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    Hunter's Guild FAQ by Odin

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Legaia 2: Duel Saga Hunter's Guild FAQ
    System - PlayStation 2
    Version 1.2 - 11/08/02
    By Odin
    Email - dark_matter@rogers.com
    Version 1.2 - 11/08/02
    Neatened up the layout a bit. Also made a note about when the last two quests
    become available since I received many emails asking that...
    Version 1.1 - 10/22/02
    I've completed all the quests, which means they're all covered in here now.
    Version 1.0 - 10/20/02
    First version. I know I don't have all quests covered yet, but there's quite a
    few. Will update when I complete more.
    *** INTRODUCTION ***
    This FAQ is for the Hunter's Guild quests you can do in Duel Saga. I've noticed
    alot of questions popping up regarding these quests, so I thought I'd make a
    lil FAQ for it.
    Once you reach Kravia, you'll come across the Hunter's Guild (it's the first
    building on the right, from the northern entrance of town). By talking to the
    lady at the counter you can choose to do various quests. When you first reach
    here, there will only be a handful of quests or less... but as you complete
    quests and progress through the game, more will open up. These quests are
    optional but handy to earn additional gold, experience and items as well.
    *** QUESTS ***
      -> Tanza Tea Cakes
      -> Mysterious Potion
      -> Find the Rare Creature!
      -> My Daughter is Lost!
      -> The Golden Giant
      -> Mysterious Contagion
      -> It Lurks in the Mist...
      -> Reik Flowers
      -> Winged Mountain Beasts
      -> Find Mari!
      -> Writhing Monster in the Dark
      -> Multiplying Monsters!
      -> The Glow in the Thunder
      -> Invaders from Another World
    In order to open the last two quests on the list, you must have been to
    Demiurge Tower and defeated the first boss...
    Tanza Tea Cakes
    Reward: 10,000 G
    Poster: Yaksha
    Description: 'Tanza Tea Cakes' is sold in Tanza. I want you to go buy me some.
    This a very, very simple quest. Go to the hot spring inn, in Tanza. Speak to
    the boy and buy 6 Tanza Tea Cakes. Take them to the Junk Shop owner in Darakin.
    Then return to the guild to get your reward.
    Mysterious Potion
    Reward: 30,000 G
    Poster: Joe
    Description: I ordered a potion from the black market shop in Tanza. Go get it
    for me.
    Go to Tanza and speak with the black market merchant on the west side of town.
    He'll tell you he's missing some ingredients to make the potion. Head to the
    Forest Maze and snag the apple from the tree. Use Maya's Origin ability to make
    it grow, then have Ayne knock it down. Also make a Magic Potion if you don't
    have one. Take the ingredients to the merchant and he'll make the Golden
    Groneh. Take the potion to Joe in Darakin, then return to the guild to get your
    Find the Rare Creature!
    Reward: 60,000 G
    Poster: Fujima
    Description: It's out there somewhere in the world...! Capture a rare creature
    called a 'Lypster' for me.
    After accepting the quest, go speak with Fujima who is upstairs in the inn. Now
    go to Hunter's Wood and you'll see Lyps' wandering around. I'm not sure if you
    have to fight them all, but you might as well, since you get some nice money
    and experience from them. You'll eventually fight a pair, and one of the Lyps'
    will be a glowing color. Hit it with your strongest attacks to take it down
    quickly. After defeating it, you'll get the Lypster. Take it back to Fujima and
    he'll give you a Vaccine Syringe. Now go to the guild to collect your money.
    My Daughter is Lost!
    Reward: 80,000 G
    Poster: Count Lonatello
    Description: My daughter is missing! I want you to find her.
    Count Lonatello's daughter is missing and it's up to you to find her. To start
    off, go to the Three Star Hotel in Darakin and speak to Count. He says
    something about his daughter missing but not leaving the hotel. This rather
    hints and the sewers. So, head into the sewers, and go towards the north-west
    part of them. Eventually, you'll see her surrounded by skeleton looking things.
