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    Heaven's Secrets FAQ by Nathanmg

    Version: 1.52 | Updated: 01/31/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    OF LEGAIA     2
    This Guide is Copyright (C) Nathanmg (my glorious self)
    I thank all those in my special thanks section
    Version 1.52
    *Table Of Contents*
    1. Version history
    2. About the Guide
    3. The Heaven's Secrets
       a. Nohl HS 1
       b. Nohl HS 2
       c. Yuno HS 1
       d. Yuno HS 2
       e. Kravia HS
       f. Tanza HS
       g. Darek's Haunt HS
       h. Phorchoon HS 2
       I. Jinga HS 1
       J. Jinga HS 2
       k. Supreme Weapon Shop HS
       l. Ultimate Armor Shop HS
       m. Gordinar Island HS
       n. Demiurge Tower HS 1
       o. Demiurge Tower HS 2
    4. Sidejump strategies
    5. Furniture list
    6. Hunters Guild quests
    7. Crop planting strategies
    8. Knife throwing strategies
    9. Phorchoon arena strategies
    10. Centurion challenge battles
    11. Lang's nicknames
        a. Lang's recipes
        b. Ingredients
    13. Wanted Stuff
    14. Special Thanks
    15. Closing
    **************Version History**************
    31st January 2003    - major change, found out that auction
    version 1.62              HS doesn't exist and replaced it with
                                   the HS that was left out.
    16th December 2002 - Added strategy for beating Stiel
    version 1.52
    9th December 2002  - Added sections for all minigames
    version 1.5                that need one, completed the
                                   section on hunters guild quests,
                                   updated my special thanks and
                                   changed minor mistakes. Also
                                   added a sub section to the recipe
                                   lists: ingredients.
    8th December 2002  - Put Lang's nicknames in a
    version 1.2                seperate section as well as
                                   the furniture list, also added
                                   section on the centurion
                                   challenge battles.
    7th December 2002  - Walthrough complete with
    version 1.0                help on getting the furniture,
                                   nicknames and a section on
                                   Lang's recipe list has been
                                   added. Special thanks and
                                   wanted information updated.
    4th December 2002  - Walkthrough is
    version 0.5                Basically done with small
    (not published in         exception of the two in
     gamefaqs)                 demiurge tower.
                                   Without much depth or
                                   major detail.
    **************About the Guide**************
    Well basically I spent ages Finding the location of the
    Heavens Secrets and still, I have trouble looking through
    everything trying to get the locations when i forget. So
    I decided To make a Guide to all of the Heavens Secrets.
    Mainly to help others who have trouble with finding them.
    When complete this guide may most probably be in very fine
    detail, for example when you need to do certain things like
    collecting nicknames I will add a section on all of the nicknames.
    I have a wanted section at the bottom where I will add wanted
    info such as better detailed descriptions of such minute details
    as nicknames. Well enjoy reading :P Oh and before I forget I will
    write this once more
    This Guide is Copyright (C) Nathanmg (my glorious self)
    If u wanna use this guide on ur site (as many peeps want the
    heavens secrets info then just email me id prob let ya, as long
    as I get proper credit.
    **************The Heaven's Secrets**************
    Before i start i apologise for any inacurrate information im sorry but
    if u would be kind enough to email me of my mistakes and i will update
    the guide (if enough noticeable mistakes are found).
    So here you go.
    ++++++++++++++Nohl HS 1++++++++++++++
    A fairly simple task, remember the Pedometer you recieved from the
    item shop at the begining of the game? Well as soon as you have
    marched around for a total of 50,000 steps or more trudge back to
    Nohl, Storm in the item shop and brag about ur journey and u will be
    rewarded with ur prize (or in other words talk to her go to leave and
    she'll give u the Heavens Secret)
    There is'nt anything else needed to be explained about this so I'll leave
    it at that.
    right well thats one down another 14 to go.
    ++++++++++++++Nohl HS 2++++++++++++++
    Again fairly simple but unfortunately not as easy a task as
    the previous one, Despite this you can complete this task
    in less time than the previous one. Firstly you have to do a
    bit of sidejumping........ yes that thing that seemed to be easy
    but is not when it comes to getting the HS. Right so firstly U
    need to beat Maxell, this is the person who u will see standing
    by a house to the left of the entrance to Nohl. He will be there as
    soon as u get to Gale canyon. So whenever you feel like it go
    over to him and whip his butt hes very easy with a target of 20 to
    beat, at this point you may jus beat him by a bit but nevertheless
    u shoodnt have a problem. U will recieve the nickname
    Next you will have to make your way to Tanza by the wall of
    the lone house to the right of the entrance you will see two
    people, one of which is Balzac. Talk to him to initiate the sidejump
    minigame, again he shoodnt pose much of a threat if you have
    been practicin or if you managed to easily get 40-50 against
    Maxell, well just get sumfing in the mid 40's and you should be
    able to beat him. Another nickname 'Sidejump Hero' is aquired.
    Finally we return once more to Nohl....... go towards your
    ummm house or mansion woteva it is and you will notice sum1
    2 the right, y isnt that? yes it is, its Dein. well go up to him
    and talk to the grumpy b****rd, now once more for a final time
    you will need to sidejump (when i say once more i dont include
    the many times you will probably try again as it can be very
    hard.) Beat this insane pest (who'd be proud to be called a crab?)
    and you will recieve the nickname
    'Sidejump King' and a Heavens Secret.
    See the section on Sidejump Strategies for help.
    Bloody hell if u think that was difficult some of the others are
    even worse, although i will tell u as reasurrance many are much
    easier to do but are time consuming.
    ok 2 down 13 more to go.
    ++++++++++++++Yuno HS 1++++++++++++++
    Not much to describe here........ get all 30 pieces of furniture and
    show maya and bingo another Heavens Secret. This will involve
    gettin many from the auction, 4 from Kravia in the machine inside
    the hunter's guild and maybe some from other places.
