afterwards, you should water it. The chart below
    lists the approximate number of times to water your seeds. You can water it all at once
    right after planting (just select "Water" multiple times) and you'll never have to water
    that pot again until you re-plant after harvesting. Selecting Check will advance time and
    let the plants grow.
    Using different types of fertilizer will help you get different items. Regular Fertilizer is
    in one of the drawers in Maya's room, beside the flower pots. An extra seed from last season
    is in the other drawer. The other types of fertilizer can be obtained in Tanza, by doing
    really well in the Rice-Planting mini-game.
    The chart below lists all seeds and what they grow. The --Dead-- column is what you harvest
    after a natural plant life cycle; don't expect to harvest anything at all if you kill the
    plants through over or under-watering.
    Seed                Water  &-Bloom-&     *-Fruit-*         --Dead--
    SUNSET SEED         2      N/A           Venom Star        Sunset Seed
    Regular Fertilizer         Spices        Bitter Seed       Sunset Seed
    Magic Fertilizer           Spices        Leaf of Sagacity  Rotten Fruit
    Mega Fertilizer            Spices        Golden Barome     Rotten Fruit
    STINK BULB          5      Zonark Weed   Pie Dough         Rotten Fruit
    Regular Fertilizer         Zonark Weed   Bitter Seed       Meat-Like Bulb
    Magic Fertilizer           Sour Bloom    Pie Dough         Stink Bulb (x3)
    Mega Fertilizer            Zonark Weed   Pie Dough         Meat-Like Bulb
    REFRESHING SEED     5      N/A           Zestia Leaf       Dead Flowers
    Regular Fertilizer         Herbs         Zestia Leaf       Dead Flowers
    Magic Fertilizer           Herbs         Bitter Seed       Refreshing Seed
    Mega Fertilizer            Herbs         Leaf of Appeal    Rotten Fruit
    LYPS SEED           10     Sour Bloom    Lyps's Tear       Lyps Seed
    Regular Fertilizer         N/A           Courageous Heart  Rotten Fruit
    Magic Fertilizer           Dead Flowers  Lyps's Tear       Lyps Seed
    Mega Fertilizer     7      Lyps's Tear   Leaf of Mysticism Rotten Fruit
    OMINOUS SEED        5      Calemb Grass  N/A               Demarn Amber
    Regular Fertilizer         Calemb Grass  Bitter Seed       Ominous Seed
    Magic Fertilizer           N/A           Bitter Seed       Demarn Amber
    Mega Fertilizer            N/A           Leaf of Defiance  Demarn Amber
    ROYAL SEED          5      Beldnuk       Bitter Seed       Royal Seed
    Regular Fertilizer         N/A           Leaf of Mentality Rotten Fruit
    Magic Fertilizer           Beldnuk       Yumyl God Water   Dead Flowers
    Mega Fertilizer            N/A           Leaf of Stamina   Royal Seed
    MEAT-LIKE BULB      5      N/A           Beef              Rotten Fruit
    Regular Fertilizer         Sour Bloom    Bitter Fruit      Meat-Like Bulb (x3)
    Magic Fertilizer           Sour Bloom    Beef              Premium Beef
    Mega Fertilizer            N/A           Premium Beef      Bitter Fruit
    SOUTHERN-WIND SEED  5      Vigasoma      Vigasoma          Dead Flowers
    Regular Fertilizer         Sour Bloom    Fruit of Appeal   Southern-wind Seed
    Magic Fertilizer           N/A           Vigasoma (x3)     Southern-wind Seed
    Mega Fertilizer            Sour Bloom    Leaf of Vigor     Rotten Fruit
    Seed                Water  &-Bloom-&     *-Fruit-*         --Dead--
    Talk to Terao by the rice patties to play this carpal-tunnel syndrome inducing mini-game.
