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"Terrible, just Terrible"

Why Eidos, why? Why did you have to put a development team up to make this game? WHY? EOE: Eve Of Extinction is nothing but a waste of time, and not even worth the rental. While it does have some good ideas, there almost completely outnumbered by its faults.

EOE has average graphics at best. Nothing special in this game, besides a few particle effects, and some lighting.The characters, weapons, backgrounds, and even the menu screen all look average, and sometimes dull. The characters, for one, are all almost the same. There are maybe 15, 17 different types of enemies (excluding bosses), and the thing is, they all look the exact same. While some look KIND of intresting, theres nothing really here to grab the players attention.

One of the only redeeming features about EOE is the action scenes which the main character takes place in very occasionaly. These scenes occur very frequently at certain spots, and require you to press and button to avoid gettin' the crap kicked out of you. While innovative, they aren't a big determining factor in EOE. The weapons system, which has you attacking the enemies with the same attacks over and over, has you build up the power of weapons to gain access to more attacks. While fun at first, it quickly becomes monotonus. Hitting the SAME enemies with the SAME attacks over and over becomes boring VERY quickly. The weapons each have there own special ability, which are fun to use at first and are required to get past certain points in the game, but after that, most of them become useless. Would've been nice to have some weapons that actually have some re-useability to them.

EOE's only strong stat in my mind. The sounds in EOE are quite strong, and can be kinda nice at some points. It's actually refreshing to hear the weapons smack the enemies....for the first few minutes. Then, after a while, the dull smack that the weapons make become kind of annoying, which is bad. On a brighter note though, the music ain't bad.

Controls are okay within EOE, but they aren't anything of a revolution to the genre. Just your basic buttons here......attack, jump, block, special, yawn. It would've been nice to see Eidos think of something new here, but alas, nothing new is to be seen.

Final Thoughts
I really wanted to like EOE:Eve Of Extinction. I really did. It really does try hard. But I put too much faith in it, and just wound up wasting 5 bucks on a game that felt like it was designed on the same amount of money. Don't even bother renting this one, unless your desperate for a brawler of some kind. I guess we still have to wait for some innovation, or something surprising here folks.....


Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 03/24/02, Updated 03/24/02

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