    See furniture section for a list of them.
    thats the 3rd HS recovered
    ++++++++++++++Yuno HS 2++++++++++++++
    Originally there was a rumoured auction heaven's secret, that was a
    false rumour and this HS was not found. now we know it.
    What we do is arrange the room so as Maya likes it, do this and she
    will present you with the HS that shes kept hidden somewheres for
    no apparent reason.
    Arrange the room by putting these pieces of furniture in:
    Futon Bedding
    Diamond Temple
    Hanging Scroll
    Tatami Mats
    Wooden Table
    Jinjaro Plant
    Tekecha Plant
    Shigeza's Bansai
    Rixelian Plant
    Kodama's Bansai
    Meow Kitty
    After this quit and Maya gives it to you. thank god that was cleared
    up and thank you to RPGMaster for this information.
    ++++++++++++++Kravia HS++++++++++++++
    Another one where I cant exactly give to much description without
    providing information that I will be adding in a later update. Basically
    complete the Hunter's guild's quests, in order to do this make sure
    you have travelled to demiurge tower and beaten the first boss, then
    you will have access to all of the quests. After this simply do them all, in
    addition to the HS you will receive a further two nicknames 'Iron Hunter'
    and 'Guildmaster'.
    See my section on Hunter's Guild quests for help.
    Ok so you now have 4 of the 15 (unless you have been collecting those
    yet to come) time
    to move on.
    ++++++++++++++Tanza HS++++++++++++++
    This can be considered as the hardest HS to aquire other than one
    which requires the nickname recieved from this one in order to get
    it. Right so you've been in Tanza and you've seen and most probably
    challenged that guy to a crop planting contest. Now you have to really
    whoop some crop planting A**E, beat this geeza with a time of about
    22 seconds with a bumper crop (no mistakes) and he will praise you
     and tell you to try giving Pai Pai a match.
    Go to the girl at the stall who chops invisible food with her hand
    (she wears sum japanese clothing), go round the back of her stall and
    challenge her to a match. Now here is the difficult part
    (On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the hardest this is 11) most people
    either give up on this or use a programable controller
    (Mad Cartz 2 or something) to beat this tough b**ch. Well the time
    requirement to do this is under 16 seconds, yes 16 SECONDS, I guess
    u'll be off to buy that controller about now. Newayz beat her to get the
    HS from what I have heard you dont need bumper crop but then again if
    u make a mistake 16 seconds is almost impossible to achieve
    (it is newayz but hey). Well there you go another one under the hat
    (thats wot they say right?)
     Oh and u get the nickname 'God of Rice'
    See section on Crop planting strategies for help
    Your a third of da way there now 5 of the 15 set. time for number 6
    ++++++++++++++Darek's Haunt++++++++++++++
    Ohk simple, Go here and play some darts (well knifethrowing but its the
    same principle) Now its not too difficult if u've got patience, a hell of a
    lot of patience, more patience and timing. Once u have that achieve a
    score of 50,000 or more, this is about 30-35 throws with a bullseye
    for each throw in a row. After this you will have yourself another beautiful
    Heavens Secret (got to find a pic of one) and a new nickname sumthing like
    'knife master'. There easy but as ive said takes time
     (actually its the first time i said that aint it?)
    See section on Knife throwing strategies for help
    Ok so your getting stressed as this is taking way too long but be calm the
    weapons and armour you can make are worth all the hassle. You have your
    6th ready for lucky 7th?
    ++++++++++++++Phorchoon HS++++++++++++++
    Hmm remember Stiel? Some of you may have faced him in the battle arena while
    in a championship mode and others in one of the Hinter's Guild quests. Well
    now you need to beat him again. Firstly as far as I can gather you need to get
    to demiurge tower, have completed the guild quests and have access to dream
    match in the battle arena. Once these requirements have been met, time to have
    some battles. Right well continuosuly fight in Dream match untill u face Stiel as
    the final fight, then beat him. Sounds Simple but its easier to say than do.
    Stiel has been estimated to have about 1.4 million HP so train hard and fight
    with all your strength (use mystic arts a couple of times when your stong enough).
    This will award you with HS when u succesfully beat him. So good luck
    See the section phorchoon arena strategies for help
    Right so your feeling proud you have 8 of this material and can already make many
    good weapons and armour, still want more? course u do.
    ++++++++++++++Jinga HS 1++++++++++++++
    Hmm remember that Centurians challenge? at the back of the elders room? Well
    Go there and beat the thing. There are 100 battles to do and this can take a few
    hours, even at high levels. So make sure you have good stuff equiped (prevent
    status effects such as paralyze as well as strong weapons). Now once your
    confident (you really must be in high levels such as 70's for a good chance) then
    go fight. 3 hours or so later you have yourself a load of items and experience,
    then teh elder gives u a shining new nickname 'Wander Fighter' and your
    9th Heavens Secret
    See the Centurain battles section for the fights you will encounter here.
    Yay more more more hehe hehe :P ohk well moving on.......
    ++++++++++++++Jinga HS 2++++++++++++++
    Well remember the nickname person in Jinga? In the elders room? well shes
    commonly known as the jinga namer. Newayz U must now collect many nicknames
    for Lang (all of them) yes thats right all of them even the dreaded 'God of rice'
    Ok so once you have (or if you have) all 45 nicknames pop off to the jinga namer
    and ask for a new nickname. You will recieve the name 'He of many names'
    and your 10th HS.
    See the lang's nickname section on to see how to get all these nicknames
    Now we're gettin sumwheres we are 2 thirds of the way now only 5 to go.