    There's just one important thing to remember:
    R1 L1 R1 Down X
    Get the pattern down, repeat as fast as possible. Practice makes perfect. A programmable
    fighting stick makes even more perfect (see final note in Sidejumping section). Start when
    you hear the gunshot, not when "GO!" pops up. If you screw up, you need to wait till Lang
    stands back up again before you continue (watch for the controller to reappear on the
    screen), otherwise you'll just keep falling down. If you don't screw up, don't stop- you can
    buffer the commands while Lang's running between the patties and it won't break your stride.
    Depending on results- Bronze Barome, Magic Powder, Magic Bottle, Heal Bottle, Heal Leaf
    Bumper Crop- Ultimate Miracle first time; then Magic Fertilizer
    Bumper Crop in under 20 seconds- Mega Fertilizer
    Once you reach Tanza, you can take a quiz from Satomi, the scientist on the far east end of
    the town, behind the rice patties. You get new nicknames for this, along with some really
    cool prizes, so give it a shot! The ten questions are selected at random from a set list.
    You can pass the quiz twice, gaining the nicknames "Adventurer?" and "Spy?" each time, but
    the questions are a lot tougher on the second quiz. If you fail, don't worry- just try
    First Quiz- Nickname "Adventurer?", 5 Camping Kit, Flag of Retreat, Hell's Path
    Second Quiz- Nickname "Spy?", Quick Escape Charm, Curse Remedy, Fruit of Stamina
    For those of you who really want spoilers, here's the questions and their answers:
    -First Quiz Questions-
    Who is the Captain of the Red Knights, whose brother is the captain of the Blue Knights? C
    What is the name of the card that comes in handy for shopping? A
    Tanza's cooking is distinct from other places in one major way. It is: A
    Who is the brother of Marienne, the daughter of the Bishop? C
    What is the name of Darakin's famous restaurant? A
    How much is a Heal Potion? A
    Which forest must you cross to get to the Forgotten Village of Yuno in the far north? A
    What is the proper name of Darakin? A
    What special item prevents losing one's way in The Forest Maze? B
    What is the proof of being a Mystic? A
    What is Green Lynx Inn's specialty dish that can even be found in tourist guide books? B
    A Guild provides jobs for adventurers in Kravia. What is the name of the receptionist? C
    What does my darling Dr. Hugo most want to have? A
    The nobles of Darakin always carry proof of their social status. What is it? C
    What is the name of the founder of the Holy Order of Banderas, born in Darakin? B
    There are many schools of fighting arts. Which school teaches fusing of spirit with sword? B
    What is the favorite animal of Bubba, recently appointed to work under the Bishop? C
    Which item do you need to go through Gale Canyon in the southeast of Darakin? B
    Many rumors surround Doplin Castle. Which one is true? C
    What is the name of the quarterly magazine that covers all aspects of life in Darakin? A
    Who is the captain of the Blue Knights that guard Doplin Castle? C
    What caused the crater in Kravia? B
    What is the name of Tanza's famed hot spring resort? B
    --Second Quiz Questions--
    How old is Maya? A
    How much is the Tomato Risotto at the Green Lynx Inn? A
    What is Marienne's favorite food? B
    To make a Skeleton Saber from a Steel Saber, you need a Cress Rock and...? A
    What is the name of the captain of the Golden Knights, a frequent winner in Phorchoon? A
    Which level of room in the hotel in Darakin connects to the sewer? C
    How much is Blowfish Weed? A
    How many residents are there in Jinga? C
    Where were Elliott and Marienne born? A
    How many materials are needed to make a Sharp Saber from a Useless Toy Katana? C
    How much does Marienne weigh? C
    How tall is Ayne? C
    What are the names of the bellhops in Phorchoon? A
    What is Sharon's chest size? C
    What is the name of the pretty lady with a big secret in front of the bar in Kravia? A
    The Sand Mole Stew sold in Kravia is sometimes off. What is the effect of it being off? C
    Why is Bubba one of Doplin's followers? C
    How many stray cats are there in Darakin? B
    What does Bubba cherish the most? A
    What is the nickname of the elder of Jinga? C
    How old was Lang when he finally stopped wetting his bed? B
    What generation is Doplin's current Bishop? B
    What is the name of Sharon's pirate ship? C
    Barton is a rich noble who owns a mansion in Darakin. What is the name of his son? B
    What is the name of the World Adventurer? A
    What is the name of the special unit comprised of Bubba, Marienne, and Elliott? A
    To make that spicy pilaf, Jambalaya, you need pork, spices, rice, and what else? C
    Can the snowmen in the Forgotten Village, Yuno, be smashed? A
    Knife Throwing in Darek's Haunt
    A fairly easy mini-game that just takes a bit of patience. Talk to Asteya after you've first
    visited Drokonia, and he'll let you play- for a small fee of 100 G, of course.