    Now, you have to battle a trio of Warmongers. These lil suckers can do some big
    hurt to an unprepared party. They have quite a bit of HP and can inflict status
    ailments (Confusion, Spellbind, etc...). After you defeat the first pair, you
    immediately fight another pair of them. Afterwards, you save the half-wit girl
    and she goes back to the hotel. Now, head back to the guild and collect your
    money. You'll also receive a Lion Heart, which is armor for Sharon.
    The Golden Giant
    Reward: 90,000 G
    Poster: The Central Continental Union
    Description: Go to Gale Canyon. Investigate the Golden Giant you'll find there.
    You have to go to Gale Canyon and investigate the Golden Giant. So go to Gale
    Canyon and around the center you'll see him standing there. He's impossible to
    miss. Before you approach him, be ready to fight the bastard. He can take alot
    of punishment. I used Lang, Kazan and Maya for this battle. I had Lang and
    Kazan use their variable art at every chance possible while Maya was my healer.
    The giant will mostly just do some normal type attacks which aren't that bad,
    but as the battle goes on, he'll start doing his Crimson Heat attack. This
    attack hits all your characters for a good amount of damage. After you defeat
    him, 2 people will talk to you. After the blibber blabber, go back to the guild
    to get your reward. In addition to the money, you'll also receive the Gaia
    Mysterious Contagion
    Reward: 120,000 G
    Poster: Suda
    Description: There's a herbal flower that cures this strange disease. I want
    you to find it.
    This quest requires you to help find something to cure a disease. Go to Yuno
    and speak with Suda... she's in the first house on the left from the entrance
    of town. You'll find out you need to get the Gunang Weed. Now, go to Tanza to
    speak with Hugo. He resides in a house in the east part of town. After speaking
    with him, go to the Forest Maze. The weed is growing by the spring, where the
    camp site is. Grab it, and take it back to Suda. Now, head back to the guild to
    collect your reward.
    It Lurks in the Mist...
    Reward: 140,000 G
    Poster: Suda
    Description: They say that in The Forest Maze, you'll find the cause of this
    strange disease.
    Go to Yuno. Go to the first house on the right and speak with Suda. After she
    explains the situation to you, go to the Forest Maze via the south entrance.
    Head north and turn left at the second left turn. You'll eventually come to
    split that goes north and south. Head south and you'll find Garuze. Kill him,
    then return to Yuno to speak with Suda. Now go to the guild to get your reward
    plus an added bonus of a Maiden's Robe.
    Reik Flowers
    Reward: 120,000 G
    Poster: David
    Description: It's going to be sold at the auction. Make the winning bid on Reik
    Head to Phorchoon and go to the auction. Speak with the one man at the entrance
    of the auction floor. The auction will start with you bidding for him. Don't
    bother with the first 2 items, as they're not what you want. The 3rd item for
    auction will be the painting he wants. You have 50,000 to work with, but the
    auction will go much higher than that (did for me anyways) but don't worry
    cause he'll give you more money if you need it. After winning the painting, go
    back to the guild to get your reward.
    Winged Mountain Beasts
    Reward: 160,000 G
    Poster: The Central Continental Union
    Description: They've escaped to Mt. Gabel. Get rid of the two wanted monsters.
    You have to go take care of two unwanted beasts on Mt. Gabel. So head there,
    and you'll find Stiel wounded. He tells you that he's killed one beast, but one
    is still up on the summit. So head to the top, where you'll find the winged
    bastard. I found the battle easy... just hit him with your best Arts and heal
    when needed. After you kill it, head back down and you'll run into Stiel. You
    discuss about splitting the reward. I agreed to split it evenly... I'm not sure
    if you can take it all for yourself or not... Now, head back to the guild to
    get your reward. You'll receive 130,000 instead of 80,000, cause the person who
    put up the job decided to give a bonus.
    Find Mari!
    Reward: 80,000 G
    Poster: Cammy
    Description: Mari is lost. I want you to find her for me.