    ++++++++++++++Supreme Weapon shop HS++++++++++++++
    Ok well if you already have all the nicknames then simply go talk to
    Kenjiro (the peddler who on the Blood Hawk in Darek's Haunt) make
    sure you have already been to demiurge tower and he will reveal the
    secret place known as the Supreme Weapon shop, if you havent been
    collecting the nicknames, go to camp (must be in camp) and combine
    30 weapons (buy some cheap ones from Darakin Citadel materials are
    easy to buy) once you've done this u will recieve tha nickname
    'Swordsmith' now you can talk to Kenjiro.
    Ohk so now your off to the Supreme Weapon shop, befor you buy any
    weapons talk to the shop keepers "friend", they will tell you about
    their Heavens Secret and will seel it to you for 1 million.
    no further help is required here
    Well there we go yet another HS collected bringin our total to 11
    fancy another?
    ++++++++++++++Ultimate Armour shop HS++++++++++++++
    Again very similar to the last one, this time combine 30 pieces of
    armour (in camp remember) to get the nickname 'Blacksmith'
    now off to Nohl once more to talk to Monjiro (peddler by your
    place) remember to have visited demiurge tower at least once.
    Now talk to him and he will reveal the location of this brilliant shop
    Again go to this new shop and buy the HS of the shopkeepers m8.
    again no further help is required
    Well I c 12 rare items in my pocket wonder whether more shall come
    my way? let us c.
    ++++++++++++++Gordinar Island HS++++++++++++++
    Now this is Sharon's father's Legacy, a cave with crap in it. Although
    among the crap we find our 13th HS.
    So after Finishing with retrieving your last rare stone thing (the wind one)
    head back to Darek's haunt.
    Clamber aboard the ship and talk to the blokes near the wheel. After a
    chat agree to help them when its all over. For this you will recieve a Star
    bandana. With this in possesion head to Sharons room, as we are all insane
    we are going to have a conversation with her parrot. After waffling about
    the weather and hours of parrot talk (i am joking if u dont wanna sit by ur
    screen for a few hours talkin to a bird), the bird tells you about an island
    Sharon hears and exclaims its Gordinar Island.
    Right so your heading to the island and arrive at its shores, collect the chest
    f u wish and enter the cave, collect the crap I mentioned return to the
    intersection and go right, on the left wall of this passage is a small aclove
    with a chest inside, containing you Bounty you HS
    once more no further help required
    Ok so we have 13 now and 2 more remain off to demiurge tower we go.
    ++++++++++++++Demiurge Tower HS 1++++++++++++++
    These HS within the tower are the most simple to get as it
    simply involves opening a chest.
    From the beggining of the tower; Go down the slope on the right
    and into the cave. Follow the passage north onto the elevator,
    follow the passage out of the cave and into another. Follow this
    passage to a ladder in the wall, go up it and follow the passage to
    the left to get to the chest containing the HS
    Further help not applicable
    One more to go for the collection to be complete
    ++++++++++++++Demiurge Tower HS 2++++++++++++++
    From the location of the first Demiurge HS; Go around to the
    right to another elevator, follow the next passage around the spiral
    and continue and take the second right turn, following this to another
    elevator. Continue heading into the tower untill you get to a crossroad
    with four directions to choose from (including the one you came from),
    go down and out of the cave, follow the path to another cave and follow
    to an elevator. Go forwards and take the first left (the only left), this
    leads to 2 chests, one of which is the final HS
    no extra help needed here either
    At last your collection of Heaven's Secrets should be complete (unless
    you did these in a different order.)
    **************Sidejump strategies**************
    There are not many stategies for this, the one that I use is
    to put one thumb on each stick and to move them towards
    and away from each other simultaniously. In other words
    move them towrds each other then away from each other.
    Like this
    first move them like this       then like this
         -->   <--                         <--   -->
    Repeat this as fast as you can, oh and try not to look at the
    screen as it usually breaks your concentration.
    **************Furniture list**************
    Heres a list on the furniture aquired throughout the game:
    Meow Kitty--from the item machine in Kravia (In Hunter's Guild)
    Superhero Tinio--from the snowman building kid in yuno after a
    Donjak--Not sure but I think its automatically aquired
    Ponpon--I think from phorcoon, but you can get it from the planting
    game too
    Big Bear--Phorchoon casino coin exchange
    Dimension Linker-- Buy it in Phorchoon auction
    Venus--Buy it in Phorchoon auction
    Rixellian Plant--Buy it in Phorchoon auction
    Inscribed Sword--Buy it in Phorchoon auction
    Particle Monitor--Buy it in Phorchoon auction
    Shigezo's Bonsai--Buy it in Phorchoon auction
    Tekecha Plant--Buy it in Phorchoon auction
    Jinjaro Plant--from the kid of Kazan's drinking buddy after a hunter's
    guild quest
    Whimsical table--Kravia item machine (In Hunter's Guild)
    Obsidian table--Buy it in Phorchoon auction
    Wooden Table--From roulette in Phorchoon
    Tatami Mats--bought in Darakin Citadel
    Pink Carpet--casino coin exchange and from the planting game
    Tiger skin rug--Kravia item machine (in Hunter's Guild)
    Handwoven Carpet--Kravia item machine (In Hunter's Guild)
    Hanging Scroll--Buy it in Phorchoon auction
    Noa's Adventure--Kravia item machine (In Hunter's Guild)
    Priscilla Poster--Phorchoon casino coin exchange
    Lady Borgiov--Kravia item machine (In Hunter's Guild)
    Diamond Temple--Phorchoon casino coin exchange
    Kodama's bonsai--Buy it in Phorchoon auction
    Futon bedding--Buy it in Darakin Citadel
    Big Child's bed--prize from roulette
    Palatial bed--Buy it in Phorchoon auction
    Wool bedspread--Phorchoon casino coin exchange
    **************Hunter's Guild quests**************
    Here are the quests and how to do them:
    Tanza Tea Cakes
    Reward: 10,000 G
    Poster: Yaksha
    Description: 'Tanza Tea Cakes' is sold in Tanza. I want you to go buy me some.