    Just hitting the wheel gives you 20 points. Hitting it in the center gives you 100 points.
    Hitting two in a row gives you 200 points, and another knife; three in a row gives you 300
    points and another knife, and so on. Try as you might, though, you can not miss so badly
    that you impale Maya, who's often sitting on the couch next to the wheel.
    All you need to do to win is hit the X button to throw the knife when both meters are in the
    center. The vertical meter moves at a fairly constant rate, but be careful- the horizontal
    meter can speed up or slow down dramatically- though it will only do this at the left or
    right side, never in the middle. Just be patient, and take your shot when you're confident
    that you can make it- you don't ever want to settle for a 20 point shot, since it kills your
    point streak.
    0-480         Nothing
    500-1,480     Bronze Barome
    1,500-10,000  Revival Bottle
    10,000-49,980 Angel's Miracle
    50,000+       Nickname "Knife Master", Heaven's Secret; then ?
    You can get access to Phorchoon as soon as you can ride the Blood Hawk. As you leave the
    south entrance of Kravia, stop and look at that signpost- it'll tell you where The Thunder
    Mine is located. Go there, then wander back to Kravia and stop in the Fighter's Guild. Steil
    should be sitting at one of the tables. If you talk to him a few times, he'll tell you about
    Phorchoon, and you can go there as soon as you finish the Drokonia scene.
    Why would you want to go here so early? Well, for one thing, there's a lot of great items
    you can buy- not in the Auction, but in the Casino and the Battle Arena. You can get the
    third best weapon for both Lang and Sharon fairly cheaply, as well as some really good
    Accessories. Start off with "Free Fight", it's the only one that doesn't require you to win
    every battle just to get coins. Sure, you can trade gold for coins in the back of the
    Casino, but why bother when you can get 'em for free at the Battle Arena?
    Whatever you think, these are not random, nor are they player controlled. The slots are
    definitely rigged- when you press the button, sometimes the slots stop immediately,
    sometimes there's a few milliseconds of lag (up to about a quarter of a second, maybe.)
    Basically, you're going to always get what the game wants you to get. Don't worry, though-
    for the most part, it's rigged in your favor. Sure you'll lose a few coins, but if you play
    long enough, you will always come out ahead. If only it worked like that in Vegas.....
    Oh- always use three coins per game instead of one- you've got much better odds of winning,
    since you can line up the slots diagonally as well as horizontally that way. Nothing's worse
    than getting nothing, and seeing three Lang's lined up on top.
    As far as I can determine, the only part where you have actual control over the slots
    themselves is the bonus game. Try to line up blue numbers, since, I believe, they act as
    multipliers. Even one can help you get more coins.
    These are player controlled, and slowing down the wheel uses your controller's pressure
    sensitivity. It does take a while to get the hang of the technique, though.
    *Right Side Wheel*
    Gold Star- Resurrect Bottle (potion)
    10- Holy King's Gem (material)
    9- Attack Booster (for battle)
    8- Fargoh Cloth (material)
    7- Eternal Flame (material)
    6- Wooden Table (furniture)
    5- Big Child's Bed (furniture)
    4- Chibe Gold Bullion (material)
    3- PonPon (furniture)
    2- Sevti Sheet Metal (material)
    1- Magic Powder (potion)
    Black Star- Nothing!