    Head to Darakin, go to the hotel to speak with Cammy. She can be found upstairs
    in the standard room. After speaking with her, head back to the sewers. I
    forget the exact directions to find her 'friend', but it's in the east part of
    it. In one of the rooms you'll see Mari, who'll take off. Now, you must have
    Ayne push the crate over the hole Mari runs through. Now, head to where the Red
    Gate Switch is, and by there you'll find Mari. After getting her, return her to
    Cammy. Go to the guild and collect your reward.
    Writhing Monster in the Dark
    Reward: 160,000 G
    Poster: The Central Continental Union
    Description: Investigate a mysterious growling coming up from Doplin Castle.
    After you accept this quest, that muscle-bound dimwit, Balzac and his woman
    will rant on to you. After that head to Darakin, and enter the sewers via the
    ladder by the junk pile. Now, head into the Kabel Ruins. Go to the place where
    you fought the boss in your original visit there. You'll come across another
    monster there, as well as Kenjiro and the two dimwits. You'll have to fight the
    ugly creature... he's fairly easy I found... Just hit him with variables and
    whatnot, to take him down quickly. He has a couple attacks that hit your party,
    but they aren't hard enough to be a threat, as long as you heal. After you kill
    the bastard, head back to the guild to get your money plus an additional bonus
    of a Raging Axe.
    Multiplying Monsters!
    Reward: 180,000 G
    Poster: The Central Continental Union
    Description: Monsters continue to multiply in Gale Canyon. Get rid of these
    Go to the Gale Canyon via northern entrance (dunno if it matters, but that's
    how I did it) and you'll run into (surprise!) Balzac and his lady. They're here
    to kill the monsters as well, so you have some competition (if you call that
    competition...). Continue on and you'll run into a Larva Beast. Kill each one
    you can find. You'll only fight a single one per battle. Easy stuff. When you
    kill the second to last one, you'll hear a howling to indicate it. Go find the
    last one to finish the job. Head back to the guild and collect your cash.
    The Glow in the Thunder
    Reward: 200,000 G
    Poster: The Central Continental Union
    Description: Some kind of glowing object has appeared in The Thunder Mind.
    Please investigate.
    Go to the Thunder Mine and head far east. The area you must go to is far into
    it and with the blocks and stuff... You may have come across this the first
    time you were here, but couldn't get past it cause you need Ayne. You just have
    to destory one block with Lang's Origin powers, then have Kazan use his to ride
    the thingy up... have Ayne push the one block and Sharon destory the blob...
    then hop onto the block Ayne pushed and have Maya grow the vine, then climb it.
    Here, you'll find Stiel and some crystal thingy. He blabbers on, then you fight
    him. I never had a problem kicking his sorry ass. I used variable arts on him
    and after the 3rd variable he was down. His attacks were never a threat to me,
    either. Head back to the guild to get your reward money plus an additional
    Invaders from Another World
    Reward: 240,000 G
    Poster: the Royal Knights
    Description: Monsters from another world have appeared in Drokonia. Get rid of
    Go to Drokonia and make your way through it again. Part way through you'll run
    into your two buddies, who have a falling out. Continue on and after the 2nd
    campsite, you'll run into some monster you'll have to take care of. After you
    finish him off and the scene with the two halfwits, continue into the next area
    to fight another monster. The 2nd one is stronger than the first and can hit
    pretty hard, so be prepared. Afterwards, head to the guild to get your reward.
    You'll receive an additional 60,000 bucks plus the Exorcist Katana.
    When you complete all the quests you'll earn the titles of Guildmaster and Iron
    Hunter. Also, you'll receive a Heaven's Secret.
    *** DISCLAIMER ***
    This FAQ may be distributed freely as long as it remains 100% unchanged and
    isn't used for any profit making purposes whatsoever. Don't even dare try to
    claim this as your own work.
    This Hunter's Guild FAQ is copyright 2002 S. Heighton

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