    This a very, very simple quest. Go to the hot spring inn, in Tanza. Speak to
    the boy and buy 6 Tanza Tea Cakes. Take them to the Junk Shop owner in Darakin.
    Then return to the guild to get your reward.
    Mysterious Potion
    Reward: 30,000 G
    Poster: Joe
    Description: I ordered a potion from the black market shop in Tanza. Go get it
    for me.
    Go to Tanza and speak with the black market merchant on the west side of town.
    He'll tell you he's missing some ingredients to make the potion. Head to the
    Forest Maze and snag the apple from the tree. Use Maya's Origin ability to make
    it grow, then have Ayne knock it down. Also make a Magic Potion if you don't
    have one. Take the ingredients to the merchant and he'll make the Golden
    Groneh. Take the potion to Joe in Darakin, then return to the guild to get your
    Find the Rare Creature!
    Reward: 60,000 G
    Poster: Fujima
    Description: It's out there somewhere in the world...! Capture a rare creature
    called a 'Lypster' for me.
    After accepting the quest, go speak with Fujima who is upstairs in the inn. Now
    go to Hunter's Wood and you'll see Lyps' wandering around. I'm not sure if you
    have to fight them all, but you might as well, since you get some nice money
    and experience from them. You'll eventually fight a pair, and one of the Lyps'
    will be a glowing color. Hit it with your strongest attacks to take it down
    quickly. After defeating it, you'll get the Lypster. Take it back to Fujima and
    he'll give you a Vaccine Syringe. Now go to the guild to collect your money.
    My Daughter is Lost!
    Reward: 80,000 G
    Poster: Count Lonatello
    Description: My daughter is missing! I want you to find her.
    Count Lonatello's daughter is missing and it's up to you to find her. To start
    off, go to the Three Star Hotel in Darakin and speak to Count. He says
    something about his daughter missing but not leaving the hotel. This rather
    hints and the sewers. So, head into the sewers, and go towards the north-west
    part of them. Eventually, you'll see her surrounded by skeleton looking things.
    Now, you have to battle a trio of Warmongers. These lil suckers can do some big
    hurt to an unprepared party. They have quite a bit of HP and can inflict status
    ailments (Confusion, Spellbind, etc...). After you defeat the first pair, you
    immediately fight another pair of them. Afterwards, you save the half-wit girl
    and she goes back to the hotel. Now, head back to the guild and collect your
    money. You'll also receive a Lion Heart, which is armor for Sharon.
    The Golden Giant
    Reward: 90,000 G
    Poster: The Central Continental Union
    Description: Go to Gale Canyon. Investigate the Golden Giant you'll find there.
    You have to go to Gale Canyon and investigate the Golden Giant. So go to Gale
    Canyon and around the center you'll see him standing there. He's impossible to
    miss. Before you approach him, be ready to fight the bastard. He can take alot
    of punishment. I used Lang, Kazan and Maya for this battle. I had Lang and
    Kazan use their variable art at every chance possible while Maya was my healer.
    The giant will mostly just do some normal type attacks which aren't that bad,
    but as the battle goes on, he'll start doing his Crimson Heat attack. This
    attack hits all your characters for a good amount of damage. After you defeat
    him, 2 people will talk to you. After the blibber blabber, go back to the guild
    to get your reward. In addition to the money, you'll also receive the Gaia
    Mysterious Contagion
    Reward: 120,000 G
    Poster: Suda
    Description: There's a herbal flower that cures this strange disease. I want
    you to find it.
    This quest requires you to help find something to cure a disease. Go to Yuno
    and speak with Suda... she's in the first house on the left from the entrance
    of town. You'll find out you need to get the Gunang Weed. Now, go to Tanza to
    speak with Hugo. He resides in a house in the east part of town. After speaking
    with him, go to the Forest Maze. The weed is growing by the spring, where the
    camp site is. Grab it, and take it back to Suda. Now, head back to the guild to
    collect your reward.
    It Lurks in the Mist...
    Reward: 140,000 G
    Poster: Suda
    Description: They say that in The Forest Maze, you'll find the cause of this
    strange disease.
    Go to Yuno. Go to the first house on the right and speak with Suda. After she
    explains the situation to you, go to the Forest Maze via the south entrance.
    Head north and turn left at the second left turn. You'll eventually come to
    split that goes north and south. Head south and you'll find Garuze. Kill him,
    then return to Yuno to speak with Suda. Now go to the guild to get your reward
    plus an added bonus of a Maiden's Robe.
    Reik Flowers
    Reward: 120,000 G
    Poster: David
    Description: It's going to be sold at the auction. Make the winning bid on Reik
    Head to Phorchoon and go to the auction. Speak with the one man at the entrance
    of the auction floor. The auction will start with you bidding for him. Don't
    bother with the first 2 items, as they're not what you want. The 3rd item for
    auction will be the painting he wants. You have 50,000 to work with, but the
    auction will go much higher than that (did for me anyways) but don't worry
    cause he'll give you more money if you need it. After winning the painting, go
    back to the guild to get your reward.
    Winged Mountain Beasts
    Reward: 160,000 G
    Poster: The Central Continental Union
    Description: They've escaped to Mt. Gabel. Get rid of the two wanted monsters.
    You have to go take care of two unwanted beasts on Mt. Gabel. So head there,
    and you'll find Stiel wounded. He tells you that he's killed one beast, but one
    is still up on the summit. So head to the top, where you'll find the winged
    bastard. I found the battle easy... just hit him with your best Arts and heal
    when needed. After you kill it, head back down and you'll run into Stiel. You
    discuss about splitting the reward. I agreed to split it evenly... I'm not sure
    if you can take it all for yourself or not... Now, head back to the guild to
    get your reward. You'll receive 130,000 instead of 80,000, cause the person who
    put up the job decided to give a bonus.
    Find Mari!