    *Left Side Wheel*
    Gold Star- Golden Barome (potion)
    10- King Dream (food)
    9- Black Opal (material)
    8- Radiant Sphere (collectible)
    7- Magic Transformer (for battle)
    6- Big Bean (collectible)
    5- Attack Bottle (potion)
    4- Heal Leaf (potion)
    3- Bronze Barome (potion)
    2- Sour Bloom (potion)
    1- Heal Powder (potion)
    Black Star- Nothing! You lose! Good day sir!
    Tournaments and their prizes are listed below. You can't compete in the Championship
    Tournament until it's called for in the storyline, and some of the other Tournaments have
    prerequisites before you can compete in them. General and specific strategies for the
    Tournaments are detailed in the next section.
     Opponents: Same set of opponents every time (except for the last round)
     Prize: 500 coins for victory
     Requirements: Must win all matches for coins
    Round  Opponent
       1    Dark Jackal
       2    Dangerous Zone (fast)
       3    Wasteland Outlaw
       4    Gormekila (earth immune)
       5    Helhound (fast)
       6    Beefcake 
       7    Dark Executioner (deathgame)
       8    Gorva, then Vixon, then Stiel
     Opponents: Random each time
     Prize: 800 coins for victory
     Requirements: Must win all matches for coins
     Notes: A random condition affects player each round, such as "No Arts Allowed",
            or "No AP Cost for Arts"
    Round  Opponent
      All   Random
     Opponents: Same set of opponents every time
     Prize: 950 coins for victory
     Requirements: May Forfeit and keep coins already won, but get nothing if defeated
     Notes: Three characters at a time compete in this Tournament. A specific condition must be
            fulfilled each battle or the party loses the Tournament
    Round  Opponent    Condition                           Reward
       1    Mortarhead (Must win in 60 seconds)              30 Coins
       2    Hellspawn  (Must win in 5 turns)                 40 Coins
       3    Goa Munk   (Only First Hit does damage)          50 Coins
       4    Goa Munk   (First 4 hits do no damage)           80 Coins
       5    Hellspawn  (Enemy invincible for 3 turns)       100 Coins
       6    Mortarhead (30 Second time limit)               150 Coins
       7    Hellspawn  (Must win in 1 turn)                 200 Coins
       8    Ram Demon  (Only Origin Attacks have an effect) 300 Coins
    --FREE FIGHT-- 
     Opponents: Random each time, includes other party members
     Prize: 1140 Coins for victory, random items.
     Requirements: May Forfeit and keep coins already won, but get nothing if defeated
    Round  Opponent
      All   Random
     Opponents: Random each time, includes other party members, Bosses
     Prize: 500 Coins for victory
     Requirements: Must win all matches for coins
     Notes: Must win three other Tournaments to unlock
    Round  Opponent
      All   Random
    Obviously, equip your selected fighter with the best weapons and accessories you have. Also,
    if you're in Free Fight or Dream Match, equip the worst weapons and armor, and unequip all
    accessories from your other party members. Trust me- it's ugly to have Maya pop back from
    the dead with MP Heal and then blast you with a Hyper Art. The best places to buy the worst
    equipment are the junk shop in Darakin, and at the first of the rug merchants on the left in
    Kravia. (His goods are Number One all right- when you arrange the list from worst to best.)
    When selecting Skills, remember that Rounds are not treated like actual Battles- don't
    bother with Skills like Post Battle MP, because it won't be awarded. Equip Accessories with
    skills that protect you from the most debilitating status effects- Stun is one that comes up
    fairly often, and will usually ruin your day unless you're prepared. Anti-death is also
    useful. Charge Heal, and MP Heal, can turn a horrible defeat into a comeback victory. In
    general, you can't go wrong with Art Attack Up and any of the Strength and Agility Boosts.
    Your Defensive Skill doesn't really matter- why would you be defending in a solo fight
    During any of the combat rounds, try to be as AP-efficient as possible. While your health
    and MP get restored to some extent between rounds, you're stuck with whatever AP you ended
    the last combat with. Try to keep your AP maxed at all times, or at least high enough so
    that you can rebuild it in one round- this is important so you can pull off Mystic Arts
    against the toughest foes.
    Battle Maniax requires a bit of special strategy. Knowing what the condition of the next
    round will be is vital, since if you're not ready for that 30 second time limit, you're not
    going to win. Fortunately, the conditions are listed above- special advice for them is given
    LIMITED TIME BATTLES- Variable Arts deal the most damage in the least amount of time.
    ONLY 1ST HIT DOES DAMAGE- Variable and Mystic Arts don't count- they do full damage.
    FIRST 4 HITS DO NO DAMAGE- again, Variable and Mystic Arts are the exception.
    INVINCIBLE FOR 3 TURNS- this only effects the opponent. Power up while you wait.
    ONLY ORIGIN ATTACKS HAVE AN EFFECT- Mystic Attacks work, Variables do not. This does not
                                        affect the enemy. Don't bother with the Point Card.
    There are four "secret" map locations that can be unlocked on the World Map. They all have
    many goodies for you to buy or find. Here's how to get them:
    The Secret Market- Once you've visited Ellsworth Island, either Kenjiro (on the deck of the
    Blood Hawk in Darek's Haunt) or Mojiro (by the inn in Nohl) will tell you about the Secret
    Market, if you talk to them a few times and spend a bit of money. The Secret Market has four
    merchants, who sell Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Items- the last two of these are of the
    most interest, since many of the Accessories and Materials found here can't be bought
    elsewhere, and several of the Materials can be traded in Jinga for more rare Materials.
    The Ultimate Armor Shop- Once you combine thirty pieces of Armor (this must be done in camp,
    not at shops), Lang will receive the nickname "Blacksmith". Talk to Kenjiro or Mojiro when
    you've acquired this nickname, and you've first visited Demiurge Tower, and the Ultimate
    Armor Shop will be unlocked. 
    The Supreme Weapon Shop- Combine thirty weapons (once again, in camp, not in shops), get the
    nickname "Weaponsmith", unlock Demiurge Tower, and talk to Kenjiro or Mojiro, and they'll
    tell you the location of the Supreme Weapon Shop. Since fewer party members use weapons, you
    might have to work at this a bit. Buy some cheap swords and combinables in Darakin and work
    Gordinar Isle- Late in the game (around when you unlock Ellsworth Island), you'll find Dupon
    and Yahn on the deck of the Blood Hawk, and Dupon will ask you if you would help them as a
    crew member after this whole adventure is over. If you tell him you will, he'll give you the
    Star Bandana. Once you have it, go up to Sharon's room and talk to the Parrot. The location
    of the treasure island, Gordinar Isle, will be revealed.
    Here's a neat trick- want that last skill you get when maxing out a ribbon? Want to have
    those HP Bonus skills while you've still got enough levels left to gain to make them useful?
    It's easy, when you know the trick.
    Skill EXP is awarded for every round you stay in combat, each enemy you kill, and whether or
    not you're standing at the end of the battle. So the trick is to find weak enemies and guard
    against them. Nowhere is this trick easier than in the Forest Maze. Remember those darn Bean
    Cannons? They'd shoot out an annoying little bean that you could only hurt with Special
    Attacks, so you'd have to waste MP taking them out. Well, now you're going to try and find
    one. Equip any Accessories you want to power up, and, if possible, put Maya in your party
    and equip her with the Special Ability skill. Now find a Bean Cannon, wait till it shoots a
    bean, then kill everything but that bean. Have everyone Guard in combat, put a weight on
    your controller's X button, and go have lunch, mow the lawn, clean up your room, etc. The
    bean never runs, does little damage (when you're high level), and has no Special Attacks.