    Reward: 80,000 G
    Poster: Cammy
    Description: Mari is lost. I want you to find her for me.
    Head to Darakin, go to the hotel to speak with Cammy. She can be found upstairs
    in the standard room. After speaking with her, head back to the sewers. I
    forget the exact directions to find her 'friend', but it's in the east part of
    it. In one of the rooms you'll see Mari, who'll take off. Now, you must have
    Ayne push the crate over the hole Mari runs through. Now, head to where the Red
    Gate Switch is, and by there you'll find Mari. After getting her, return her to
    Cammy. Go to the guild and collect your reward.
    Writhing Monster in the Dark
    Reward: 160,000 G
    Poster: The Central Continental Union
    Description: Investigate a mysterious growling coming up from Doplin Castle.
    After you accept this quest, that muscle-bound dimwit, Balzac and his woman
    will rant on to you. After that head to Darakin, and enter the sewers via the
    ladder by the junk pile. Now, head into the Kabel Ruins. Go to the place where
    you fought the boss in your original visit there. You'll come across another
    monster there, as well as Kenjiro and the two dimwits. You'll have to fight the
    ugly creature... he's fairly easy I found... Just hit him with variables and
    whatnot, to take him down quickly. He has a couple attacks that hit your party,
    but they aren't hard enough to be a threat, as long as you heal. After you kill
    the bastard, head back to the guild to get your money plus an additional bonus
    of a Raging Axe.
    Multiplying Monsters!
    Reward: 180,000 G
    Poster: The Central Continental Union
    Description: Monsters continue to multiply in Gale Canyon. Get rid of these
    Go to the Gale Canyon via northern entrance (dunno if it matters, but that's
    how I did it) and you'll run into (surprise!) Balzac and his lady. They're here
    to kill the monsters as well, so you have some competition (if you call that
    competition...). Continue on and you'll run into a Larva Beast. Kill each one
    you can find. You'll only fight a single one per battle. Easy stuff. When you
    kill the second to last one, you'll hear a howling to indicate it. Go find the
    last one to finish the job. Head back to the guild and collect your cash.
    The Glow in the Thunder
    Reward: 200,000 G
    Poster: The Central Continental Union
    Description: Some kind of glowing object has appeared in The Thunder Mind.
    Please investigate.
    Go to the Thunder Mine and head far east. The area you must go to is far into
    it and with the blocks and stuff... You may have come across this the first
    time you were here, but couldn't get past it cause you need Ayne. You just have
    to destory one block with Lang's Origin powers, then have Kazan use his to ride
    the thingy up... have Ayne push the one block and Sharon destory the blob...
    then hop onto the block Ayne pushed and have Maya grow the vine, then climb it.
    Here, you'll find Stiel and some crystal thingy. He blabbers on, then you fight
    him. I never had a problem kicking his sorry ass. I used variable arts on him
    and after the 3rd variable he was down. His attacks were never a threat to me,
    either. Head back to the guild to get your reward money plus an additional
    Invaders from Another World
    Reward: 240,000 G
    Poster: the Royal Knights
    Description: Monsters from another world have appeared in Drokonia. Get rid of
    Go to Drokonia and make your way through it again. Part way through you'll run
    into your two buddies, who have a falling out. Continue on and after the 2nd
    campsite, you'll run into some monster you'll have to take care of. After you
    finish him off and the scene with the two halfwits, continue into the next area
    to fight another monster. The 2nd one is stronger than the first and can hit
    pretty hard, so be prepared. Afterwards, head to the guild to get your reward.
    You'll receive an additional 60,000 bucks plus the Exorcist Katana.
    When you complete all the quests you'll earn the titles of Guildmaster and Iron
    Hunter. Also, you'll receive a Heaven's Secret.
    **************Crop planting stategies**************
    Well no strategies as such but you can try one of 2 things:
    1. Remember R1 L1 R1 Down X get a rythm and go as fast as
    you can
    2. buy a controller which allows you to program the commands
    into it then sit back and hold one button while it does the work,
    this will aparently get you a time of 12 seconds (a certain
    Mad Cartz controller aparently allows you to do this.)
    **************knife throwing strategies**************
    Well a very common stategy is to concentrate on the bottom
    bar and try to see out of the corner of your eye when the line
    of the vetical bar is in the middle and try to match it to when
    horizontal bar is the same.
    Another strategy is to put small bits of masking tape other the
    middle lines and press the X button when you cant see the yellow
    **************Phorchoon arena strategies**************
    Well here is a nice strategy for beating Stiel:
    Have your agility really high (over 450) then do the following:
    Go to Tanza and buy the Quantembeum sword (sumfign like that). Trade
    them in the giant people town for transparent pills. Go to the secret market
    and buy zonark weed and Lonkan powder to transform them to invincibility pills.
    After doing this you can have loads of these wonderfull pills, then
    you should be able to beat the likes of Stiel sooooo easily
    **************Centurian Challenge battles**************
    Heres a list of the battles encountered in this challenge:
    2x Lava Drake
    5279 EXP
    5178 G
    2x Hanged Shape
    6906 EXP
    6008 G
    2x Shadow Skull
    4666 EXP
    6188 G
    2x Bloodfeather
    1x Volt Spine
    6417 EXP
    6640 G
    2x Fiend Bulb
    6571 EXP
    7076 G
    2x Elegrem
    1x Darkfly
    4925 EXP
    5024 G
    2x Mad Thorn
    1x Subterranean
    9476 EXP
    13515 G
    2x Arus Auge
    1x Kocus Karcas
    8565 EXP
    8574 G
    1x Helgigas
    8184 EXP
    6352 G
    1x Subterranean
    5493 EXP
    10089 G
    2x Lava Drake
    1x Helgigas
    13463 EXP
    11530 G
    1x Shade Flower
    2x Hanged Shape
    9097 EXP
    8156 G
    2x Subterranean
    10986 EXP
    20178 G
    2x Bloodfeather
    1x Avenging Spirit
    21223 EXP
    15662 G
    2x Fiend Bulb
    1x Prancing Jester
    13105 EXP
    22208 G
    2x Nightspawn
    16368 EXP
    18218 G
    1x Demon Dog
    17558 EXP
    20792 G
    2x Dark Warrior
    24293 EXP
    16748 G
    1x Shadow Balloon
    3859 EXP
    4306 G
    1x Bloody Idol
    37400 EXP
    41096 G
    1x Shadow Balloon
    3859 EXP
    4306 G
    2x Hanged Shape
    6906 EXP
    6008 G
    2x Verktora
    1x Avenging Spirit
    24368 EXP
    28964 G
    1x Steel Beast
    1x Prancing Jester
    17381 EXP
    33585 G
    1x Shadow Balloon
    3859 EXP
    4306 G
    2x Shade Flower
    1x Arus Auge
    7652 EXP
    7483 G
    1x Underground King
    40032 EXP
    60208 G
    2x Dark Warrior
    24293 EXP
    16748 G
    2x Helgigas
    1x Dark Warrior
    28515 EXP
    21078 G
    1x Avenging Spirit
    16049 EXP
    10234 G
    2x Raver Fly
    1x Prancing Jester
    9335 EXP
    18492 G
    2x Hanged Shape
    1x Demon Dog
    24463 EXP
    26800 G
    3x Shadow Skull
    6999 EXP
    9282 G
    1x Death Guardian
    30093 EXP
    30616 G
    2x Fiend Bulb
    1x Wings of Death
    23000 EXP
    41091 G
    2x Elegrem
    1x Darkfly
    4925 EXP
    5024 G
    1x Bloody Idol
    1x Dark Warrior
    49547 EXP
    49470 G
    1x Steel Beast
    2x Shade Flower
    15230 EXP
    22749 G
    3x Lazur Ma Rah
    13999 EXP
    15246 G
    1x Nether Demon
    23446 EXP
    33280 G
    2x Verktora
    1x Avenging Spirit
    24369 EXP
    18730 G
    2x Steel Beast
    21695 EXP
    36906 G
    2x Cloud Eater
    1x Arus Auge
    5890 EXP
    6295 G
    2x Bloodfeather
    1x Prancing Jester
    11719 EXP
    20560 G
    2x Helgigas
    1x Dark Warrior
    28515 EXP
    21078 G
    1x Wings of Death
    21490 EXP
    34015 G
    2x Avenging Spirit
    1x Wikid
    35490 EXP
    23345 G
    2x Arus Auge
    1x Kocus Karcas
    8565 EXP
    8574 G
    1x Steel Beast
    1x Dark Warrior
    22994 EXP
    26827 G
    1x Wings of Death
    24190 EXP
    34015 G
    1x Demon Dog
    2x Hanged Shape
    24463 EXP
    26800 G
    1x Elegrem
    2x Cloud Eater
    4455 EXP
    4780 G
    1x Nightspawn
    1x Shadow Balloon
    12043 EXP
    13415 G
    2x Fatal Sorcerer
    47157 EXP
    121204 G
    2x Lava Drake
    1x Blaze Wheel
    7229 EXP
    7053 G
    1x Bloody Idol
    1x Grotesk
    62971 EXP
    46063 G
    2x Demon Dog
    35115 EXP
    41584 G
    1x Alza Brakya
    1x Nether Demon
    26472 EXP
    36408 G
    1x Wings of Death
    2x Shade Flower
    25872 EXP
    38311 G
    1x Death Guardian
    30094 EXP
    30616 G
    2x Nether Demon
    46891 EXP
    66560 G
    2x Nether Demon
    46891 EXP
    66560 G
    1x Elegrem
    2x Cloud Eater
    4455 EXP
    4780 G
    1x Maid of Mayhem
    34875 EXP
    30000 G
    1x Demon Dog
    1x Wings of Death
    58570 EXP
    54807 G
    2x Lazur Ma Rah
    9333 EXP
    10164 G
    1x Bloody Idol
    1x Dark Warrior
    49547 EXP
    49470 G
    1x Steel Beast
    2x Raver Fly
    13648 EXP
    21813 G
    2x Lava Drake
    1x Nether Demon
    28724 EXP
    38458 G
    2x Prancing Jester
    1x Helgigas
    21252 EXP
    36616 G
    1x Death Guardian
    30094 EXP
    30616 G
    2x Subterranean
    1x Avenging Spirit
    27035 EXP
    30412 G
    1x Chaos Raven
    1x Night Spawn
    12191 EXP
    12564 G
    1x Avenging Spirit
    2x Subterranean
    27035 EXP
    30412 G
    2x Prancing Jester
    13068 EXP
    30264 G
    1x Death Guardian
    30094 EXP
    30616 G
    2x Nether Demon
    46891 EXP
    66560 G
    1x Fatal Sorcerer
    2x Shade Flare
    28247 EXP
    64608 G
    3x Dark Warrior
    36439 EXP
    25122 G
    3x Shade Flare
    7002 EXP
    6009 G
    2x Nightspawn
    1x Grotesk
    16368 EXP
    18218 G
    1x Demon Dog
    1x Wings of Death
    39047 EXP
    54807 G
    1x Alza Brakya
    2x Nether Demon
    49918 EXP
    69688 G
    2x Grotesk
    1x Avenging Spirit
    25120 EXP
    20168 G
    2x Fatal Sorcerer
    47157 EXP
    121204 G
    1x Bloody Idol
    2x Prancing Jester
    50468 EXP
    71360 G
    1x Death Guardian
    30094 EXP
    30616 G
    2x Wings of Death
    42979 EXP
    68030 G
    2x Nightspawn
    1x Nether Demon
    39813 EXP
    51498 G
    2x Cloud Eater
    1x Arus Auge
    5809 EXP
    6295 G
    3x Avenging Spirit
    48145 EXP
    30702 G
    1x Bloody Idol
    2x Dark Warrior
    61693 EXP
    57844 G
    3x Fatal Sorcerer
    70735 EXP
    181806 G
    1x Underground King
    40032 EXP
    60208 G
    2x Azul Velra
    1x Helgigas
    21550 EXP
    22512 G
    1x Maid of Mayhem
    34875 EXP
    30000 G
    2x Steel Beast
    1x Demon Dog
    39252 EXP
    57698 G
    1x Death Guardian
    30094 EXP
    30616 G
    1x Underground King
    40032 EXP
    60208 G
    1x Earthlord
    100195 EXP
    135584 G
    phew my hands are tired from writing that
    **************Lang's nickname list**************
    Heres a list of Lang's nicknames:
    Adventurer? - Get 100% on the first quiz in Tanza
    Alchemist - Combine 30 Tools in camp
    Alley Cat - Talk to the woman in Kravia who has a 'secret', you must pay her
    Blacksmith - Combine 30 Pieces of armor in camp
    Blazing Hero - Master all of Galea's magic (Jinga Namer)
    Bloody Monarch - Win the Free Fight in Phorchoon
    Blue Cyclone - Continue using Lang's "Fang" hyper arts in the arenas
    Bully - Destroy the destructable snowman in Yuno multiple times.