    Maya's healing Special Ability should keep everyone healthy, and, 250 rounds later (or about
    an hour or two), your Accessories are maxed out. You can half this time for any Accessories
    equipped on a character with the Skill EXP skill.
    Some may argue the Flash Ribbon, with its Double Attack Skill, is the best Accessory in the
    game. Not so- you need to manage your AP while using it, preventing you from using all the
    best attacks. In my opinion, the best accessory in the game is the Tireless Ribbon, which
    has the Max AP Offensive Skill, which makes you always have Max AP when you attack. That's
    right, you can pull off as many Hyper Arts per round as you can fit into your Arts bar, or,
    with two of them, do a Variable Art every round. Plus, you can get it as soon as you reach
    Phorchoon. Well, sort of. You've got to assemble it yourself, but for only 1790 Coins, you
    can buy all the necessary materials from the Casino. You'll need:
    7 Master's Ribbons
    4 Kamikaze Ribbons
    Step 1: Make 4 Healing Ribbons
      Masters + Kamikaze
            \   /
    Step 2: Make 3 Winged Ribbons
      Healing + Masters
           \   /
    Step 3: Make one Muscle Ribbon
      Winged + Healing
           \   /
    Step 4: Make one Sagely Ribbon
      Muscle + Winged
           \   /
    Step 5: Make the Tireless Ribbon
      Sagely + Winged
           \   /
    Once you unlock the Secret Market, you can skip steps one and two, and just buy the Healing
    and Winged Ribbons. The Tireless Ribbon is also sometimes awarded for winning the Free
    Fight, and as that fight gets your coins up the fastest, this may be the way to go.
    *Notes from Dr. Love*
    "Note also that earlier in the game, the most degenerate accessory is probably the Power
    Necklace, which when leveled up gives the wearer both the AP Attack skill (do more damage
    the higher your AP is) and the Art Attack Up attack mod (do more damage when using Arts),
    meaning that if you like to do chain combos that leave you with 100 AP, your characters will
    end up doing an extra 60% damage or so. You can make a Power Necklace fairly easily after
    arriving in Yuno."
    Here's the formula:
    1 Valor Ring, 1 Rot Ring, 1 Stone Bangle, 2 White Bangles
    Step 1: Mix Valor Ring and Rot Ring for Wisdom Bangle
    Step 2: Mix White Bangle and Stone Bangle for Armor Bangle
    Step 3: Mix Wisdom Bangle and Armor Bangle for Beggar's Bangle
    Step 4: Mix Beggar's Bangle and White Bangle for Power Necklace
    Special thanks to James Cabot, aka Dr. Love, the Sidejump King for proving Dein -can- be
    beaten and letting me know what he gives you afterwards, and for filling in several gaps in
    the various prize lists.
    Contact and Legal
    If I've made a blatant error, or you've got some info I forgot to include, you can email me
    at deardragon@hotmail.com. Letters with blatant disregard for grammar (including anything
    written in 'l33t sp34k', or treating 'ne1', 'r', and 'u' as complete words) will be
    immediately trashed, as I have neither the time nor desire to mentally translate it.
    This FAQ is Copyright 2002 by Erik Kennedy, aka EsnRedshirt. You may download and print it
    out for personal use, but do not reproduce in part or in whole without my permission; this
    includes reposting on your website. If you want to link to this FAQ, link to the Legaia page
    on GameFAQs instead, please.
    Obligatory Corporate Legal Text-
    US Copyright 
    Legaia 2 Duel Saga © 2002 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    Published under license by Eidos Interactive Inc., 2002.
    Legaia 2 Duel Saga is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    Fresh Games, Eidos, Eidos Interactive and the Eidos logo are trademarks
    of the Eidos group of companies. All Rights Reserved.
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