    Chicken - Pass on arena fights too often
    Conqueror - Visit every location possible on the map (Jinga Namer)
    Craftsman - Combine 30 Accessories in camp
    Exotica - Eat all the meals in Tanza
    Flying Dragon - Continue using "Divine Bolt" in the arenas
    Fugitive - Flee LOTS of battles (Jinga Namer)
    Glutton King - Eat all of Sharon's meals while she plays chef in Tanza
    God of Gamblers - Win the Gambling Arena in Phorchoon
    God of Rice - Acquired after beating Pai Pai. Time requirements are unknown,
                  but the name was acquired under 15 seconds.
    Gourmet Kid - Eat all the meals in Kravia
    Guildmaster - Complete all the Guild quests successfully
    Hot Swordsman - Win the Championship in Phorchoon
    Iron Hunter - Defeat the last Guild quest, or possibly all the quests that
                  have you killing something
    Item Collector - Buy numerous things at the Auction Floor in Phorchoon
    Knife master - Get a score of 50,000 in the knife throwing minigame.
    Master Cook - 4th level cooking in camp, must cook all of his meals at
                  least once (See later in the guide for recipe lists)
    Outdoorsman - Camping alot (Jinga Namer)
    Peeper - Run into the women's room of the Tanza Hot Springs while Maya is
             in there
    Pervert - Look through the hole that Kazan is looking through when in the
              Tanza Hot Springs, when he asks to look, refuse
    Playing Cook - 1st level cooking in camp (See later in the guide for recipe
    Prince of War - Win the Battle Maniax in Phorchoon
    Pro Cook - 3rd level cooking in camp (See later in the guide for recipe lists)
    Rice Master - Beat the man in Tanza in rice planting
    Savage - After reaching a certain number of kills (Jinga Namer)
    Sensai - supposedly after getting all of Lang's arts (Jinga Namer)
    Sidejumper - beat Maxell of Nohl in sidejumping
    Sidejump Hero - beat Balzac of Tanza in sidejumping, must beat Maxell first
    Sidejump King - beat Dein of Nohl in sidejumping, must beat Balzac first
    Sky-Scorcher - Continue using Galea in the arena
    Spy? - 100% on the second quiz in Tanza
    Star Destroyer - Continue using "Sleeping Dragon" in the arenas
    Student Cook - 2nd level cooking in camp (See later in the guide for recipe lists)
    Swordholder - first man outside house in Nohl at the beginning
    Swordsmith - Combine 30 Swords in camp
    True Conqueror - Win the Dream Match in Phorchoon
    Wander-Fighter - Complete the Centurian Challenge
    Wanderer - Item shop in Nohl after 50,000 steps
    He of many names - Get the jinga namer HS
    **************Lang's recipe list**************
    As to get four of lang's nicknames recipes will be needed I have added
    this section on his nicknames.
    Dish: Atomic Heat
    Location: Stay in the $80,000 room in Darakin
    Dish: Bacon & Eggs
    Location: Cookbook - Cooking Today
    Dish: Balsamic Veggies
    Location: Eat at Chez Snobbe in Darakin
    Dish: BBQ Veggies
    Location: Chef at Derek's Haunt
    Dish: Cabbage Roll
    Location: Chef at Darakin's Green Lynx Inn ($150)
    Dish: Caesar Salad
    Location: Chef at Darakin's Green Lynx Inn ($200)
    Dish: Club Sandwich
    Location: On a table on the Auction Floor in Phorchoon
    Dish: Fried Turkey
    Location: Chef at Derek's Haunt
    Dish: Hamburger Steak
    Location: Hostess in the Kravian Resturant ($300)
    Dish: Heavenly Beef
    Location: Eat one of the dishes at Chez Snobbe
    Dish: Jumbalaya
    Location: Chef at Derek's Haunt
    Dish: Lobster in Wine
    Location: Eat one of the dishes at Chez Snobbe
    Dish: Lynx Special Stew
    Location: Chef at Darakin's Green Lynx Inn ($300)
    Dish: Muddy Soup
    Location: Monjiro in Nohl after acquiring Slime Gelure
    Dish: Pancakes
    Location: Cook book - Upper Crust Desserts
    Dish: Pork Cutlet Bowl
    Location: Cookbook - Popular Edo Dishes
    Dish: Princess Cake
    Location: Elliot's room in Doplin Castle
    Dish: Rice Ball
    Location: Nancy in Nohl, when she's cooking in the kitchen
    Dish: Sirloin Steak
    Location: Cookbook - The Royal Gourmet
    Dish: Sukiyaki
    Location: Cookbook - Crazy About Stew
    Dish: Tempura Noodles
    Location: Woman in Yuno's Grain Mill
    Dish: Tomato Risotto
    Location: Chef at Darakin's Green Lynx Inn ($120)
    Dish: Yakitori Skewers
    Location: Hostess in Kravian Resturant ($250)
    Here is the list of ingredients.
    Animal Meat: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Edible animal meat, such as mutton and venison.
    [buy] Kravia (100)
    Beef: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Delicious, tender beef.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia (80)
    Bread: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Soft, freshly-baked bread.
    [buy] Kravia (70)
    Cheese: An ingredient used in cooking.
    A food that keeps well.
    [buy] Kravia (80)
    Chocolate: An ingredient used in baking.
    A sweet candy made with cacao.
    [buy] Kravia (500)
    Cocoa Powder: An ingredient used in baking.
    A powder made by grinding roasted cacao seeds.
    [buy] Kravia (200)
    Cookie Set: Ingredients used in baking.
    The ingredients for making a variety of cookies.
    [buy] Kravia (100)
    Cooking Oil: A seasoning used in cooking.
    Used for frying and to add flavor.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia (90)
    Crab: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Delicious crab the king of seafood.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia (200)
    Cream: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Fresh dairy cream.
    [buy] Kravia (100)
    Creepy Mushroom: A gaudy, poisonous-looking mushroom.
    [trade] Jinga
    Curry Set: Seasonings used in cooking.
    The various spices and seasonings for making curry.
    [buy] Kravia (200)
    Dessert Set: Ingredients used in baking.
    The ingredients for making desserts such as cake and pie.
    [buy] Kravia (600)
    Egg: An ingredient used in cooking.
    The common chicken egg.
    [buy] Kravia, Tanza (30)
    Fish: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Fish, such as tuna, mackerel and haddock.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia, Tanza (50)
    Fruit: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Fruit, such as oranges, banana and strawberries.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia (60)
    Herbs: Seasonings used in cooking.
    Wonderful-smelling herbs bring out the flavor in foods.
    [buy] Kravia (400)
    Huge Eyeball: An ingredient used in cooking.
    A huge, squishy eyeball, as big as a human's head.
    [trade] Jinga
    Lobster: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Rich-tasting lobster, the king of shellfish.
    [buy] Kravia (150)
    Milk: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Smooth and creamy. Fresh from the dairy farm.
    [buy] Kravia (60)
    Miso: A seasoning used in cooking.
    Flavorful seasoning introduced into Tanza from the south.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia, Tanza (500)
    Monster Meat: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Edible monster meat. Peculiar-tasting and sinewy.
    [trade] Jinga
    Pasta: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Pasta in a variety of shapes.
    [buy] Yuno, Tanza (90)
    Pie Dough: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Kneaded flour dough. Various fillings can be used.
    [buy] Yuno (300)
    Pork: An ingredient used in cooking.
    A cheap, satisfying meat.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia, Tanza (60)
    Poultry: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Juicy poultry meat, such as chicken, duck and turkey.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia, Tanza (40)
    Premium Beef: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Top-grade, marbled beef.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia (500)
    Red Pepper: A seasoning used in cooking.
    A hot spice introduced from the south.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia (500)
    Red Wine: A seasoning used in cooking.
    Used to season meat or add flavor to cooking.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia (500)
    Rice: An ingredient used in cooking.
    A staple in Tanza, eaten there three times a day.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia, Tanza (60)
    Shellfish: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Shellfish, such as clams, mussels and oysters.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia (70)
    Shrimp: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Shrimp and prawns.
    [buy] Kravia (100)
    Soup Broth Set: Seasonings used in cooking.
    Spices and seasonings for making soup broth.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia (150)
    Southern Noodles: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Noodles introduced from the south, such as soba and udon.
    [buy] Yuno, Tanza (80)
    Spices: Seasonings used in cooking.
    Precious spices only grown in the south.
    [buy] Kravia (1000)
    Suspicious Meat: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Scary-looking meat. Don't even know if it's edible...
    [trade] Jinga
    Tofu: An ingredient used in cooking.
    Made from soybeans. Introduced into Tanza from the south.
    [buy] Yuno, Tanza (400)
    Vegetables: Ingredients used in cooking.
    Vegetables, such as potatoes, onions and carrots.
    [buy] Kravia, Tanza (30)
    White Wine: A seasoning used in cooking.
    Used to season fish or add flavor to cooking.
    [buy] Yuno, Kravia (500)
    **************Wanted Stuff**************
    Any strategies for minigames mentioned.
    And requests for anything you wish to see in this guide.
    please email me for anything on these and write the subject as
    Legaia 2 guide.
    Again my Email is Tiger90125@aol.com
    **************Special Thanks**************
    I thank:
    all those that posted information on the boards that is
    relevant to the information contained within this guide
    Tydeus for his complete furniture list.
    CerberusWolf70SS for his recipe list and his nickname list
    and also those that he has thanked within his guides.
    JungleJim for his centurion challenge battle list.
    RPGMaster for his information on the second Yuno HS.
    Odin as his Hunters Guild faq was used in my hunters guild
    section. His ingredients list was also used.
    Well thats my guide done sortof it has much more to be added
    such as nickname locations etc and i will be adding that later
    but for now its done. In later updates I may improve my layout a bit
    any spelling mistakes will be corrected and the usual stuff.
    any requests and stuff will be greatly appreciated
    Once more my email is Tiger90125@aol.com
    and again im compelled to do the copyright thing so
    This Guide is Copyright (C) Nathanmg (my glorious self)
    well dere ya go hehe :P my first ever guide for any site
    not just gamefaqs, hope ya enjoyed it.

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